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Vmtt Vfio in Jow< 




EDITION 1920-21 



ERYY 0¥ 


Donated to the 
Society by Mrs. 
Donna Porter 

Denver, Colorad 

8 4 ^0320 

lake 3 Frank C 

Who ' s who in Iowa 

'aim Beach 


r T > HE contents of this book are 
fully protected. Permission 
to reprint any portion must be 
secured from the publishers. 

Verstegen Printing Co., Sioux City, la. 

nf^HE contents of this book are 

* fully protected. Permission 
to reprint any portion must be 
secured from the publishers. 

Verstejen Printing Co., Sioux City, la. 


In compiling and publishing the biographies of approximately 1,500 con- 
spicuous living Iowans in this, the initial, edition of WHO'S WHO IN IOWA, 
the editors and publishers, pioneering in the Iowa field, have had to contend 
with obstacles too numerous to enumerate. It is with considerable satisfac- 
tion, therefore, that a start is made on a permanent Iowa reference work 
which shall present concisely, accurately and completely any information 
concerning its notable citizens and which shall be revised from time to time 
in the interest of up-to-dateness. 

WHO'S WHO IN IOWA, it is confidently vouchsafed, is the first biogra- 
phical volume ever published in this state, in which the element and purpose 
of commercialism are not dominant. Knowing that a biographical reference 
work, to be of real value and to become permanent, would have to be based 
on a different principles, the compilers of this work resolved at the outset to 
make actual merit and eligibility the sole gateway to its pages. Meritorious 
achievement therefore was adopted as the only price of admission, and that 
rule has been tenaciously adhered to. Not a line of paid matter appears in 
this volume, and the compilers pride themselves that in every case where an 
attempt was made to purchase one's way into the book, the offer was promptly 

Realizing that the first obstacle to be overcome would be the suspicion 
that WHO'S WHO IN IOWA was but another disguise for the ubiquitous 
commercial county "history," with which every community had been surfeited, 
the publishers sought to inaugurate the work in a favorable light by acquaint- 
ing the leading educators and historians of the state with its true purpose 
and procuring their indorsement. Once these educational authorities were 
convinced that WHO'S WHO IN IOWA was to be a non-commercial, accurate 
and informative reference work, in which merit was the sole consideration in 
the selection of biographical subjects, their enthusiastic indorsement was 
gladly given. The publishers herewith desire to acknowledge their debt of 
gratitude to the following notable Iowans who lent their assistance to the 
compilation of the volume: Johnson Brigham, state librarian; Benjamin F. 
Shambaugh, superintendent of the Iowa Historical Society; Dr. Raymond A. 
Pearson, president of Iowa State College, and Dr. W. A. Jessup, president of 
Iowa State University. 

With painstaking care and dogged persistence, the work of singling out 
the really prominent Iowans and inviting them to contribute biographical 
sketches to WHO'S WHO IN IOWA then was begun. No one not connected 
with this task could have even an approximately correct idea of the enormous 
amount of labor which has been required in the consummation of this under- 

To assemble biographical information about the 2,500 leading citizens of 
Iowa entailed endless research. No one, half dozen or 100 persons in Iowa 
alone could furnish this information. So the plan of selecting one trustworthy 
person in each community and asking him to nominate the local subjects 
worthy of biographing was resorted to. This plan was only partially success- 
ful. In ninety per cent of the cases, the person to whom the request was 
addressed obligingly submitted a list of nominees, but whether his selections 
were ill advised or whether a suspicious hostility toward all biographical 
works existed, the subject so selected in most cases appeared indifferent 
toward the request for sketches. This condition persisted, despite the fact 
that not only were the selected subjects not required to purchase admission 
to the book, but they were not in any way obligated to purchase a book after 
it should have been published. Of course, the compilation of this data entailed 
a considerable expense, and the selected subjects were given an opportunity, 




if they desired, to make a payment on the purchase of a volume, but particular 
stress was laid on the proposition that no payments whatsoever were neces- 
sary, that no one could buy his way into the book, and that regardless of 
whether they purchased a book, their sketches, if submitted, would be 

In hundreds of instances, second and third "follow up" letters were 
required, before this biographical sketch would be forthcoming. To secure 
sketches of others, various methods were employed. In several of the larger 
cities representatives were engaged to procure the data desired. Dr. G. 
Walter Barr, educator and writer, rendered particularly brilliant service in 
the Keokuk field. Workers in other cities also co-operated splendidly to 
enable the biographers to obtain a representative list of subjects. But, in 
spite of the realization that much has been accomplished under the most 
trying of difficulties, the biographers must confess a certain amount of dis- 
appointment that the work does not cover its field and purpose as well as 
it might. 

For the information of those who are not entirely familiar with the precise 
purpose of a non-commercial biographical reference work, WHO'S WHO IN 
IOWA aims to give a brief, crisp personal sketch (devoid of verbiage and 
fulsomeness) of the leading living Iowans, both men and women in all parts 
of the state, telling just the things every intelligent person wants to know 
about those who are most conspicuous in every community and in every walk 
of life. Names of all federal, state, county, and city officials, of course, are 
arbitrarily admitted. No difficulty is encountered in this classification. It is 
with the other class that a fine sense of selection is exercised and will con- 
tinue to be exercised in future editions of this volume. 

As a reference work, WHO'S WHO IN IOWA expects to fill a place of 
usefulness in educational institutions, newspaper offices, public libraries, 
private homes, and commercial offices. In these pages an attempt is made to 
mirror the life of the state in all its phases, the developments of science and 
industry, the development of literature and art and business. The best educa- 
tional authorities recognize the value of high ideals, as exemplified in the 
lives of successful men and women. An attentive reading of the life sketches 
in this volume discloses many extraordinary examples of industry which are 
overlooked in a cursory reading, but which nevertheless are full of suggestion 
for the thoughtful mind. Many deeds of noble and beneficient achievement 
are recorded in these life histories; and here are also chronicled thousands of 
activities which might be emulated with profit, not only by the youth of the 
country, but by all classes of citizenship. 

As an infant must stand before it can toddle and toddle before it can walk, 
WHO'S WHO IN IOWA expects to expand and develop into larger fields of 
usefulness now that it has reached the standing stage. The publishers invite 
suggestions of improvement, new names and notice of any errors which may 
have crept into the initial volume. The next edition will be "bigger and 
better," it is hoped. However, the publishers, in conclusion, desire to express 
satisfaction that a start has been made on a permanent Iowa biographical 

Attention is called to the alphabetical arrangement of the sketches, and 
to the list of names of biographical subjects, who were nominated for inclusion 
in the book, but who neglected to submit their sketches. The publishers trust 
that these persons will be sufficiently impressed by the high standard and 
useful purposes of this, the first edition, that they will contribute their life 
sketches to the next. 

The publishers desire to call attention to the educational section of this 
volume. Iowa has reason to feel proud of its seats of learning, but we believe 
that Iowans do not appreciate the wonderful advantages offered within the 
borders of their own state. For that reason we gladly give space to the 
colleges and universities of Iowa. 

Sioux City, la., Dec. 15, 1920. 


A. A .Degree of Associate of 


A.A.A.S American Association for 

the Advancement of 

A. and M Agricultural and Mechan- 

A.B. (also B.A.) Bachelor of Arts. 

A.C Analytical chemist, Army 


Acad „ Academy, academic. 

A.-D.-C Aide-de-camp. 

Add Additional. 

Adj Adjutant. 

Adj. Gen Adjutant General. 

Adv. Advertising, Advocate. 

A.E.F , American Expeditionary 


A. P. and A.M Ancient Free and Accept- 
ed Masons. 

A.F. of L American Federation of 


Agr Agriculture. 

Agrl Agricultural. 

Agt Agent. 

A. I. A American Institute of 


Ala Alabama. 

A.L.A American Library Asso- 

Am American. 

A.M. (also M.A.)Master of Arts. 
A.M. A American Medical Asso- 

Am. Soc.C.E American Society of Civ- 
il Engineers. 

Am. Soc.E.E American Society of Elec- 
trical Engineers. 

Am. Soc.M.E American Society of 

Mechanical Engineers. 

O.O.H Ancient Order of Hibern- 

Appmt Appointment. 

Apptd. Appointed. 

A. - Q. - M Assistant Quartermaster. 

A.R.C American Red Cross. 

Archaeol vVrchaeological. 

Archtl _ Architectural. 

Ariz. Arizona, 

Ark Arkansas. 

Arty Artillery. 

A. S Air Service. 

Assn Association. 

Asso Associate, associated. 

Asst Assistnat. 

Apr.„ —April. 

Astron Astronomical. 

Atty _ Attorney. 

Aug August. 

Av Avenue. 

b „ Born. 

B. A. (also A. B.). Bachelor of Arts. 

B.Agr Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt Baptist. 

B.Arch .Bachelor of Architecture. 

Bntin, Batt. or Bn. Battalion. 

B.C British Columbia. 

B.C.E Bachelor of Civil Engin- 

B.Chlr Bachelor of Surgery. 

B.C.S Bachelor of Commercial 


B „ Board. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Biog _ Biographical. 

Biol ; Biological. 

B.L. (or Lltt.B.). Bachelor of Letters. 

B.L.S Bachelor of Library 


Bn _ Battalion. 

Bot Botanical. 

B.P.O.E Benevolent and Protec- 
tive Order of Elks. 
B.Pd. (or Pd.B.). Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Br Branch. 

Brig _ Brigadier, Brigade. 

Brig. Gen Brigadier General. 

Brit .British. 

L>rit. Assn. Adv. Sci. British Association for 
the Advancement of Sci- 

B.S. (also S.B.)...Bachelor of Science. 

B. S.A Bachelor of Agricultural 


Bull Bulletin. 

Bur Bureau. 

Bus Business. 

Bvt Brevet. 

Bvtd Brevetted. 

C. A.C. Coast Artillery Corps. 

Cal California. 

C.iii. Canada. 

Capt Captain. 

Cav Cavalry. 

C.B.S Bachelor of Christian 


C.E Civil Engineer. 

Child ^Children. 

Ch Church. 

Ch.D. Doctor of Chemistry. 

Chem Chemical. 

Chem.E Chemical Engineer. 

Chmn. Chairman. 

Civ Civil. 

Climatol Climatological. 

Clin Clinical. 

Clk Clerk. 

C.L.S.C Chautauqua Literary and 

Scientific Circle. 

CM Master in Surgery. 

Co _ Company; county. 

CO. Commanding Officer. 

C.O.F Catholic Order of Forest- 

Col Colonel. 

Coll College. 

Colo Colorado. 

Com _...Committee, common. 

Comd Commanded. 

Comdg Commanding. 

Comdr Commander. 

Comrdt Commandant. 

Commd Commissioned. 

Commn Commission. 

Commr Commissioner. 

Con Consolidated. 

Cons Conservatory 

Conf Conference. 

Confed Confederate. 

Cong Congregational. 

Conn Connecticut. 

Consol ..Consolidated. 

Const I Constitutional. 

Constn Constitution. 

Cons Conservatory. 

Contbd : Contributed. 

Contbr Contributor. 

Con Convention. 

Corpl Corporal. 



Corpn..„ ...Corporation. 

Corr Correspondent, corres- 
ponding, correspond- 

Cos..._ Companies; counties. 

C.O.T.S.- Central Officers Training 


C. P.A Certified Public Account- 


Ct Court. 

D. Agr. Doctor of Agriculture. 

D.A.R Daughters of American 


D.C District of Columbia. 

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

Dec December. 

D. Eng. (also Dr.Engring., or E.D.)....Doctor 

of Engineering. 

Deg Degree. 

Del „ Delaware; delegate. 

Dem _ Democratic. 

Dep ..Deputy. 

Dept Department. 

Dir Director. 

D.O.K.K. Dramatic Order Knights 

of Khorassan. 

Dlsch Discharged. 

Dlst District. 

Div Division; divinity. 

D.I_ltt.(also L.H. Doctor of Literature. 
D.H.P.(alsoDr.P.Diploma in Public Health, 

or Doctor of Public 

Health, of Doctor of 

Public Hygiene. 

Dr Doctor. 

D.Sc.(or Sc. D.)... Doctor of Science. 
D.S.C Distinguished Service 


D.S.M Distinguished Service 


D.V.M Doctor of Veterinary 


D. V.S Doctor of Veterinary Sur 


Ed Educated. 

E. D.(also D. Eng 

orDr. Engring. Doctor of Engineering. 

Ed.B Bachelor of Education. 

Edit Edition. 

Edn Education. 

Ednl Educational. 

Elec.._ Electrical Engineer. 

E. M Engineer of Mines. 

Eng England. 

Engr Engineer. 

Engring Engineering. 

Engr.O.R.C Engineer Officers* Re 

serve Corps. 

Engr.R.C ..Engineer Reserve Corps. 

Engrs „ Engineers. 

Entomol Entomological. 

Ethno! Ethnological. 

Evang Evangelical. 

Exam Examination, examining. 

Exec Executive. 

Exhbn Exhibition. 

Expdn Expedition. 

Expn Exposition. 

Expt ^Experiment. 

Epis Episcopalian. 

F. A.._ Field Artillery. 

F.A.U _ Fraternal American Union 

F.E Forest Engineer. 

Feb February. 

Fgn Foreign. 

Fla Florida. 

FTat Fraternity. 

F.R.C.P Fellow Royal College of 

Physicians (England). 

F.R.C.S Fellow Royal College of 

Surgeons (England). 

Frt Freight. 

Ft „ Fort. 

F. O.E Fraternal Order Eagles. 

Ga Georgia. 

G. A.R Grand Army of Republic. 

Gen General. 

Geneal Genealogical. 

Geod Geodetic. 

Geog Geographical, geographic. 

Geol Geological. 

G. H.Q ....General Headquarters. 

Gov Governor. 

Govt Government. 

Grad Graduated, graduate. 

H. S High School. 

Hdqrs Headquarters. 

H.G Home Guard. 

H. M Master of Humanics. 

Hist • Historical, Historic. 

Homoe Homoeopathic. 

I. O.O.F Independent Order of Odd 


J.P Justice of Peace. 

Jan January. 

J.B. Jurum Baccalaureus. 

J.C.B ...Juris Canonici Bachelor. 

J.C.I Juris Canonici Lector. 

J.D Doctor of Juriprudence. 

J.g.(or Jr.g.) Junior Grade. 

Jour Journal. 

Jr Junior. 

Jud .Judicial. 

J.U.D Juris Utriusque Doctor. 

Doctor of Both (Canon 

and Civil) Law. 

Kan „ Kansas. 

K.C Knights of Columbus. 

K. & L. of S Knights and Ladies of 


K.P.__ Knights of Pythias. 

Ky Kentucky. 

La „ Louisiana. 

Lab Laboratory. 

Lang Language. 

Lbr Lumber. 

L.HoD Doctor of Literature 

(also D. Litt.) 

L.I. — Long Island. 

Lit Literary, literature. 

Litt.B.(or B.L.)..Bachelor of Letters. 

Litt.B -Doctor of Letters. 

LL.B Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D Doctor of Laws. 

LL.M.(or M.L.)... Master of Laws. 

L.O.M Loyal Order of Moose. 

L.S.A Licentiate Society of 


Lt. (orLieut.) Lieutenant. 

Lt.Col Lieutenant Colonel. 

Lt.Gen Lieutenant General. 

Lt.-Gov Lieutenant-governor. 

Ltd Limited. 

Luth Lutheran. 

m Married. 

M. A. (or A.M.) Master of Arts. 

Mag Magazine. 

M.Agr Master of Agriculture. 

Maj Major. 

Maj.Gen Major General. 

Mass Massachusetts. 

Math Mathematical. 

M.B :. Bachelor of Medicine. 

Md Maryland. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

M.Di Master of Didactics. 

Me _ Maine. 

M.E Mechanical Engineer; 

Mech Mechanic. 

M.E.Ch Methodist Episcopal 






Physical Edu- 

Med- Medical. 

Med.O.R.C Medical Officers' Reserve 


Med.R.C Medical Reserve Corps. 

Mem Member. 

M et Metropolitan. 

Metall Metallurgical. 

Meth _ Methodist. 

Meteorol Metrological. 

M.F._ „ Master of Forestry. 

Mfg Manufacturing. 

Mfr Manufacture; manufac- 

Mfrs.„ „ turer. 


Mgr Manager. 

Mich Michigan. 

Micros „ Microscopical. 

Mil _ Military. 

Minn. Minnesota. 

Miss Mississippi. 

M . I .T Massachusetts 

of Technology. 
M.L.(or LL.M.)..Master of Laws. 

M.Litt - Master of Literature. 

M ng „ Managing. 

Mo - .Missouri. 

Mont Montana. 

M.P Methodist 

M.Pd _ Master of 

M.P.E Master of 


M.P.L Master of Patent Law. 

M.R.C.P Member Royal College of 

M.R.C.S Member of Royal College 

M.S. (or M. Sc.).... Master of Science. 

Mt Mount. 

Mus Museum, musical. 

Min Minute. 

Mus.B Bachelor of Music. 

Mus.D.(or Mus.CDoctor of Music. 

Mut Mutual. 

M.W.A Modern Woodmen of 


N.A National Academician; 

North America; Nation- 
al Army. 

N.A.D National Academy of De- 

Natl National. 

N.B New Brunswick. 

N.C -.North Carolina. 

N.D _ North Dakota. 

N. W Northwestern. 

N.E.A National Educational As- 

N eb. Nebraska. 

Nev — Nevada. 

N.G National Guard. 

N.H New Hampshire. 

N.J. — New Jersey. 

N.M New Mexico. 

Nov._ November. 

N.S ■. Nova Scotia. 

N. W _ Northwestern. 

N.Y New York (state). 

O - Ohio. 

Obstet Obstetrical. 

Oct — October. 

O.E.S _ Order of Eastern Star. 

Okla._. - Oklahoma. 

Ont - Ontario. 

Opthal— „ Opthalmological. 

O.R.C Officers' Reserve Corps. 

Ore _ Oregon. 

Orgn Organization. 

Ornithol —Ornithological. 

O.S.B. — Order of St. Benedict. 

O.T.C — Officers' Training Camp. 

Otol Othological. 

O.T.S Officers' Training School. 

Pa —Pennsylvania. 

Path Pathological. 

Pd.B.(or B.Pd.)..Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.D Doctor of Pedagogy. 

P.E Protestant Episcopal. 

Pharm Pharmaceutical. 

Pharm.D Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Pharm. M Master of Pharmacy. 

Ph.B _ Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph.C Pharmaceutical Chemist. 

Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy. 

Ph.G Graduate in Pharmacy. 

Phila Philadelphia. 

Philol Philological. 

Philos Philosophical. 

Photog „ Photographic. 

Phys Physician, Physical. 

Phys.and Surg. ...Physicians and Surgeons. 

Physiol Physiological. 

P.I Philippine Islands. 

P.-M Postmaster. 

Poly Polytechnic. 

P.Q Province of Quebec. 

P.R Porto Rico. 

Prep _ Preparatory. 

Pres „ President. 

Pres Presbyterian. 

Presb Presbyterian. 

Prin Principal. 

Prof -Professor. 

P rog Progressive. 

Prop r Proprietor. 

Pros. Atty Prosecuting Attorney. 

Pro Tern Pro tempore (for the 

time being). 

Psychol Psychological. 

Pub Public, Publisher, Pub- 
lishing, Published. 

Pub— _ Publication. 

Pvt Private. 

Ptg..„ Printing. 

Q. M - Quartermaster. 

Q.M.C _ Quartermaster Corps. 

Q.M.Gen _ Quartermaster General. 

Q. M .O.R.C —.Quartermaster Officers' 

Reserve Corps. 

Q.M.R.C Quartermaster Reserve 


Quar. Quarterly. 

Que Quebec (province). 

R.A.M - Royal Arch Mason. 

r.D.„ Rural Delivery. 

R.E - Reformed Episcopal. 

Rec. Recording. 

r.F.D -Rural Free Delivery. 

Regt Regiment. 

Regtl _ .Regimental. 

Rep Republican Represent- 

Rev _ Review; Reverend. 

R.I Rhode Island. 

r.O.T.C Reserve Officers' Train- 
ing Corps. 

r.P Reformed Presbyterian. 

R.R Railroad. 

Ry._ Railway. 

S.A ...South America. 

S.A.R Sons of the American 

Revolution. . 

S.A.T.C - Students' Army Training 


Savs— Savings. 

S.B.(also B.S.or -Bachelor of Science. 

S.C South Carolina. 

Sc.D.(or D.Sc.)...Doctor of Science. 

Sch — School. 

Scl Science. Scientific. 

S.C.V . Sons of Confederate Vet- 

S.D South Dakota. 

S.E. ^Southeast. 

Sec _ Secretary. 

Explanatory Note 

HE Publishers call attention to the 

fact that biographical matter will be 
found in two sections of the book. This 
arrangement was necessitated for the 
reason that many biographies were re- 
ceived after the copy had been turned 
over to the printer and part of the book 
published. This arrangement, however, 
permits publication of many sketches 
that otherwise would have been omitted. 


ABBEN, Ben C, Jr., banker, Little Rock, 
b. Grundy Co., Ia., Jan. 20., 1887; Cons:.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S. and Commercial coll.; 
m. Zella Bilsborough, June 8, 1910, Lit- 
tle Rock, la.; child. Ruthene, Zelma; 
pres. Security Sav. bank, Little Rock, 
la.; pres. White state bank. White, S. 
D.; pres. Reliable Land and Inv. Co.; 
elected cashier of bank at age of 20 
and pres. at age of 24; for 2 yrs. was 
youngest bank pres. in la., if not in U. 
S.; supt. Sunday sch.; treas. Little 
Rock many yrs.; elected State Sen. 
49th dist., 1920. During war was prom- 
inently identified with Liberty Loan, 
Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. campaigns; 
was chairman for Lyon Co. in this 
work. Former residence, Grundy Co., 
Ia., until G yrs. of age; moved to Lyon 
Co., where he has since lived. 

ADAMS, George B., wholesale shoe bus., 
Sioux City, Ia.; b. Sag Harbor, L. I., 
Feb. 23, 1866; Epis.; Rep.; ed. common 
sch. beginning at age of 5, going con- 
tinuously without vacation until 13; 
leaving school then on account of bus. 
reverses of father; m. Minnie J. Frey- 
man, July 8, 1895; child. Margaret J.; 
Shoe salesman on road 7 yrs.; in retail 
shoe bus. 14 yrs., in wholesale bus. 15 
yrs.; mem. Sioux City Country Club and 
Sioux City Boat Club. Coming to Pitts- 
ton, Pa., he lived there 13 yrs. moving 
to Mapleton, Ia., then to Sioux City 36 
yrs. ago. Travelled in the Black Hills 
country for 7 yrs. 

ADAMS, Henry C, banker; Algona, la.; 
b. McGregor, Ia; ed. public sch.; m. 
Irma D. Clarke, June 6, 1900. Became 
registered pharmacist at age of 18; 
real estate and loan bus. at Algona; 
State Sen. 47 dist.; served as Hospital 
steward, Span. -Am. war.; mem. Ma- 
sons, Elks, K. P. 

ADAMS, Henry L., lawyer, Des Moines, 
Ia.; b. Maynard, Ia., Nov. 28, 1875; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Maynard High sch., 
Upper Iowa Uni., Chicago Uni., S. U. 
I.; m. Ina Holmes, Jan. 5, 1898, Fay- 
ette, Ia.; child. Maude, Edith; Supt. 
sch. Fayette Co., 1899-1906; State Sen. 
Fayette-Allamakee dist. 1909-13; pres. 
Ia. State Bar Assn. 1918-19; pres. Grant 
club, Des Moines; mem. Des Moines 
club, Chamber of Commerce, Masons. 
Moved to Des Moines from West Union, 
Ia., 1912. 

ALLEN, William S., lawyer, Fairfield; 
b. Hillsboro, Ia., Aug. 26, 1857; Rep.; 
ed. Grad. S. U. I., 1877; m. Ella M. Mc- 
Cormick. Sec. of State four terms; 
state senator, 33rd and 31th G. A.; 
Mem. House of Representatives 25th 
and 26th G. A.; chairman 2nd div. 
code revision committee in special ses- 
sion 26th G. A.; resigned as Sec. of 
State, April 2, 1919. 

AHRENS, Ernest L., Farming, Hardware, 
Plumbing and Heating, Sac City; b. 
Belle Plaine, Ia., Feb. 2, 1860; Christian 
church; Rep.; ed. grade sch.; m. Emma 

S. Dart, June 3, 1863, Sac City, Ia.; 
child. Mrs. Homer B. Ford, Ida V. ; 
mayor Sac City; pres. bd. trustees Pub- 
lic Library; mem. Masons, I. O. O. F. 
Former residences, Benton Co. until 
1880; on farm in Sac Co. until 1897. 
LBERT, Henry, Prof. Pathology and 
Bacteriology, University of la., Iowa 
City; b. Walcott, Ia., Oct. 11, 1878; ed. 
B. S., M. S., and M. D., university of 
Ia.; m. Edith W. Albert, June 10, 1905. 
Mem. Assn. of American Pathologists 
and Bacteriologists; American Assn. 
Advancement of Science; Amer. Med. 
Assn.; Amer. Pub. Health Assn.; la. 
Academy of Science; Sigma X. 
LDERMAN, U. S., lawyer, Nevada; b. 
Nevada, la., Aug. 2, 1865; Rep.; ed. 
Grad. Nevada H. sch.; state univ. law 
sch.; ex-chmn. Nevada chapter Red 
Cross; mem. various war soc. and ac- 
tive in drives, etc.; state rep. Story Co. 
38 th G. A. 

LDRICH, William, teacher, Keokuk; b. 
Sutton, Ver., Mar. 18, 1864; Presb.; 
Ind.; ed. H. sch. Rosemond, 111.; Nor- 
mal sch., Normal, 111.; Grad. Special 
Univ. of Mich.; Univ. of Chicago; 
Charleston, 111. Normal sch.; m. Mar- 
garet H. Brown, July 14, 1891, Diver- 
non, 111.; child. Elizabeth R. (adopted); 
Taught in country sch. 4 yrs.; Prin. 
Kansas, 111. pub. sch. 1889-92; Athens. 
111. 1892-94; Central Ward and Grammar 
sch. Keokuk 1895-1904; supt. Keokuk 
pub. sch. 1904 — . Occupied various posi- 
tions in the sectional state organiza- 
tion of teachers from pres. down; also 
the same for co. and city teachers 
organizations; mem. Walt Whitman 

ALEXANDER, Jefferson Leavitt, Mrg. 
Keokuk Electric Co., Keokuk; b. East- 
port, Me., Dec. 23, 1883; ed. H. sch. and 
special engineering course Univ. of Me. 
M. Louise Hunt, Shellbyville, Tenn., 
Nov. 11. 1914. Supt. of El Paso, Tex. 
Elec. Co.; Savanah, Ca. Elec. Co.; 
Houghton, Mich. Elec. Light Co.; St. 
Croix Falls, Minn. Improvement Co. 
and Mgr. of Keokuk Elec. Co., all 
Stone & Webster Co's.; mem. Masonic 
lodge; Z. A. E. coll. fraternity. 

ALLEN, Hugh B., retail shoe bus., Bur- 
lington; b. Des Moines Co., la., Jan. 
19, 1891; Meth.; Rep.;ed. Burlington 

H. sch.; m. Florence N. Sutton, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Apr. 10, 1913; child. Louise 
K. ; Partner Neff & Allen; mem. 
Masons, Elks, Ebis fraternity. 

ALLEN, Warren K., County Agricultural 
Agent, Sigourney; b. Platteville, Wis., 
June 23, 1892; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. grad. 
State Normal sch., Platteville, Wis., 
1912; received B. S. in Dairy Husbandry 

I. S. C., June, 1917; m. Erie May Wil- 
son, Pier Cove, Mich., Aug. 9, 1918; 
child. John W. ; served in army 20 mos., 
enlisted Dec. 14, 1917; discharged Aug. 
26, 1919; was commissioned 2nd. Lt. 
Sanitary Corps, Oct. 10, 1918 as bacteri- 





ologist; mem. Masons. Former resi- 
dences. Platteville, Wis., 1892-1912; De 
Pere, Wis., 1912-14; Ames 1914-17; U. 
S. army 1917-19. 

ALLISON, John H., County Agricultural 
Agent, Council Bluffs; b. Butler, Mo., 
Jan. 17, 1886; Christian; Rep.; ed. But- 
ler, Mo. H. sen., Mo. Univ., I. S. C; 
m. Florence Badgley, July 12, 1917, 
Kansas City, Mo.; child. Mildred; B. 
S. in agr., I. S. C; specialized in 
horticulture; finished 1915; with Ames 
extension dept. 1915 to 1918; Co. Agri. 
Agt. 1918-20; mem. Masons. Former 
residences, Butler, Mo. 1886-1906; Col- 
umbia, Mo. 1906-08; Ames, la., 1908-18. 

ALLYN, George S., retired banker and 
real estate dealer, Mt. Ayr; b. Clinton, 
111., March 9, 1848; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
common and H. sch. of 111.; m. Mary 
V. Kinsell, June 21, 1876, Mt. Ayr, la.; 
children, Madge, Earle K., Clare G., 
Clint. D., and Georgia. 3 terms clerk of 
courts; ex P. M., Mt. Ayr; cashier 
and pres. Mt. Ayr bank until Sept. 
1915; ex-pres. Bd. of ed.; former mem. 
bd. of trustees I. S. C. ; served in state 
senate in 26th, 26th extra, 27th, 28th, 
29th G. A. Rep in 38th G. A.; re-elected 
rep. in 1920; mem. Masons, I. O. O. F. 

ALTON, Laura, Executive Secy. Home 
Service, Am. Red Cross, Keokuk; b. 
Keokuk, la., Sept. 30, 1887; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. Knox Coll., 1909, A. B.; 
Devoted all her time and great energy 
to very successful work in home ser- 
vice for soldiers of the world war dur- 
ing the war and since. Did a large 
part of the civilian war work of Keo- 
kuk and Lee Cos. Mem. Delta Delta 
Delta sorority. 

ANDERSON, A. F., cashier Am. Sav. 
Bank & Trust Co., Burlington; b. Den- 
mark; Presb.; Rep.; ed. H. sch. and 
Bus. coll.; m. Laura C. Rudiger, 1908, 
Council Bluffs, la.; children Eugene, 
Paul, Dorothy, Emma, Edna. Cashier 
Commercial State bank, Mediapolis, la., 
8 yrs.; pres. of Sperry, la., Savings 
bank; trustee of 1st Pres. church, 
Burlington, la.; mem. Masonic lodge, 
Elks. Former residence, Mediapolis, la. 

ANDERSON, Dave O., furniture bus., 
Sioux City; b. Sioux City. Ia., Mar. 17, 
1880; m. Isla Brunes, Sept. 1, 1910; 
child. Dick; v-pres. Anderson Furniture 
Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, Elks, Yeo- 
man, Sioux City Boat Club, Rotary 
Club, Chamber of Commerce. 

ANDERSON, Joseph H., farmer, Thomp- 
son; b. Winnebago Co., Ia.; Rep.; ed. 
grad. State Teachers' Coll. 189S; prin. 
sch. 2 yrs., Fairbanks, Ia.; clerk dist. 
court 1905-13; elected state rep. 1914; 
re-elected 1916-18-20. 

ANDERSON, Reuben W., sch. teacher 
and farmer, Pulaski; b. Pike Co., O., 
Jan. 4, 1854; Meth.; Dem.; ed. Troy 
Academy Tn., National Normal sch., 
Lebanon, O., ■ and O. Weslyan Univ.; 
m. Theophania E. Hays, May 9, 1879, 
(deceased) remarried Feb. 3, 1881, (wife 
deceased); children. William C, Flor- 
ence Mabel, Lowel J., Elma Ruth. Supt. 
Bloomfield pub. sch.; graded the sch. 
and established the H. sch. course in 

1881; three times elected Co. Supt. of 
sch. and two times elected rep. to Ia. 
legislature for 36th and 37th sessions; 
mem. Masonic bodies, I. O. O. F., M. 
W. A., Sons of Am. Revolution. 
ANDERSON, Walter W., banker, Scran- 
ton; b. Jefferson, Ia., Jan. 7, 1872; Rep.; 
ed. Jefferson, la., H. S., bus. course at 
Des Moines; pres. bank at Scranton; 
also engaged in farming; state rep. 
three terms; state sen. 48th dist. 

ANNABLE, John Irvln, fire insurance, 
Keokuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., Sept. 25, 1875; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. Keokuk H. S.; m. 
Elizabeth Hart Evans, 1906, Keokuk, 
(deceased); director Ia. State Ins. Co., 
1920 to date; Assist. Sec. Iowa State 
Ins. Co. 1910 to date; treas. Keokuk 
Chamber of Commerce, 1918 to date; 
director Keokuk Pub. Lib., 1908 to date; 
Alderman Keokuk, 1906-08; mem. Elks, 
Royal Arcanum. 

ANSCHUTZ, Herman M., photographer, 
Keokuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., Nov. 2, 1869; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. at Keokuk; 
m. Grace C. Smith, Jan. 29, 1902, Keo- 
kuk, Ia.; children Adelaide G., John 
F.; awarded prizes by Photographers 
Assn. of Iowa for five successive yrs., 
including Medlar cup by award three 
successive yrs. Two pictures hung in 
National Daguerre inst.; Fell cup, 1905; 
grand sweepstake, Des Moines, 1906; 
Medlar cup competition, 1907, 1908 and 
1909; all by Photographers Assn. of Ia. 
Pictures admitted to Daguerre Memor- 
ial inst. gallery, 1907, 1908, and salon 
honors of same national memorial gal- 
lery, 1909. Certificate of honor, Wis., 
1909. Official photographer of the Keo- 
kuk water-power, 1910. Has made many 
art photographs exhibited in state and 
national salons. Has done some pieces 
of sculpture for recreation, the best 
being a portrait bust of his father; 
mem. National Photographers Assn. of 
Am., Camera Craftsmen, Masons, Elks, 
Royal Arcanum. 

ANTROBUS, A. M., lawyer, Burlington; 
b. Green sburg. Ia., May 16, 1859; Uni- 
tarian; Rep.; ed. College, A. M.; refer- 
ee in bankruptcy. 

ARMENTROUT, Coral Roy, surgeon, 
Keokuk; b. Iowa City, Ia., May 3, 1878; 

. Cong.; Rep.; ed. Am.-German English 
Coll., Wilton, Ia.; M. D., 1904, Keokuk 
Med. Coll.; m. Florence Layton, Dec. 
12, 1907, Keokuk; children Edmund A., 
Daisv E.; prof, of Pathology, Bacteri- 
ology and Clinical Surgery, Keokuk 
Med. Coll., 1905-08; past pres. Lee Co. 
Med. Soc; past pres. S. E. Ia. Med. 
Assn.; Captain rned. corps U. S army, 
1918, stationed at Camp Grant; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks, K. P., 
American Legion. 

ANNEBERG, August R., surgeon, Car- 
roll; b. Des Moines, Ia., June 24, 1881; 
ed. West Des Moines H. S., Drake 
Univ. , Ia. Coll. Phys. and Surg.; m. 
Bertha Kivits, 1904, Des Moines, Ia.; 
children, Adrian R., Paul D.; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former resi- 
dence, Des Moines 18S1- 1904. 

ARNEY, Wallace M., banker, Marshall- 
town;b. Marshall Co., Ia., Apr. 2, 1862; 


Augsburger 11 

Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and Oskaloosa coll.; 
interest several banks; pres. Ia. Sav. 
bank at Marshalltown and Albia, Ia. 
Sav. bank; state rep. Marshall Co. two j 
terms; state senator 28th dist. two 

AUGSBURGER, Paul Henry, banker, 
Burlington; b. Burlington, Ia., Nov. 18, 
1887; Cath.; Rep.; ed. H. S. and bus. 
coll.; m. Mary I. Norton, Burlington, ( 
Ia.; children William N., Mary E., Jack 
N. ; cashier First Nat. bank; director 
Greater Burlington Assn.; Sec.-treas. 
Tri-State Fair Assn.; mem. K. C. 

AUE, John F. D., publisher Burlington 
Hawk-Eye, Burlington; b. Netherlands; 
married, one daughter; former resi- 
dence, Alton, Ia., Des Moines, Ia., Fort 
Smith, Ark. 

BAHNE, Jacob H., newspaper pub., Sib- 
ley; b. 111., Dec. 15, 1844; Dem.; ed. I 
pub. sch. and printing of.; m. Nora 
Richardson, 1882, Maquoketa, Ia.; child. 
John R.; editor Osceola Co. Tribune; 
private Co. A, 67th 111. inf., 1862; for- 
mer residence, Sioux City, 1887-1905. 

BAKER, Eugene Silas, banker and fin- 
ancier, Keokuk; b. Waukegan, 111., Apr. 
10, 1850; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; 
m. Mary Elizabeth Cochran, June 17, 
1874, Keokuk, Ia.; children E. Ross, 
Jesse E., Myrle F., formerly had much 
to do with various manufacturing and 
other enterprises in Keokuk and St. 
Louis and was director or other officer 
in various corporations. Has recently 
retired from active management, ex- 
cept of Keokuk Nat. bank, of which he 
is pres.; alderman of Keokuk 1885-86; 
mem. Sons of Am. Revolution; I. O. O. 
F., K. P., Elks, Keokuk Club, Keokuk 
Country Club, Missouri Athletic Assn., 
St. Louis and Riverview Motor Club. 
Former residences, Iowa City to 1865, 
Indianapolis, 1865 to 1868. 

BAKER, George T., contractor, Daven- 
port; b. Iowa Co., Ia.; Dem.; ed. pub. 
sch., academy State Univ., C. E. Cor- 
nell Coll., Ithaca, N. Y.; has been chief 
consulting engineer of several large 
projects; engaged in R. R. paving, sew- 
erage, water works construction; serv- 
ed in 26th Ia. G. A. from Scott Co.; 
elected Mayor of Davenport 1898; dele- 
gate to Dem. Nat. Con. 1900; mem. 
state bd. of ed. 

BAKER, Howard, S., pres. Sioux City 
Telephone Co., Sioux City; b. Syracuse, 
N. Y., June 20, 1SG2; Rep.; ed. common 
sch.; m. Mary G. Childs, 18S7; child. 
Capt. John C; mem. Commercial Club, 
Sioux City Golf Club, Boat Club, Elks: 
came to Sioux City 1896, engaged drug 
bus.; later organized the Am. Nat. 
bank; later receiver for Cable St. car 
line and appointed Master Commission- 
er and sold the Sioux City & Northern 
Ry.; later organized the Sioux City 
Telephone Co. and has for the past 14 
yrs. been its pres. and gen. mgr. 

BALDWIN, William Wright, attorney 
and railway official, Burlington; b. 
Keosauqua, Ia., Sept. 28, 1845; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Ia. State Univ.; m. Alice 
Tuttle, Sept. 13, 1870, Des Moines, Ia.; 
children Martin, Roger, Rachel; vice- 


pres. C. B. & Q. ry. ; Federal treas. C. 
B. & Q. ry. 1917-20. Private 44th Ia. 
inf., 1863. 

BALKEMA, Nickolas, merchant, Sioux 
Center; b. Gibbsville, Wis., Apr. 7, 1865; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Sheboygan, Wis. H. S.; 
taugh sch.; was v-pres. of a bank; state 
sen. 49th dist. three terms; served on 
City Council and sch. bd. 
BALKEMA, Peter, lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Orange City, Ia., Apr. 1, 1888; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. A. B. Buena Vista Coll., 
Storm Lake, Ia., J. D. Univ. Mich.; 
m. Oma L. Foster, Nov. 21, 1914, 
Storm Lake, Ia.; child. Deane W.; 
Secy. Sioux City Bar Assn., 1914; pres. 
Sioux City Bar Assn., 1915. Former 
residences, Orange City, Ia., 1888-1907; 
Ireton, Ia., 1907-08; Phiilippine Islands, 
1908-10; Ann Arbor, Mich. 1910-13. 
BANK, Henry, retired judge, Keokuk, 
b. Hanover, Germany, Oct. 23, 1843; 
Evang. ; Dem.; ed. pioneer country sch. 
to 3rd reader; m. Mary Risser, May 1, 
1869, Franklin, la.; children Mrs. Louisa 
Hennies, Mary T., Herman A., C. H., 
Dorothy B., Katherine, Elsie; practiced 
law, Fort Madison, 1878-81. Admitted to 
bar, 1878; justice of the peace, Van 
Buren twp., Lee co., 1872-73; Lee co. 
recorder, Keokuk, 1875-77; police mag- 
istrate, Keokuk, 1881-82; judge superior 
court, Keokuk, 1883-95; judge dist. 
court, 1st dist. Lee Co., 1895-1919 and 
declined re-nomination to retire, after 
39 yrs. in judicial positions in Lee co.; 
mem. I. O. O. F., Elks. Former resi- 
dences, Hanover, 1843-49; Ft. Madison, 
1849-51; Van Buren twp., Lee co., 1851- 

BANNISTER, Robert J., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Ottumwa, Ia., Sept. 2, 1878; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. B. Sc., L. L. B. Ia. 
Univ.; m. Lucille Thomas, June 2, 1909; 
child. Robert C, Thomas M. Virginia; 
mem. Stipp, Perry, Bannister & Star- 
zinger; mem. Des Moines Club, Des 
Moines Country Club, Golf and Country 
Club. Former residences, Ottumwa 
prior to May 1904. 
BAILEY, Samuel, physician and surgeon, 
Mt. Ayr; b. Rock Island co., 111., Sept. 
1, 1851; Meth.; Rep.; ed. com. sch., de- 
gree of M. D. from Rush Med. Coll.; m. 
Julia A. Merrill, Apr. 7, 1897, Mt. Ayr, 
Ia.; Co. coroner, Ringgold co., 10 yrs.; 
mem. Masons, I. O. O. F., K. P. For- 
mer residence, Rock Island Co., 111., 
first 23 yrs. 
BARLOW, Fred S., County Treasurer, 
Mason City; b. Allison, Ia.; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S. and Univ. of Commerce, Mas- 
City; m. Marie L. Albertus, Oct. 3, 
1912, Portsmouth, Ia.; 2 yrs. law of- 
fice; 5 yrs. real estate and ins. bus.; 
4 yrs. co. treas.; mem. Masons, B. P. 
O. E. 

BARNES, Don, lawyer, Cedar Rapids; 
b. Walnut, Ia., Jan. 9, 1876; Christ.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., State Univ. Ia.; mar- 
ried; one son, two daughters; attorney 
for Cedar Rapids and Marion City rail- 
way co.; Cedar Rapids Nat. bank; Ce- 
dar Rapids Gas Co.; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Country Club. Former residence 
West Liberty, Ia. 1877 to 1896, Belle 
Plaine, la. 1896 to 1898, 



Barr 12 

BARR, G. Walter, physician and writer, 
Keokuk; b. Med way, Clark Co., O., 
Oct. 25, 1860; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Mt. 
Carmel, 111. H. S., De Pauw Univ., Rush 
Med. Coll., M. D. Jefferson Med. Coll., 
1884; m. Annabelle Applegate, 1884, 
Lawrence co., 111.; child. Mrs. Arthur 
B. Mavity; prof. Mat. Med. and Pub. 
Med. Coll. Phys. and Surgr., Keokuk, 
1890 to 1898 and sec. and executive 
of the coll. during- this time. Associate 
ed. Iowa Medical Journal, 1893-94; au- 
thor many mongraphs on medical sub- 
jects and reports on drug dynamics 
and psychology; surgeon 111. div. Sons 
of Veterans, 1890. Author short stories: 
"In the Third House," "The Woman 
Who Hesitated," "In the Last Ditch," 
etc., a novel "Shacklett," (Appleton and 
London), descriptions of Mississippi 
river to accompany book of photo grav- 
ures, and many magazine articles on 
economics. Began newspaper work 
when a boy and after fifteen yrs. in 
medicine returned to it to be city ed. 
and managing ed. of Keokuk Gate 
City, 1898-1902, and proprietor of Keo- 
kuk Standard, 1902-1910. Lecturer on 
popular science, 1895-1897. Head dept. 
of pub. relations, Mississippi River 
Power Co., 1910-1914; on staff food ad- 
ministrator Lee co., 1917-18, did much 
work in all war civilian activities, 1917- 
18, in charge first Iowa dist. bureau of 
ed., war work, 1918; lieut. Med. Re- 
serve Corps, 1918; mem. board of ex- 
amining surgeons, pension bureau Law- 
renceville, 111., 1896-1900; sec. board of 
ed., Keokuk, 1898-1915; trustee Keokuk 
pub. lib., 1908-15; ehmn. pub. comfort 
commission, Keokuk, 1918 — . Chmn. 
section of materia medica, la. State 
Med. Soc, 1897; assist, to pres. High- 
land Park coll., Des Moines, 1915-17. 
Past W. M. Masons, Elks, Beta Theta 
Pi, Des Moines Univ. Club, la. Press 
Club, la. Soc. Authors, High Tension 
Club, honorary mbr. Lee Co. Med. Soc, 
mem. Am. Academy of Science, Pres. 
Lexington chapter S. A. Revolution, 
1919. Work in drug- dynamics was pub- 
lished extensively in Europe, 1890-99. 
Has Cooper gold medal for services in 
building of the Keokuk water-power. 
Former residences, Columbus, Ind., 1880 
-81, Bridgeport, 111., 1884-1890, Des 
Moines, 1915-17. _ 

BASKERVI LLE, C. W., X-ray technician, 
Des Moines; b. Earlville, la., July 12, 
1892; United Presb.; Rep.; ed. .3 yrs. 
Iowa State Teachers' Coll.; m. Edna 
M. Jones, Nov. 22, 1917; children Mary 
M., William L.; Y. M. C. A. physical 
director, Cedar Rapids, la., one yr. ; 
one yr. with U. S. N. during war; 
rated Ph. M. 2c U. S. N. R. P.; mem. 
Philo Soc, I. S. T. C. Former residence 
Cedar Rapids, la., Jan. 15, 1917 to 
June 1, 1918. 

BAUM, S. LEO, Supt. Ia, Biscuit Co., 
Burlington; b. Des Moines, la., Aug. 
1, 1890; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. McKinley H. 
S., St. Louis; m. Mabel A. Johnson, 
June 21, 1912, Burlington, la.; 12 yrs. 
in all depts. of biscuit bus.; mem. Ro- 
tary Club, Advertising Club, Greater 
Burlington Assn., Elks. Former resi- 
dence, St. Louis, 3 yrs. 


BAUM, W. A., Mgr. Ia. Biscuit Co., 
Burlington; b. Waterloo, Ia., Jan. 4, 
1863; Christian Science; Rep.; ed. 
Black Hawk co. sch.;m. Etta Peppers, 
Oct., 1886, Cedar Rapids, la.; children 
Bertha M., S. Leo, N. Vernon; mem. 
Masons, Elks, T. P. A., U. C. T., Shrin- 
ers. Former residences, Cedar Rapid's, 
Ia., Des Moines, Ia., Aurora, 111., Rock 
Island, 111., St. Louis, Mo., Ft. Worth, 

BAXTER, Samuel G., Co Agri. Agent, 
Albia; b. Princeton, Ia., Jan. 14, 1882; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. 1 yr. Ia. State Teach- 
ers' Coll., 3 yrs. Ames, A. H.; m. Lola 
R. Brown, Aug. 29, 1910, St. Paul, Minn; 
mem. "Colonials" at Ames, Masons. 
Former residences, Honiesteaded a 
claim 1910-17, Ryder, N. D. 

BEACH, Wilfred W., architect, Sioux 
City; b. Alton, la., Nov. 23. 1872; 
Episcop.; Rey. ; ed. Sioux City H. S., 
Sch. of Architecture, Univ. 111., Class 
'98; m. Berta Tyler Smith, 1911, Cairo, 
111.; author of "The Architect" in 
Arch. Record, 1914 and "Architectural 
Problems" in Arch. Forum, 1917; Arch- 
itect New York Cen. and H. R. ry., 
1906-9; pres. and gen. mgr. W. W. 
Beach Co., Architects, Engineers and 
builders of banks and pub. bldgs.; 
pres. Ia. chapter Am. Inst. Architects, 
1905-6; mem. Masons, Elks. 

BEACH, S. A., vice-dean of agri., head 
of dept. of horticulture and forestry and 
horticulture section of Ia. experiment 
station, Ames; b. Sumner Hill, Cayuga 
Co., N. Y., 1860; Christian; lnd. Rep.; 
ed. B. S., I. S. C, 1887, M. S., 1892; 
m. Norma Hainer, July 2, 1890, Aurora, 
Neb.; child. Frank H., Julius E., Victor 
H.; prof. Horticulture and Botany, Tex. 
Agr. and Mech. Coll., 1890-01; Horticul- 
turist State Expt. Sta., Geneva, N. Y., 
1891-1905; Prof. Horticulture, I. S. C. 
since Sept., 1905, vice-dean Coll. of 
Agr. since. 1906, I. S. C; pres. of the 
Ia. State Horticultural Soc; organizer 
and first sec. of Am. Soc. for Horticul- 
tural Science; mem. Fellow A. A. A. S., 
Am. Pomol. Soc, Soc. for Hort. Science, 
corr. mem Royal Hort. Soc, London, 
Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta and 
Pi Kappa Phi; author of "The Apples 
of New York" (2 vols.) 1905, and var- 
ious Exp. Sta. bulletins and contribu- 
tions to Hort. publications. Former 
residence, Geneva, N. Y., 1891-1905. 

BECK, R. Joyce, real estate and broker, 
Sioux Citv; b. Cherokee Co., Ia., Dec. 
9, 1890; Christian; Rep.; ed. H. S.. 
2 yrs. Engineering Univ. of Ia. and 
short course in Highway Eng., in Univ. 
of 111.; m. Helen Hoagland, Sept. 6, 
191<;, Ft. Dodge, In.; mem. Sioux City 
ChftWlber of Commerce, 13 club. Mason- 
ic bodies, Shrine, Shore Acre Boat 
Club. Former residence, Ft. Dodge, la., 
Dec 1912 to Aug. 1913. 

BECKER, Wm., druggist, Elkader; b. 
Clayton, Co., Ia., Mar. 18, 1874; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Elkader H. S., attended State 
Univ.; became registered pharmacist in 
1891; served as mem. Elkader sch. 
board 10 yrs.; elected state rep. 1914; 
re-elected 1916-18-20; m. Mollie Schmidt, 





BEEBE, Grace E., supt. sch. Bremer co., 
Waverly; b. Waverly, la., Mar. 5, 1889; 
ed. grad. Waverly H. S. ( la. State 
Teachers' Coll., kindergarten course; 
taught in Emmetsburg, la., 3 yrs. and 
in Waverly several yrs.; organized 
Waverly chap. A. R. C, and was sec. 
until summer of 1918, when she was 
appointed executive secy, of the Home 
Service sec. of the chapter; spent six 
weeks in Chicago training for this 
work; elected co. supt. sch. in June, 

BEELER, Orie W., co. agr. agent, Boone; 
b. Mankato, Kan., Sept. 28, 1893; Meth.; 
ed. Mankato, Kan., H. S., State Agr. 
coll., B. S. degree; m. Louise Moffatt, 
June 25, 1919, Boone, la.; sec. Boone 
Co. Live Stock Breeders' Assn.; sec. 
Boone Co. Wool Growers' Assn.; mem. 
Masons, Elks, O. E. S. White Shrine, 
Sigma Nu Fraternity. Former residence, 
Tipton, la., Sept. 1917 to Nov. 1918. 

BEEMAN, Irving, merchant, Waukon; 
b. near Waukon, la., Nov. 13, 1866; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Waukon H. S., 1884; m. 
Anna B. Hall, Waukon, la.; was mayor 
of Waukon two terms; Co. Chmn. 4 
min. men; organizing mem. council of 
Defense, Allamakee Co.; chmn. 1st Red 
Cross drive; assist, co. food administra- 
tor; state rep. Allamakee Co. 38th G. 

BELL, Irene M., co. recorder, Mason 

City; b. Rocklord, 111.; Cong.; Rep.; ed. 

H. S. and Commercial Coll.; m. A. G. 

Bell, Oct. 5, 1904, Mason City, la.; secy. 
• recorders assn. 3 yrs.; secy. Red Cross 

chapter for Cerro Gordo Co. 2 yrs.; 

Regent, D. A. R.; 1st chmn. 4th Con. 

dist. Republican Woman's organization; 

mem. D. A. R.; Chautauqua Club, Civic 


BENNETT, Lewis K., co. agr. agent, 
Atlantic; b. Sioux Rapids, la., July 10, 
1891; Cong.; Dem. ; ed. Sioux Rapids 
H. S.; I. S. C, B. S. in agr.; m. Helen 
M. South, P^eb. 24, 1920, Minneapolis, 
Minn.; served 10 months with A. E. F. 
in the C. A. C. 60th reg. Former resi- 
dences, Sterling, 111., 1914-15; Gales- 
burg, 111., 1915-16; Spring Valley, Minn., 

BENO, Charles A., dry goods and cloth- 
ing merchant, Council Bluffs; b. St. 
Joseph, Mo., Mar. 12, 1860; Prot.; Dem.; 
ed. H. S. and bus. coll.; m. Harriet 
Davis, 1S91, Council Bluffs, la.; child- 
ren Kathryn E., C. Bernard; mem. 
Country Club, Elks. Royal Arcanum; 
Former residence, Wyoming about 46 
years ago. 

BERRY, Thomas A., lumber, Sioux City; 
b. Mapleton, la., Dec. 31, 1864; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. studied law under an attorney 
almost a year; m. Gertrude A. Berry, 
June 5, 1895, Ponca, Neb.; child., Ruth 
E., Glenn W., Thomas A.; v-pres. and 
mgr. Edwards-Bradford Lbr. Co., Sioux 
City, la.; vice-pres. treas. and gen. 
mgr., Bauer-Henry Lbr. Co., F'onca, 
Neb.; pres. Chris. Birch Lbr. Co., Sioux 
City la.; pres. Johnston Lbr. Co., Hoy 
Springs, Neb.; city clerk Ponca, Neb.; 
mem. Sioux City Boat Club, Masonic 
bodies, Shrine. Former residences, Pon- 

ca, Neb., 1890 to 1897, Wayne, Neb., 

BERTKE, W. J., public utility engineer, 
Sioux City; b. Milwaukee, Co., Wis., 
Dec. 24, 1879; Cong. Rep.; ed. Univ. of 
Wis.; m. Helen Hoyt; children, Jane, 
Mary; mem. Elks, Masons. Former resi- 
dence, Milwaukee until 1903. 

BICKERTON, R. B., mgr. mercantile 
agency, Sioux City; b. England, 1868; 
Episcop. ; ed. general bus. ed.; mgr. of 
the Sioux City dist. of R. G. Dun & 
Co., the mercantile agency for the pro- 
tection and promotion of trade both 
domestic and foreign.; mem. Rotary 
Club, Masonic bodies. 

BIRMINGHAM, E. H., live stock and 
farming, Sioux City; b. Milwaukee, 
Wis., Apr. 5, 1879; m. Mary Louise 
Johnson, June 19, 1901; children Mil- 
dred, William, Melvin, Edward, Louise, 
Mary Frances, Loretta; dem. cand. for 
congress 11th dist. 1920; active in all 
affairs tending toward progress of 
Sioux City; mem. Elks, K. C, Sioux 
City Boosters Athletic Assn., Civil Ser- 
vice Commission. 

BJORKA, Knute, co. agr. agent, North- 
wood; b. Fergus Falls, Minn., Jan. 28, 
1888; Lutheran; Rep.; ed. Minn sch. of 
agr., coll. of agr. Univ. Minn, with B. 
S. degree; m. Lydia Erickson, of Cam- 
bridge, Minn., Oct. 5, 1918, at Minneap- 
olis, Minn.; taught agriculture at Bel- 
grade, Minn. pub. sch. 1916-17. For- 
mer residences, Fergus Falls, Minn, up 
to about 1915, Belgrade, Minn. 1916-17, 
Cambridge, Minn., 1918-19. 

BLACK, Thomas A., Pres. Terminal 
Grain Corporation, Sioux City; b. 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 29, 1853; Rep.; 
ed. Cazenovia Seminary, Cazenovia 
coll. (no degree); m. Georgia Bass, 
May 11, 1880, Benton Harbor, Mich.; 
children, Jana Black Grandy, Thomas 
B. ; mem. la. com. to Panama Exp., 
San Francisco; formerly pres. Chamber 
of Commerce, Sioux City; formerly v- 
pres. Security Nat. bank Sioux City, 
now director of Security Nat. bank and 
Woodbury Co. Sav. bank; interested in 
grain, banking, farm lands; mem. Elks, 
Sioux City Country Club, Sioux City 
Boat Club. Former residences, Pipe- 
stone, Minn., 1883 to 1890, as pres. of 
Pipestone Nat. bank. 

BLAUL, John, wholesale grocer, Burling- 
ton, b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 11, 1853; 
Evang. ; Dem.; ed. H. S. and bus. coll.; 
m. Louise DuOrin, May 13, 1877, Bur- 
lington, la.; ehildren, Milton, Mark, 
Robert, Selma; alderman some 20 yrs. 
ago; mem. Masons, Odd P'ellows, Elks. 
Fumii i' residences, Boston, Mass. first 
four vis. 

BLEKRE, Edgar O., pres. Automobile 
Owners 'Pin- Corporation, Sioux City; 
b. Mitchell, S. D., Nov. 28, 1889; Luth.; 
Rep.; m. Hedwig A. Von Rohr, May 22, 
1913, Winona, Minn.; children, Edgar 
O., jr., Jane E. ; originator of plan of 
saving automobile owners money on the 
purchase of tires and tubes by forming 
a co-operative organization which gives 
its members a liberal discount on all 
purchases. The success of the plan has 






been phenomenal and the company now 
has offices in all the large cities of the 
northwest. Because of the growth of 
the business it was found necessary to 
establish a tire factory of its own 
which is located at St. Paul, Minn, its 
pres. is the inventor of several im- 
proved tire treads and a cushion tire; 
mem. St. Paul Athletic Club, Mpls. 
Athletic Club, Odin Club, Mpls. and St. 
Paul Automobile Clubs, Minnesota Club. 
Former residences, Minneapolis, Minn., 
Mankato, Minn. 

BLOOD, William Graffen, lawyer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Stoneboro, Pa., July 1, 1868; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Keokuk pub. sch., 
Farsons coll., Fairfield, la., B. A. and 
M. A.; Univ. of la., part law course; 
m. Jane H. Ewing, 'Brownsville, Pa., 
Jan. 15, 1903; child. Wm. G., jr.; prin- 
cipal Garfield sch. Keokuk 5 yrs. ; mem. 
law firm of Hollingsworth & Blood 
Keokuk; admitted to bar in 1889; pvt. 
and cpl., Co. A. 50th la. vol. inf. in 
Span. -Am. war; mem. Keokuk bd. of 
ed. 1898-1904; city atty. Keokuk 1 yr. 
co. atty. Lee co. 4 yrs.; trustee of Keo- 
kuk pub. lib.; pres. eKokuk bar assn.; 
kuk pub. lib.; pres. Keokuk bar assn.; 
Keokuk Club, Keokuk Country Club, 
Shakespere Club, Masons, Odd Fellows, 
K. P., Elks, M. W. A., A. O. U. W., 
R. A., Span. War Vets., Loyal Legion, 
vice-pres. Keokuk chapter Sons Am. 
Revolution. Former residences, Stone- 
boro and Franklin, Pa., Brazil, Indiana 
Louisiana and Clarkesville, Mo. 

BLUNT, Harry G., treasurer Fayette Co., 
West Union; b. West Union, la., Feb. 
22, 1881; Meth.; Rep.; ed. H. S., Cedar 
Rapids bus. coll.; m. Emma M. Jacobs, 
Jan. 23, 1905; children, Paulene E., 
George F.; Co. Treas. 1911-20; mem. 
Woodmen, Masonic bodies. 

BOESCH, George C. f merchant, Bur- 
lington; b. Burlington, la., Aug. 24, 
18G6; Meth.; Ind.; ed. H. S., Commercial 
coll.; m. Leonora Josephine Heins, 
June 28, 1893, Lydia Scott Co., Minn.; 
children, Melbourne H., Lenore J., Mar- 
jorie M.; director Am. Sav. bank and 
Trust Co.; director 1st Nat. bank; 
ten yrs. mem. bd. ed.; two yrs. pres. 
of the Commercial exchange; at pre- 
sent pres. Greater Burlington Assn.; 
merchant director sale of thrift stamps; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Rotary 
Club, Golf Club, Auto Club, Launch 
Club, Hawkeye Natives, Advertising 
Club, W. W. 

BOIES, William D., lawyer, Sheldon; b. 
Boone Co., 111., Jan. 3, 1857; Rep.; ed. 
grad. law dept. Univ. Ia.; appointed 
dist. judge, Jan. 1, 1913; resigned to 
become candidate for congress; elected 
to congress 1918; re-elected 1920. 

BOLLINGER, James W. f lawyer, Daven- 
port; b. Geneseo, 111., Apr. 10, 18G7; 
Rep.; ed. Davenport H. S., Univ. of la., 
A. B. 1888, L. L. B. 1889, A. M. 1893.; 
m. Mary Elizabeth Gilman, Nov. 1, 
1899, Davenport, la.; child. Stephen A.; 
devotes entire time to practice of law, 
but is pres. of the following corpora- 
tions: Security Fire Ins. Co.; Sieg Iron 
Co.; Sickels & Preston Co.; S. F. Gil- 
man Mill Co.; judge of dist. court of 

la., 7th jud. dist. from 1897 to 1911; 
pres. of Ia. State Bar Assn. 1907; mem. 
Contemporary Club, Rock Island Arse- 
nal Golf Club, Treadway Rod & Gun 
club, Davenport Commercial Club. 

BOLSTEIN, J. H., wholesale grocer, 
Sioux City; b. Poland, June 17, 1877; 
Jewish; Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; m. Jennie 
L. Galinsky, Sioux City, Ia.; children, 
Milton, May; mem. Masons. Former 
residence, Minneapolis, Minn. 

BORMAN, August H., lawyer, Gutten- 
berg, Ia.; b. Elkader, Ia., July 8, 1877; 
Prot.; Dem.; ed. grad. Elkader H. S., 
grad. Univ. Ia., law dept., degree L. 
L. B.; m. Amanda Duwe, Feb. 10, 1903; 
children Maxine L., Roland A.; Past 
Venerable Counsel of M. W. A., Gutten- 
berg, Ia.; Past M. W. Prairie La Porte 
Lodge A. F. & A. M.; mem. Town 
Council Guttenberg for several yrs.; 
pres. Guttenberg Canning Co.; pres. bd. 
of ed. Ind. Schl. dist. Guttenberg; mayor 
of Guttenberg; mem. M. W. A., M. W. 
W., Masons. Former residence, Elkad- 
er to 1903, and since at Guttenberg. 

BOSWORTH, Le Roy T., lawyer, Manly; 
Rep.; ed. Cornell Coll., A. B., Harvard 
Law sch., L. L. B., 1911; chmn. Legal 
Advisory bd. for Worth co. ; Co. Atty. 
Worth co., 1919-1921; mgr. Christmas 
Roll Call drive VJ1* Worth co. 

BOW EN, Dr. A. B., physician and sur- 
geon, Maquoketa; b. Eastford, Conn., 
Apr. 12, 1842; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Mexico, 
Oswego Co., N. Y. Academy; m. Min- 
nie Clark, Maquoketa, 1874; child. Har- 
riet F., Wyatt J.; served in U. S. N. 
one yr. during Civil war, on Man 'O 
War "Neptune" convoy squadron West 
Indes; pres. N. W. ry. Surgeons Assn. 
1914; U. S. examining surgeon for pen- 
sions for 30 yrs.; mem. local bd. for 
Jackson co. in selective draft; mem. 
Ia. State Med. Soc, A. W. A., Am. 
Assn. Ry. Surgeons, Masonic bodies; 
pres. Farmers Trust & Sav. bank; v- 
pres. 1st Nat. bank. 
BOWER, William Henry, musical di- 
rector, Keokuk; Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
m. Estella Martin, Dec. 3, 1891, Pgh., 
Pa., (deceased); 2nd, Nellie M. Sher- 
man, Elmira, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1909; child. 
David M., George H., Clifford W., Mary 

E. ; teacher music, Elmira Conservatory 
Music, Elmira, N. Y. ; solo clarinetist 
in John Duss Millionaire Band, New 
York City; musical director for Al H. 
Woods (producer) New York; solo clari- 
netist and asst. director band in Buf- 
falo Bill (W. F. Cody) show; director 
Keokuk Concert Band 1917 to date; 
mem. Masons, Elks. Former residence, 
Pittsburgh. Pn., Elmira, N. Y. 

BOWMAN, Fred A., physician and sur- 
p'on, Leon; b. Dows City, la., June 
20, 1871; Dem.; ed. Dows City H. S., 
Univ. of Louisville, M. D. 1894, Keokuk 
Med. Coll., 1898; m. Mamie Dale Syl- 
vester, June 12, 1895, (deceased); 2nd 
Lela Osborn, Sept. 2, 1907; child. 
Florence; Co. Coroner, 5 yrs.; Sec. U. 
S. Pension board, last 16 yrs.; mem. A. 

F. and A. M., K. P., State and Co. 
Med. Soc. 

BOYD, John Orville, lawyer. Keokuk; 
b. Pike Co., Mo., Jan. 21, 1876; Christ.; 





Dera.; ed. Louisiana, Mo., H. Sch., spec 
work in Mo. Univ., Columbia, Mo., and 
correspondence sch. work; m. Genieva 
Anderson, Dec. 6, 1906, Stansbury, Mo. 
(deceased), 2nd. Ruth Gaston, March 
12 1912, Keokuk; children Bemrose A., 
Margaret; Pres. Keokuk Trust Co 
Argyle Sav. bank and Security Invest. 
Co., director Pechstein Iron works, 
Fluid Compressed Steel Co., Simplex 
Finance Corporation and other corpora- 
tions; author "Thirty Years a Judge 
"Justice Blindfolded," "A Study ot 
Portia's Law," (case and count) and 
other periodical articles; one term sch. 
commis. Scotland Co., Mo.; mem bd 
ed Keokuk; mem. Lee Co. bd. ed. 1914 
to date; 12 yrs. mem. Y. M. C. A. bd. 
directors Keokuk; pres. Ia. Christian 
Convention 1914; mem. Masonic bodies, 
K P., Odd Fellows. Elks, Keokuk 
Club, Keokuk Country Club, Hancock 
Co , 111., Auto Club. Former residences, 
Pike Co., Mo.; New Harmony, Mo.; 
Memphis, Mo. 
BOYD, William R., educator and publi- 
cist, Cedar Rapids; b. Lisbon, la., May 
19, 1864; Rep.; ed. grad. Coll. of Liberal 
Arts State Univ. 1889; principal sch. 
at Mechanicsville, la., 2 yrs.; editor 
Tipton Advertiser, 2 yrs.; asso. editor 
Cedar Rapids Republican, 16 yrs.; p. 
m. at Cedar Rapids 1899-1909; resigneo 
to accept appointment to State bd. of 
ed. of which he is chmn. of finance 
com.; for several yrs. mem. bd. trustees 
Coe Coll. and lecturer on political 
economy; director of bank and of sav. 
and loan assn. 
BRACEWELL, Ray, H., H. S. principal, 
Burlington; b. Manchester, 111., June 
27, 1888; Meth.; Rep.; ed. grad. Whip- 
ple Academy 1909, grad. 111. Coll., B. 
S. 1915, grad. study Univ. 111., and Univ. 
Chicago; m. Gertrude Effting, 1918, 
Chicago; child. Mary M.; lectures field 
of ed.; mem. Phi Betta Kappa; honor- 
ary grad. fiat, in ed.; 1st It. Q. M. C. 
mem. Masons. Former 
Springfield, 111., 1915-17; 
111.. 1905-15. 
BRADLEY, Charles Clark, 
Court, Le Mars; b. Exira, 
1 ;■> 7 : > ; Rep.; ed. Audubon 
Council Bluffs H. S. 1895; 
of la.. 1899; B. L.. Univ. 
judge dist. court since Mar 


Judge Dist. 
Ia., May 30, 
H. S. 1894; 
B. A. Univ. 
Ia., 1901; 
1918; 11th 

dist. mem. rep. state central com. 1912- 
1916; chmn. Legal Advisory Board for 
Plymouth Co., Ia., during World war; 
11th dist. mem. executive com. State 
Bar Assn., 1915; mem. Delta Tau Delta 
and Theta Nu Epsilon, Masons. Elks, 
Le Mars Rotary club. Former resi- 
dences. Exira, Ia., 1879-1880; Audubon. 
Ia. 1880-1894; Council Bluffs, la. 1894- 
1901 and 1901-02; Glemvood. Ia. part of 
yr. 1901; Le Mars, Ia. 1902 to date. 
BRADLEY, John, farmer and stockman. 
Montezuma; b. Bureau Co., 111., Apr. 
1, 1864; Meth.; Rep.; ed. bus. coll.; m. 
Lillian Aikin, May 6, 1896; child. Grace, 
Pauline, Harry, Helen; taught sch.; 
was in clothing business from 1894 to 
1906; co. supervisor 4 yrs.; resigned to 
accept office of State Rep. in 38th G. 
A.; mem. K. P.; spent first five yrs. in 

state of nativity; came with parents to 
Ia. 1869. 

BRADSHAW, Charles S., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Toledo, Ia., Aug. 4, 1871;' 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. Toledo, L. 
L. B., Drake Univ., 1896; m. Ruth E. 
Baker, June, 1911, Indianola, Ia.; 
chil. Helen A., Homer E., Charles B.; 
gen. law prac, Des Moines, since 1896; 
Judge dist. Court, 9th jud. dist. 1911-12- 
13; mem. Des Moines Club, Grant 
Club, Hyperion Field and Motor Club. 
Former residence, Toledo, Ia., 1871-1895. 

BRADY, A. V., farmer, Sanborn; b. San- 
born, Ia., Sept. 9, 1885; Rep.; ed. H. S., 
grad in 1903; 1 yr. bus. coll., and l / 2 yr. 
law; m. Marguerite E. Kings, Jan. 1, 
1910, Sanborn, la.; chil. Eyra M., Nor- 
man K., Betty; dir. Sanborn Sav. bank; 
mem. sch. bd. and chmn. O'Brien Co. 
Farm Bureau; elected State Rep. with- 
out opposition, 192U; mem. Masons (P. 

BRENTON, Charles R., farmer and bank- 
er, Dallas Center; b. near Dallas Cen- 
ter, Ia., Jan. 30, 1864; Meth.; Rep.; m. 
Carrie Woodward, 1893; part owner of 
several thousand acres la. land and 
several banks; mem. State bd. ed.; 
pres. Dallas Center sch. bd.; mem. bd. 
trustees I. S. C.,; delegate to rep nat. 
con. in 1896. 

BRIDGENS, John Guy, farmer, Eldora; 
b. Hardin Co., Ia., June 26, 1882; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Eldora H. S., 1901, Grinnell 
Academy, 1903, Univ. Ia., B. A., 1907; 
m. Lona E. Gearhart, June 22, 1909, 
Union, Ia. ; chil. Margaret E., Burton 
G.; sec. debating league, S. U. I., 1906; 
bus. mgr. "Hawkeye", 1907; first treas. 
Hardin Co. Farm Bureau, 1916-17; mem. 
Hardin Co. bd. ed.; dir. and v-pres. 
Farmers' Co-op. Grain Co., Eldora; 
twp. elk. Eldora twp. since 1912; sec- 
treas. Eldora Mutual Commercial Tel. 
Co.; mem. Masons. Former residence, 
Waterloo, la. 

BRIGHAM, Johnson, state librarian since 
1898 (prior to 1898, journalist), Des 
Moines; b. Cherry Valley, N. Y., March 
11, 1846; Uni.; Ind.-Rep.; ed. H. S., El- 
mira, N. Y.; Hamilton Coll., N. Y.; Cor- 
nell Univ., N. Y., class 1870; m. Lucy H. 
Walker, 1892, Cedar Rapids, la.; child., 
Ida W., Mary W. ; (by former marriage), 
Anna G. Brigham Hartley; editor and 
part owner of Cedar Rapids, la., Rep- 
ublican, 1881-93; editor and pub. Mid- 
land Monthly, Des Moines, Ia., 1894-98; 
author numerous magazine articles, 
pamphlets, etc., also author of "An Old 
Man's Idyl" (McClurg, Chicago); Life of 
James Harlan (State Hist. Soc); "The 
Banker in Literature" (Am. Bankers 
Assn., N. Y.); "History of Des Moines 
and Polk County," and "Iowa: Its His- 
tory and Its Foremost Citizens" (S. J. 
Clarke Pub. Co., Chicago 2 ed.); 
"Blaine, Conkling and Garfield" (G. E. 
Stechert & Co., N. Y.); dir. Commercial 
Sav. Bank, Des Moines; v-pres. Farm 
Property Ins. Co., and Standard Hail- 
storm Ins. Co., Des Moines; dir. Water- 
bury Chem. Co., Des Moines.; pres. 
State Rep. League, 1892; U. S. Consul 
at Aix la Chapelle, 1893; ex-pres. 
Natl. Assn. of State Libraries; 10 yrs. 





dir. of American Library Assn.; ex- 
pres. Grant Club, Iowa Library Assn., 
Press and Authors' Club, Univ. Club, 
Prairie Club, and Unitarian Assn.; pres. 
Ia. Soc. of Arehaelogieal Inst, of Amer- 
ica; was the first editor-in-chiel of the 
Cornell Era, and won first Goldwin 
Smith English History prize at Cornell; 
was chmn. of fa. Bd. of Am. Library 
Assn. in the war drive of 1917, and an 
associate member of the United War 
Work Campaign in Iowa in 1918; charter 
mem. Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, Cor- 
nell Univ.; mem. Grant Club, Prairie 
Club, Bankers' Club, Univ. Club, Des 
Moines. Former residences, Cherry 
Valley, Watkins, Brockport and Elmira, 
N. Y., prior to residence in Cedar Rap- 
ids; Cedar Rapids, 1881-93. 

BROOKHART, J. L., lawyer, Washing- 
ton; b. Mo., Sept. 9, 1871; Rep.; ed. 
rural sch. and Washington, Ia. acad.; 
State Sen. 10th dist.; appointed Co. 
Atty. Washington Co., 1908 during first 
yr. practice. 

BROWN, A. E., lawyer, Osage; b. Con- 
yers, Ga., Nov, 19, 1875; Rep.; ed. Ce- 
dar Valley semin. Osage, grad. 1894; 
grad. law course Univ. Ia., 1901; m. 
Maude R. Naden, 1911; child. Kathryn 
E., Loren N.; practiced law at Osage; 
interested in farm lands, real estate 
holdings; Speaker's elk. Ia. G. A. 1904; 
elected elk. dist. court Mitchell co. 1905- 
10; served as Co. Atty. Mitchell Co. 
1913-18; served as State Rep. 38th G. 
A.; not a candidate for re-election. 

BROWN, Herman Durane, real estate 
and loans, Sioux City; b. Otselic, N. Y., 
Mar. 13, 1853; Pres.; Rep.; ed. com. dist. 
sch. with 3 months higher; m. Mattie 
M. Stewart, Feb. 20, 1878, Springfield, 
Mo.; child. Florence C, Herman D., 
jr.; pres. Sioux City Real Estate Assn. 
2 yrs. and v-pres. Sioux City Com. 
Club; elected city elk. at Springfield, 
Mo.; pres. Globe Nat. Fire Ins. Co., 
June 1920; v-pres. Consolidated Secur- 
ities Co.; pres. Federal Investment Co.; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine; was dir. 
Woodbury Co. Sav. bank for 12 yrs.; 
dir. Y. M. C. A. for several yrs. For- 
mer residences, New York State 21 yrs., 
Springfield and Kansas City, Mo., 20 

BROWN, Dr. Marcus E., osteopathic 
physician and surgeon, Sioux City; 
b. near Iowa Falls, Ia., Aug. 22, 1868; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S., Iowa Falls; 
Barber coll. osteopathy; S. S. Still coll. 
of osteopathy; Clinical coll. of obstet- 
trics; sch. of Practical Gynecology; m. 
Mrs. Cora V. Nisbet, June 25, 1910, 
Chicago, 111.; child. Marjorie J.; was 
awarded first prize in high sch. oratori- 
cal contest, 1885; taught sch. winter 
'85 and '86; v-pres. Iowa Osteopathic 
Physicians 1912; was a (4) minute man 
during the World war and was chmn. 
of Fraternal Lodges Division for con- 
servation of food during World war, 
in Sioux City; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, I. O. O. F., Rebeccas, past grand 
Sioux City lodge I. O. O. F. Former resi- 
dences, Ia. Falls, Ia. 1868-86; Ft. Dodge, 
Ia., 1886 to 189S; Clinton, la., 1899; 
Des Moines, 1901-01; Washington, D. CL, 

July 1901 to March 1902 as pres. Wash- 
ington Infirmary of Osteopathy. 
BROWN, Percy Edgar, prof, of Soil 
Bacteriology, I. S. C, Chief in Soil 
Chemistry and Bacteriology, Ia. Agr. 
Exp. Sta., asso. in charge Soil Survey, 
I, Agr. Exp. Sta., Ames; b. Wood- 
bridge, N. J., Oct. 9, 1885; Presb. ; Rep ; 
ed. Woodbrklge H. S. 1902; Rutgers 
coll., B. S. 1906, A. M. 1909, Ph. D. 
1912; author of numerous bulletins, 
scientific papers and soil survey re- 
ports; publications of the la. Agr. Exp. 
Sta. and in scientific journals in U. S. 
and abroad, on soil subjects; Consult- 
ing Editor, Soil Science; Expert Coun- 
cil National Defense (Nat. Res. Conn.); 
Abstract Ed., Abstract of Bacteriology; 
executive council Bact. Soc., also ia. 
Acad, of Science; mem. Delta Upsilon. 
Alpha Zfcta, Phi Betta Kappa, Phi 
Lambda Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Gam- 
ma Sigma Delta, Soc. Am. Bact., Am. 
Soc. Agronomy, Fellow A. A. A. S., 
Am. Chem. Soc, Ia. Academy Sc. (Fel- 
low). Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former 
residence, Woodbridge, N. J., 1885- 
1902; New Brunswick, N. J., 1902-10. 

BROXAM, A. L., pharmacist, Maquoketa; 
b. Clinton Co., Ia., Dec. 16, 1868; Dem. 
ed. H. S. and bus. coll., Dixon, 111. coll. 
of pharmacy, Highland Park coll., Des 
Moines; m. Alice Langriclge, 1903; state 
sen. 23rd dist.; was pres. Jackson Co. 
Agr. Soc, and mem. City Council, Ma- 
quoketa, six yrs. 

BRUCE, Marion, editor and publisher, 
Rolfe; b. Lizard twp. Pocahontas Co., 
Ia., Sept. 21, 1870; Pres.; Rep.; ed. com. 
sch., Ia. bus. coll.; m. Gussie Wilcox, 
Sept. 21, 1893; chil. Coyla M., owner Ar- 
row print shop; postmaster 16 yrs.; 
mem. Masons, K. P., I. O. O. F. 

BUCHANAN, John, County Agricultural 
Agent, Story Co., Nevada; b. Hensall, 
Ontario, Canada, Apr. 5, 1873; Presb. ; 
Ind.; ed. Ontario Agr. coll., B. S. A.; 
m. Mabel Laughlin, 1908, Rochester, 
N. Y.; child. Bernice B„ Donald L., 
Helen B. ; founder in 1913 and 8 yrs. 
sec. and dir. of Ia. Agr. Exp. Assn. ; 
lecturer in Agronomy Ontario Agr. coll. 
1905-1910; asso. prof, of Agronomy 
Ontario Agr. Coll. 1911-1912; Sec. and 
Mgr. Ia. Corn Growers Assn. 1918-1919. 
Former residences Hensall, Ontario, 
Canada, 1873-1892; Guelph, Ontario, 
Canada, 1893-1911; Ames, la., 1912--20. 

BUCHANAN, W. A., Co. Agr. Agt., Mar- 
shalltown; b. Walnut, Kan., Feb. 18, 
1885; Meth.; Rep.; ed. B. S. Anim. Hus- 
bandry and B. S. in Farm Crops and 
Soils from Okla. A. & M. Coll., grad. 
work in Univ. Mo.; m. Gertrude A. Tal- 
bot. June, 1915, Stillwater, Okla.; chil. 
Mae L. ; Asso. prof, in Anim. Hus. Ext. 
Dept. I. S. C. 1913-17; coached Champ- 
ion Boys Stock judging team at la. 
State Fair, 1918; third at Ames coll. 
1917; organized Marshalltown Swine & 
Corn congress. Former residences, Al- 
tona, Kan. 1900-07; Stillwater, Okla., 
190S-12; Broken Arrow, Okla., 1912-13. 

BUCKWALTER, Frank B., Real Estate 
Mortgage Investments, Sioux City; b. 
Sioux City, Ia. 





BURT, Austin, Engineer and Mgr. Pub. 
Utilities, Waterloo; b. Detroit, Mich., 
June 20, 1870; Cong.; Ind. Rep.; ed. 
Black River Falls, Wis. H. S.; Cornell 
Univ., mech. eng.; m. Mary E. Barte- 
lett, Jan. 18, 1898, Cedar Falls, la.; 
child. Dorothy, Richard; writer of 
technical papers and articles on elec- 
trical eng. subjects; Fellow Am. Inst. 
Elec. Eng.; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng., 
Am. Gas Assn., past pres. Ia. Elec. 
Assn., past pres. Ia. Gas Assn., dir. 
hd. ed., v-pres. pub. lib. bd., trustee 
Cong, church, dir. Greater Waterloo 
Assn.; mem. Masons, past chancellor 
K. P., Helmet lodge. Former residences 
Minneapolis, Minn.; Milwaukee, Wis.; 
Cedar Falls, Ia. 

BUSER, J. D., farmer, Conesville; b. 
Louisa Co., Ia., Jan. 15, 1867; Rep.; 
ed. 2 yrs. coll. work in Univ. Ia., 1 
collegiate, 1 law; m. Rebecca J. McKee, 
Jan. 22, 1896; child. Slyvia F., Lenox 
D., Collie M., Warren J.; served twp. 
assessor 11 yrs., twp. trustee 3 yrs. 
co. supervisor 6 yrs., pres. State Sup- 
ervisors Assn. 2 yrs., elected to State 
Sen. 1918; mem. Muscatine Commer- 
cial club, Masons, M. W. A., Elks. 

BUSH, Arthur G., lawyer, Davenport; 
b. Garner, Ia., Dec. 21, 1870; Rep.; ed. 
Law Dept. Ia. Univ. 1895; m. Eunice 
Curtis, Iowa City, Ia., 1894; child. 
Arthur C, Hollis H.; sec. several large 
corporations; mem. Masonic bodies, I. 
G. O. F. Former residences, Garner, 
la., to 1893; Iowa City, Ia., 1893-95. 

BYERS, Harry D., lawyer, Adair; b. 
Adel, Ia., Jan. 5, 1889; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Adair H. S., Capital City 
Commercial Coll., Des Moines; Coll. of 
law, State Univ. Ia. ; m. Leora Lough - 
er, July 22, 1918, Omaha, Neb.; asso. 
with Judge George B. Lynch in the 
practice of law at Adair, Ia., under 
the firm name of Lynch & Byers; may- 
or town of Adair 1916-17; resigned to 
enter army; present Co. Atty. of Adair 
Co., Ia. ; commissioned 2nd. lieut. at 
Ft. Snelling at first training camp in 
August 1917. Overseas 10 months with 
88th div. ; promoted to rank of Capt. in 
France; completed 25 months service 
U. S. army during World war.; mem. 
Elks, Masons, K. P., Kappa Sigma frat. 
Univ. of Ia. Former residence, Adel, 
Ia., until 1900. 

BYINGTON, O. A., lawyer, Iowa City; 
Dem.; ed. grad. Ia. State Univ.; pres. 
Citizens Sav. & Trust Co., Iowa City; 
served four yrs. Co. Supt. Sch. John- 
son Co.; mem. House 26th G. A.; dist. 
judge 8th judicial dist., 1903-07; elected 
State Sen. 1916. 

BYRAM, Coleman E., cleryman, Sioux 
City; b. Waterloo, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1S68; 
lnd.; Episc; ed. Genesee Wesleyan Sem., 
Taylor Univ. A. B. & Ph. D. m. Lora 
Hubbell, Randolph, N. Y., 1892 (de- 
ceased), Eva M. Smiley, Buffalo, N. 
Y., 1908; rector St. Thomas Epis. ch., 
Sioux City; mem. Elks, Masonic bodies. 
Former residences, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, 
Niagara Falls. 

CALDWELL, Warren A., farmer and 
manufacturer, Oskaloosa; b. Mahaska 
Co., Jan. 17, 1886; Biiend; Rep.; ed. 

preparatory course Penn Coll.; m. Isa- 
belle Hay, March 7, 1907, Washington, 
Ia.; child. Norval, Harold, Robert; 
Organizer and developer of the Cald- 
well Silo Co.; manufacturer of the Cald- 
well silos, corn cribs, tanks (patent 
for same by him); one of organizers of 
the Hippee States Auto Supply Co. 
Des Moines, Ia., of the Home Loan and 
Sav. Assn. of Oskaloosa; six yrs. mem. 
bd. supervisors Mahaska Co.; aided all 
war activities with time and more 
than allotments; mem. Rotary, Shrine, 
K. P., Elks, Grangers, Oskaloosa 
Country Cluh. Former residence, lived 
on farm until 1911 near Wright, Ma- 
haska Co. 

CALDWELL, Herman W., Sec. Zonta 
Tire & Ruhber Co., Sioux City; b. La- 
Grange, Ind., Feb. 22, 1884; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S. and bus. coll.; m. 
Charry Thresa Small, Salix, Ia. ; child. 
Herman F., Dorothy T., Clarence C. ; 
considered authority on railroad tar- 
iffs, having spent several yrs. as a 
railroad agent and seven and a half 
yrs. in charge of the Traffic dept. of 
Standard Oil Co. (ind.) at Sioux City; 
active in Red Cross work; mem. Elks, 
Chamber of Commerce, I. O. O. F., K. 
P., Grand Lodge. Former residences, 
Janesville, Wis.; Sloan, fa.; Salix, Ia.; 
Sac City, Ia.; Kingsley, Ia.; Battle 
Creek, la.; Gowrie, la. 

CAMPBELL, Will E., farmer, Gilmore 
City; b. Beecher, 111., April 2, 1858; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. com. sch. and H. S.; 
m. Mary Bain, March 25, 1886, De- 
catur, 111.; child. Mildred, Gladys, Ber- 
nice; twp trustee, sch. dir., church of- 
fices. Former residence, Mautino, 111. 

CAPELL, Frank J., lawyer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Casey, Guthrie Co., Ia., Dec. 
27, 1874; Prot. ; Dem.; ed. Council 
Bluffs H. S., three yrs. at Ia. State 
Univ., degree of B. A. from Univ. of 
Neb.; m. Adele Meyers, Dec. 31, 1901, 
Council Bluffs, Ia., (deceased); child. 
Richard L., Katherine, Virginia; mem. 
Council Bluffs sch. bd. three yrs; Potta- 
wattamie Co. Atty. two terms; judge 
superior court, Council Bluffs, 2 terms; 
pol. judge; football record: played on C. 
B. H. S. and Univ. Ia. teams; coached 
teams at Tarkio, Mo., Coll.; Tabor, Ia., 
Coll.; Bellevue, Neb., Coll; and Omaha 
and Council Bluffs H. S. ; mem. Elks, 
Eagles, K. P., Royal Arcanum. Former 
residence, Omaha, Neb. 

CARLIN, Phil, Supt. City Water Works, 
Sioux City; b. Ottawa, 111., Dec. 22, 
1852; Epis.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Ida P. 
Moi'fatt, Doe. 25, 1877, Correctionville, 
Ia.; child. George M., Jessie C, Har- 
ry P.; mom. state hd. trustees A. O. 
U. W. fur 8 yrs; taught sch. in eastern 
Woodbury Co. for 14 terms; served 
8 yrs. as Co. Recorder; served three 
yrs. as mem. bd. ed. Sioux City; con- 
nected with Sioux City Water Works 
nearly 30 yrs.; mem. A. O. U. W., 
W. O. W., K. P., P. S., Elks. Former 
residences, Peoria, 111.; Geneva, III.; 
Clinton, Ia. 

CARROLL, E. L., lawyer. Creston; 
b.t Union Co., Aug. 9, 1878; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Creston H. S., 1897; 





D/k yrs. Cornell Coll.; 1 yr. Univ. Wis. 
law sch. ; grad. law dept. Drake Univ. 
1902, L. L. B.; m. Marie Kittleman, 
June 12, 1918, Creston, la.; child. Jean 
Y. ; Co. Atty. Union Co., Ia.; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Creston Country Club. 
CARSON, William, lumberman, Burling- 
ton; b. Eau Galle, Wis., Nov. 9, 1859; 
Prot. ; Dem.; m. Louise A. Cook, March 
4, 1885, Burlington, la.; child. Dorothy 

C, Louise A.; mem. Elks, Burlington 
Golf Club. 

CASADY, James N., Pres. Casady Bond 
Co., Des Moines; b. Council Bluffs, la., 
June 10, 1869; Presb.; Rep.; ed. 
Williams Coll.; m. Mrs. Fred J. Mc- 
Elwain of De Kalb, 111.; 12 yrs. treas. 
of the C. B. Driving Park Assn.; mem. 
Elks, K. P., Yeomen, Psi Upsilon. 
Came to Des Moines 4 yrs. ago. 

CASADY, Wler, lawyer, Des Moines; b. 
Des Moines, la., Nov. 22, 1893; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Norwalk, Ga., H. S., Capital 
City Commercial Coll., Coll. of law 
Drake Univ. and finished two yrs. 
liberal arts, Drake Univ. degree D. L. 
B.; m. Margaret Barbara Lee, June 9, 
1920, Des Moines, la.; mem. Grant 
Club, Des Moines Chamber of Com- 
merce, an alumnus of Sigma Beta 
Kappa fraternity Drake Univ. Former 
residence, Norwalk, la., 1894 to 1910. 

CASE, M. E., furniture merchant, Sioux 
City; b. Manston, Wis., July 8, 1877; 
Rep.; ed. H. S. at Milwaukee; m. 
Lauretta Seims, Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 
15, 1905; child. Helen L., Manning E., 
jr.; mem. B. P. O. E., Kiwanis Club. 
Former residence, Milwaukee 1888 to 

CASSIDY, George W., minister, Sioux 
City; b. Boston,. Mass., April 20, 1863; 
Bapt.; Ind.; ed. Charlotte. Mich. H. S.. 
Kan. Normal Coll., Ft. Scott, Kan.; 
William Jewell Coll., Liberty, Mo., A. 
B., A. M., D. D.; Rochester Theologi- 
cal Seminary, B. D.; Ottawa Univ., D. 

D. (Honorary); m. Hester Purl, Aug. 

4, 1886, Hepler, Kan; child. Lorena E„ 
Henry K. ; director Coleman Lamp Co., 
Wichita, Kan.; pastor Cherry vale, Kan., 
1892-93; Fort Scott, Kan., 1893-95; 
Canasevaga, N. Y., 1895-96; Hilton, N. 
Y., 1896-98; Cincinnati, O., 1898-1903; 
Wichita, Kan. 1903-11; joint dist. sec. 
Baptist Home and Foreign Missions, 
pastor, residence Wichita, Kan. 1914-20; 
Sioux City, 1920; mem. Executive com. 
Northern Baptist convention 1910-16; 
Trustee Ottawa Univ. 1904; many minor 
places in state and national Baptist 
organizations; mem. Masonic bodies, M. 
W. A. 

CATHCART, C. S., banker, Odebolt; b. 
Knoxville, la., July 25, 1886; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Rockwell City H. S. 1908, I. 

5. C, 1908-11, agr. eng.; m. Martha 
M. Wells, Des Moines, la., Sept. 18, 
1916; child. Donald W.; spent three 
years in the agr. sch. of the states of 
Wisconsin and Minnesota, teaching agr. 
extension work; came to Odebolt, June 
1914 and have been associated in Far- 
mers' Sav. bank since that time as 
cashier; mem. Masonic bodies, State 
Hist. Soc, Yeomen. Former residences, 
Knoxville, la., 1886-94; Fonda la., pn 

farm, 1894-1901; Rockwell City, la., on 
farm, 1902-07; Lohrville, la., farm, 
1907-12; Albert Lea, Minn., 1911-12; 
Owatonna, Minn., 1912-13; Menominee, 
Wis., 1913-14. 

CATTERMOLE, Charles H., publisher 
newspaper, Hornick; b. Warsaw, 111., 
July 11, 1858; Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S. ; m. 
Addie A. Brown, June 3, 1888, Sioux 
City, la.; child. Ruth, Marie; news- 
paper publisher for 25 yrs.; started as 
"devil" in the Warsaw, 111., Democrat 
office; established Hornick Index, 1900; 
dir. Hornick State Sav. bank; mayor 
of Hornick, la.; served as town coun- 
cilman for 6 yrs. in Hornick, Ia. For- 
mer residence, Anthon, Ia., where he 
established first newspaper. 

CECIL, Henry L., City Sch. Supt., HampT- 
ton; b. Benteusport, Ia., Van Buren 
Co., June 27, 1887; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Milton, Ia., H. S., attended Car- 
negie Coll.; Ia. State Teachers' Coll.; 
Highland Park Coll. and Univ. of Ia.; 
holds degrees of Master of Didactics 
and Liberal Arts from Highland Park; 
m. Ethel Klophenstein, Nov. 25, 1910; 
in charge of agr. for I. S. T. C. in 
their extension summer sch. for teach- 
ers at Spencer, la., summer of 1918; 
at Cherokee, Ia., summer of 1919; at 
present supt. of the Hampton, Ia. sch.; 
also a faculty mem. of the I. S. T. C. 
the past 3 summers in extension sum- 
mer sch. work; mem. Masonic bodies 
and O. E. S. Former residences, Oto, 
la., 1908-10; Alden, Ia., 1910-13; Gar- 
ner, la., 1913-17; Milford, Ia., 1917-18. 

CESSNA, T. C, farmer and stockman, 
Grinnell; b. Bedford Co. Pa.; Rep. ed. 
Pub. sch. and private instruction; ac- 
tive mem. Corn Belt Meat and Pro- 
ducers Assn.; State Sen. 12th dist. 

CHANEY, George Arthur, investment 
banking and general financial bus. Des 
Moines; b. Bedford, Ia., 1875; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Hopkins, Mo. H. Sch., class 
of 1894; attended Iowa State Teach- 
ers* Coll. 1 yr., Highland Park Coll. 
4 yrs. B. S., 1904; Master Science 1906; 
Univ. Wis. 3 yrs., Master Arts in math. 
1911, Doctor of Science 1917 from Alma 
Mater; m. Maude Hickenlooper, 1900, 
Blockton, Ia. ; since leaving educational 
work was for one yr. dir. sale dept. 
Bankers' Mortgage Co., Des Moines, 
Ia., then v-pres. Bankers' Mortgage 
Co. (1918-19) and dir. sales; now pres. 
North Am. Bankers' Co. and of the 
Casady Bond Co.; elected mem. Acacia 
frat. and also the honorary soc. Phi 
Kappa Phi; prof. math, and physics, 
Highland Park Coll., 1906-08; instruct- 
or math. Univ. Wis., 1908-11; instruct- 
or math. Univ. of la., 1911-12; assist, 
prof I. S. C, Ames. Ia., 1913-14; asso- 
prof. Ames, 1915; dir. grad. div. I. S. 
C. 1918; mem. Am. Assn. for Advance- 
ment of Science, Am. Assn." of Univ. 
Prof., Am. Math. Soc, Math. Assn. of 
Am., Ia. Academy of Science, Soc. for 
the Promotion of Eng. Ed., Des Moines 
Chamber of Commerce, Masonic bodies 
and Shrine. 

CHASE, Edwin P., newspaper publisher, 
Atlantic; b. Anita, Ia., Nov. 2, 1879; 
Epis.; Rep.; ed. grad. Atlantic H. S., 


Chittenden 19 

June 1897; editor Atlantic News-Tele- 
graph; active in Commercial Club work, 
former pres. Atlantic Commercial Club, 
also on directorate of club for several 
yrs. ; mem. of Rotary club, K. P. For- 
mer residences, Denver, Colo., 1898- 
1901; Nampa, Idaho, part of 1907 and 

CHITTENDEN, Henry Ward, wholesale 
furniture, Burlington; b. Keokuk, la., 
March 28, 1853; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S. 
and 1 yr. studying law; m. Catherine 
Sherfey, Oct. 26, 1881, Burlington, Ia.; 
chil. A. B., Mary C, Henry W., Herbert 
S., Talcott B. Former residence, Keo- 
kuk, la., until 1873. 

CLAASSEN, George C, lawyer, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Compen, Germany, Apr. 7, 
1886; Prot.; Rep.; ed. 4 yrs. Academy 
Ft. Scott, Kan.; four-yr. Liberal Arts 
course Findlay Coll., Findlay, O. ; 3-yr. 
law course Univ. of Mich., degree A. 
B. and J. D. ; has specialized in re- 
search work on taxation, gov. owner- 
ship, industrial problems and regulation 
of pub. utilities; has made extensive 
studies of the principal religions of 
the world, and the various religious 
myths and theologies; m. Cecile B. 
Huston, June 13, 1918, Decatur, 111; 
child. William O. ; enlisted in military 
service at Fort Snelling, Minn., Aug. 
27, 1917 and honorably discharged in 
Oct. same yr. Former residences, 
Campen, Germany, 1886-89; Grundy 
Center, la., 1889-1907; Fort Scott, Kan., 
1907-10; Findlay, O., 1910-14; Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich., 1914-17. 

CLARK, Charles Francis, lawyer, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Belle Plaine, la., Aug. 13, 
1871; Cong.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. of Ce- 
dar Rapids, grad. Coe Coll. A. B., 1891; 
law dept. State Univ. Ia., L. L. B., 
1894; rn. Elizabeth A. Besler, Nov. 29, 
1900, Cedar Rapids, la.; child. Herbert 
F. ; represented Linn Co. in 38th G. A.; 
re-elected in 1920; pres. Cedar Rapids 
Y. M. C. A.; mem. bd. trustees Coe 
Coll.; mem. K. P., Masonic bodies, 
State Bar Assn., Cedar Rapids Chamb- 
er of Commerce and Cedar Rapids 
Country Club, Sons of Am. Revolution 
and Military order of the Loyal Legion. 
Former residence, Belle Plaine, Ia. un- 
til 1876. 

CLARK, Joseph J., Judge Dist. Court, 
Mason City; b. Richmond, Ky., Oct. 
30, 1851; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Clarinda, Ia. 
H. S. ; law dept. Ia. State Univ., class 
1873; honorary degree A. M. Cornell 
(Ia.) Coll.; m. Ida B. Chambers, Sept. 
13. 1875. Mason City, Ia.; child. Ed- 
ward W.. Rev. F. J.; practiced law at 
Mason City since 1874; co. atty., 1886- 
92; judge 12th Jud. dist. 1908 to date; 
candidate for Ia. supreme bench; ac- 
tive in church and temp, work; three 
times elected and twice attended as 
lay. del. Meth. Genl. Conf. ; mem. Com- 
mercial club. Masonic bodies, K. P. 
Former residences, Saline Co., Mo., 
1855-65; Nebraska Cit, Neb., 1865-66; 
Clarinda, la., 1806-70; Lexington, Mo., 
1870-72; Iowa City, la., 1872-73. 

CLARK, Fred F., farmer, Emmetsburg; 
b. Mt. Vernon, . Ia., March 18, 1891; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. grad. from Mt. Vernon 


H. S.; has B. S. in animal hus. from 

I. S. C; m. Masie Gail Stephenson, 
Feb. 2, 1918; has been in agr. exten- 
sion work and co. agr. agt. work since 
the middle of June 1916; during per- 
iod of war spent practically entire time 
doing war work; mem. Emmetsburg 
Curi or Literary Club, Masonic bodies. 
Former residences, Mt. Vernon, la., 
from date of birth to 1916; from 1916 to 
Jan. 1, 1920, Jones Co., la. 

CLARK, F. H., automobile distributor, 
Sioux City; b. Lansing, Mich., Oct. 31, 
1888; Cong.; Rep.; ed. grad. Lansing 

H. S., 1905; m. Marion A. French; child., 
Harriott J.; pres. and treas. Overland 
Sioux City Co., distributors of Overland 
and Willys Knight automobiles; dir. 
Sioux City Chamber of Commerce; dir. 
Ia. State Motor Trades Bureau; pres. 
Sioux City Motor Trades Bureau; mem. 
Masons, Shrine, Elks. Former resi- 
dences, Detroit, Mich., 1908-11; Minne- 
apolis, Minn., 1911-13. 

CLARKE, R. F., banker. Independence; 
b. Independence, Ia., Apr. 12, 1868; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Ind. H. S., Ames, 
Coe Coll.; m. Lillian Scarcliff; child. 
Margaret, Daisy, Josephine; pres. Peo- 
ples' Nat. bank; pres. Brandon State 
Sav. bank; pres. West End Grocery Co.; 
treas. Wapsipinicon Mill & Power Co.; 
ex-pres. bd. of ed.; mem. Masons, Ro- 
tary Club, Golf Club. 

CLARKSON, John T., lawyer, Albia; 
b. Johnstown, Pa., Dec. 16, 1861; Christ- 
ian.; Dem.; ed. com. sch.; thereafter 
private study with tutoring by a supt. 
of sch. while engaged at work as a coal 
miner; m. Anna J. Erskine, 1884, Kirk- 
ville, la.; child. Elsie G., John L., C. 
E.; admitted to the bar by supreme 
court of Ia., May 15, 1895; co. atty. 
Monroe Co., Ia., 1897-1900; Sen. Mon- 
roe-Marion Co., 15th dist., 1909 to 1916; 
Mem. Masonic bodies, K. P. Former 
residences, Johnstown, Pa., 1861-66; 
W. Va„ 1866-70; Rock Island Co., 111. 
to '83; Ia. since '83; Albia since 1894. 

CLAYTON, D. Walter, co. auditor, Sib- 
ley; b. Osceola Co., Ia., Oct. 4, 1887; 
Meth.; Dem.; ed. Sibley H. S. 1905; 

I. S. C. 1909, B. M. E. ; m. Alma M. 
Lewis, Feb. 3, 1917, Ft. Dodge, Ia.; 
child. Alice V.; elected auditor of Os- 
ceola Co., Ia., Nov. 1914; mem. Phi 
Sigma Kappa. 

COAKLEY, Joshua W. r physician and 
surgeon, Creston; b. Bangor, Me., Oct. 
12. 1859; Meth.; Dem.; ed. pub. sch., 
Winterset, Ia.. Bennett Coll., Chicago, 
111. and Barnes Medical Coll., St. Louis. 
Mo., where he received degree of Doc. 
of Med. in 1893; m. Cynthia C. Havls, 
Dec. 16. 1SS0, Mt. Etn.% la.; child. 
Orlo E., G. C, Ruby C. Gladys; found- 
er and chief surgeon of Unity Hospital, 
Creston, Ia.; the first surgeon to suc- 
cessfully perform the Caeserian-sec- 
tion operation in Ia.; he performed this 
operation three times upon one woman, 
the first being in 1893, another in 1897, 
the last in 1900; mem. Ia. legislature 
from 1914 to 1916; re-elected 1916-18; 
elected third term, for 1918-20; mem. 
| Masonic bodies and Shrine, I. O. O. F., 
Elks, Eagles, Moose. Former residence. 





Bango, Me., from birth until 1873, when 
he moved to Madison Co., Ia. 
COBB, Elliot C, physician and surgeon, 
Sioux City; b. Harlen, la., Sept. 7, 
1887; Prot.; ed. Univ. Neb., A. B., 1910, 
and M. D. 1913; married; child. Elliot 

COBURN, George F., farmer, Marcus; 
b. Belvidere, 111., May 12, 1856; Rep.; 
m. Mary A. Pettingill, Nov. 7, 1879; 
five child.; state rep. 28th, 29th, 30th 
and 31st G. A.; state sen. 4Gth dist. 
37th and 38th G. A.; mem. Marcus 
Com. Club, Masons; past master Blue 

CODLIN, H. E., co. agr. agt. and far- 
mer, Dallas Center; b. Pontiac, 111., 
March 28, 1892; Prot.; Rep.; ed Chenoa 
H. S., 1910; Univ. of 111., 1914, B. S.; 
m. Carrie L. McColley, 1915, Shellby- 
ville, 111.; child. James B., Ruth E. ; 
operates 185 acre grain and stock farm 
in connection with Farm Bur. work, an 
organization that has grown from 350 
to 1300 in the 2 yrs. of his work there; 
mem. Masons, Scabbard and Blade frat. 
Former residences, Chenoa, 111., 1903-10; 
Urbana, 111., 1910-15. 

COLE, C. T., Jr., banker, Des Moines; 
b. Providence, R. I., Jan. 1, 1872; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S. and academy; m. Helen 
D. Beveris, Oct. 16, 1896, Corning, la.; 
cashier Bankers Ia. State bank, Des 
Moines; asst. cashier Des Moines Sav. 
bank, Des Moines, Ia.; v-pres. Valley 
Nat. bank, Des Moines, Ia. ; cashier 
Valley Sav. bank, Des Moines, Ia.; 
mem. Grant Club, Hyperion, Field and 
Motor Club, Des Moines, Ia. Former 
residences, Corning, Ia., 1877-91; Chat- 
tanooga, Tenn., 1891-93. 

COLE, John Henry, civil engineer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Beetown, Wis., April 19, 1816; 
Presb.; Dem.; ed. academy; m. Loulia 
Warner, Dec. 23, 1873, Emporium, 
Pa.; child. Emma L., Mrs. J. H. Rud- 
dick, Ora B., Iva B. Carter; at present 
and for nearly forty years past supt. 
of the Keokuk and Hamilton Bridge 
Co.; formerly alderman and city eng. 
of Keokuk and chief eng. of the St. 
Louis, Keokuk and N. AV. R. R.; mem. 
Masons for nearly fifty yrs., Sons of 
Am. Revolution, delegate from Ia. soc. 
to Nat. soc. S. A. R. conventions of 
1919-20. Former residences, raised in 
Wisconsin, lived in Virginia City, Nev. 
for a time, in Chicago and several 
places in Pa., coming to Keokuk in 

COUMBS, A. Roy, co. agr. agt., Elkader; 
b. Oplington, Ta., May 6, 1886; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Buffalo Center H. S., B. S. 
A. I. S. C; m. Bessie E. Vass, Sept. 
1916, Eldora, Ia.; child. John A.; co. 
agr. agt., Clayton, co.; six yrs. exp. 
as supt., prin. and head of dept. of 
agr., State Normal, Lewistown, Idaho; 
was on coll. debating team, coll. paper, 
coll. annual bd., mgr. senior class play; 
mem. Acacia frat., K. P., A. F. and A. 
M., R. A. M. Former residences, Lewis- 
ton, Ida., 1918-20; Swea City, Ia., 1916- 
18; Buffalo Center, Ia., 1906-16. 

COMBS, CLYDE H., co. agr. agt., Fay- 
yette; b. Merrill, Wis., Oct. 30, 1889; 
Rep.; ed. grad H. S. 1910, Buffalo Cen- 

ter, Ia., grad. I. S. C, 1917; supt. pub. 
sch. 3 yrs.; Chautauqua work with Red- 
path- Vawter Chautauqua Co., 3 sea- 
sons; co. agt. work 3 yrs.; mem. Mas- 
ons, Acacia frat., Elks. Former resi- 
dence, Buffalo Center, Ia., 1913. 

COMFORT, Frank J., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Mason City, Ia., May 30, 
1890; Cath.; Dem.; ed. L. L. B. Ia. 
Univ.; from 1914 to 1916; state atty. for 
the Fidelity & Casualty Ins. Co., of 
N. Y. ; referee in bankruptcy in Des 
Moines dist. since 1916; mem. K. C. 
(4th degree), Elks, Kappa Sigma frat. 
Former residences, Mason City until 
June, 1913; June 1913-14 lived in New 
York City. 

CONSIGNY, Eugene Frank, distributor 
automobiles and motor trucks, Des 
Moines; b. Avoca, Ia., Oct. 14, 1878; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Avoca (Ia.) H. S., 
State Univ. Ia. ; m. Anita Bruce, Dec. 
30, 1909, Atlantic, la.; child. Jean M„ 
Janice C; mem. Des Moines Club, Hy- 
perion Club, Golf and Country Club, 
Rotary Club, Signa Nu fiat., M. W. 
A., Masons, Odd Fellows. Moved to 
Des Moines 10 yrs. ago. 

CON ROY, David M., newspaper publisher, 
Mason City; b. Keokuk, Ia., Jan. 1, 
1871; Cath.; Rep.; ed. com. sch.; m. 
Anna Wycoff, 1897, Ottumwa, Ia.; child. 
Jim W. ; started as circulation mgr. 
North Side Keokuk for Keokuk Con- 
stitution at age of 17; bus. mgr., Ot- 
tumwa, Ia., Courier at age 23, 7 yrs.; 
has been associated with C. F. Muse, 
22 yrs. as publisher of Mason City 
Daily Globe Gazette; this paper absorb- 
ed the Daily Times and Weekly Repub- 
lican; now only large daily in northern 
la.; pres. Ia. Assn. Dailies; mem. Elks, 
K. C., Royal Arcanum. Former resi- 
dences, Keokuk 1871-91; Ottumwa 1891- 

COOK, Justin Edwards, lawyer, Indepen- 
dence; b. Campton, N. H., July 18, 
1847; Presb. Rep.; ed. Ia. State Univ., 
A. B.; m. Bessie P. Johnson, Sept. 3, 
1874; child. Roy A., William E., Dr. 
Robert J., Florence E. ; pres. Wapsi- 
pinicon Mill & Power Co.; sec. Inde- 
pendence Canning Corp.; v-pres. Com- 
mercial State bank; atty. for People's 
Nat. bank; owns 1700 acres Ia. land, 
300 acres Calif, land, owns city prop- 
erty in Independence, Ia., and in Los 
Angeles, Cal. ; formerly teacher of Eng- 
lish, Sioux City H. S. Former resi- 
dence, Lowell Mass. from 1849-1856. 

COONEY, M. D., lawyer, Dubuque; b. 
Rickardsville, la., June 8, 1885; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. Columbia Coll., Univ. of la., 
Georgetown Univ., A. B. and L. L. B. 
degrees; mem. of firm of Kane & 
Cooney, lawyers; city ally, of Dubuque 
for six yrs.; past exalted ruler Elks, 
past grand knight K. C, mem. Chamb- 
er of Commerce, M. W. A., Am. Legion. 

COPELAND, W. W., Ins. Broker, Bur- 
lington; b. Pa., Oct. 7, 1856; Cong. Rep.; 
ed. com. sch.; m. Mary Alice Miller, 
Dec. 25, 1879, Burlington, la.; child. 
J. R.; ex-pm, Burlington; mem. Rep. 
State Cen. Com. 1st Cong dist.; mem. 
several organizations. Former residence, 
Patterson, Pa. to 1885. 


Cosson 21 Cummins 

COSSON, George, lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. La Clede Co., Mo., Jan. 21, 1876; 
Lib.; Rep.; ed. Univ. Ia., L. L. B.; 
m. Jennie F. Riggs, Dec. 28, 1904; 
child. Clarence L., Mary K., Jennie 
E., George, jr.; author of Cosson Re- 
moval Bill and Cosson Red Light In- 
junction and Abatement bill; copied by 
federal government and in 21 states; 
author of "Prison report and Jail sys- 
tem in Iowa"; Co. atty. Audubon Co.; 
State Sen.; atty gen. Ia. 1911-17; pres. 
Prairie Club; mem. Des Moines Club, 
M. W. A., and A. O. U. W. Former 
residences, Manning 1884-94; Audubon, 

COWLES, La Monte, lawyer, Burling- 
ton; b. Oskaloosa, Ia., Sept. 3, 1859; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Ia. Wesleyan, grad. 
1879, A. B., bestowed A. M. later; m. 
Hattie Kane (deceased), Sept. 15, 1885, 
Burlington; 2nd Ida S. Miller, Nov. 24, 
1897, Burlington; child. Ethel; 4 yrs. 
civil eng. on Union Pacific, Burlington 
& Missouri River Ry; studied in law 
office of Judge J. C. Power; admitted 
to bar in April, 1884; ex-State Sen., 
9th dist.; 10 yrs. chmn. 1st dist. Rep. 
Cong. Com.; mem. Rep. State Com.; 
city atty. 1896-98; referee bankruptcy 
Des Moines and Louisa Co.; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, A. O. U. W., W. 
O. W., B. P. O. E. 

COX, John W., real estate and invest- 
ments, Des Moines; b. near Port Bvron, 
Rock Island Co., 111., March. 19, 1845; 
Prot. ; Rep.; ed. H. S. and acad.; m. 
Mary Magner, 1871, Woodhull, 111.; child. 
Mrs. Harry Bauer, Mrs. William Mul- 
lane; hardware and implement bus. at 
Woodhull, 111. and Clarinda, Ia. ; real es- 
tate and investments, Des Moines, Ia. 
chief of police, Ia. state capitol bldg.; 
Chief oil inspector of Ia.; mem. 112th 
111. inf. Civil war; mem. Masonic bod- 
ies. Former residences, near Port Bv- 
ron, 111., 1845-48; Woodhull, 111., IS 18- 
80; Clarinda, Ia., 1880-90. 

COYLE, Daniel F., Judge 14th Jud. dist., 
Humbolt; b. Avoca, Wis., Sept. 28, 
1858; Rep.; ed. L. L. B., State Univ. 
Ia., 1881; m. Sara C. Ham, March 18, 
1882, Iowa City, Ia.; child. C. H. and 
C. C; mem. 23rd Ia. G. A.; mem. K. I*., 
Masons; a friend of small boys; spends 
his leisure time with them. Furnishes 
them musical instruments and teaches 
them to play gratis. Also conducts 
night law class gratis; about 25 stu- 
dents have been admitted to the bar 
from this office. 

COZZENS, Charles E., Co. Supt. Sen., 
Clinton; b. Colo. Ia., Feb. 19, 1887; 
United Evang.; Rep.; ed. Colo, H. S. 
grad. 1906; Grinnell Coll. grad. 1912, 
B. A. degree; m. Ica O. Carver, Aug. 
6, 1913, Colo, Ia.; elected co. supt. sch., 
Clinton, Co., April 6, 1915; served 3 
yrs. as prin. Lyons H. S., Lyons, Ia.; 
mgr. Clinton Teachers' Agency; won 
letter in athletics in coll.; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, E. O. S., Forum Literary 

CRAIG, John Enster, lawyer and Judge 
dist. Court, 1st jud. dist. Ia., Keokuk; 
b. Claysville, Pa, March 14, 1853; 
Presb.; Dem.; ed com. sch. of Pa., 

Waynesburg Coll., A. B. at Washing- 
ton and Jefferson Coll. 1877, classical 
course and A. M. same coll. 1892; m. 
Fame Coulter, Oct. 7, 1880, Washing- 
ton, Pa.; child. Major Coulter Craig; 
served two terms in the Ia. legislature 
1886-88; mayor of city of Keokuk 1889- 
92; was four yrs. Co. atty. of Lee Co., 
1896-1900; served eleven years on bd. 
of ed. Keokuk; pres. bd. of lib. trustees 
of city of Keokuk 1894 to date; prof, of 
Med. Jurisprudence in the Coll. of 
Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk 1889- 
97 and pres. of that corporation 1891- 
97; mem. Keokuk Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, Elks, K. P., Y. M. C. A. 
Former residence, Claysville, Pa., from 
birth until 1878. 

CRAIG, Theodore Alexander, lawyer, 
Keokuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., June 13, 1872; 
Presb.; Dem.; ed. Keokuk H. S., A. 
B. Parsons Coll., Fairfield, Ia.; m. 
Jean Blood, 1902, St. Louis, Mo.; assist, 
co. atty. Lee co. 1901-03; mayor of 
Keokuk, 1901-03; co. atty. Lee co., 1908- 
12; city atty. Keokuk, 1913-18; mayor 
of Keokuk 1920 to date; mem. Keokuk 
Club, Elks, M. W. A., A. O. U. W., Roy- 
al Arcanum. 

CRAIGER, James Sidney, mgr. the Brad- 
street Co., Des Moines; b. Clinton, Ia., 
July 7, 1884; Christian; Dem.; ed. North 
Des Moines H. S., Drake Univ.; m. 
Lillian Marie Bell, May 15, 1918, Des 
Moines, la.; was cartoonist for several 
yrs. after grad. in 1909 for Des Moines 
Register, Des Moines Capital, Des 
Moines News and Sioux City, Ia., Tri- 
bune; was semi-finalist in State Ten- 
nis meet of la., in 1920; pres. H. S. 
grad. class 1905; sec. treas. Midlothian 
Club, Des Moines 1916-17; Nat. umpire 
Lawn Tennis Assn. for 1920; mem. Mid- 
lothian Club, Eastern Star, Masons, 
Shrine, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwan- 
is Club, Des Moines Golf and Tennis 
Club. Former residences, Clinton, Ia., 
1881; lived in Napa City, Cal., from 
1885 to 1891; lived in Norfolk, Neb., 
from 1891 to 1898. 

CRAM, Fred D., Supt. Sch., Cerro Gordo 
Co., Mason City; b. Marshall Co., Ia., 
March 17, 1880; Prot.; Rep.; ed. State 
Teachers' Coll., Cedar Falls, Ia., M. 
D., A. B.; m. Myra Sellers, 1903, Mar- 
shall Co., Ia.; child. Edwin C; author 
of "Case Civics" and "Course of study 
for Rural sch." "Twenty-eight Lessons 
in Conservation"; pres. Ia. State Teach- 
ers' Assn., 1920; chmn. Co. Supt. Legis- 
lative com., 38th G. A.; mem. I. O. 
O. F., Mason City Chamber of Com- 
merce; several ed. soc. Former resi- 
dences, Marshall Co., Ia., 1880-86; Kan., 
1SS6-94; Marshall Co., 1894-05; Cedar 
Falls, Ia., 1905-08. 

CROWELL, ..Spencer ..William, lawyer, 
Algona; b. Green Co., Wis., Sept. 14, 
1863; Rep.; ed. H. S. Monroe, Wis.; 
U. S. referee in bankruptcy since 1904 
and city clerk of Algona since 1907; 
mem. Masonic lodge. Former resi- 
dences, lived in Green Co., Wis., until 
1897; since lived in Ia., first locating at 
Bancroft, Ia. 

CUMMINS, Albert Baird, lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Carmichaels, Fa., Feb. 15, 


Cummings 22 

1850; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Green academy, 
Waynesburg Coll., degree of L. L. D. 
from Waynesburg Coll, also L. L. D. 
from Cornell Coll., Mt. Vernon, la. 
m. Ida L. Gallery, 1874, Eaton Rapids, 
Mich.; child. Mrs. Hollis A. Rawson; 
mem. Ia. State Legislature, governor of 
la., 1901-08; U. S. Sen. from la., Nov. 
1908 to date; mem. Grant Club, Des 
Moines Club, Golf and Country Club, 
Masons, Shrine, B. P. O. E„ Chevy 
Chase and Columbus Country Club, 
Washington, D. C. Former residences, 
Carmichaels, Pa., 1850-G9; Chicago, 

CUMMINGS, Benjamin Franklin, lawyer, 
Marshalltown; b. Binghampton, N. Y.; 
Rep.; ed. Marshalltown H. S., Mich. 
Univ. law; m. Mary McFarlane, 1896, 
Marshalltown; child. Mary; city attv., 
co. atty., state rep., 1902-04-06; Judge 
17th dist. 1913 to date; mem. Masons, 
Elks. Lived in Marshalltown practical- 
ly all his life. 

CUMMINGS, John Ellsworth, clergyman, 
Keokuk; b. Hopedale, O., Oct. 16, 1862; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. A. B. 1888, A. M. 
1891 Wooster Coll., O.; D. D. 1916 Bell- 
vue Coll., McCorrnick Sem., Chicago; 
m. Jennie H. Wyckoff, 1891 (deceased); 
2nd Laura M. Romig, 1891; child. Paul 
W., Stephen R., Joseph P., Charlotte 
M.; clergyman specializing in the prob- 
lem of the church and labor; moderat- 
or of Presbytery of la., 1918; stated 
clerk Presbytery of Council Bluffs, 
1911-19. Former residences, Le Claire, 
la., Rockwell City, la., Dows, la., Coun- 
cil Bluffs, Ia. 

CUMMINS, Clyde G., automobile dis- 
tributor, Sioux City; b. Richland, Ia., 
July 22, 1884; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
m. W. Odessa Goodwin, June 26, 1907, 
Sioux City, la.; child. John L\, Bruce 
E. Richard G. ; mem. firm of Uailey & 
Cummins (Chandler and Cleveland cars); 
with Security Nat. bank from Feb. 1902 
to Oct. 1917; resigned assist, cashier 
to enter automobile bus.; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, Elks, Lions Club. 

CURRY, J. R. f sch. teacher, Boone; b. 
Lawrence Co., 111., Feb. 19, 1869; Meth.; 
Rep.; tid. Attended 111. State Normal 
Sch.; principally self educated; m. 
Augusta S. Anderson, March 23, 1891, 
Ogden, Ia.; child. Ethel M., Naomi M., 
Lilly C, Walter R., Pauline A., John 
S.; taught sch. in Boone Co. for 20 
yrs. ; prin. of sch. at Angus, Incline 
and Fraser for 11 yrs.; town clerk of 
Fraser, 1904-10; deputy co. aud. 1911- 
14; co. aud. 1915-20; Nat. census Enum- 
erator 1900-10; mem. Royal Arcanum. 
I. O .O. F., K. P. Former residences, 
Fraser, 1904-11; Ogden. 

CZIZEH, Mathew N., lawver, Dubuque; 
b .Dubuque, Ia.. March 9, 1883; Oath.; 
Dem.; ed. Columbia Coll., (formerly St. 
Joseph's); A. B. Cath. Univ. of Am., 
L. L. B.; m. Carrie E. Miller, July 
1, 1913, Richland Center, Wis.; child. 
Robert C; city solicitor of Dubuque 
since 1914; mem. K. C, Chamber of 
Commerce, Kiwanis and Elks. 

DALTON, John Franklin, editor and pub- 
lisher, Manson; b. Kenosha Co., Wis., 
Oct. 22, 1870; Oath.; Dem.; m. Lillian 


E. Ford, Oct. 12, 1892; child. John F., 
jr., Mrs. Joe Foley, Alice, Walter, 
Charlotte, Florence, Dorothy, Joseph; 
ed. and pub. Manson Democrat; mem. 
Dem. State Cen. Com., 1906-12; sec. of 
same 1908-12; Serg't. at arms Ia. Dem. 
Delegation, Nat. Con. 1904, 1908-16-20; 
mem. B. P. O. E., K. C, U. C. T. and M. 
W. A. Former residence, Pomeroy, Ia., 
on farm from 1875 to 1892. 
DALY, David, Pub. Service Corp. Execu- 
tive, Keokuk; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 
16, 1878; Cath.; Ind. ; ed. Boston Latin 
sch. 1897; Harvard A. B., 1901; m. Ger- 
trude Hyde Paine, Jan. 12, 1910, Hous- 
ton, Tex.; child. Gertrude P., David D., 
jr.; dist. mgr. for Stone & Webster; 
v-pres. Miss. River Power Co.; Keokuk 
Elec. Co., Houghton Co. Elec. Light 
Co.; Houghton Co. Traction Co.; 
Houghton Co. Bus Co.; Paducah Elec. 
Co.; Paducah Ry. Co.; Ft. Madison 
Elec. Co.; Dallas City Light Co.; pres. 
Hotel la. Co.; mem. Univ. Club of Chi- 
cago, Harvard Club of New York, Mo. 
Athletic Assn., Aziola Club of Galves- 
ton, Tex., Keokuk Club, Keokuk Coun- 
try Club, K. C, Elks. Former resi- 
dences, Boston until 1903; Ponce, Porto 
Rico, 1903-05; Houston, Tex., 1905-19. 

DARLING. Arthur Beebe. banker, Sioux 
City; b. Waterville, N. Y., Dec. 19, 
1873; Meth.; Rep.: ed. Cazenovia Sem- 
inary, Cazenovia, N. Y., A. B. Wesleyan 
(Middleton, Conn.) 1895; A. M. Har- 
vard 1901; m. Lonelle Stoddard Walker, 
Feb. 17, 1909, Georgetown, N. Y.; 
taught several yrs. in coll. prep. sch. 
in Vermont, New York and New Jersey; 
sec. S. D. Bankers' Assn.; v-pres. 
Western Nat. bank, Mitchell, S. D.;. 
v-pres. Security Nat. bank, Sioux 
City; mem. Masons, Elks, Sioux City 
Country Club, Sioux City Boat Club. 
Former residences, Mitchell, S. D., 
1913-18; Redfield, S. D., 1903-13; Hack- 
ettstown, N. J., 1901-03; Cazenovia, N. 
Y., 1896-1900; Poultney, Ver. 1895-96. 

DAVENPORT, William C, cleaning and 
dying, Sioux Citv; b. Marietta, O., Jan. 
9, 1861; Meth.; Rep.; m. Anna M. Ma- 
girl; child. Florence M., Chester C; 
former deputy sheriff; deputy U. S. 
marshall; sheriff of Woodbury Co.; 
chief of police of Sioux City; mem. 
Elks, Masons, Odd Fellows, Macabees, 
Woodmen. Former residence, in O., 
until 1882. 

DAVIDSON, Harold E., lawyer, Clarinda; 
b. Clinton, Ia., March 1, 1891; Christian; 
Rep.; ed. Clinton H. S. grad., Drake 
Univ. Liberal Arts 2 yrs.; grad. law 
Drake Univ. 1916 L. L. B. degree; iden- 
tified with various Clarinda bus. enter- 
prises; mem. ta. State legislature 38th 
G. A.; past coiudr. of Surgy post of 
la. branch Am. Legion 1919-20; sec. 
Lieut, inf. U. S. army 1918; sec. Am. 
Red Cross 1917; mem. 4 minute men's 
organization 1917; mem. Coll. frat. Chi 
Delta, A. F. and A. M., K. P., Ia. 
State Bar Assn., Country Club. For- 
mer residences, Olin, Ia., from 1891 to 
1910; Des Moines 1910-16. 

DEAL, T. M., co. agr. agt., Fairfield; b. 
Atwood, 111., Feb. 26, 1892; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. B. S. in agr. Coll. of Agr. 


Dean 23 Dickinson 

Univ. Mo., 1917; m. Ida V. Briggman, 
April 19, 1919, Fairfield, la.; taught sch. 
2 yrs.; co. agt. 2 yrs.; served in World 
war; mem. I. O. O. F. Former resi- 
dences, Holden, Mo., 189G-1916; Leon, 
la., 1918; Fairfield, la., 1919-20. 
DEAN, F. W., physician, Council Bluffs; 
b. Satara, East India, Feb. 9, 18G3; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Doan academy 1882; 
S. B. Doan Coll., 1886; M. D. Univ. 
Minn., 1890; F. A. C. S., 1913; m. Sarah 
Weston, June 10, 1897, Hastings, Neb.; 
child. Abbott; oculist and aurist for 
C, M. & St. Paul and C, R. I. & Pac. 
Ry. ; la. sch. for deaf; Christian Home; 
mem. staff of Jennie Edmund Mem- 
orial hospital; past trustee' of Doan 
Coll.; trustee Council Bluffs Free Pub. 
Bib., 3 terms; mem. Masons, Flks, Fel- 
low Am. Coll. Surgeons, mem. Am. 
Med. Soc, la. State Med. Soc, Acad- 
emy of Ophthalmology and Olo-lamig- 
ology. Former residences, East India, 
5 yrs.; New Hampshire, 2 yrs.; Georgia, 
2 yrs.; Neb., until 188G; Minneapolis, 
Minn., 4 yrs.; 1892-93 in Europe. 

DEAN, Herbert E., farmer, Oeheydan; b. 
O'Brien Co., Ia. ( Dec. 5, 1872; Rep.; 
ed. grad. No. Ind Normal sch. 1896; 
grad. law dept. Univ. Neb, 1898: m. 
Estella M. Bowser, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; 
child. Wilbur M., Forest C; devotes 
most of his time to farming; pres. sch. 
bd., Harris, la., once appointed and 
three times elected mayor of Ocheye- 
den; elected state rep. Osceola Co. 191 G; 
re-elected 1918. 

DECKER, Alfred J., optometrist, New- 
ton; b. Rochester, Ind., Nov. 12, 1883; 
Epis. ; Rep.; ed. Rochester, Ind., H. S.; 
Northern Illinois coll. of opthamology 
and otology; m. Leo Mae Henderson, 
Nov. 25, 1908, Randalia, la., degrees, 
Dr. of Opthomology, Master of Otology, 
Dr. of Optics; writes for Optical pub- 
lications; pres. Ia. Asso. of Optome- 
trists 191G-17; dir. of I. A. O. 1913-15; 
apptd. June 15, 1919, to State bd. of Op- 
tometry examiners; reappointed 1920; 
mem. Executive Council of Am. Opti- 
cal Assn. 1917; K. P., Elks, Woodmen. 
Former residences, Chicago, 1900-OG; 
Marshalltown, la., 1906-08. 

DEEMS, J. F., machinist by trade, en- 
gaged in innumerable bus. interests, 
Burlington; b. Washington Co., Pa., 
1859; Rep.; ed. H. S., Southwestern 
Normal Coll. of Pa.; in. Anna F. Dal- 
ton, Newark, O.; child. Oren M. ; 
bus. life, many lines of endeavor, from 
mining in South America to farming in 
Iowa; at present lives on his farm just 
west of Burlington; mem. T'nion Lea- 
gue club, Chicago, Sloeply Hollow Coun- 
try club, N. Y., Wianno club, Cape Cod. 
Des Moines Club, numerous others from 
time to time. Former residences, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa.; New York City; Chicago; 
Schenectady, N. Y., and many others. 

DE GRAFF, LAWRENCE, lawyer. Des 
Moines; b. Apple River, 111., June 24, 
1871; Rep.; Meth.; ed. A. B. Dixon Coll., 
Dixon, 111.; LL. B., LL. M., 111. Coll. 
of Law; Ph. B., Univ. Chicago; m. 
Grace M. Clark, Des Moines, 1901; 
child. Lawrence, jr., Barbara G. ; prof, 
of law Drake Univ.; author of "Prin- 

ciples of Ecomonics," "Principles of 
Government," "Law of Pharmacy;" 
First Asst. Atty. Gen. of la., 1901-07; 
prosecuting atty. Polk Co., la., 1907- 
10; Judge district court, 1910-20 elected 
Justice supreme court, 1920; National 
pres. Sigma Chi Frat. ; mem. Masons, 
Shrine, Elks; Supt. Schools, Galena, 
111.; Supt. Schools, Dixon, 111.; law prac- 
tice, Chicago two yrs. prior to coming 
to Des Moines in 1898; mgr. and coach 
athletics, Highland Park Coll., 1889-01. 
DeKOSTER, John, banking and insur- 
ance, Hull; b. The Netherlands, Jan. 
2, 1876; Reformed Church of Am.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. bus. and Normal 
course of the Hull Ed. Inst.; m. Sarah 
K. Poppen, June, 1917, Holland, Mich.; 
child. Lucas J.; deputy county supt. of 

DE JONG. Jacob P.. clergyman, Alton; 
b. Roseland, Chicago, 111., Oct. 31, 1854; 
Reformed Church of Am.; Rep.; ed. 
Prep. sch. and coll. at Hope coll., Hol- 
land, Mich.; Theological course at Mc- 
Cormick Seminary of the Presb. church, 
Chicago, 111.; in. Jennie Ver Hoef, June 
15, 1881, Roseland, 111.; child. Peter B., 
Nettie R., Mrs. C. Martha Hinkamp, 
Mrs. Flossie Johanna Te Paske; in the 
ministry since June 19, 1883; pastor of 
the Alton Reformed chiurch since Oct., 
1910; pres. bd. trustees of the North- 
western Classical academy at Orange 
City, la., since June, 1911; mem. bd. 
trustees of Central coll., Pella, la., and 
of the council of Hope Coll., Holland, 
Mich. Former residences, Green Cafton, 
Preston, Minn., 1883-85; New Holland, 
Mich., 1885-87; Englewood, 111., 1887- 
93; Zeeland, Mich., 1893-1910. 

DENISON, John D., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Clarion, la., Sept. 29, 1872; Prot.; 
Dem.; ed. Clarion H. S.. 1889; Upper 
Ia. Univ., A. B. 1893; Univ. Neb., L. B., 
1898; m. Maud Lulu Clark (deceased), 
Freeport, 111., Nov. 27, 1900; 2d Nannie 
Laurie Dewey, Kansas City, Mo., Sept. 
1, 1918; child. Jack D.; Gen. Atty., 
Brotherhood Am. Yeomen; author 
"Pageant of Progress," staged at Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., 1917; assist, co. atty.. Du- 
buque Co., 1907-10; Dem. nominee for 
lieut. gov. 1906; for congress 3d dist. 
1910; pres. Ia. Fraternal Congress 1916- 
18; mem. bd. auditors M. W. A., 1901- 
05; mem. Grant Club, Ia. Hist. Soc, 
Am. Academy of Pol. and Soc. Science, 
Yeomen, Woodmen, Masonic bodies. 
Former residences, Clarion 1872-05; Du- 
buque 1905-15. 

DEVINE, J. G., Mgr. and See. North- 
western Securties & Loan Co., Hum- 
bolt: b. Kossuth Co., Ia., April 14, 1882; 
Cath.; Rep. ; ed. H. S. and grad. Ells- 
worth Coll. 190!; m. Clara Hanson, 
Julv 7. 1910. Omaha, Neb.; child. S. 
Gordon, M. Winnifred, James R., Loren 
H.; Co. Aud. Humbolt Co., Jan. 1, 1909 
to Apr. 1, 1919; mem. local exemp. bd.; 
Co. Food Admr.; Chmn. Council De- 
fense and present mayor of city of 
Humbolt; mem. M. W. A., K. C, B. 
P. O. E.. Always lived in Kossuth and 
Humbolt counties. 

DICKINSON, L. J., lawyer, Algona; b. 
Lucas, Co., Ia., Oct. 29, 1893; Rep.; 

1 ed. Danbury H. S., Cornell (la.) Coll., 


Dickinson 24 

law sch. Ia. State Univ.; m. Myrle 
Call, 1901; child. Levi C, Ruth A.; 
served as co. atty., Kossuth Co. two 
terms; mem. Rep. State Cen. Com. 
1914-18; elected to congress 10th Ia. 
dist. 1918; re-elected 1920. 

DICKINSON, W. A., Co. Agr. Agent, 
Charles City; b. Rockford, Minn., Sept. 
8, 1882; Cong-.; Rep.; ed. grad. Minn. 
Agr. Sch. 1904; m. Halle B. Hills, Jan. 
27, 1915, Lombard, 111. ; child. Wilham 
A.; was agr. supt. of Duluth & Iron 
Range Ry. 1911-15; supt. Jelke Dairy 
Farm, Dundee, 111., 1907-11; mem. Ma- 
sons, Rotary Club. 

DICKSON, N. W. f banker, Maxwell; b. 
Beetown, Wis., Oct. 23, 1852; Meth.; 
Rep.; m. Alma J. Fillmore, Oct. 7, 
1880, Maple Park, 111.; child. Charles 
W., Frank M., Fred L., Lawrence L.; 
has been delegate to co., cong. and 
state conventions; former clerk and 
treas.; sch. treas.; 20 yrs. sec. two 
fraternal ins. soc. Former residences, 
Sycamore, 111., 20 yrs.; Maple Park, 
111., 5 yrs.; Syracuse, Neb., 18 mos.; 
Maxwell since Feb. 25, 1884. 

DIXON, Laura, recorder of Union Co., 
Creston; b. Ringgold Co., Ia., Jan. 8, 
1879; Bap.; Rep.; ed. grad. Creston H. 
S.; mgr. of "Fair Store"; Past Noble 
Grand of Rebckah lodge; nominated 
Recorder for fourth term; mem. White 
Shrine, Star, Rebekah, Auxiliary to Am. 
Legion, Kings Daughters of Bapt. 
Church. Former residences, 111. and 
Neb. Unmarried. 

DOERFLER, Edd G., fire insurance, 
Sioux City; b. Arlington, Ia., July 14, 
1887; Epis. ; Dem.; ed. H. S.; m. Anna 
May French, Apr. 7, 1910, Waterloo, 
Ia.; child. Edd G., Robert C; organ- 
ized and put into existence the Globe 
Nat. Fire Ins. Co., of Sioux City, Ia., 
the first Am. Reinsurance Co. in the 
U. S., of which he is sec. and gen. 
mgr.; special investigator for the Bur- 
eau War Risk Ins., Washington, D. C. ; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, B. P. 
O. E., 111. Athletic Club, Chicago, 111., 
Old Colony Club, Chicago, Sioux City 
Country Club, Chamber of Commerce, 
Sioux City. Former residences, Water- 
loo, Ia.; Cedar Rapids, Ia.; San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

DOERFLER, Milo H., insurance, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Arlington, Ia., Nov. 29, 1894; 
Lutheran; Dem.; ed. St. John's Mil. 
academy, grad., 1912; Coe Coll., 1913- 
14; m. Ethel Harper, Sept., 1916, Iowa 
City, Ia.; sole owner of Gus A. Doerfler 
Co. Agency; mem. Chamber of Com- 
merce, Cedar View Golf Club, Y. M. 
C. A., Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former 
residences, Arlington, la., 1894-99; Wa- 
terloo, la., 1899-07. 

DOLK, Charles A., real estate, Kiron; 
b. near Kiron, Crawford Co., Ia., Aug. 
2G, 1873; Prot; Rep.; ed. com. sch.; 
m. Mathilda Louisa Johnson, 1896; 
child. Sidney, R., Marion L. ; doing a 
general real estate bus., specializing in 
immigration and colonization; mayor 
town of Kiron, Ia.; dir. and sec. of 
Kiron Cemetery Assn.; justice of the 
peace; mem. bd. ed.; chmn. of Monu- 
ment Fund Project; mem. and sec.i of 


Extension com., trustee, chmn., and 
Sunday sch. supt. of the Swedish Evan- 
gelical Mission Church. 

DONOHUE, John J., live stock commis- 
sion, Sioux City; b. Chicago, 111., Dec. 
2, 1885; Cath.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. 
Margaret Josephine Coleman, Jan. 3, 
1916, Miles City, Mont.; child. James 
C, Philip A.; built order buying bus. 
on Sioux City market, buying hogs for 
practically all the leading Independent 
Packers; enjoys wide acquaintance 
with these people; handled over $12,- 
000,000.00 worth hogs year 1919, most 
of these going to Detroit, Mich., Buf- 
falo, N. Y., Austin, Minn., Wheeling 
W. V., Mason City, Ia., Waterloo, Ia., 
Dubuque, la., St. Louis, Mo., and other 
eastern points; mem. K. C, Elks, Sioux 
City Country Club, Sioux City Boat 
Club, Commercial Club. Former resi- 
dences, Chicago, 111., one yr. ; Norfolk, 
Neb., four yrs. 

DORSEY, Frank Blinn, surgeon and phys- 
ician, Keokuk; b. Jesse Hughes' Run, 
Lewis Co., Va., Aug. 17, 1858; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., Chillicothe, Mo.; State 
Univ., Mo., degree of M. D. from Coll. 
Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, la., 
1881; m. Maggie L. Thompson, May 7, 
1885, Chillicothe, Mo.; child. Dr. Frank 
B., jr., Margaret; chief surgeon for 
Miss. River Power Co., C. R. I. & P. 
Ry., T. P. & W. Ry.; mem. special bd. 
of examining surgeons, pension bureau, 
3rd congressional dist. of Mo.; held 
chair of obstetrics and gynecology, 
Coll. of Phys. and Surg., Keokuk, Ia., 
1890-99; was obstetrician and gynecol- 
ogist for Mercy Hosp., 1890-99; since 
then has been surgeon-in-chief at Gra- 
ham Hosp. and Training Scho. for nur- 
ses, Keokuk, Ia.; mem. Keokuk Club, 
Keokuk Country Club; Lee Co., Ia. 
State, Am. Med. and many other med. 
soc, Eagles, Masonic bodies, Shrine. 
Former residences, Jesse Hughes' Run 
until 1861; Fairmount, W. Va., until 
1869; Chillicothe, Mo., until 1880; Cof- 
feysburg, Mo., until 1890. 

DOTSON, Albert Freeman, real estate, 
loans and insurance, Cedar Rapids; 
b. Leavenworth, Ind., Jan. 27, 1878; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Great Bend, Kan. H. 
S. and Central Normal Coll., Great 
Bend, Kan.; m. Nellie Allegria Mc- 
Adams, Jan. 28, 1903, Great Bend, Kan.; 
child. Genevieve R., Freeman D. ; fur- 
niture and undertaking bus. for 15 yrs., 
being a licensed embalmer and v-pres. 
of the Kansas Funeral Director Assn.; 
Sec. of the Nat. Retail Furniture Deal- 
ers Assn.; now realtor and mem. Cedar 
Rapids, real estate bd. and also mem. 
of state and national assns. ; editor and 
publisher of "Linn Co. Honor Roll" a 
roster containing pictures and biogra- 
phy of 3300 Linn Co. uwn who served 
in World war; mem. Y. M. C. A., Mas- 
onic bodies, O. E. S., Moose, M. W. A.; 
Former residences, Great Bend, Kan., 
1884-1907; Chicago, 111., 1907-08; Pierre. 
S. D., 1908-11. 
DOWNEY, William J. r live stock commis- 
sion, Sioux City; b. Dixie, Ontario, 
Canada, Feb. 13, 1877; Cath.; Ind.; ed. 
grad. Wells Bus. Coll. of Toronto, Can- 
ada; has a diploma in bookkeeping; 


Doxsee 25 

m. Grace Coleman, (deceased), Oct. 4, 
1904. Sioux City, la.; child. James M.; 
cattle salesman at head of Rice Bros. 
Cattle dept.; also sec. and treas. Rice 
Bros, and a stockholder in Rice Bros. 
Corp.; has been a dir. of the Sioux 
City Country Club and Riverside Boat 
Club; has been a dir. of the Inter State 
Fair for yrs. ; elected pres. Sioux City 
livestock exchange, Sept., 1920; mem. 
Elks, K. C, Sioux City Country Club, 
Riverside Boat Club, Chamber of Com- 
merce. Came to Sioux City at the age 
of 21 yrs. from Toronto, Canada. 

DOXSEE, Jacob W., lawyer and banker, 
Monticello; b. Western Star, Summit 
Co., O., Jan. 17, 1857; Rep.; ed. B. S. Ia. 
State Coll., 1877; m. Jessie S. Fawcett, 
Feb. 3, 1887, Salem, O.; child. Charles 
A.. Mary E. ; joint author with M. W. 
Herrick of Herrick & Doxsee's "Pro- 
bate Law and Practice of Iowa"; v- 
pres. Lovell State bank; also interested 
in Monticello Express; deelgate to rep. 
nat. convention in 1904; mem. of com. 
notifying v-pres. candidate of his nomi- 
nation; mem. Masonic bodies, K. P., 
Delta Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, hon- 
orary frat. Former residence, Ohio un- 
til fi yrs. of age; since then in Monti- 

DREES, Theodore Joseph, lawyer, Car- 
rol; b. Carrol, la., Jan. 20, 1880; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. Carroll H. S., Denver schs., 
I. S. C, Mich '05; co. atty. Carroll Co., 
3 terms; was prominent in athletics, 
track, football, base ball; held state H. 
S. record in mile; mem. K. C. Former 
residence, Denver, Colo, from 1904-08. 

DRYDEN, Charlotte, teacher and co. 
supt. of sch., Council Bluffs; b. Har- 
din twp. Potta. Co., Jan. 3, 1871; Prot. 
Rep.; ed. Carson, la., H. S.; Grinnell 
academy grad; Grinnell Coll. Ph. B.; 
Ames Coll. B. S.; Ames post-grad. M. 
f S.; taugh sch. 16 yrs. as assist, prin. 
and prin. of H. S.; co. supt. 1910-11; 
Ames Instructor 1911-18; Co. Supt. 
Potta. Co. Sch. 1918 to date; has writ- 
ten for several magazines, short arti- 
cles in prose and a few poems; pres. 
literary soc. in Grinnell; v-pres. Ames 
post-grad, club; mem. of D. of V. and 
also D. A. R. ; v-pres. Bus. Woman's 
Club of Council Bluffs for 1919-20; 
chmn. executive com. of S. W. I. T. 
Assn.; mem. Nat. Geog. Assn. Former 
residences, Ames 1911-18; Glidden 1906- 

DUGAN, Harry S., lawyer, Perry; b. 
Dallas Center, la., Oct. 26, 1883; Dem.; 
ed. H. S., some coll. work; L. L. B. 
Drake Univ. 1907; m. Emoline Hull, 
Rippey, la., Oct. 15, 1907; child. Larry 
H., Harry A., Mary C; city solicitor 
Perry 4 yrs.; co. atty. Dallas Co. 2 yrs.; 
Special damage atty. for Dallas Co. 4 
yrs.; elected judge of dist. court of 
la., Nov., 1918; mem. Perry Country 
Club, B. P. O. E., K. P., I. O. O. F., 

DUN LAP, George, co. agr. agent, Orange 
City; b. Jefferson, la., Apr. 6, 1888; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Jefferson H. S., 1907; 
completed a 4 yr. course in farm crops 
and soils, I. S. C. 1912; m. Florence 
Mitchell, Oct. 22, 1914, Cedar Falls, la.; 


child. Margaret J., Robert M., Donald 
D.; assist, prof, in farm crops and 
soils of Ia. State Agr. Extension dept., 
1912-16; Co. Agr. Agent of Sioux Co. 
Farm Bureau, 1916-20; mem. Alpha 
Zeta, honorary agr. frat. Former resi- 
dences, Jefferson, la., 1888-1908; Ames 
Ia., 1908-16. 

DUN LAP, John Anthony, banker, Keo- 
kuk; b. Janesville, O., Aug. 9, 1870; 
Epis.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Harriet S. 
Hobbs; child. Virginia S., Harriet S.; 
alderman Keokuk, 1897-1901; Capt. Co. 
L, 50th Ia. Vol. inf. Span. -Am. war; 
Major Ia. N. G.; mem. bd. ed. Keokuk 
1908 and its v-pres. 1916-20; sec. war 
council; chmn. Liberty Loan organiza- 
tions, Lee co. during World war; mem. 
Keokuk Club, Elks, Country Club, 
Spanish War Vet. 

DURBIN, Fred, banker and farmer, Mal- 
vern; b. Mills Co., Ia., 1876; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Western Normal Coll.; Shenan- 
doah, Ia., 1896; grad. law dept. State 
Univ. 1898; m. Mary Christy, Nov. 27, 
1901; child. Dorothy; cashier and dir. 
Malvern Nat. bank; elected State Rep. 
1916; re-elected 1918. 

EARL, David Riley, sch. supt. lecturer 
and impersonator, Grundy Center; b. 
farm, near Stuart, la., Nov. 8, 1872; 
Meth. ; Rep.; ed. Greenfield, Ia. H. S.; 
Dexter Normal Coll.; Penn art course, 
Omaha Com. Coll.; m. Ora Vandivier, 
Aug. 18, 1909, Greenfield, Ia.; teacher 
pennmanship and drawing, Omaha pub. 
sch.; instructor Omaha Com. Coll. prin. 
H. S.; gives lectures and recitals from 
works of James Whitcomb Riley; has 
appeared on lyceum and Chautauqua 
platforms; supt. sch. Grundy Co.; mem. 
Masons, White Shrine of Jerusalem. 

EATON, Fred Laurine, Pres. and Gen. 
Mgr. Sioux City Stock Yards Co., Sioux 
City; b. Calais, Vt., July 10, 1859; 
Unitarian; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Lillian 
Gale, Oct. 15, 1884, Barre, Vt.; child. 
Stanley G., Mrs. Edward C. Palmer; 
cashier Nat. bank of Barre, Vt., 1881- 
85; cashier First Natl, bank of Montuel- 
ier, Vt., 1885-94; pres. and gen. mgr. 
Sioux City Stock Yards Co.; pres. Sioux 
City Terminal Ry. Co.; v-pres. Live 
Stock Nat. bank; pres. Inter State Fair 
Assn.; v-pres. Gen. Mftg. Co.; sec- 
treas. Missouri River Bridge Co.; Past 
Division Conidr. Vt. Div. Sons of Vets. 
Col. and Aid-de-camp on staff of Gov. 
U. A. Woodbury in 1894; mem. Sioux 
City Country Club, Sioux City Boat 
Club, Morningside Country Club, B. P. 
O. E., Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former 
residences, Montpelier, Vt., 1865-81 and 
1885-94; Barre Vt., 1881-85. 

EATON, Walter B., Sec. Chittenden & 
Eastman Co.. Burlington; b. Keokuk, 
Ia.. July 6, 1863; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
lived in Burlington since 1876; prior to 
that Hannibal, Mo. 

EATON, William D., lawyer, Burlington; 
b. Keokuk, Ia., May 17, 1859; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Mich. Univ.; m. Elizabeth 
Ewers, Dec. 4, 1888. Union City, Mich.; 
child. Henry E., Robert E.; atty. Ia. 
dist. C. B. & Q. R. R. Co. Former resi- 
dences, lived in Burlington since 1878; 
prior to that Hannibal, M0„ OWl St, 
Louis, Mo ( 


Edgington 26 

EDGINGTON, Henry, farmer and bank- 
er, Mapleton; b. Crawford Co., 111,. 
March 14, 1854; Rep.; pres. State Sav. 
bank, Ute, la., since 1009; with sons 
operates 1000 acre farm in Monona Co.; 
served nine yrs. supervisor Monona Co.; 
elected state rep. 191G; re-elected 1918- 

EDSON, W. C. lawyer, Storm Lake; 
b. Will Co., 111., Sept. 25, 1874; Rep.; 
ed. 2 yrs. Buena Vista Coll.; grad. I. 
S. C, 1898, general science course; 
completed law course la. Univ. 1901; 
has practiced laAV continuously at 
Storm Lake since 1902; served 2 terms 
as co. atty. ; one term as mayor of 
Storm Lake; one term as state rep.; 
elected for second term; married, four 

EDWARDS, Ben, merchant, Ames; b. 
Scranton, Pa., May, 19, 1864; Rep.; 
ed. pub. sch. Scranton, Pa.; m. Maggie 
Brammer, Dec. 31, 1885; four children; 
retail ice and coal bus.; state sen. 31st 
dist.; supt. grounds and bldgs., 1. S. C. 
5 yrs. 

EDWARDS, James Lyman, banker, Bur- 
lington; b. Morning Sun, la., Oct. 2, 
1864; Presb.; Rep.; ed. H. S. Wapello, 
la.; Elliott Bus. Coll.; m. Mattie B. 
Wyman, Oct. 10, 1906, Burlington, la.; 
child. Janet; pres. Merchants Nat. 
bank of Burlington; chmn. of 11th dist. 
Ia. Liberty Lotm drives; v-chmn. War 
Sav. for 11th dist.; mem. Ex. Council 
Am. Bankers' Assn. 1905-08; pres. Ia. 
Bankers' Assn. 1915-16; mem. Masons, 
Elks. Former residence, Wapello, Ia., 

El CHER, Henry M., lawyer, Washington; 
b. Washington Co., Ia., 1858; Dem.; 
ed. pub. sch.; Eastern la. Normal sch., 
Grandview, Ia.; m. Frances McKee, 
1888; one son, two daughters; admitted 
to bar 1883; has served as assist. II. S. 
dist. atty.; now mem. State bd. ed. 

EISFIELD, Leon M., retail clothing and 
furnishings, Burlington; b. Burlington, 
Ia., Feb. 11, 1866; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. 
Emma H. Miller, Sept. 4, 1905, Burling- 
ton, Ia.; child. Emanuel M., Edith E.; 
pres. bd. dir. Des Moines Co. War Club, 
1918; raised $200,000 for different war 
activities; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, 
Elks, Rotary Club. Former residences, 
Lincoln, Neb., 1875-78. 

ELLIS, D. H., banker, Greene; b. War- 
ren Co. Ia., Oct. 11, 1878; Presb.; Rep.; 
ed. B. S. Penn Coll., Oskaloosa, Ia., in 
1900; m. Carrie Trimble, Greene, Ia., 
Sept. 5, 1906; child. Mary, Ethel, Ellis; 
v-pres. First State bank, Greene, Ia.; 
owner "Seven Oaks Farm," Greene; 
stockholder Ia. Nat. Fire Ins. Co.; mem. 
Masons; twice champion in singles in 
Ia. Intercollegiate Lawn Tennis Assn., 
(playing for Penn). 

EGGLESTON, C. B., farmer, Valley Jet., 
Wis., (at present); b. Lee Co., Ia., Oct. 
27, 1853; Church of Christ; Dem.; ed. 
H. S.; m. Margaret Fowler, Osceola, Ia., 
1890; child. Herbert S., Cecil A., Edith 
E., George J., Bryan, William N., Doris 
R. ; taught two terms of sch.; has 
written for publication; twp. clerk, twp. 
trustee, deputy co. treas. ; sch. treas. 
and mem. of the 35th and 36th G.'A. 


of Ia.; mem. Osceola Commercial Club, 
Farmers Alliance, K. P.; lived in Osce- 
ola, Ia., for 64 yrs. 

ELLIS, James W., fire ins. and real es- 
tate, Maquoketa; b. Danville, Ind., Nov. 
25, 1848; Cong.; Dem.; ed. dist. sch.; 
m. Mary M. Forbes, Oct. 16, 1870, Iron 
Hills, Ia.; child. Charles P., Francis E., 
Lulu Belle, Jessie V., Nellie E.; author 
"By-Gone Days," "Campaigning With 
Custer," "My Life on the Plains," Hist- 
ory of Jackson Co., Ia., and several 
other serial stories.; justice of the* 
peace many yrs.; soldiers relief com. 9 
yrs.; pres. dist. twp. sch bd. 20yrs.; 
represented Jackson co. in the 33rd and 
34th G. A.; mem. I. O. O. F., Past 
Grand and Past Chief Patriarch; K. P.; 
past State Comdr. Union Veterans Un- 
ion; Life mem. Boardman Lib. and 
treas.; Dir. Co. Red Cross; Masonic 
bodies and Shrine; D. O. K. K.; award- 
ed silver service in 1907 by city of 
Maquoketa for staging home coming; 
erected monument over grave of Col. 
Cox, pioneer lawmaker. 

ELLISON, G. E., publisher newspaper, 
Nashua; b. Vinton, la., Feb. 15, 1870; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Rural sch. and acad- 
emy; m. Luella York, June 13, 1894, 
Vinton, Ia. ; child. Merwin E.; pres. 
sch. bd., Nashua; city clerk; pres. Lib. 
bd.; ex-men. city council; fuel adm. 
and other war boards; mem. K. P.. 
Masonic bodies, past master and sec. 
lodge 15 yrs. Former residence, Vinton, 

ELY, John S., retired, Cedar Rapids; b. 
Cedar Rapids, Ia., Nov. 18, 1853; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Princeton, 1877, A. B.; m. 
Bessie E. Shaver, Feb. 17, 1881, Cedar 
Rapids, Ia.; child. John M., Mrs. H. 
Y. Simmons, Martha W. ; dir. of Cedar 
Rapids Chamber of Commerce; an offi- 
cer and trustee of Coe Coll., St. Lukes 
Hosp., Cedar Rapids Y. M. C. A., Home 
for Aged Women, Social Welfare Lea- 
gue, Pub. Health Bureau and Oak Hill 
Cemetery Assn.; mem. Loyal Legion. 

ENGLEMAN, Marion W., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Anita, Ia., March 22, 1896; 
Jewish; Rep.; ed. grad. East H. S., 
Des Moines; grad. "Cum Laude" of 
Drake Univ. Coll. of law, Des Moines, 
class of '17; v-pres. and gen. mgr. Mot- 
or Finance Co.; formerly mem. of law 
firm of Domback, Granger & Engle- 
man, previous to entering the Military 
Service in Sept., 1918; private in Adju- 
tant General's dept. of la. in draft bd. 
dept.; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Ar- 
gonne Post No. 60 of the Am. Legion, 
B'nai B'rith Lodge, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Des Moines. In Des Moines since 

ENGLISH, Emory H., editor and publish- 
er, Des Moines; b. Altoona, Ia., Jan. 
15, 1871; Disciples of Christ; Rep.; ed. 
com. sch.; m. Marie Belle Carter, Des 
Moines, April 24, 1895; child. Enters W., 
Wade H.; Ins. Co. Executive; authority 
upon insurance matters; pres. Ia. Bond- 
ing and Casualty Co., Des Moines, Ia. ; 
editor Altoona Herald 1890-92; editor 
Valley Jet. Express 1893-1904; editor 
Mason Citv Times 1905-11; mem. house 
of rep. 29th, 30th and 31st G. A.; State 





Printer 1907-12; sec. to Gov. Clarke 
1913-14; com. of ins. 1914-18; pres. Nat. 
Convention Ins. Com. of U. S. 1917-18; 
mem. Grant Club, Des Moines, K. P. 
Former residences, Altoona, la., 1871-88; 
Des Moines 1888-90; Altoona 1890-92; 
Des Moines 1892-93; Valley Junction 
1893-1905; Mason City 1905-07; Des 
Moines 1907-20. 
EPPS, W. W. f lawyer, Ottumwa, Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. com. sch. and coll.; m. Louise 
M. Roberts, 1884; admitted to bar at 
Columbus, O., 1881; has been mem. sch. 
bd., mayor, city solicitor, co. atty., Ot- 
tumwa; three terms on Rep. State 
Cen. Com.; elected State rep., 1916; 
re-elected 1918; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, Elks, K. P., M. W. A. 

ERICKSON, Chris, law, banking, farm- 
ing, real estate, In wood; b. Grant Co., 
Wis., Jan. 3, 1873; Lutheran; Rep.; ed. 
H. S.; B. L., Univ. Ia., 1899; m. Emma 
Erickson, Oct. 10, 1900, Inwood, la.; 
child. Esther A., Rugh H., Leonard A., 
Virgel K.; organized First Nat. bank 
at Inwood 1901 as cashier; was elected 
pres. of the bank in 1913; sold out 
banking interests in 1919 in order to 
give more time and attention to farm- 
ing interests; mem. 35 and 37 G. A. Ia.,* 
five times appointed or elected mayor 
of Inwood, office now held; served on 
Inwood sch. bd. seven terms; at pre- 
sent pres. of the bd. actively identi- 
fied with all local bus. or pub. enter- 
prises; also represented his dist. in 
numerous state, dist. and co. meetings 
and conventions. 

EVANS, H. C, lawyer and editor, Des 
Moines; b. Bloomfield, Ia., July 14, 
1858; Meth.; Dem.; ed. George Wash- 
ington Univ., B. L.; m. Susan Weaver, 
1890, Bloomfield; child. Alice and Clara; 
practiced law 15 yrs.; editor Yeoman 
Shield 20 yrs.; war correspondent 1916- 
19; supreme officer Yeoman 20 yrs.; 
four yrs. Chief Div. Treas. Dept., 
Washington 1892-6; Delegate Dem. Nat. 
Convention 1908; ran for congress 
twice; Y. M. C. A. sec. 12 mos. France 
and Italy; dir. Y. work in Italy last 
half yr. of war; in Germany 1915-16 
with Ford Peace party; then in France 
and Italy 12 mos. in Y. M. C. A. work; 
in the Piave 7- day battle in Italy; 
commended several time for meritor- 
ious service; mem. sch. bd.; mem. Mas- 
ons, Yeoman, Woodmen, Hyperion; 
Former residences, Bloomfield, Ia.; Ot- 
tumwa, Ia. 

EVANS, William D., judge supreme 
court, Hampton; b. Marquette Co., 
Wis., May 10, 1852; Rep.; ed. grad. 
State Univ. classical course 1878; law 
course same, 1879; elected dist. judge 
1902; law lecturer State Univ. 1907-08; 
elected supreme judge 1908 to fill vac- 
ancy; re-elected 1910-16. 

EVANS, William Thomas, lawyer, Park- 
ersburg; b. Waterloo, Ia., Nov. 8, 1869; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. grad. East Waterloo 
H. S.,Ph. B. University of Ia., 1896 and 
grad. of law coll. of that institution in 
1897; m. Lela Phelps, June 25, 1902, In- 
dependence, Ia., child. William P.; in 
active practice 23 yrs.; author of the 
law defining and punishing criminal 

syndicalism and joint author with Sen. 
E. M. Smith of law on standardization 
of rural schools; co. atty. Butler Co., 
Ia., 1905-06; State Sen. Bremer- But- 
ler dist. 1917-21; candidate for nomina- 
tion for atty. gen. on republican ticket 
1920; mem. Masons, K. 1'., Elks, Wood- 
men, O. E. S. M. W. A., Grant Ciub 
Greater Waterloo Assn. Former lesi- 
dence, Waterloo until 1897. 

EVEREST, Frank F., realtor, Council 
Bluffs; b. Homewood, 111., May 1, 1869; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Grinnell prep, sch.; 
Peddie Inst., Hightstown, N. J.; Grin- 
nell coll., degree Ph. B.; m. Florence 
Folsom, Jan. 1, 1893, Avoca, Ia.; child. 
Frank F., jr., Charles B., Jack M.; 
mem. Council Bluffs sch. bd.; former 
city assessor; mem. of executive com. 
Ia. State Council of Defense; m?m. Mili- 
tary Bmeau, Council Bluffs Chamber 
of Commerce; former pres. Council 
Bluffs real estate bd.; mem. A. F. & A. 
M., Elks, M. W. A., Rotary club, 
Chamber of Commerce, Real Estate bd. 
Former residence, Grinnell, Ia., to 1895. 

FEAR, Alfred Stewart, wholesale and re- 
retail coal, Burlington; b. Burlington, 
Ia., Oct. 23, 1865; Epis.; Rep.; ed. H. 
S. and bus. coll.; m. Lillian A. Finck, 
Nov. 8, 1905, Burlington, Ia.; child. 
Jane S.; sec. -treas. Cave Coal Co.; mem. 
Rotary club, Golf club. Greater Bur- 
lington Assn., Masonic bodies, U. C. 1.. 
T. P. A., Moose, Hawkeye Natives, Ad 
club, Launch club. 

FEDDERSON, M. H., co. agr agent, 
Washington; b. Bryant, Ia.. ■ Jam iy, . 
1886; Cong.; Rep.; ed. I. S. C, B. b. 
in agr.; m. Rush R. Watts, Ames. Ia.; 
child. Josephine J., Margaret H.; tea 
and showed winning cattle at Interna- 
tional Live Stock Exposition 1910. 1911, 
1912; mem. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Mas- 
onic bodies. Former residence, on farms 
Clinton Co., 1886-1917. 

FEESE, Martin Beryl, dentist West 
Point; b. Taylor Co., Ia., July 9. 1896; 
Pres. Rep,; ed. 2 yrs. country sch. in 
Noday Co., Mo.; 7 yrs. in grade sch. at 
Clarinda, Ia.; 4 yrs. H. S. at Clarinda 
(class of 1916); received degree of D. 

D. S. from Univ. of Ia., in June 1919; 
m. Zora B. Trimble, Aug. 19, 1918, St. 
Joseph, Mo.; mayor of town of West 
Point at 23 yrs. of age. sec. of sch. 
bd.; enlisted in medical reserve corps, 
Jan. 1917, discharged Dec. 1918; mem. 
Delta Sigma Delta, Dental Frat., S. 

E. Ia. Dental Assn., Nat. Dental Assn., 
Sergy Post Am. Legion, Clarinda, Ia. 
Former residences, 1896-97, Taylor Co., 
Ia.; 1897-98, Clarinda, la.; 1898-99, 
Pecos, Tex.; 1899-1903, Nodaway Co., 
Mo.; 1903-16, Clarinda, Ia.; 1916-19, Ia. 
City, Ia. 

FELLOWS, Albert M., merchant and 
banker, Lansing; b. Allamakee Co., Ia., 
March 1, 1864; Rep,; ed. pub. sch., Lan- 
sing and Upper Ia. Univ., Fayette; m. 
Elsie Smith, 18S9, Cresco, Ia. ; one 
daughter, four sons; pres. Peoples State 
bank, Lansing; eight yrs. city council- 
man and four yrs. mayor of Lansing; 
elected Sstate Sen. 40th dist. 1912; re- 

elected in 1916. 


Ferguson 28 

FERGUSON, Ward, electric lights and 
telephone, Rolfe; b. New York, Feb. 
5, 1867; Prot.; Rep.; ed. coll.; m. Jen- 
nie Bell, Oct. 24, 1893, Hampton, Ia.; 
child. Margaret; a merhcant until re- 
cently; at present grand keeper rec- 
ords and seal, Grand Lodge K. P.; 
was grand chancellor K. P. 1908-09. 
Former residence, Oxford Jet., Ia., 1874- 

FERRIS, Frank L., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Chesterville, O., Dec. 29, 1856; Rep.; 
ed. Co. sch.; New London, O., H. S.; 
studied law in office of R. C. Powers, 
New London; also studied law under 
H. H. Poppleton, Cleveland, O., gen. 
atty. for "Big Four" R. R.; m. Sara 
Sargent, (deceased), Apr. 5, 1890; child. 
Winnifred J.; admitted to Ohio bar in 
1881; practiced in Ohio, then moved to 
Redfield, S. D., 1886 and became con- 
nected with law dept. of C. & N. W. 
Ry.; located in Sioux City in 1888; serv- 
ed as justice of peace 8 yrs. in Sioux 
City; was Grand Chancellor of la., K. 
P.; also supreme rep. of that order; 
mem. Flowd Monument Assn.; also 
mem. various fraternal orders. 

FIELDS, E. A., miller, wholesale grain, 
flour, feed and hay, Sioux City; b. 
Rochelle, 111., Sept. 21, 1869; Unitarian; 
Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Pearl E. Tilford, 
1900, Chicago, 111.; child. Mrs. Hans 
Asper; pres. Akron Milling Co., Sioux 
City; former pres. Western Grain Deal- 
ers Assn.; former pres. Sioux City 
Academy of Science & Letters; former 
pres. Sioux City bd. of trade; mem. 
29th G. A., (Plymouth Co.); chmn. 
Sioux City Planning Com. 

FILLENWARTH, Arthur T., lawyer, San- 
born; b. Monona, la., Aug. 1, 1887; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. grad. from Britt, la., 
H. S. 1905; grad. from Coll. of Liberal 
Arts, Univ. of la., with degree of B. 
A., 1909; studied law at Harvard Univ., 
Mich. Univ., Ia. Univ.; m. Sadie Raeck- 
er, June 30, 1912; child. Faith F.; trav- 
eled in England, France, Germany, 
Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and oth- 
er countries. 

FINCH, George W., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Marshall Co., Ia., July 25, 1880; 
Meth.; Dem.; ed. Sheldon, Ia., H. S.; 
Morningside Coll., law dept. Stanford, 
Junior Univ.; m. Clara H. Killam, Sept. 
23, 1907, Sioux City, Ia.; child. Clinton 
D., Robert F., George W. Former resi- 
dence O'Brien Co., near Sheldon, 1881- 

FINCH, W. S., farmer and stockman, 
Ida Grove; b. Whiteside Co., 111., Feb. 
14, 1858; Rep.; one of pioneers of Ida 
Co.; elected State Rep. 1916; re-elected 

FIND LAY, Charles V., Coll. Pres., Fort 
Dodge; b. Paw Paw, 111., May 15, 1868; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Highland Park Coll., 
M. S.; m. Mabel Southwick, June 29, 
1899, Lake Mills, Ia.; child. James F., 
Maurice S.; contributed to ed. journals; 
lectured before teachers' meetings; 
joint prop, and owner Tobin Coll., Ft. 
Dodge; co. supt. ; city council; pres. 
of lib. bd.; Rep. Webster Co., 37th and 
38th G. A.; mem. Y. M. C. A., Booster 


Club(pres.), Masons. Former residence, 
Spencer, Ia., 1871-77. 

FIN LEY, F. S., lawyer, Mt. Pleasant; b. 
Ohio, Aug. 12, 1866; Rep.; ed. Country 
sch. and O. Univ.; interested in agr. 
aside from practice of law; elected 
State Rep. Ia., 1916; re-elected, 1918. 

FISCHER, Frederick, lawyer, Shenan- 
doah; b. St. Clair Co., 111., Nov. 3, 
1869; ed. B. S. Western Normal Coll., 
Shenandoah, L. L. B. Univ. Mich.; m. 
Helen Field, June 17, 1905; child. 
Gretchen, Mary, Louise; co. atty.. Page 
Co., Ia., 1909-10; at pres. Judge Sup- 
erior Court, Shenandoah, since Dec. 
1917; mem. of sch. bd. Shenandoah; 
dir. in Mutual Life Assn. of Ia., Red 
Oak, Ia. ; mem. Masonic bodies, I. O. 

0. F., B. P. O. E. 

FISH, Don E., Co. agent, Mt. Pleasant; 
b. Adel, Ia., Apr. 22, 1880; Epis.; Rep.; 
ed. Adel H. S., Ia. State Coll., B. S. A., 
1906; Master of Agr. 1920; m. Belle Os- 
born, June 1, 1909, Big Timber, Mont.; 
child. Donald, Doris, Chas., James, Har- 
riet; first pres. Ia. Co. Agents Assn.; 
delegate from Ia. Assn. to Nat. Assn. 
meeting 1919; nominated by faculty I. 
S. C. for professional degree of M. A., 
1920; mem. Masons, Alpha Zeta, Gam- 
ma Sigma Delta. Former residences, 
Adel, Ia. until 1906; Dillon, Mont, until 
1917; Adel, Ia. until 1914; Mt. Pleasant, 
1914 to date. 

FISH EL, Herbert B., civil engineer, Den- 
ison; b. Dow City, Ia., Dec. 18, 1887; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Dow City H. S. 1905, 
3 yrs. civil eng. course at I. S. C. from 
1905-09; m. Katherine Troutner, Apr. 
19, 1911, Denison, Ia. ; child. Ruth; con- 
tributer articles for publication, includ- 
ing accounts of hunting trips one of 
which was published in serial form 
or in continued parts by "Outdoor 
Life"; co. eng. of Crawford Co. for 
10 yrs., during which co. has handled 
two and one-half million cu. yds. earth 
road construction and built 600 con- 
crete bridges and culverts; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, Ia. Eng. Soc, won 
"A" in athletics at Ames. Former resi- 
dence, Dow City, Ia., 1887-1911. 

FISHER, Simon, lawyer, Rock Rapids; 
b. on farm near Denver, Ind., Oct. 24, 
1861; Rep.; ed. B. A., Nat. Univ. of 
Lebanon, O.; grad. of law dept. of Univ. 
oi Ia., 1892; m. Cora Jane Tyson in 
1898, Logansport, Ind.; taught sch. for 
5 yrs. and was supt. of H. S., for two 
yrs.; practiced law at Rock Rapids for 
27 yrs.; stockholder and dir. Interstate 
Ins. Co., Rock Rapids; co. atty. Lyon 
co. for 18 yrs.; alternate to Nat. Rep. 
convention in Chicago in 1908 and was 
pres. elector for eleventh congressional 
dist. in 1912; has attended almost every 
rep. state convention as delegate from 
Lyon co. for 26 yrs.; mem. Masons, 

1. O. O. F. 

FLEMING, John J., banker, Burlington; 
b. Donaldsonville, Ia., March 19, 1851; 
Cath.; Dem.; ed. Burlington H. S., 
Notre Dame Univ.; m. Mary Bracken, 
May 15, 1884, Parker's Landing, Pa.; 
child. Mrs. Harding Polk, Major Philip 
B., Mrs. Wendell G. Van Auken, Eliza- 
beth, Mrs. Henry W. Crittenden, jr.. 


Flenniken 29 

John J.; pres. Burlington Sav. bank; 
formerly cashier Nat. State bank of 
Burlington; past state deputy K. C. of 
la.; pres. bd. of trustees Burlington 
Pub. Lib.; mem. bd. of Governors Cath. 
church extension soc. of Am.; past 
pres. Burlington Chapter Red Cross.; 
mem. Rotary club, K. C, Cath. club, 
New York City, Am. Irish Hist. Soc. 
Former residence, Donaldsonville, 1851- 

FLENNIKEN, H. W., banker, Olin; b. 
Millville, la., Feb. 7, 1859; Rep.; cash- 
ier Citizens Sav. bank, Olin; also en- 
gaged in real estate bus.; elected State 
Rep. Jones Co. 1916; re-elected 1918. 

FOSKETT, Herbert J., banker, Shenan- 
doah; b. Henry Co., 111., Dec. 11, 1861; 

Rep.; ed. grade sch. in 111., Sacramento, 
Calif., H. S.; m. May Tucker, 1893; 
v-pres. Shenandoah Natl, bank; mem. 
firm Foskett & Nye, farm loans; State 
Sen. 7th dist. 
FOSTER, John R., Co. Agr. Agent, Sib- 
ley; b. Sac City, la., Sept. 7, 1884; 
Meth. ; Rep.; ed. grad. Univ. of 111., B. 
S. in agr.; m. Luida Marie Schonhovd, 
Oct. 4, 1916, Dodge Center, Minn.; child. 
Janet E., Mary J.; mem. Masons. For- 
mer residence, Le Suer, Minn., 1913-16. 

FOSTER, John W., banker and farmer, 
Guthrie Center; b. Guthrie Co., Ia.; ed. 
State coll. Ames; grad. law dept. State 
Univ.; pres. First Natl, bank, Guth- 
rie Center; pres. First Nat. bank, Stu- 
art; dir. Monticello Sav. bank; pres. Ia. 
Loan and Investment Co. ; pres. Ia. 
Farm Mortgage Co.; State Sen. 17th 
dist.; owns 1240 acres land in Guthrie 

FOSTER, William P., banker, Burling- 
ton; b. Canada; Prot.; Rep.; m. Julia 
Robertson, Burlington, 1900; child. Wil- 
liam P., jr.; v-pres. First Natl, bank; 
50 yrs. with this bank; mem. Elks, 
Crystal Lake club. Former residence, 
Des Moines, Ia., 1857-67. 

FRAILY. Joseph R., lawver. Ft. Madison; 
b. Ft. Madison, Ia., March 2, 1876; Rep.; 
ed. grad. State Univ. Ia., Liberal Arts 
1898; Law 1900; second lieut. Co. F. 
50th Ia. inf. Spanish-Am. war; city 
solicitor Ft. Madison; State Sen. 1st 
dist.; city solicitor Ft. Madison from 
1905 to election to senate. 

FRANCIS, J. A., auditor, Black Hawk 
Co., Waterloo; b. Danville, III., Sept. 
19, 1873; Christian church; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Normal Teacher Training Course, 
Cooper Coll., Moundville, Mo., class, 
1897; m. Olive L. Rankin, July 22, 1900; 
child. Merle R., John M.; traveling 
salesman and office mgr., Martin Bros. 
Co., Waterloo, Ia., to Jan. 1, 1919; as- 
sumed duties of Co. Auditor Jan. 1, 
1919; mem. Masons, U. C. T., Lions 
club. Emigrated overland from Danville, 
111., to Moundville, Mo., in 1879; lived 
there until 1903; then moved to Water- 
loo, Ia. 

FRANCIS, James P., editor and publish- 
er, Gravity; b. Union Co., Ia., Sept. 
27, 1873; Rep.; ed. Afton Normal Coll.; 
Highland Park Coll.; m. Mary E. Coan 
of Creston, Ia., Aug. 1, 1906; 7 yrs. 
teacher and supt. of sch. Union and 


Adams Cos.; ed. and pub. Gravity Inde- 
pendent; was pres. sch. bd. Gravity 
10 yrs.; clerk Washington twp. 4 yrs.; 
elected State rep. Taylor Co., 1918; 
mem. Masonic bodies, M. W. A., Yeo- 

FRECH, Jacques A., clerk dist. court, 
Algona; b. Colmar, Alsace, France, 
July 13, 1869; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
m. Rena M. Sorenson, 1896, Bancroft, 
Ia.; child. Mrs. Hiram R. Clark, Dore 
J.; taught sch. 8 yrs.; sec. sch. bd.; 
deputy sheriff; postmaster at Bancroft, 
Ia. ; mem. Masons, Eastern Star, Red 
Man, Yeoman, Woodman, Royal Neigh- 
bors. Former residences, France to 1872;. 
Geneseo, 111. to Oct. 1879; Bancroft, Ia., 
to Dec. 1918. 

FREDRICKSEN, Carl L., cashier Live 
Stock Natl, bank, Sioux City; b. Neb- 
raska City, Neb., July 13, 1892; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Sioux City H. S.; m. Grace 
L. Blood, May 19, 1917, Sioux City; 
mem. Masons, Elks. 

FREE, Frederick H., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Jewel City, Kan., Dec. 3, 1873; Uni- 
tarian; Dem.; ed. Gates Coll. 1895, B. 
S.; m. Cora K. Lyons, June 24, 1896, 
Lincoln, Neb.; child. Frederick H., 
Francis L. ; prof, mathematics Norfolk 
Coll., 1895-96; admitted to bar of Neb., 
1897; commenced practice of law, Nor- 
folk, Neb.; moved to Plainview, Neb., 
1901; moved to Sioux City, Ia., June 
1, 1914; pres. Sioux City Jewelry Co.; 
pres. Tda Grove Ice & Fuel Company, 
Ida Grove, la.; city atty. Plainview, 
Neb. 12 yrs.; mem. Country Club, Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, Elks, Odd Fellows, 
K. P. 

FRIEND, J. H., osteopathic physician, 
Grinnell; b. Poweshiek, Co., Ia., June 
20, 1859; Dem.; ed. Grinnell Coll. (then 
Iowa Coll.), Callanan Normal (of 
Drake) and Still coll. and Am. Sch. of 
Osteopathy, Des Moines and Kirksville, 
Mo., respectively; degree doctor of Os- 
teopathy; Co. Coroner; mem. A. F. & 
A. M. 

FRISK, Edwin J., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Cambridge, 111., July 2, 1874; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. com. sch., self ed. in law; 
m. Minnie R. Youngberg, July 3, 1904, 
Des Moines; child. Norman, Rilla L., 
Felix J., Richard M.; formerly deputy 
clerk dist. court, deputy recorder, asst. 
Chief clerk of House of Representa- 
tives 32nd G. A.; justice of peace nine 
yrs.; mem. Odd Fellows, Elks, M. W. A., 
K. P. Former residence, resided in 
Galva, 111., until 1880, when he went 
to Des Moines with his parents. 

FROST, Willard L., realtor, Sioux City; 
b. Almond, Wis., Feb. 14, 1862; Cong.; 
Rep.; grad. Almond H. S., attended 
Oskosh State Normal and two yrs. 
Univ. of Wis; m. Hattie Mny, (deceas- 
ed), Jan. 1, 1889, Ft. Atkinson, Wis.; 
2nd Mary Wiley, Sept. 8, 1897; child. 
Roland C, Mrs. G. A. Hetzner; receiv- 
er Leeds Sav. bank, only bank receiv- 
er in Sioux City to pay depositors in 
full; citv chmn. U. S. War Sav. com.; 
dir. Sioux City Real Estate Assn. and 
chmn. of its valuation com.; pres. of 
assn. for two yrs.; real estate repre- 
sentative Rotary club; four yrs. dir. 





Sioux City Commercial club; many yrs. 
mem. Sioux City Library bd.; city as- 
sessor four yrs. ; mem. Masons, Sioux 
City Boat club, Sioux City Country 
club. Came to Sioux City in 1886 from 
the Citizens State bank, Ft. Atkinson 
to First Nat. bank, Sioux City; one of 
organizers of la. Bond and Mortgage 
Co., of which was sec.-treas., two and 
one-half yrs. 
FULLER, D. D. f lawyer, Mason City; 
b. Rockwell, la., Sept. 27, 1888; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S. at Rockwell, la., acad- 
emy at Pella, la., Drake Coll. of law, 
Des Moines, la.; m. Mildred Widdows, 
June 18, 1915, Mason City, la.; child. 

D. D. Jr.; dep. co. aud. 1912-13; deputy 
co. treas. 1914-16; dir. Moose Lodge 
1914; mem. Masons, M. B. A., Am. 
Legion, Sergeant Co. F, Unassigned inf. 
U. S. A., Iowa City, la. Former resi- 
dence, Rockwell, la., 18 yrs.; Pella, la., 
1 yr.; Des Moines, la., 5 yrs.; Minne- 
apolis, Minn., 1 yr. 

FULTON, James McQueen, sec. Keokuk 
Chamber of Commerce, Keokuk; b. 
Keokuk, la., Nov. 5, 1872; Presb.; Dem.; 
ed. Keokuk H. S., grad. 1892; m. Flor- 
ence Reeves, June 16, 1904, Keokuk, la. 
child. James M., jr., Florence D.; ry. 
work in traffic dept. 1893-1904 in gen. 
office of Keokuk and Western R. R.; 
gen. office of C. B. & Q. R. R. at St. 
Louis, Mo.; commercial office of Wab- 
ash R R., at Keokuk; executive sec. 
of Keokuk Industrial Assn., and its sue 
cessor the Keokuk Chamber of Com- 
merce 1914 to date; mem. Royal Arcan- 
um. Former residence, St. Louis, Mo., 

FULTON, Nannie Peairs, librarian, Keo- 
kuk; b. Keokuk, la., Apr. 20, 1867; 
Presb.; Dem.; ed. grad. Keokuk H. S., 
1887; two summers at la. State Library 
sch. Univ. Ia.; librarian Keokuk Pub. 
Lib. 1896 to date; mem. P. E. O., Art 
club, Civic League. 

FUNK A. B., Ia. Industrial Com., Des 
Moines; b. Adams Co, 111., Jan 12, 1854; 
Rep.; identified wth Spirit Lake, la., 
Beacon 35 yrs.; est. Flandreau, S. D., 
Enterprise in 1878; 1st mayor Flandreau 
1879; 1st mayor Spirit Lake, 1879; P. 
M. Spirit Lake 1882-85; delegate to Rep. 
Nat. convention 1884; State Sen. 1888- 
1900; pres. pro tern senate 3 sessions 
and chmn. ranking com.; 11th dist. 
mem. resolutions com in 10 Rep. State 
convention; pres. Capitol imp. com.; v- 
pres. State bd. ed. 6 yrs.; appointed 
Ind. Com. 1916; reappointed 1919; work 
of ind. com. is administrating work- 
men's compensation service. 

FURGESON, _M., merchant, Marengo; 
b. De Kalb, 111., June 5, 1875; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Webster City H. S.; m. Rose 

E. Haist, Apr. 17 1902; child. Stanley 
M.; mem. I. O, O. F., K. P., Masons. 

GALINSKY, Abraham Lewis, pres. Gal- 
insky Bros. Co., wholesale grocers, 
Sioux City; b. Yagustave, Poland, Rus- 
sia, Sept. 15, 1878; Jewish; Rep.; ed. 
private Hebrew sch. of Russia; m. Re- 
becca Mushkin, March 4, 1893; child. 
Ida, Irene, Ruth; dir. Northwestern 
Beverage Co.; dir. Potato Growers' Ex- 
change; dir. Pieper-Roberg Fruit Co., 

Des Moines; dir. Chain Grocery & 
Meat Co.; chmn. Red Cross Finance 
dept. 1917-18; chmn. and mgr. of the 
Red Cross War Fund Campaigns, 1917- 
18; pres. Galinsky Blank Bklg. Co.; 
came to the United States, 1885; at- 
tended sch. Omaha, 1886-1887; peddled 
fruit and vegetables from wagon, Oma- 
ha, 1888-89; attended sch. Omaha, 1889- 
90; peddled in country between Omaha, 
Neb., and Sioux City, 1890-93; peddled 
fruit, Sioux City, 1893-94; became part- 
ner Court street Grocery, Sioux City, 
Ia., 1894-95; sole owner, 1895-1904; pur- 
chased interest and managed the gro- 
cery and meat dept. Davidson Bros., 
Dept. Store, Sioux City, 1904-05; ran 
Court Grocery & Meat Co., 1905-07; 
established present bus. 1907; mem. 
Elks, Masonic bodies; Shrine, Nat. 
Geog. Soc, Country Club,' Chamber of 

GALINSKY, Herman, investments, Sioux 
City; b. Russia, Dec. 12, 1877; Jewish; 
m. Jeanette M. Cohen; child. Helen, 
Delia, Leon; interested in Sioux City 
Inv. Co.; I. Miller & Co., mdse. brokers; 
Pioneer Iron Works; Sioux City Cap 
factory, and extensive farming; pres. 
Mt. Sinai Congregation. Former resi- 
dence, Omaha, Neb., 1884-93. 

GALLOWAY, George, educator and co. 
supt. Carroll; b. McKeesport, Pa., Mar. 
12, 1867; Cong.; Rep.; ed. State Teach- 
ers' Coll. M. D.; State Univ. B. A. and 
M. A.; m. Bertha Seward, Bentonsport, 
la., 1895; child. Dorothy, Helen, Ted, 
Roderick; mem. Phi Delta Kappa; sec- 
mgr. Ia. Teachers' Reading Circle bd.; 
pres. supt. section of State Teacher's 
Assn.; twice a mem. of the Resolutions 
Com. for State Teachers' Assn.; mem. 
co. supt. legislative com. for 1919; 
mem. present com. to revise Constitu- 
tion of State Teacher's Assn.; mem. 
K. P., Mason. Former residences, Keo- 
kuk, Panora, Lansing, Dunlap, Adel, 
Harlan, Sac City. 

GARBER, Frank A. f farmer and stock- 
man, Leon; b. Decatur Co. Ia., May, 
8, 1865; Dem.; ed. rural sch. Leon H. 
S.; m. Emma Wolff, Sept. 7, 1892, Lib- 
ertyville, Ia.; elected State Rep., De- 
catur co., 1916; mem. several pure bred 
live stock assns.. 

GARBER, J. S., farmer, Marble Rock; 
b. Floyd Co. Ia., Apr. 18 1865; Rep.; 
ed. rural sch.; m. Marcia C. Petty, 
Dec. 7, 1898, Olean, N. Y. ; served three 
terms twp. assessor; two terms co. 
supervisor; elected State Rep., Floyd 
Co. 1918. 

GARRETT, Burgess Wilson, lawyer and 
clerk supreme court of Ia., Des Moines; 
b. Van Buren Co., Ia., Feb. 24, 1872; 
Church of Christ; Rep.; ed. Coll., Univ.; 
m. Rachel Woodmansee, Apr. 15, 1892, 
Decatur Co., Ia.; child. Neill, Julian C. : 
has been a contributor to columns of 
press, religious and secular for many 
yrs.; prin. H. S., chmn. party com., 
co. dist. conventions, dist., co. and 
State; temp. chmn. Republican State 
convention 1916; pardon sec. under 
Gov. Cummins; helped organize bd. 
parole, was its first sec. and wrote its 
rules which are still in force; became 





clerk of supreme court Jan. 1, 1911, 
now serving - third term; mem. I. O. O. 
P. having filled all the chairs in local 
lodge; mem. M. B. A.; for seven yrs. 
pres. of la. Christian Missionary Soc; 
dir. and trustee of the International 
Christian Missionary Soc. Former resi- 
dences, born and lived in Chequest 
twp., Van Buren co. ; when very young 
moved with parents, settliing on farm 
three miles east of Leon, his present 
voting residence. 

GARRETT, Joshua Tracy, newspaper 
man, Burlington; b. Burlington, la., 
March 18, 1881; Epis.; Rep.; ed. Bur- 
lington H. S.; m. Kathleen Tibbitts, 
May 1, 1907, St. Louis, Mo.; child. Geo. 
T. ; v-pres. and managing editor the 
Burlington Hawk-Eye; chmn. resolu- 
tions com. Ia. Rep. State convention, 
1920; pres. elector First Ta. Cong. dist. 
1920; one of the original directors of 
Greater Burlington Assn.; mem. Bur- 
lington Rotary club, Burlington Golf 
club, Elks, Gallup club, State Hist. 
Soc. of la., Greater Burlington Assn. 
Former residences, Creston, la., 1902; 
Keokuk, la., 1903; Council Bluffs, la., 
1904;'Des Moines, la., 1904-10; Porvenir, 
New Mexco, 1910-12, Gallup, New Mex- 
ico, 1912-17. 

GARST, Edward, merchant, Coon Rapids; 
b. Dayton, O., Aug. 19, 1843; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Mich. Univ., grad. in class 
1866, B. S. degree; m. Bertha Garst, 
June 19, 1889, Rockford, 111.; child. 
Goodwin, Jonathan, Mrs. G. Chrystal, 
Roswell; served with Co, H, 71 reg. 
111. Vol. in the Civil war. Former resi- 
dences, Dayton, O., Champaign, 111., 
Boone, Ia. 

GAYNOR, Ralph A., wholesale drugs, 
physicians and hospitals supplies, 
Soux City; b. Silver Cliff, Colo., Apr. 17, 
1883; Epis.; Rep.; ed. H. S., pharmacy 
at Highland Park coll., Des Moines; m. 
Hazel Merritt (deceased), June 18, 1907, 
Des Moines, Ia.; 2nd Elizabeth Lennon 
(deceased), June 5, 1913, Sioux City, Ia.; 
3rd, Margaret Gordon, 1920, Sioux City, 
Ia. ; child., Dorothy A.; pres. and treas., 
Gaynor-Bagstad Co., Sioux City, Ia.; 
pres. of local council Boy Scouts of 
Am.; pres. Rotary club; dir. Sioux City 
Chamber of Commerce; dir. Sioux City 
Sport club; mem. Masonic bodies, Shore 
Acre Boat Club, Sioux City Country 
Club. Former residence, LeMars, Ia., 

GEMMILL, William H., educator, Des 
Moines; b. White Lake, Ont., Can., 
March 14, 1871; ed. Rural sch. Keokuk 
Co.; South English H. S.; B. A., I. 
S. C; M. A., Highland Park Coll.; also 
attended Drake Univ. and Des Moines 
Coll.; m. Birdie D. Richards, South 
English, Aug. 1895; child. Agnes, John 
D., Helen, Iva May; mem. finance 
com. and sec. Ia. State bd. of ed.; co. 
supt., Keokuk Co., 1898-02; supt. pub. 
sch. at Dallas Center, Ia., 1901-11; 
supt. pub. sch. at Carroll, Ia., 1911-14; 
sec. Ia. State bd. ed. 1914 to date; mem. 
Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, I. 
O. O. F. ; Mason-. Former residence, 
South English, Ia., 1871-95; Gibson, Ia., 
1895-98; Sigourney, Ia. # 1898-1902; Dal- 

las Center, Ia., 1902-11; Carroll Co., 1911- 

GILCHRIST, Fred C., lawyer, Laurens; 
b. Pa,, 1868; Unitarian; Rep.; ed. B. D 
la. State Teachers* Coll., 1885; L. L. B., 
Ia. State Univ., 1893; m Ella Hurley, 
1896, Laurens, Ia.; child. Frances, Fred, 
Mavis; active practice of law since 
1893; co. supt. Pocahontas Co., Ia., 1890- 
1892; mem. House of Rep. 29th G. A., 
from Pocahontas Co.; pres. Laurens 
sch. bd. during last fifteen years; mem. 
Masons. Former residence, Cedar Falls, 
Ia., 1876-86. 

GILLESPIE, Very Rev. James W., 
clergyman, Keokuk; b. Madison Co., Ia., 
Jan. 10, 1869; Cath.; Ind.; ed. 1890-91, 
classical course St. Ambrose Coll., Dav- 
enport, Ia.; 1894 to 1896 Philosophical 
course at St. Ambrose Coll.; from 1896 
to 1899 Theological course at St. IPaul 
Sem., St. Paul, Minn.; ordained May 27, 
1899; pastorates from July, 1899, to 
Sept., 1900, at St. Ambrose Cathed., Des 
Moines, la.; Sept., 1900 to Oct. 1909 at 
Mechanicsville; from Oct. 27, 1909 until 
the present time at St. Peter's church, 
Keokuk, Ia. ; Dean of the Keokuk 
Deanery comprising Keokuk, Burling- 
ton, Ft. Madison, West Burlington, Mt. 
Pleasant, West Point, St. Paul, Hough- 
ton and Farmington; patriotic speaker 
and v-chmn. Keokuk Red Cross dur- 
ing the world war and active in all 
civilian war work. 

GILLETTE, Guy M., lawyer, Cherokee; 
b. Cherokee, Ia., Feb. 3, 1879; Presb.; 
Dem.; ed. H. S.; L. L. D. at Drake 
Univ.; m. Rose Freeman, 1907 at Ran- 
dolph, Ia.; city atty. Cherokee; Co. atty. 
Cherokee co.; State Sen. for 46th dist. 
1912-16; candidate state aud. 1918; serv- 
ed Span. -Am. war; 10 yrs. in I. N. G., 
1 yr. 7 mos. capt. in World war; 5 mos. 
in France; past grand marshal Ia. Ma- 
sons; past C. C, K. 1*. 

GILMAN, W. Stewart, real estate, Sioux 
City; b Sioux City, Ia., Jan. 20, 1877; 
Epis. ; Rep.; ed. Philips Exeter, 1895; 
B. A., Yale, 1899; m. Marjorie King, 
June 6, 1900, West Newton, Mass.; 
child. Florence, Dean T., Henry; dir. 
of banks; owner of Trimble block, 
Sioux City land in various places; bd. 
ed. Sioux City, 1910-19, three terms; 
state tennis champion, singles 1908; 
double's, 1909-10; well known chess 
player; mem. Phi Betta Kappa, Masons,. 
Elks, Beta Theta Pi. 

GILMORE, Charles, farmer, Sioux Rap- 
ids; b. Clinton Co., Ia., Oct. 18, 1852; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; m. Clara A. Dickey, 
Sept. 19, 1882. Clinton Co.; pres. Rossie, 
Ia., Sav. bank; chmn. bd. supervisors 
12 yrs.; elected State rop. Clay Co., 
1914; re-elected 1916-18-20; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Woodmen. 

GILMORE, Hugh M., banker, Mason 
City; b. Osborne, Kan., Sept. 3, 1879; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Pa. pub. sch.; grad. 
State Normal sch. Edinboro, Pa., of 
Hotchkiss sch. Lakeville, Conn., of 
Harvard Univ. Summer sch., Harvard; 
post grad. work at Washington Univ. 
St Louis; m. Maude Blythe, Jan 2, 1913, 
at Mason City, Ia.; child. Hugh, jr., 
Robert B., Sara G. ; treas. and dir. 





Chamber of Commerce; trustee Pub. 
Lib.; mem. Co. Bd. Ed.; treas. and 
dir. North la. Lutheran Hospital Assn.; 
pres Nat. Parks Pike Assn. ; one time 
pres. Harvard club of la.; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, K. P., Elks. Former resi- 
dence, Saegerstown, Pa. 

GILTNER, W. E., lawyer, Albia; b. near 
Albia, la., Oct. 6, 1871; Presb.; Rep.; 
ed. rural sch., Albia Academy; attend- 
ed Normal Institute; grad. Gem City 
Bus. Coll.; attended Parsons Coll.; 
m. Hattie E. Galliher; three daughters, 
two sons; admitted to practice of law 
1899; elected State rep. Monroe Co., 
1916; re-elected 1918; 

GLOVER, John Franklin, editor, preach- 
er, lawyer, Sibley; b. Hartleton, Pa., 
Sept. 16, 1845; Cong.; Rep.; ed. country 
sch. 111. and Wis.; prep. sch. Evansville 
and Beloit, Wis.; grad. Wis. State 
Univ., 1871, B. A. Coll. of Letters; re- 
ceived M. A. degree, same, 1874; m. 
Mary Frances Upton, (deceased)' Sept. 
19, 1876, Lakeville, la.; child. Lyn F.; 
ad. to la. bar, 1878; ordained cong. 
minister 1908; occupied pulpit Ocheye- 
dan, la. and was supply pastor cong. 
church; enlisted 3$th reg. Wis. Inf. vol. 
1864 and served in Gen Grant's Vir- 
ginia campaign; reed. com. 2d. lieut. ; 
mem. G. A. R.; served five yrs, adj of 
post; two yrs. post com.; ed. SibleJ 
Gazette and other papers about five 
yrs.; clerk of courts, 3 yrs.; mayor 
Sibley 3 yrs.; co. atty. 2 yrs.; rep. in 
16th la. G. A.; now justice of peace; 
mem. legal advisory bd. Osceola co. 
and four min. speaker during World 
war; pub. speaker and debater. 

GOLDEN, Leo E., traffic mgr Burlington 
Shippers' Assn., Burlington; b. Onawa, 
la., June 1, 1894; Cath.; Rep.; ed. H. 
S. and Bus. Coll.; m. Gertrude Eliza- 
beth Taylor, Nov. 6, 1916. Rockford, 111.; 
child. Leo E., Charles T.; published a 
number of articles on transportation in 
various trade journals and a treatise 
on "Traffic Bureaus" for the Am. City 
Bureau of New York, Chicago,' etc. 
sec. of la. Traffic League; a dir. of 111. 
Traffic League; v-chmn. mem. com. 
and mem. Waterways Comm. ; Nat. 
Industrial Traffic League; mem. Rotary 
club. Former residence, Onawa, la., 
1896-1900; Eagle Grove, Carroll, Le- 
Mars and Sioux City, la., 1900-06; Chi- 
cago, 1906-15; Rockford, 111. 1915-17; 
Clinton, la., 1917-19. 

GOOD, James W., lawyer, Cedar Rapids; 
b. near Cedar Rapids, Sept. 24, 1866; 
Rep.; grad. Coe Coll.; Univ. Mich.; m. 
Lucy Deacon, Oct., 1893; served six 
terms mem. congress, 5th la. dist. ; re- 
elected 1920; chmn. appropriations com. 
in house. 

GORDER, George Alfred, lawyer, Sioux 
City; b. Deadwood, S. D., July 24, 1888; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., Commercial and Short- 
hand sch.; m. Esther Sarah Larson, 
Lead City, S. D., Oct. 13, 1912; child. 
Helen P., Mildred E., Frances E.; leg- 
al mem. Gov. offices la., 1917; asst. co. 
atty. 1919; asst. city atty. 1919-20; act- 
ing forest supervisor, Black Hills Nat. 

Forest, 1908. 

GORDON, William, real estate, loans and 
ins., Sioux City; b. Emiskillen, Ireland, 
May 24, 1857; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Emis- 
killen Model sch., Portorg Roval sch.; 
m. Stella B. Davis, June 4th, 1884, 
Sioux City, la.; child. Mrs. J. K. Irvine, 
Mrs. C. C. Pope, William D., Mrs. Ralph 
A. Gaynor; active in civic affairs: chmn. 
R. R. & Terminals Com.; city planning 
assn.; mem. Chamber of Commerce; 
Country Club, Boat Club, Elks, Masonic 
bodies, Shrine. Former residences, Bel- 
fast, 1872; Liverpool, 1874; New York, 

GOSE, Edwin Stanton, banker and ac- 
countant, Des Moines; b. Pleasantville, 
la., Dec. 20, 1866; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Ack- 
worth Academy, I. S. C, Normal Train- 
ing sch. Val,;ariso, Ind.; m. Anna Le- 
Gore, Sept. 1896, ChurdanJt la.; child. 
Minerva B., Dwight L., Donald S.; 
sch. teacher, merchant, banker, co. 
aud., deputy state aud.; co. aud. Greene 
co. four successive terms; mem. I. O. 
O. F., Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former 
residences, Pleasantville, 22 yrs.; Santa 
Fe, N. M., 2 yrs.; Churdan, Greene co., 
14 yrs.; Jefferson, Green co., 10 yrs.; 
Des Moines, la., 5V> yrs. 

GOSEWISCH, Ferd Z., observer weather- 
bureau, (retired), Keokuk; b. Wilming- 
ton, Del., Apr. 16, 1842; Epis.; Dem.; 
ed. Private sch. and in Germany; m. 
Maria Barberie, Nov. 25, 1878, Jack- 
sonville, Fla.; child. Ernestine M., Mrs. 
Gertrude Barron; on retirement by law 
and regulations in 1920, was one of the 
two or three oldest men in U. S. weath- 
er bureau, by both length of service 
and age; living in the south at begin- 
ning of the civil war, he found himself 
in the confederate army, deserted to 
the Union army, was captured by his 
old Confederate regiment and sentenced 
to death, escaped and rejoined the 
Union forces; served in 52 Ky. vol. 1863- 
65; enlisted in signal corps U. S. army 
1872; as sergeant in the signal corps 
of the army he acted as weather ob- 
server at Chicago, Key West, Withe- 
ville, Va., Jacksonville, Fla., Baltimore 
and Keokuk, serving as observer at 
Keokuk 1881-1920, practically forty yrs. 
In 1891, he transferred from the signal 
corps of the army into the weather 
bureau of the agr. dept. when the 
weather work was transferred from the 
war dept.; he was in charge of the 
U. S. weather bureau exhibit at the 
Centennial exposition in Philadelphia 
1876; while serving as observer at Key 
West he was one of three survivors of 
the 102 inhabitants of the Key during a 
cholera epidemic there, and stuck to 
his post and his morning and evening 
observations and reports during the 
whole time; mem. Masons. Former 
residence, St. Louis, Mo., 1865-72. 

GRAFF, E. F., co. agr. agent, Iowa City; 
b. Greensburg, Pa., June 21, 1894; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. B. S. in Animal Hus- 
bandry, I. S. C; pres. la. State Co. 
Agents Assn., in 1920; mem. Masons, 
Phi Sigma Kappa, Social Frat., Alpha 
Zeta, Honorary Agriculture Frat., Gam- 
ma Sigma Delta, Honorary Debating 
Frat., Rotary club of Iowa City. For- 
mer residences, Greensburg, Pa., 1894 
to 1913; Ames, la., 1913 to 1917. 





GRANT, Charles S., physician, Iowa City; 
b. Ithaca, N. Y., July 6, 1872; Epis.; 
Dem.; ed. Pub. sch., Ithaca, N. Y. r 
pharmacy course S. U. I. 1889-90; grad. 
in medicine S. U. I., 1897; m. Marie W. 
Slater, Iowa City, 1900; child. Martha, 
Gertrude; instructor in medicine and 
pediatrics S. U. I., 1906-15; 1st lieut. 
and surg. and later maj. surg. 50th la. 
Vols., war with Spain; served in Natl. 
G. of la. for about 25 yrs.; resigned as 
maj. surg. I. N. G., 1912; sec. and med. 
Surgeon I. N. G., 1912; sec. and med. 
mem. Southern dist. exemption bd. for 
la., during the World war; appointed 
to state bd. health Jan. 1919: pres. Ia. 
City bd. of ed. 1920; elected alderman 
at large, la. City, 1919; mem. Beta 
Theta Pi, Phi Rho Sigma, Masons, Elks, 
K. P., various medical and pub. health 
soc. Rotary club, soc. of med. vets. 
World war. Former residences, Ithaca, 
N. Y., from birth until 1889; Iowa City, 
1889-90; Des Moines 1890-93; Towa City, 
1893-97; Badger, la., 1897-98; Riverside 
la., 1899-1906. 

GRASON, Jacob C., teacher, Council 
Bluffs; b. Monroe, Wis., May 9, 1857; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. College; m. Lanora 
M. Sayre, Medoc, Mo.; child. 'Rollin S., 
Eunice M., Charles B. ( Joseph C, Emma 
J., Dorothy L., Evan C; has been 
prominent in educational work; stamp 
collector; State representative 3Gth and 
, 37th G. A. 

GRAY, Henry Arthur, physician and sur- 
geon, Keokuk; b. Butler, 111., March 
18, 1873; Prot.; Dem.; ed. Butler H. S.; 
M. D. Coll. of Physicians and sur- 
geons, Keokuk, 1895; M. D. Keokuk 
Med. Coll., 1900; Much special study in 
medicine; research work, and in army 
sch. brain surgery in New York; m. 
Carmilyte Hagan, Sept. 14, 1897, Keo- 
kuk; prof, of anatomy and surgical 
anatomy, and surgical clinics, Keokuk 
Med. Coll., 1906-08; instructor in sur- 
gical gynecology, St. Joseph's hospital 
sch, for nurses, Keokuk, 1906; surgeon 
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy R. R.; 
on surgical staff St. Joseph's hospital, 
Keokuk, 1906; Capt. July, 1917 to Feb. 
1919, and major Feb. 1919 to May, 1919, 
medical corps, U. S. army; chief sur- 
geon base hospital No. 32, at Contrexe- 
ville, France, 1918, and commanding of- 
ficer same base hospital, 1919; mem. 
Masons, Odd Fellows, Elks, First Com- 
mander of Post No. 41, American Leg- 
ion, Keokuk, la., 1919. Former resi- 
dence, Butler, 111., 1873-1900. 

GRAY, Thomas P.. farmer and public of- 
ficial, Keokuk; b. Graysville Co., Pa., 
Aug. 21, 1S55; Epis.; Dem.; ed. Com- 
mon sch. and one yr. at the Eastern 
Ia. Normal sch. at Grandview, la.; m. 
Emma Helen Boyles, 1891, Joliet, 111.; 
child. Helen P., Thomas F. ; grew to 
manhood on a farm in Muscatine co.. 
Ia., and continued on farm with parents 
until Jan. 1, 1883, when was appointed 
deputy sheriff of Muscatine co.; served 
as deputy sheriff from Jan. 1, 1883 to 
Jan. 1, 1S88; was elected sheriff of 
Muscatine Co., la., in 1887 and re-elect- 
ed in 1889; at end of term as sheriff, 
remained with the incoming sheriff as 
deputy from 1892-91, when received ap- 

pointment as U. S. deputy marshal for 
the So. Dist. of la., acting as U. S. 
deputy marshal for six yrs., remaining 
two yrs. under the McKinley adminis- 
tration; when the city of Keokuk adopt- 
ed the Commission form of government, 
was elected as one of the commis- 
sioners and acted as such 1910-14; dep- 
uty U. S. marshal for so. dist. of Ia. 
1917 to date. 

GREEN, Thomas, managing editor, The 
Burlington Gazette, Burlington; b. Bur- 
lington, Ia., March 26, 1874; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. parochial and pub. grade 
sch.; m. Julia E. Dempsey, Oct. 6, 
1902, Burlington, Ia.; child. William 
D.; served in Sixth Ia. Battery, Light 
Artillery, during the Spanish- American 
war; Grand Knight, Burlington »Coun- 
cil No. 568, K. C. 

GREEN, William Raymond, lawyer, 
Council Bluffs; b. Colchester, Conn., 
Nov. 7, 1856; Cong.; Rep.; ed. grad. H. 
C, Princeton, 111., A. B. (classical 
course) Oberlin Coll., 1879; m. to Luella 
W. Brown; child. William R., jr., Mar- 
garet T.; elected judge, dist. court, 
15th Judicial dist. of la., in 1894 and 
re-elected four times thereafter; on 
June 5, 1911, he was elected to the 
Sixty-second Congress and re-elected 
to 63rd, G4th, 65th, and 66th Congresses; 
mem. K. P., Masons, Elks. Former resi- 
dence, Audubon, Ia., 1882 to 1911. 

GREEN ELL, W. J., traveling salesman, 
Clinton; b. Clinton, Ia., June 13, 1878; 
Epis.; Rep.; ed. grade sch. and bus. 
coll.; m. Hazel Crapser McKinley, May 
12, 1910; stockholder City Nat. bank. 
Clinton; state sen.; was instrumental 
in securing the presentation of silver cup 
by the 38th la. G. A. to the citizens of 
Sioux City in recognition of their en- 
tertainment of the legislature; men). 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, U. C. T., Local 

GREEN LEAF, Dr. William S., physician 
and surgeon, Atlantic; b. Atlantic, la., 
Oct. 3, 1872; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Atlantic 
H. S., Ia. State Univ., degree of M. D. ; 
m. Bessie M. Henshaw, June 15, 1898, 
Atlantic, Ia. ; child. Eloise J.; stock- 
holder and director of Atlantic Hospital 
Corp.; mem. A. F. & A. M., Rotary 
club. Former residence, Massena, la., 

GREENSH I ELDS, John P., pres. First 
Nat. bank, Council Bluffs; b. Province 
Quebec, Can., Nov. 20, 1859; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. Academies in Canada; m. Alie A. 
Armstrong, Aug. 20, 1885, Shenandoah, 
Ia.; child. Mrs. Bernard Beno. ; realtor; 
mem. A. F. & A. M., Elks. M. W. A. 
Former residence, Montreal until 1883; 
Anthony, Kas., until 1887. 

GRIFFEY, Frank L., contractor and re- 
tail lumber, Keokuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., 
Feb. 25, 1864; Rep.; ed. Keokuk H. S.; 
m. Jennie B. Gabriel, Feb. 22, 1888. 
Keokuk; child. Irwin G. ; Alderman 
Keokuk 8 yrs., 1898 to 1906 and chmn. 
important council committees; repre- 
sented Lee co. in I. O. O. F. Grand 
Lodge for 10 yrs.; mem. I. O. O. F., 
/B. P. O. E., K. P. 


Griffin 34 

GRIFFIN, Thos. F. f lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Howard Co., Ia., Apr. 19, 1865; Cath.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Notre Dame Univ., dept. 
law, 1888; m. Rose Hartnett, 1891; 
child. Thos., James; elected state rep. 
Woodbury Co., 1912; re-elected 1914-16- 
18; resigned 1920 to accept office of 
city atty., Sioux City; mem. K. C, Elks. 

GRIFFITHS, Henry H., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Des Moines, la., Feb. 19, 1868; 
Unitarian; Ind. ; ed. pub. sch. Des 
Moines; West Des Moines H. S.; law 
dept. State Univ., L. L. B., 1891; m. 
Lizabeth Vaupel, Aug. 25, 1897, Hum- 
bolt, la.; general practice of law at Des 
Moines since 1891; Ia. mem. Resolutions 
Com., Progressive Nat. convention 
191G; Progressive Nat. Committeeman 
for Ia. 191G; mem. Grant club, Univ. 
club of Des Moines; lieta Theta Pi. 

GRISWOLD, DALE A., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Winthrop, Ia., March 15, 
1890; Cong.; Rep.; ed. North Des Moines 
H. S., 1909; Drake Univ., College of 
Law, 1913, L. L. B. ; corporation-com- 
mercial law; v-pres. Aero club of Ia. ; 
v-chmn. Leonard Wood league of Ia. ; 
Lieut. Air Service Aeronautics Flying 
Instructor; v-chmn. Harding-Kendall 
club; v-pres. North H. S. Alumni; mem. 
A. F. & A. M., Phi Lambda Epsilon, 
Chi Delta, Grant club, Chamber of Com. 
Des Moines, Des Moines Golf & Tennis 
club. Former residence, Winthrop, Ia., 
1890 to 1901. 

GRONEWEG, William A., Pottawattamie 
co. sheriff, Council Bluffs; b. Cincin- 
nati, O., Nov. 22, 18G1; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. pub. sch. m. Emma Fox, Oct. 9, 
1888, Council Bluffs, Ia.; child. John 
F., Margaret H.; former deputy sheriff, 
former U. S. marshal, pres. for one yr. 
of Ia. State Sheriff's assn.; sec-treas. 
of same three yrs.; mem. of legislative 
committee for six yrs.; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Shrine, K. P., Moose, W. O. 
W., M. W. A., Eagles, Elks, Chamber 
of Commerce, Council Bluffs Country 
club. Former residence, Cincinnati until 

GUI HER, J. A. f lawyer, Winterset; b. 
Waynesburg, Pa., Dec. 10, 1858; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Waynesburg Pa., Coll.; m. 
Mary L. Evans, June 23, 1891, Winter- 
set, Ia. ; Co. atty., Madison co., Ia., 
1887-91; R. R. commissioner of Ia. from 
Jan., 1915 to Jan 1, 1917 by appoint- 
ment of Gov. George Clark; elected r. r. 
commissioner in 1916 for full term of 
four yrs.; sat with the inter-state com- 
merce commission in the advanced rate 
case from May 24, to July 30, 1920; 
mem. Masons, K. P. Former residence, 
Waynesburg, Pa. 

GUNDERSON, C. L., farmer, Rolfe; b. 
Wis., Oct. 13, 1859; Presb.; Rep.; ed. 
common sch., H. S.; m. Miss Dena 
Christensen, 1884, Bascobel, Wis.; child, 
three sons; three daughters; pres. 
Rolfe Grain and Milling Co.; one of 
organizers Pocohontas Co. Farmers' 
Institute and Farmers' elevator Co.; 
sec. same 9 yrs.; pres. Farmers' Mutual 
Ins. Co.; elected State Rep. Pocohontas 
Co., 1918; re-elected 1920. 

GUNNERSON, Gilbert Lewis, Co. Agr. 
Agent, Le Mars; b. East Lynn, 111., Nov. 



5, 1890; Meth.; Rep.; ed. grad. 1908 from 
Cowrie H. S., Gowrie, Ia., three yrs. 
at State Teachers' Coll., 1910-13; grad. 
from I. S. C. of agr. and mechanic arts 
in 1917 with degree of B. S. in Agr. 
m. Florence Holm, June 29, 1919, Ames, 
Ia.; mem. Alpha Zeta, honorary nat. 
agr. frat. ; mem. Le Mars Rotary club, 
Masons. Former residences, Boyhood 
spent at Gowrie, la. After leaving la. 
State Teachers' Coll. in 1913 served for 
two yrs. as superintendant Bradgate, 
Ia., consolidated sch.; returned to I. S. 
C. for two yrs., after which he served 
as supt. of Sioux Center, Ia., sch. for 
one yr., leaving that to take up county 
agent work. 

HOBSON, Abraham J., physician and 
surgeon, Hamilton; b. Brooklyn, Ia., 
Sept. 22, I860; Cong.; Rep.; .ed. B. S., 
M. D.; m. Isabella Milloy, May 5, 1895; 
child. Isabella, A. J., jr.; mem. Masonic 
bodies and Shrine, K. P. Former resi- 
dence, Bristaw, la., 1881 to 1892. 

HADLEY, Elbridge Drew, lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Deering, N. H., Sept. 16, 
1842; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Appleton acad., 
N. H. ; New London Literary and Scien- 
tific Institution, N. H.; m. Mary Eliza- 
beth Bourne, De Witt, Ia., June 30, 
1873; bus. sec. work for sons of Am. 
Revolution and Loyal Legion; practiced 
law at Manchester, N. H., De Witt, Ia., 
Luverne, Minn.; also engaged in bank- 
ing at Luverne; was Brevet Captain 
in the union army serving from Aug. 
1SG2 to Dec. 29, 18G4; served on sch. 
bd. city of Manchester, N. H., 1868; 
clerk of city council; Judge of Probate 
of Rock Co., Minn., and co. atty.; sec. 
Ia. soc. of the Sons of the Am. Revo- 
lution 22 yrs. to date; recorder of Loyal 
Legion of la. since 1909; mem. Masonic 
bodies, G. A. R., pres. Ben Franklin 
Chapter, Sons of the Am. Revolution of 
Des Moines. Former residences, Deer- 
ing, N. H., Manchester, N. H., De Witt, 
la., Luverne, Minn. 

HAGEMAN, F. P., lawyer, Waverly; b. 
Maxfield, Bremer, Co., la., Dec. 1869; 
Lutheran.; Dem.; ed. Univ. of Ia., Ph. 
B. and L. B.; grad. from col. dept. 
1895; law 1896; m. Sophia Neverman, 
May 25, 1898; child. Vernon F., Carl E.; 
dir. State bank of Waverly; general 
counsel, Lutheran Mutual Aid (life ins. 
co.); owner bus. property, farm lands; 
stockholder in three banks; co. supt. 
sch. 2 terms; state sen. Bremer-Butler 
dist. 1 term; mem. and pres. sch. bd. 

HALE, John K., farmer and merchant, 
Anamosa; b. Guilford, Conn., Aug. 27, 
1858; Rep.; ed. rural sch.; buys and 
sells grain; grocery and meat bus.; 
twp. trustee arid co. supervisor Jones 
Co., 8 yrs.; elected rep. from Jones 
Co. in 36th G. A.; elected state sen. in 
1916; re-elected in 1920. 

HALL, W. Earl, newspaper man, Mason 
City; b. Jefferson, Ia., Apr. 7, 1897; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Jefferson H. S.; Univ. 
of Ia., B. A. degree; m. Ruth Reeves, 
Milwaukee, Wis., July 31, 1920; dir. 
of Univ. of Ia. Publicity 1916-17; served 
on editorial staff of Milwaukee Journal 
1919-20; present managing editor of 
Mason City Globe Gazette; editor stud- 





ent daily, "Daily Iowan"; pres. Ia. Coll. 
Press Assn.; played centerfield on var- 
sity baseball team; mem. Sigma Nu 
frat., Phi Alpha Delta frat., Sigma 
Delta Chi frat.; served in Intelligence 
division during war. 

HOLLOWAY, Charles E., farmer and 
stockman, Thurman; b. Thurman, la., 
Apr. 21, 1874; Meth.; Dem.; ed. H. S. 
and work in Tabor Coll. and Drake 
Univ.; m. Stella Nix, 1898; child. Chas., 
William, Marguerite; has been mem. bd. 
of ed. and town council; elected state 
rep. 1918. 

HALLOWELL, John Elmer, pharmacist, 
Swan; b. Swan twp. Ia., June 21, 1868; 
Christian; Dem.; ed. common sch. ; 
Passed state bd. of pharmacy, Feb. 25, 
189G by home study and experience; 
m. Mary A. Bench, June 1896, Des 
Moines; child. Mrs. Adis Herwet; mem. 
A. F. & A. M. Former residence, Togus, 
Me., 188G-87. 

HAMILTON, George F. r shoe merchant, 
Council Bluffs; b. Prairie City, 111., Dec. 
6, 1866; Prot.; Rep.; ed. grade sch. m. 
Flizabeth Hill, Sept. 1898, Morrison, 111.; 
former mem. of fire and police bd.; 
mgr. of Council Bluffs Auditorium Co.; 
mem. Chamber of Commerce. Former 
residence, Omaha, Neb., 1888-98. 

HAMILTON, Robin Lynn, educator, Sioux 
City; b. St. Charles, Mich., June 29, 
1883; Christian; Ind.; ed. Ithaca (Mich ) 
H. S.; Alma (Mich.) Coll. one yr.; Univ 
of Mich, three yrs., A. B., 1905; Steno- 
graphic Institute, Ann Arbor, grad ■ 
asst. to supt. of sch. and head of voca- 
tional ed., Sioux City sch.; contributor 
to several magazines and newspapers 
including The Rotarian, Industrial Arts 
etc., editorial work and public speak- 
ing; partner Clark-Hamilton Co., Sioux 
City, tire dealers; chmn. mem. auditing 
committee, Ia. State Teachers Assn., 
connection several other state educa- 
tional committees; dir. in Sioux City 
for Federal bd. for vocational educa- 
tion of inquiry concerning 14-16 yr old 
workers; sec. of Northwest Ia. League 
to Enforce Peace; former dir. Boys' 
Working Reserve of Sioux City; treas 
Junior Red Cross; "4-min. man"; team 
capt. and mem. of numerous war work 
committees; chmn. Boys Work Com- 
mittee Sioux City Rotary Club, 1919-20; 
mem. Rotary, Chaber of Commerce, So- 
ciological Club of Sioux City, A. F & 
A. M., Elks, Nat. Ed. Assn., Nat Vo- 
cational Ed. Soc, Nat. Com. Teachers 
federation, Ia. State Teachers Assn., 
etc. Former residences, St. Charles, 
Mich., 1883-92; Ithaca, Mich., 1892-1903; 
Ann Arbor, Mich., 1903-05; Ithaca, Ann 
Arbor, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Ann Ar- 
bor, 1905-08; Rockford, 111., 1908-13. 

HAMMARSTROM, Albert H., certified 
public accountant, Clinton; b. Norwich- 
ville, Canada, Oct. 29, 1870; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S., Bus. Coll., Partial Course 
Correspondence sch. of law; m. Clara 
M. Trowbridge, June 6, 1895, Dixon, 
111.; child. Mary A., Helen O., Ruth E.; 
appointed by gov. of Ia., Jan. 1, 1918, 
three yr. term mem. of Ia. State Bd. of 
Accountancy, (at p -csent sec. and 
treas.); mem. Clinton Chamber of Com- 

merce, Masons, Rotary Club; mem. Am. 
Institute of Accountants, Nat. Assn. of 
cost accountants, Ia. Soc. of certified 
public accountants, Ia. Soc. public ac- 
countants. Former residences, Dixon, 
111., 1873-92; Parker, S. D., 1892-1905. 

HANCHER, Melvin Park, stockman, 
Rolfe; b. Rolfe, Ia., June 9, 1870; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Cornell Coll.; m. Priscilla N. 
Hanlon, Rolfe, Ia. ; child. Vergil M. ; 
sec. Ia. Swine Breeders' Assn.; dir. 
Am. Poland China Record Assn. 

HAUGEN, Gilbert N., real estate and 
banking, Northwood; b. Rock Co., Wis., 
Apr. 21, 1859; Rep.; treas. Worth Co. 
six yrs.; mem. House of Rep. 25th, 
and 26th Ia. G. A.; served eleven terms 
as mem. of congress from the 4th dist. 

HANNA, J. W., farmer and banker, Vin- 
ton; b. Benton Co., Ia., Aug. 29. 1857; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. rural sch.; Cornell 
(Ia.) Coll.; organizer and pres. Farm- 
ers' Sav. bank, Garrison, Ia.; mem. 
and sec. draft bd. ; elected state rep. 
Benton Co., 1918; re-elected, 1920. 

HANSEN, Albert, newspaper editor, 
manufacturer, public official, Harlan 
b. Dodge Co., Neb., Dec. 13, 1871; Luth.; 
Dem.; ed. Coll. Liberal Arts, Univ. of 
Neb. 1899; m. Miss Anna Nelson, 1900, 
Lincoln, Neb.; child. Edward A.; pub- 
lisher Harlan American 1900-06; Co. 
Aud. Shelby Co., Ia., 1907-11; State rep. 
35th G. A.; pres. and gen. mgr. Nelson 
Gas Engine & Auto Co., Harlan, la., 
1913 to date; March 13, 1920 appointed 
co. aud. Shelby Co., to fill vacancy; 
now holds that position, also mayor 

.Harlan, Ia., 1916-17; mem. Masons, 
Macabee. Former residence, Dodge Co., 
Neb., 1871 to 1892. 

HANSEN, John T., farmer, Devenport; 
b. Davenport, la., Nov. 28, 1858; Rep.; 
m. Emma E. Horst, (deceased) March 
1887; child, two sons, two daughters; 
pres. Eldridge Mutual Tel. Co., six yrs.; 
v-pres. Scott Co. Farm League; mem. 
sch. bd. 11 yrs.; elected state rep. Scott 
Co., 1916; re-elected 1918. 

HARDESTY, Ray, chief deputy, clerk of 
dist. court, Council Bluffs; b. Wayland. 
Ia., May 17, 1876; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Wal- 
nut, Ia., H. S.; m. Hattie Neff, June 
15, 1905; Avoca, Ia.; printer; elected Co. 
clerk, Nov. 1920; mem. A. F. & A. M., 
M. W. A. Former residences, Avoca, 
Ia., Walnut, Ia. 

HARDIN, James F., banker, Eldora; b. 
Homer, 111., Oct. 11, 1852; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. Ames (Ia.) Coll., B. S.; m. Mary 
C. Carpenter, Dec. 30. 1880, State Cen- 
ter, Ia.; child. Genevieve, Hal C, James 
P., jr.; mem. Rotary club. 

HARDING, William L., lawyer, Sioux 
City; b. Osceola Co., Ia., Oct. 31, 1877; 
Rep.; ed. Morningside Coll.; grad. law 
sch. Univ. S. D.; m. Carrie Lamoreaux, 
Jan. 9, 1907; child. Barbara; practiced 
law in Sioux City several years; served 
as rep. from Woodbury Co. in 32nd, 33rd 
and 34th G. A.; served as Lieut. -Gov. 
in 1912-14; elected Gov. in 1916-18. 

HARLAN, Edgar Rubey, curator, hist, 
dept. of Ia., Des Moines; b. Spartans- 
burg, Ind., Feb. 28, 1869; Christ.; Rep.; 
ed. 2 yrs. Drake Univ. L. L. B. Drake; 


Hammans * 36 

m. Minnie C. Duffield, June 9, 1897, 
Keosauqua, la.; child. John E., George 
D., Mary A., James R., Ada W. ; mem. 
J3d. Ia. Soldiers' Roster Com.; sec. la. 
Allison Memorial Com., Grenville M. 
Dodge Memorial Com., Ia. State Bd. 
of Conservation; mem. and sec. Plant 
* Life Com.; mem. and sec. assn. for 
reservation McGregor Park area by U. 
S. government; a founder of Miss. Val- 
ley Hist. Assn.; mem. Ia. State Lib. 
Assn.; Ia. State Hist. Soc; Am. Hist. 
Assn.; hon. mem. Minn. Hist. Assn.; A. 
I. A. Nat. Sculpture Soc; Des Moines 
Fine Arts Assn. Former residences, 
Spartansburg, Ind., 1869-71; Keosauqua, 
Van Buren Co., la., 1871-1907. 

HAMMANS, C. W., Ass. State Field 
Agent in Marketing, Ames; b. Afton, Ia., 
Jan. 2, 1892; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Afton H. 
S., I. S. C. ; co. agr. agent until Aug. 
1, 1920; was agr. and manual training 
teacher at Mondamin, la., H. S.; mem. 
Masons, Alpha Sigma Phi. 

HARNED, Francis Paul, lawyer, Mar- 
engo; b. Grand Junction, Ia., July 22, 
1892; Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S. grad., 
Grand Junction, Ia., 1910; L. L. B. 
(Cum Laude) Drake Univ., 1917; Co. 
atty. Ia. co., 1917-18; mem. Havner, 
Hatter, Harned law firm; mem. A. O. 
U. W., K. P., Pythian Sisters, O. E. S., 
Masonic bodies and Shrine. 

HARPEL, Llewellyn Vernon, lawyer, 
Boone; b. East Liberty, O., March 8, 
1867; Unitarian; Rep.; ed. I. S. C. de- 
gree B. S.; Ia. Coll. law, LL. B.; m. 
Kate Stevens, July 10, 1802, Mason City 
Ia.; child. Gates; former city solicitor 
Perry, Ia. ; co. atty. of Boone co., la.; 
indorsed for dist. judge by Boone co. 
bar assn.; active in war work; mem. 
Boone Country Club, Masonic bodies, 
O. E. S., W. S. of J., Chamber of 
Commerce. Former residences, Shel- 
dahl, Ia., 1870-88; Des Moines, Ia., 1888- 
90; Perry, Ia., 1890-03. 

HARRIS, Adah Roper, Musician, Des 
Moines; b. Dexter, la.; Prot.; ed. Chase 
Cons, and Southern Coll. of Music; pupil 
of several well known instructors; has 
played before many large assemblages 
in various cities; appeared in concerts 
on European tour; also presents an in- 
teresting illustrated travelogue; mem. 
Rebeccas, D. of V, O. E. S. ( White 
Shrine, Des Moines Woman's Club. 

HARRIS Joseph B., manager Montrose 
Hotel, Cedar Rapids; b. Pomeroy, O., 
Aug. 5, 1881; Rep.; ed. grad. Pomeroy 
H. S.; m. Yvonne Bell; child. Esther; 
connected with public service institu- 
tions practically all his life; mem. 
Greeters of America, Hotel Men's Mu- 
tual Benefit Assn., Lion's Club; past 
three yrs. mgr. Martin Hotel, Sioux 
City, la.; 1 yr. mgr. Hermitage Hotel. 
New York City, three yrs. at Rice Hotel 
at Houston, Tex. 

HARRISON, Albert E., Co. Supt. of Sch., 
Storm Lake; b. Pan Coast, Pa., Apr. 
20, 1881; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Hiteman (la.) 
H. S.; Parsons Coll., Fairfield, Ia., B. 
A. degree; post grad. study at Ia. State 
Univ. and Univ. of Wis.; m. Louise 
Thatcher, 1911, Pocahontas, Ia.; child. 
Harlan A.; editor and publisher, Alta 


Advertiser 1915-18; mem. Ia. State 
Teachers' Reading Circle Bd; mem. Co. 
Supt. of Ia. Legislative Com. 1919; 
mem. Storm Lake Rotary club (sec). 
Storm Lake Country Club, Masons, 
Clerk of Session, Lakeside Presb. ch., 
Storm Lake. Former residences, Deni- 
son, Ia., Parkersburg, Ia., Grants Pass, 
Ore., Alta, la. 

HARTMAN, John Clark, Editor Waterloo 
Evening Courier, Waterloo; b. Water- 
loo, Ia., June 21, 1861; ed. Waterloo 
pub. sch.; m. Ida M. Hummel, Nov. 8, 
1886, Waterloo, Ia.; pres. W. H. Hart- 
man Co., publishers Waterloo Evening 
Courier; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, 
Rotary, Sons of American Revolution, 
Sunnyside Country Club, Pres't Home 
Building and Loan Assn. t 

HASKELL, Cornelius D., banker, Sioux 
City; b. Stromsburg, Neb., May 14, 1886; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Yale Univ. B. A.; m. 
Margaret M. Timken, 1910, Bonesteel, 
S. D.; child. Marie T., John D., William 
W. ; v-pres. Livestock Nat. bank; capt. 
inf. World war; mem. Elks, Country 
Club, Sioux City Boat Club. Former 
residence, Gregory, S. D., 1908-17. 

HASKELL, Willis G., wholesale and 
retail coal bus., Cedar Rapids; b. Brad- 
ford, Ia., June 5, 1857; Rep.; m. Mae 
E. Williams, Jun^ 15, 1881; two sons, 
two daughters; state sen. 26th dist.; 
re-elected 1920; pres. Johnson Gas Ap- 
pliance Co.; pres. J. S. Anderson Land 
Co.; Dir. Merchants National bank; 
served as alderman Vinton and Cedar 
Rapids; chmn Park Cimmission, Ce- 
dar Rapids; mem. Rep. State Central 
Com.; pres. Commercial club and P. 
M. Cedar Rapids; mem. Masons, Elks, 
K. I*. ' 

HATTER, Russell E., lawyer, Marengo; 
b. Deep River, Ia., Apr. 24, 1892; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Deep River H. S., Grinnell 
Acad., Grinnell Coll. (4 yrs.); law dept. 
State Univ. of Ia. (2 yrs.); Rachel IT. 
Vette, July 2, 1918; child. Arthur V.; 
mem. of law firm of Havner, Hatter 
& Harned; Co. atty., Ia. Co.; mem. Ia. 
State Bar Assn.; Phi Alpha Delta law 
frat.; Masonic bodies, Shrine, K. P. 

HAUGE, A. O., banker, real estate and 
insurance, Des Moines; b. Polk co., Ia., 
Feb. 13, 1879; Rep.; Luth.; ed. Humboldt 
Coll., degree of Master of Accounts; 
m. Elizabeth Heggen, Dec. 31, 1904, 
Cambridge, Ia. ; child. Herbert H. Ger- 
hard; pres. Ia. Trust & Sav. bank; 
pres. Union Securities Co.; pres. Union 
Insurance Agency; treas. Union Realty 
Co.; treas. Farmers Live Stock In- 
surance Co.; mem. 38th and 39th G. A.; 
treas. Lutheran Brotherhood of Am.; 
mem. bd. trustees Norwegian Luth. 
Church of Am.; cashier Ia. State Treas. 
office; position in U. S. Treasury Dept.; 
mgr. business and commercial lepts., 
Humboldt Coll.; teacher commercial 
branches East Des Moines H. S., Des 
Moines; mem. Masons, Shrine, K. P., 
Yoeman, Woodman, Homesteader. For- 
mer residences, Polk Co., Ia., 1879-87; 
Emmett Co., Ia., 1887-91; Wright Co., 
Ia., 1891-1905; Polk Co., Ia., 1905-20. 

HAVNER, H. M., lawyer, Marengo; b. 
Wayne Co., Ia., Nov. 22, 1871; Rep.; 





ed. Simpson Coll.,,grad. law dept. State 
Univ., 1899; elected atty. gen. of la. 
1916; re-elected 1918; candidate lor gov- 
ernor, 1920. 

HAYDEN, Philip Cady, Sch. Music Sup- 
ervisor, Keokuk; b. Brantford, Canada, 
Nov. 20, 1854; Cong.; Rep.; ed. N. Y. 
Univ., 1 yr. ; Oberlin Coll. and Con- 
servatory five yrs.; m. Mary Neely Ral- 
ston, 1885, Quincy, 111.; child. Ralston, 
Van B.; supervisor of sch. music in 
public sch. Quincy, 111., and Keokuk, 
la., thirty yrs.; organized music sec- 
tion of 111 State Teachers' Assn. and 
was 1st and 2nd pres. of the same; pres. 
Ill Music Teachers' Assn. 189G-97; 2nd 
v-pres. and pres. of the dept. of music 
ed. of Nat. Ed. Assn.; 1st pres. Music 
Supervisors' Nat. Conference; estab- 
lished the supervisors' magazaine, 
School Music in 1900, and has remain- 
ed its editor and publisher; has writ- 
ten a number of children's school songs, 
both words and music; written and 
read many papers before Nat. and 
State music teachers' assn. and teach- 
ers' assns. most of which were pub- 
lished; mem. Zeta Psi frat. of New 
York Univ., Past-master Mason. For- 
mer residence, Quincy, 111., 1883 to 1900. 

HAZELTON, Arthur S., lawver, Council 
Bluffs; b. Plymouth, N. H., Nov. 7, 
1855; Prot. ; Rep.; ed. Kimball Union 
Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; Dartmouth Coll. 
class 1881; m. Emma Higham, May 16, 
1888, Keokuk, la.; child. Charles S. 
Paul H.; city solicitor, Council Bluffs 
1892 to 1897; state senator one term; 
Postmaster Council Bluffs from July, 
1902, to April, 1914; mem. Elks, Mac- 
cabees. Former residence, Plymouth, N. 

H. , until Sept. 5, 1884. 

HENDERSON, Harry J., Co. Supt. Sch.,. 
Hampton; b. Millersburg, O., July 26, 
1869; Meth.; Rep.; ed. H. S. at Millers- 
burg, O.; Student at la. State Teachers' 
Coll.; Student at Drake Univ.; m. Josie 

E, Scantleburg, Nov. 15, 1893, Sheffield, 
la.; child. Muriel L. ; sch. teacher 10 
yrs.; Co. Supt. sch. 10 yrs.; mem. K. 
P., Hampton Commercial Assn. Former 
residences, Millersburg, O., 18 yrs.; 
Garner, la., 3 yrs.; Hampton, la. 30 

HENDERSON, J. H., lawyer, Indianola; 
b. Warren Co., on present site of Ack- 
worth, Sept. 16, 1848; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
Pub. sch. and Simpson Coll.; non- 
grad.; m. Nannie J. Spray, Oct. 8, 1868, 
(deceased); 2nd Hattie E. Spray, June 
20, 1905, (deceased); child. Frank P., 
Inez Proudfoot, Dwight F. ; Commerce 
Counsel of la.; Circuit Judge, 1st Cir- 
cuit, 5th Judicial Dist., 1885-86; Dist. 
Judge 5th Judicial Dist. of la., 1887-90; 
1891-95; 1896, resigning, effective Jan. 

I, 1897; mem. bd. of state law exam- 
iners 1903-06; appointed Commerce 
Counsel of la. July 1, 1911; appointed 
again July 1, 1915, and again July 1, 
1919; now serving under the last ap- 
pointment; mem. of Grant Club, Des 
Moines, Masonic bodies, Shrine, I. O. 
O. F., Subordinate Encampment, Re- 
bekah, Canton, Grand Master I. O. O. 

F. , 1906-07; representative to Sover- 
eign Grand Lod2;3 two yrs., 1909-10 and 

1910-11. His home has been in Indiano- 
la, Warren Co., Ia., since June, 1850. 
HENRY, Charles, sheriff Marshall Co., 
Marshalltown; b. Reading, Pa., Feb. 7, 
1860; Lutheran; Dern.; ed. Parochial 
sch. and pub. H. S.; printer and news- 
paper publisher; mem. city council, 
Marshalltown, six yrs.; mem. Masons, 
Elks. Former residence, Reading, Pa. 

HENRY, Samuel D., Editor Coon Rapids 
Enterprise, Coon Rapids; b. Shelby Co., 
Ind., Oct. 10, 1854; Unitarian; Rep.; 
ed. rural sch.; m. Mary A. Stimson, 
Oct., 1876, Des Moines, (deceased); 
2nd Josephine S. Sevor of Hartford, 
la.; child. Josephine A. Frances C; 
newspapering; owns modern ptg. office 
and building; stockholder in several 
corporations; Postmaster from 1897 to 
1911; chmn. War Service Council Union 
twp., Carroll Co., Ia., during World war; 
mem. of Co. Red Cross Assn.; said to 
be the oldest publisher in point of ser- 
vice at any one town in Iowa — 38 yrs.; 
mem. K. P. and M. W. A.; took an 
active part in the enforcement of the 
Ia. prohibitory law and alligned him- 
self with the prohibition wing of his 
party during all the political campaigns. 
Former residences, Indiana, 1854-69; 
Kansas. 1869-71; Des Moines, 1874-80; 
from 1880-83, Albion, Ia. 

HEMINGER, A. L., lawyer and educator, 
Des Moines; b. Van Buren Co. Ia., Dec. 
16, 1873; Meth.; Rep.; ed. grad. Keo- 
sauqua H. S.; B. D., Ia. State Teach- 
ers' Coll.; Ph. B. & LL. B. State Univ. 
of Ia.; m. Edna Margaret Browning, 
June 26, 1905, Keokuk, Ia.; child. 
Mary M. ; spent a number of yrs. in 
sch. work and nine yrs. as practicing 
atty. at Keosauqua; appointed Deputy 
State Supt. and legal advisor, July 1, 
1919; Co. Supt., Jan. 1904 to Jan. 1911; 
mem. A. O. U. W., Odd Fellows, Ma- 
sonic bodies. Shrine; Ia. St. Bar Assn.; 
Deputy Custodian, R. A. M.; Ia. State 
Teachers' Assn.; Nat. Ed. Assn. 

HEM MY, David Joseph, Keokuk; b. Keo- 
kuk, Ia., March 27, 1882; Cath.; Dem.; 
ed. St. Mary's Parochial sch.; commis- 
sioner of city of Keokuk 1916; state or- 
ganizer of Am. Fed. of Labor, 1902; 
mem. executive bd. Ia. Federation of 
Labor, 1907-12-14; mem. K. C, Elks, 
M. W. A., Eagles, Cigar Makers Union, 
ex-board mem. Ia. State Federation of 

HENNEMAN, Charles Henry, chief of 
police, Keokuk; b. Keokuk, la., Feb. 
15, 1866; Dem.; m. Mary Adeline Gallett, 
Sept. 26, 1888, Keokuk, Ia.; child. Chas., 
Mrs. Mary Rockefeller; world champion 
discus thrower. 1897-1902; western 
championship, 56 -pound weight for 
height at St. Louis, 1S92; central assn. 
champion shot put, discus and hammer 
throw at Detroit, 1895; won nat. shot 
put, 1897; chief of police, Keokuk. 1901- 
07- and 1916 to date; mem. Masons, 
Elks, Eagles, M. W. A., Knights and 
Ladies of Security. Former residence, 
St. Louis, 1891-95. 

HILL, George Edgar, lawyer, Burlington; 
b. Burlington, Ia., July 13, 1879; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., Collegiate and law 
course; m. Elizabeth Jane Hosford, 


Hllmer 38 

Aug. 5, 1914, Burlington, la.; child. 
George E., jr.,; former co. atty. 1913- 
19; chmn. Des Moines Co. Rep. Cen- 
tral Com.; dir. soc. Service League; 
mem. Masons, Elks, Burlington Golf 

HILMER, William C, educator, Sioux 
City; b. Reinbeck, la., May 11, 1871; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. A. B. Baldwin-Wallace 
Coll. 1899; Ph. D. Univ. 111., 1910; m. 
Emma E. Schmidt, 1894, Charles City, 
la.; child. Katherine M.; coll. prof. 19 
yrs.; v-pres. Morningside Coll. 5 yrs. 

HIRSCH, Edward L., lawyer, Burling- 
ton; b. Burlington, la.. Oct. 21, 1880; 
Jewish; Dem.; ed. Burlington H. S.; 
LL. B., Ia. Univ.; m. Gertrude Nirdlin- 
ger, Feb. 8, 1911; child. Elizabeth, Henry 
L., Edward L. ; city solicitor, Burling- 
ton, la., 1906-10; chmn. Des Moines Co. 
Dem. Cent. Com. 

HODGES, E. B., Co. Supt. sch., Butler 
Co., Allison; b. Cedar Falls, la., 1887; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Cedar Falls H. S.; Ia. 
State Teachers' Coll., B. A. in educa- 
tion; I. S. C; mem. Masons. 

HOFFMAN, M. H., Co. Agr. Agent, Dav- 
enport; b. Harper, Ia., May 30, 1882; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Sigourney H. S. 1899; 
Ia. State Teachers' Coll. M. D., 190G; 
I. S. G, B. S. A. E. 1914; m. Alta E. 
Mathews, Aug. 14, 1907, Kansas City, 
Mo.; child. Virginia, Mary, Milton H., 
jr.; extension prof, of agr. eng., I. S. C, 
1914-20; author of a number of papers 
on various phases of farm eng., partic- 
ularly on methods of preventing soil 
erosion; mem. Am. Soc. of Agri Eng., 
Gamma Sigma Delta. Former resi- 
dence, Ames, Ia., 1912-20. 

HOLBROOK, Parker K., banker, Onawa; 
b. Onawa, Ia., Sept. 23, 1804: Rep.; ed. 
Onawa H. S., three yrs. in State Univ. 
at Ia. City, leaving at the end of jun- 
ior yr. to go into bus.; m. Virginia 
Robinson, Green Bay, Wis., 1893; child. 
Weare, John S.; pres. First Trust & 
Sav. bank, Onawa, the successor to 
Holbrook & Bro. established 1858; mem. 
bd. regents, State Univ. of la., 1896 to 
1909; mem. State bd. of ed. 1909 to 
date; v-pres. State bd. of ed.; mem. 
Masons, Elks, Sigma Chi frat. 

HOLDEN, William, Gen. sec. Sioux City 
Chamber of Commerce; civil eng. in 
city planning, etc., Sioux City; b. Har- 
din, Mo., Dec. 19, 1887; Epis.; Rep.; ed. 
St. Louis Central H. S., Univ. of Mo., 
B. S. in civil eng. '08; m. Grace Roby, 
1911, Rocheport, Mo.; child. Edward W., 
James R.; formerly civil eng. on loca- 
tion, K. C. Clay Co. and St. Joseph 
electric Ry. ; eng. in charge of con- 
struction of tunnels, and heavy rail- 
road work, Bingham & Garfield R. R. 
(Utah); planned Turkey Creek Diver- 
sion Project for K. C, Mo.; designed 
structures for K. C. Terminal Ry. Co.; 
assisted Brenneke & Fay, consulting 
engrs., St. Louis, in designing and had 
charge of construction of the Fort 
Worth Viaducts; chief engr. of con- 
strue co. building Tarrant Co. road sys- 
tem around Fort Worth; engr., dept. 
of streets and sewers, St. Lou's, Mo., 
and in charge of considerable city 
planning work; recently elected pres. 


of the Ia. Town Planning Assn.; sec. 
City Planning Commission of Sioux 
City; mem. of Sioux City Boat Club, 
Rotary Club, Sioux City Acad, of Sci- 
ence and Letters, American Soc. of Civ- 
il Engineers, Nat. Assn. of Commercial 
Organization Secretaries, Ia. Secretarial 
Bureau; Masons. Former residences, 
Hardin, Mo., Kansas City, Mo., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

HOLDOEGEL, Perry C., farmer and 
banker, Rockwell City; b. near Wood- 
bine, Ia., Sept. 7, 1869; Rep.; m. Mattie 
A. Forest, Dunlap, Ia. ; child., Donald, 
Dorothy; state sen. 27 th dist.; mgr. 
Central Mutual Tel Co.; heavily inter- 
ested in farm lands; served as sec. and 
chmn. Rep. Co. Cent. Com. 

HOLSTEEN, Fred S., lawyer, Burlington; 
b. Burlington, Ia., July 5, 1873; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Nauvoo, 111. H. S., 1893,' Bur- 
ington Institute Coll. 1895; Univ. Ia., 
Ph. B., 189S; LL. B., 1900; and Yale 
law sch. 1902; m. Leonore Mohlond, Oct. 
22, 1907; child. Charles S., Theodore F., 
Fritz, Lucile; asst. U. S. atty. southern 
dist. of Ia., 1911-14; in I. N. G., for 
over 14 yrs. from private to lieut.-col. 
of inf.; military instructor and comnd. 
Univ. bat. 1899-1900; served over 2V 2 
yrs. in World war from pvt. to lieut.- 
col.; mem. Golf Club, Masons, Wood- 
men, Elks. Former residences, Benton 
twp., Des Moines Co., Ia. 

HOOK, Ellis J., lawyer, Decorah, b. Taze- 
well Co., 111., 1870; Rep.; ed. grad. 
Decorah institute; grad state univ., law 
dept., 1912; m. Minnie Reed, 1898; prin- 
cipal and city supt. sch. Decorah; appt. 
Co. supt., elected and served 4 terms; 
formerly mayor of Decorah; chmn Rep. 
Co. Cent. Com; elected State Rep. Win- 
neshiek Co., 1918. 

HOON, Earl, clergyman, Sioux City; b. 
Kokomo, Ind., Oct. 31, 1880; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Garret Biblical Inst., Chicago, 
and special student Northwestern Univ.; 
m. Fannie Ruth Waitman, Bayard, Neb., 
1900; child. Bessie E., Paul; pastor 1st 
Methodist Ch., Sioux City; his third 
"appointment" after graduation, all 
within first ten years of active minis- 
try; mem. Masonic bodies and Shrine. 
Former residences, came to Aurelia, Ia., 
on graduation in 1910; transferred to 
Manson, Ia., 1914; to First Methodist 
Ch., Sioux City, 1919. 

HOPKINS, Chas. S., merchant, Lake City; 
b. Lockport, 111., Sept. 18, 1854; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. H. Sch. and two yrs. in Coll.; 
m. Mary A. Campbell, Dec. 3, 1878, Glid- 
den, Ia. ; child. Martha A., Mercer; fur- 
niture business and funeral director; 
mem. State Embalmers' Examining Bd. 
for past 8 yrs., Masons, K. P. Former 
residences, 11 yrs. at Lockport, 111.; 10 
yrs. Fayette Co., la.J 3 yrs. Glidden, Ia. 

HORCHEM, B. J., School Principal, Du- 
buque; b. Dec. 4, 1886; Dem.; ed. grad. 
Dyersville Schools, 1884; Valparaiso, 
Ind., 1892; Normal Schools; Business 
Coll., Cedar Rapids; took special courses 
in Sociology and Psychology at Co- 
lumbia Univ. and Univ. of Chicago; 
mem. various societies of educational, 
sociological and scientific character; 





representative Dubuque Co., 1914-16; 
elected State Senator, 1918. 

HORNIBROOK, Edward,, physician and 
surgeon, Cherokee; b. Ontario, Can., 
Oct. 29, 1838; Pantheist; Dem. ; ed. Pub. 
Sch.; private tutors 2 yrs.; Univ. of 
Toronto, 4 yrs. medical course; M. D., 
Victoria Univ., 1861; m. Rosina Ste- 
phens, Mitchell, Ont., 1863; child. Rose, 
Mary, Edward, William H. ; mem. Sch. 
board, trustee Independence Hosp. for 
Insane; pres. Ia. State Medical Soc, 
1898; pres. Sioux Valley Medical Soc. 
and Cherokee Medical Soc. several 
times; copious contributor to medical 
literature of the country. Former resi- 
dences, Merickville, 1838-52; Mitchell, 
Ont., 1861-79. 

HORTON, Frank W., physician and sur- 
geon, Sanborn; b. Ft. Atkinson, la., 
Nov. 7, 1870; Presb.; Rep.; ed. H. S. f 
Belmond, la.; Coll. M. D., Iowa City, 
la.; m. Harriet M. Smiley, Sept. 26, 
1895, Iowa City, la.; child. Ruth L., 
Welma G., Margaret A.; examiner for 
Co. Board of Registration during war; 
health officer; chmn. Four Minute Men; 
pres. Board of Education; mem. Ma- 
sonic bodies, Shrine. Former resi- 
dences, Clayton Co., until 1884; Arling- 
ton, Fayette Co., until 1888; Belmond, 
Wright Co., until 1891. 

HOSKINS, Henry A., pres. Hoskins-Can- 
tine Fuel Co., Sioux City; b. Sioux City, 
la., Jan. 15, 1886; Rep.; ed. S. C. H. S.; 
in class of 1903; left unfinished course 
at high sch. and started to work for S. 
C. Gas & Electric Co. as office boy in 
1902; was made secy, of company in 
1910; resigned in 1918 to go into coal 
business; m. Alerta Rowley, 1914, Sioux 
City, la.; child. Franz P., Lois, Allan 
W. ; director S. C. Chamber of Com- 
merce; was chmn. Four Minute Men for 
S. C. and Woodbury Co., during World 
War; mem. and officer Elks, past mas- 
ter Masonic Lodge, Rotary Club, Shrine. 

HOUGH, Frank Sherman, physician and 
surgeon, Sibley; b. Lexington, Ky., Dec. 
22, 1864; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Detroit H. S., 
State Normal Sch. (Mich.); Michigan 
Agr'l Coll.; Mich. Military Acad.; Mich. 
Medical Coll (Detroit), grad. 1890, M. D.; 
m. Clara Randall, Sept. 20, 1889, Wal- 
kerville, Ont.; child. Randall S., Wy- 
man G., Frank S., Howell H., Elliott 
W. ; propr. and surgeon Sibley Hosp., 
1910 to date; mem. Wayne Co. Med. 
Soc, Detroit (former sec'y); former 
pres. Mich. Surgical and Pathological 
Soc; mem. Osceola Co. Med. Soc; N. 
W. Ia. Med. Soc; Ia. State Med. Soc; 
American Med. Assn.; chmn. service 
organization of Osceola Co. Chap. Am. 
R. C. ; chmn. and medical member of 
local board of Osceola Co.; received a 
commission as captain (med. sec.) in U. 
S. A. just prior to armistice; holds a 
commission at present as captain in 
Medical Reserve Corps of the army; 
mem. Masonic bodies. Former resi- 
dence, Detroit, Mich. 

HOWARD, John H., lawyer, New Hamp- 
ton; b. Nashua, Ia., May 20, 1888; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Nashua H. Sch., class 
1907; Liberal Art;-; Coll., Univ. of Ia., 
class 1912; Univ. of Ia. Law Coll., class 

1915; m. Mildred Elliott of Lamont, Ia., 
April 25, 1917, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; Co. 
atty. Chickasaw Co., Ia.; mem. Acacia, 
Phi Delta Phi, Masons, I. O. O. F. For- 
mer residences, Nashua, la., until 1915; 
from 1915 to 1918, at Fredericksburg, 

HOWD, John B., dentist, Sioux Citv; b. 
Burnside, 111., Jan. 6, 1879; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. LaHarpe, 111., Sem.; Carthage, 111., 
Coll.; grad. Drake Univ. and attained 
D. D. S. degree; m. March 14, 1900, 
Burnside, 111.; child. Arlo S.; mem. Ma- 
sons, Elks, M. W. A., R. A., Eastern 
Star. Former residences, Burnside, 111.; 
Des Moines, Ia.; Keokuk, Ia. 

HOWE, James Augustus, lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Attica, Mich., April 26, 1805; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Grand Junction, Ia*., H. 
Sch.; regular degree L. L. B. and hon- 
orary degree (cum laude) in Ia. Coll. of 
Law; m. Elizabeth Case, Sept. 12, 1894, 
Des Moines, la.; child. Harold J.; pros, 
atty. of Polk Co., Ia., 1895 to 1899; de- 
clined third term; judge of Dist. Ct., 9th 
Jud. Dist., 1903-1911; resigned after 
serving eight years on bench; mem. 
Grant Club, K. P., Masons. Former 
residences, boyhood, Lapeer Co., Mich.; 
Grand Junction 1880-87. 

HOWE, Paul C, insurance and real es- 
tate, Sioux City; b. Lancaster, Wis., 
Aug. 19, 1878; Prot.; Rep.; ed., grad. 
Beloit Coll., Beloit, Wis., 1900; m. Mary 
Weare Nason, May 30, 1906, Sioux City, 
Ia.; child. Paul R., Robert W. ; reporter 
and city editor Sioux City Journal, 1902- 
07; telegraph editor and managing edi- 
tor Sioux City Tribune, 1907-12; in pres- 
ent business since 1912; pres. Sioux 
City Press Club; sec'y Sioux City Ro- 
tary Club; sec'y Sioux City Country 
Club; publicity dir. Liberty Bond and 
W. S. S. campaigns; chmn. Sioux City 
1920 Census Committee; city golf 
champion 1914 and 1919; mem. Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Press 
Club, Country Club, Real Estate Assn., 
Insurance Assn., Elks. Former resi- 
dences, Wheeling, W. Va., 1900-1902; in- 
structor in Military Acad. 

HOYT, Edwin H., state treasurer, Des 
Moines; b. Manchester, Ia., Oct. 27, 
1871; ed. Iowa Coll.; Upper Iowa Univ.; 
grad. from latter 1891; took a course in 
Commercial Law and Banking, Cross 
Coml. Coll., Dowers Grove, 111.; organi- 
zed Lamont, Ia., Savings Bank.; pres. 
of same until 1912; elected State Sena- 
tor 1908; apptd. State Treasurer May 
15, 1917; elected same 1918. 

HUDSON, L. C, live stock broker, Sioux 
City; b. Sioux City, Ia., March 14, 1886; 
Epis.; Dem.; ed. H. Sch.; m. Gladys 
Thomason, March 10, 1910, Paris, Tonn.; 
vice pres. S. C. Traders' Live Stock 
Ex.; vice pres. National Traders Live 
Stock Ex.; mem. S. C. Boat Club, S. C. 
Country Club, Masonic bodies, Shrine, 

HUEBNER, S. T., com'l mngr. Iowa Tele- 
phone Co., Burlington; b. Iowa City, Ia., 
Dec. 11. 1861; Meth.; Rep.; ed. grammar 
sch.; business coll.; Oberlin coll.; m. 
Emly Cook, 18S8, Burlington, la.; child. 
Theodore, Lillian, Mary, Ethel; as a 

• student at college, took part in all lit- 


Huecker 40 

erary work, debates, etc.; has been a 
member of the city council; pres. Burl- 
ington Masonic Temple Assn.; sec'y Ro- 
tary Club; dir. Crystal Lake Hunting 
and Fishing Club; also connected with 
other fraternal societies. Former resi- 
dences, Oberlin, O.; Elyria, O.; Mans- 
field, O.; Youngstown, O. ; Beatrice, 

HUECKER, Dr. John, physician and sur- 
geon, Waukon; b. Alma, Wis., Sept. 19, 
1870; Ref.; Rep.; ed. Manitowoc (Wis.) 
H. S.; Ph. G. Univ. of Denver, 1891; 
M. D. for same, 1898; m. Lena Bieber, 
Oct. 10, 1900, Waukon, la.; coroner of 
Allamakee Co.; mem. M. W. A., K. O. 
T. M., A. F. and A. M. Former resi- 
dence, Lansing, la., 1900-07. 

HUGHES, Charles Emmet, lawyer, Belle 
Plaine; b. Ruthven, la., April 29, 1889; 
Lib.; Dem.; ed. com. sch., H. S.; A. B. 
Univ. of Iowa, 1911; L. L. B., 1913, Univ. 
of la.; admitted to bar of Iowa in 1913; 
began practice at Belle Plaine in 1914; 
was associated with Robert S. Milner 
until 1916; since that time has practiced 
alone; city atty. of Belle Plaine, two 
terms; Co. atty. of Benton Co., Ia. 
(elected while in Army); charter mem- 
ber John Jennings Post American Le- 
gion, and delegate at large from Ia. to 
first Natl. Con. of Legion at Minnea- 
polis; mem. Phi Dela Theta Fraternity, 
D. O. K. K., Masonic bodies, Shrine. 

HUGHES, Felix Turner, lawyer and cor- 
poration executive, Keokuk; b. Mild- 
stadt, 111., 1838; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Acad; 
m. Jean Summerlin, 1866, Memphis, Mo.; 
child. Rupert (author), Felix, Howard 
R., Greta; atty. for large corp.; pres. of 
Keokuk & Western R. R., 1885-1900, un- 
til its purchase by the Burlington Ry. ; 
was engaged for 22 yrs., 1872-94, in 
litigation over Missouri Co. bond issues 
which counties refused to pay; is father 
of the plan to make a new east and 
west railroad trunk line from Logans- 
port, lnd., to Lincoln, Neb., over small 
railroads now existing; mayor, Keokuk, 
1895-96; judge Superior Court, Keokuk, 
1901-04. Former residences, Mildstadt, 
111., 1838-1851; Memphis, Mo., 1863-66; 
Lancaster, Mo., 1866-1880. 

HUGHES, George F., postmaster, Council 
Bluffs, la.; b. Council Bluffs, Ia., Feb. 
22, 1864; Cath.; Dem.; ed. Council Bluffs 
H. S.; St. Benedict's, Kan.; Tech. Sch. 
of Architectural Drawing at Atchinson, 
Kas.; m. Elizabeth J. Keating, April 8, 
1891, Council Bluffs, Ia.; child. Harold 
D., Rodna M. ; general contractor; is 
an amateur thespian of considerable 
reputation in Council Bluffs, Omaha, 
and southwestern Iowa; mem. Chamber 
of Commerce, Council Bluffs Country 
Club, K. C, Elks, Rhinoceros Club. 

HUGHES, W. P., publisher, Council Bluffs; 
b. near Hanover, 111., July 6, 1869; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Northern Illinois Coll., no de- 
gree; Dixon Univ. of Business; m. Eva 
Jane Dickinson, 1898, Sabula, Ia.; v.- 
pres. and genl. mngr. Daily Nonpareil; 
taught in business coll.; worked in law 
office and all departments of newspaper; 
mem. Rotary Club, B. P. O. E. Former 
residences, Jones Co., Ia., until 1888; 

Hu tchinson 

Kearney, Neb., 1888-91; Sanborn, Ia., 
1891-93; Marshalltown, Ia., 1893-1909. 

HULING, C. F., investment securities, 
Sioux City; b. North Bennington, Vt., 
Feb. 23, 1867; Prot.; Dem.; ed. H. S. 
and prep. schl. at Wesleyan, Wilbur- 
ham, Mass.; m. Hannah Nolen, Aug. 3, 
1904. Sioux City, Ia.; child. Helen W., 
Alexander K., Robert M.; mem. Country 
Club, Elks, Masonic bodies, Shrine. For- 
mer residences, Vermont, 1867 to 1889; 
Washington, 1889 to 1900; back to Ver- 
mont, 1900 to 1904. 

HULL, Harry E., grain buyer, Williams- 
burg; b. Belvidere, N. Y., March 12, 
1864; Epis.; Rep.; ed. com. schls.; m. 
Mary L. Harris (deceased), June 3, 1891; 
child. Harris; alderman 2 yrs., mayor 10 
yrs., postmaster 13 yrs. Williamsburg; 
elected to 64th, 65th and 66th Con- 
gresses; mem. Progress Club, S. O. O. 
F., K. P., B. P. O. E., Masons. 

HUNTER, Robert, lawyer, Sioux City; b. 
on farm Butler Center, Ia., Jan. 12, 
1858; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Lenox Coll. and 
S. U, B. S. and M. S. and L. L. B.; 
m. Olive Ann Merrill (deceased), Oct. 
19, 1881, Butler Center, Ia.; child. Cora 
M., Mrs. Jane M. Sloan; farms, city 
property, securities; pres. Western Land 
& Loan Co., inc. Aug. 1899; treas. Sioux 
City Masonic Bldg. Co.; state senator 
Ia. 33d and 34th G. A.; mem. Masonic 
bodies, I. O. O. P., Elks, M. W. A., W. 
O. W., Chamber of Commerce, Sioux 
City Boat Club. Former residences, 
Aberdeen, S. D., 1882-3; Harting, Neb., 

HUPP, Dr. E. T., doctor dental surgery, 
Atlantic; b. Griswold, Ia., Dec. 12, 1885; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Griswold H. S., 1904; 
Atlantic H. S., 1906; U. of Ia., 1910; m. 
Blanche M. Thomas, Aug., 1910, Glen- 
dive, Mont.; child., Howard T.; holds 
commission in the Public Health Service 
as District Dental Examiner; is "Thrice 
Illustrious Master" of Atlantic Council 
of Royal and Select Masters; also holds 
chair in Masonic Chap, of R. A. M.; 
mem. local, dist., state, and national 
Dental Assns; also the Preparedness 
League of American Dentists. Former 
residence, Griswold, Ia., until 1904. 

HURD, Louis Guthrie, lawyer, Dubuque; 
b. Beavertown, O., Jan. 8, 1847; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., Cincinnati Law Sch., B. 
L. degree; m. Lymna Maxfleld, March 
25, 1872, Odin, 111.; child., Walter G., 
Marian K., Norman C, Carol J.; mem. 
Board of Education for 6 yrs.; mem. 
and ex-pres. Dubuque Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, Elks, pres. Dubuque Hu- 
mane Soc. 

HUTCHINSON, Chas., attorney at law, 
Des Moines.; b. Selby, Eng., Sept. 26, 
1865; S*r*8.j Rep.; ed. com. schs. and 
prep.; grad. Penn Coll., Oskaloosa, Ia., 
1884, degree of A. B.; m. Eunice L. 
Neff, Oct. 2, 1889, Washington, Kan.; 
child., Charles N., Elizabeth, Philip M.; 
formerly judge of Dist. Ct. of Iowa in 
Polk Co., 1917-18; city solicitor of Iowa 
Falls, Ia., 3 yrs.; mem. sch. boards of 
Iowa Falls and Des Moines; mem. State 
Ex. Com. of Y. M. C. A. of Ia. at pres- 
ent; mem. Grant Club, Des Moines; 
Des Moines Bar Assn.; Ia. State Bar 





Assn., and Chamber of Commerce of 
Des Moines; chmn. Federal Labor Board 
of Polk Co. during- the war. Former 
residences, Selby, Eng., 1865-74; Oska- 
loosa, la., 1874-85; Huron, S. D., 1885- 
86; Washington, Kan., 1886-90; Medicine 
Lodge, Kan., 1890-94; Des Moines, la., 
1894-97; Iowa Falls, la., 1897-01; Des 
Moines, 1901 to present time. 

HUTCHINSON, R. O., banker, Waterloo; 
b. Lake City, la., 1884; Prot.; Rep.; ed. 
Ia. Univ., B. A.; m. Maria E. Eckels, 
1909, Nevada, la.; child., Raymond E., 
Corinne R., Frederick E. Former resi- 
dences, Lake City, la., 1884-06; Rock- 
well City, la., 1906-19. 

1NGERSOLL, F. W., farmer, Tama; b. 
Marshall Co., Ia., April 29, 1873; U. B. ; 
Rep.; ed. bus. course Highland Park 
Coll.; m. Flora B. Gary, March 14, 1896; 
elected State Rep. Tama Co., 1918; re- 
elected 1920; mem. Masons. 

JVINS, Virginia Wilcox, author and his- 
torian, Keokuk; b. Warsaw, 111., March 
26, 1832; Epis. ; Rep.; ed. Edgewater 
Sem., St. Louis, Mo.; m. William S. 
Ivins, 1849, Keokuk, Ia. ; child., Mrs. 
Robert Ralston Jones, William N. S.; 
historian of pioneer days in Lee co., Ia., 
from personal recollections largely; 
traveled overland for 192 days from 
Keokuk to California, 1853, and returned 
to Keokuk via Isthmus of Panama, 1856; 
author of "Pen Pictures of Early West- 
ern Days" (Keokuk, 1905), and of "Yes- 
terdays — Reminiscences of Long Ago" 
(Keokuk, 1915); charter mem. Keokuk 
Chap. D. A. R. Former residences, War- 
saw, 111., 1832-40; Petaluna, Cal., 1853-56. 

JACKSON, Douglas V. f lawyer, Musca- 
tine; b. Muscatine, Ia., Nov. 17, 1859; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Muscatine H. S., 1875; 
N. W. Uni., 1879, B. L.; Ia. State Law 
Sch., 1881, L. L. B.; m. Alberta C. Jar- 
vis, Sept. 14, 1885, Muscatine, Ia.; child., 
Robert S., Louis D.; v.-pres. and dir. 
1st Natl. Bank, Muscatine; pres. and 
dir. 1st Trust & Sav. Bank, Muscatine; 
Co. Atty., Muscatine Co., 1896-97; Judge 
Dist. Ct. of la., 7th Jud. Dist., 1902-10; 
Col. 50th Ia. Vol. Inf. Spanish- Ameri- 
can war, 1898; mem. Masons. 

JACKSON, Edwin R., trust officer Coun- 
cil Bluffs Sav. Bank, Council Bluffs; b. 
Avoca, Ia., March 2, 1881; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. Avoca, Ia., H. S.; 2 yrs. at Tabor 
Coll.; 3 yrs. at I. S. U., B. S. degree; 3 
yrs. George Washington Univ., Wash- 
ington, D. C, L. L. B. degree; m. Jean- 
ette Huntington, Nov. 28, 1907, Council 
Bluffs, Ia.; child. Donald H., Nora Jean; 
Sch. Supt. Oakland, Ia., 1904-06; Potta- 
wattamie Co. Supt., 1907-10; ed. expert, 
U. S. Dept. Agr., Forest. Div., 1910-13; 
inatr. Council Bluffs H. S., 1913-14; 
Asst. Pottawattamie Co. Atty., 1915-18; 
Pres. Council Bluffs Sch. Board, 1915-18; 
mem. A. F. & A. M., Rotary Club, 
Council Bluffs Country Club, Chamber 
of Commerce, State Hist. Soc. Former 
residences, Avoca, Ia., until 1904; Oak- 
land, 1904-06; Council Bluffs, 1906-10; 
Washington, D. C, 1910-13. 

JACKSON, Geo. H., real estate and farm 
business, Mason City; b. Chickasaw Co., 
Ia., Nov. 3, 1878; Rep.; ed., rural school 
and H. S.; grad. fro.n New Hampton H, 

S., June, 1894; started in banking at 
Britt, Ia., at 18 yrs. of age; organized 
Farm. & Mer. Bank, Floyd, Ia., at 21 
yrs.; sold out in 1915; was asst. cashr. 
Citizens Bank, Britt, Dec, 1896, to July 
1, 1900; organized Farm. & Mer. Bank, 
Floyd; was cashier until July 1, 1910; 
reorganized and incorporated into 1st 
Natl. Bank, of which he was president 
until sold out in 1915; organized and is 
pres. Corn Belt Land & lnv. Co.; State 
Sen., 1914-18; town elk. of Floyd, 1902- 
06; mayor Floyd, 1906-12; chrm. Rep. 
Floyd Co., Cent. Com., 1908-12; mem. M. 
W. A., Elks, I. O. O. F., K. P. For- 
mer residences, New Hampton, 1895; 
Britt, July 1, 1900; Floyd, Ia., June 1. 
1912; Charles City, Ia., Jan. 1, 1919, and 
since at Mason City. 

JAEGGI, Albert M., merchant, Dubuque; 
b. Dubuque, Ia., May 30, 1865; Cath.; 
Rep.; ed. Pub. Sch.; St. Marys; Colum- 
bia Coll.; Bayless Coll.; in. Feb. 21, 
1900; child., Adele M.; treas. and genl. 
mngr. James Levi Co.; capt. and regi. 
adjt. 49th Ia. U. S. Vols., war with 
Spain; diamond medal 25 yrs. Ia. Natl. 
Guard; mem. K. C. (past grand knight 
same); Elks, Naval and Military Order 
Foreign Wars, U. S. Spanish War Vet- 
erans, M. W. A., Chamber of Commerce, 
Dubuque Golf Club. 

JAMISON, James E., insurance agent, 
Burlington; b. Burlington, Ia., Nov. 27, 
1880; Dem.; ed. H. S.; Rep. from Des 
Moines Co. in 35th and 36th G. A.; prvt. 
Co. A 5th Eng., A. E. F.; mem. Elks, 
Moose, A. O. U. W., Rotary Club, Bur- 
lington Launch Club, Boy Scout Coun- 

JENSEN, Clay H. f building manager and 
real estate, Sioux City; b. Durant, Ia., 
Nov. 26, 1888; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Alvord 
H. S.; Highland Park Coll.; Drake Uni.; 
m. Ethel Hume, Dec. 12, 1909, Mitchel- 
ville, Ia.; child., Virginia E., Helen M.; 
sales mngr. Warfield- Pratt- Howell Co., 
whol. grocers, 1910-18; mem. K. P.. Mu- 
nicipal League of Sioux City, Chamber 
of Commerce. Former residence, Des 
Moines, 1906-10. 

JENSEN, J. C, chief of police, Council 
Bluffs; b. Denmark, Oct. 22, 1867; Luth.; 
Dem.; ed. grade sch.; m. Ellen M. Jen- 
sen, April 25, 1895, Council Bluffs, Ia.; 
child., Edward P., Clara J., Geo. W.; 
cigar dealer; mem. Board Police and 
Fire Comn., 1913-1918; mem. Elks, W. 
O. W., D. B. S., K. O. T. M. Former 
residence, Avoca, Ia., 1889-90. 

JENSEN, Walter P., lawyer, Waterloo; b. 
Rolie, la., Dec. 1, 1880; Pres.; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Ia. State Teachers' Coll.; grad. 
Law Dept. Univ. of Mich.; m. Anna I. 
Moody, June 9. 1909. Ionia, Ia.; Co. Supt. 
Pocahontas Co., 1906-12; mem. House 
of Rep., Ia. G. A., 1913-15; mem. Civil 
Service Comn., Waterloo, Ia.; mem. Ma- 
sons, I. O. O. P., K. P. Former resi- 
dences, Rolfe, Ia., 1880-06; Pocahontas, 
Ia., 1906-14. 

JEPSON, William, surgeon, Sioux City; b. 
Denmark, June 29, 1863; ed. B. Sc., 
Univ. of the N. W. (Morningside Coll.); 
M. A., Univ. South Dakota; M. D., Univ. 
Pa.; Univ. of Ia.; Jefferson Medical 
Coll.; L, R, C, S,, Edinburgh; F. A. C, 





S., America; Prof, of Surg-. State Univ. 
of la., 1902-13; Prof. Surg., S. C. C. of 
M., 1890-02; mem. of staff St. Johns and 
Samaritan Hospitals; coroner, Wood- 
bury co., 1889-1892; health phys., Sioux 
Citv, 1892; maj. and surg., 2nd Inf. Ia., 
1907-16, maj. M. C, Mexican border 
service, 1916-17; maj. M. C, chief of 
surgical service, Beebe hosp., Camp 
Bower, 1918-19; organized Sioux City 
and Woodbury Red Cross, 1917, and its 
first chairman; pres. Ia. State Med. Soc, 
1908; mem. Rotary Club, Country Club, 
Shore Acre Club, Masons, Elks, K. P., 
Ia. State, Missouri Valley, Mississippi 
Valley, Sioux Valley, and Tri-State Med. 
Societies. Western Surgical Soc, Sig- 
ma X, Nu Sigma Nu. Former resi- 
dences, Seymour, Ia. ; Oakland, Neb. 

JOHANSEN, Fred W., city supt. schools, 
Cherokee; b. Gladbrook, Ia., Dec. 24, 
1887; Presb.; Rep.; ed. A. B. '09, State 
Univ. of Ia. ; post grad. work, Univ. of 
Chicago; m. Isa Lighthall, June 25, 1913, 
Alden, Ia. ; child., Mina W. ; prin. Audu- 
bon, Ia., H. S., 1909-11; prin. Creston, 
Ia., H. S., 1911-12; city Supt. Audubon, 
la., 1912-17; city supt. Cherokee, Ia., 
1917 to date; pres. Northwest Div., Ia. 
State Teach. Assn., 1920-21; mem. gov- 
erning board, State Teach. Assn., 1919; 
mem. Rotary Club, Masons. 

JOHNSON, Audley W., lawyer, Sioux 
City; b. Centerville, S. D., Nov. 14, 1888; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. Cleveland H. S., St. 
Paul, Minn., Morningside Coll., Sioux 
City, Ia.; Drake Univ., Des Moines, Ia.; 
m. Hildur E. Ohlund, June 10, 1914, 
Sioux City, Ia. ; child., Arlene L. ; rail- 
road, commercial and government teleg- 
rapher; received L. L. B. degree and 
admitted to practice in Iowa in 1913; 
asst. city atty. Sioux City, 1916-18; sec. 
Sioux City Bar Assn., 1919-20; sec. 
Drake Alumnus Assn. of Sioux Citv, 
1918-20; sec. Council Oak Boat Club, 
1916-18; mem. I. O. O. P., K. P., Elks, 
Shore Acre Club, Swedish Business 
Men's Club, Ia. State Bar Assn., Sioux 
City Bar Assn., Drake Univ. vVlumnus 
Assn. Former residences, St. Paul, 
Minn., until 1903. 

JOHNSON, Emmons, banker, Waterloo; b. 
Ellicottville, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1835; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. com. sch. and acad; m. Lucy 
Leland (deceased), Oct. 27, 1859, Mor- 
risville, N. Y. ; m. Ella H. E. Kellogg, 
March 28, 1895, Rochester, N. Y.; child., 
E. L., Lewis E., Mrs. J. D. Easton, 
Walter E., Mrs. D. H. McKee; banker, 
Waverly, Ia., 1864-71; banker, Waterloo, 
Ia., ever since; chmn. of bd. First Nat. 
Bank, Waverly; Leavitt & Johnson 
Trust Co., Waterloo, Ia.; Waterloo Sav. 
Bank, Waterloo, Ia.; mem. Chicago Bd. 
of Trade; ex-senator Ia. legislature; 
mem. Masons. 

JOHNSON, Elbert Leland, banker, Wa- 
terloo; b. Independence, Ia., March 27, 
1863; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Ph. B., Univ. of 
Mich., class '84; m. Carrie Reed, April 
7, 1891, Waterloo, Ia.; child., Mrs. Geo. 
W. Williams, Carolyn; pres. Leavitt & 
Johnson Trust Co.; pres. 1st Natl. Bank, 
Waverly, Ia.; v-pres. Waterloo Sav. 
Bank, Waterloo, Ia.; dir. Fed. Reserve 
Bank, Chicago; mem. K. P., Union 
League of Chicago, A. M. Acad, of Po- 

litical and Social Science, Philadelphia. 
Former residences, Washington, D. C; 
Clay Center, Kan.; Milwaukee, Wis.. 

JOHNSON, Harry S., lawyer, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. Compton, 111., Aug. 17, 1888; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Clear Lake H. S., 1907; 
Memorial Univ., 1908; Drake Univ. Coll. 
of Law, 1913; enlisted in army as pvt. 
May 1, 1917; promoted from ranks to 2d 
lieut. Aug. 3, 1917; promoted to 1st lieut. 
May 1, 1918; served overseas with 126th 
F. A.; mem. Elks, I. O. O. F., Masonic 
bodies, Shrine, American Legion. For- 
mer residences, Clear Lake, Ia., 1900-07; 
Des Moines, 1907-13. 

JOHNSON, Homer W., western lands and 
mortgages, Sioux City; b. Clarke Co., 
Ia., March 16, 1859; Meth.; Dem.; m. 
Dora B. Fletcher, Oct. 25, 1893, Sioux 
City, Ia.; child., Allison F., Homer W. 
Jr., Paul A., Edwin H., Dorothy, Ruth, 
Constance; pres. Citizens State Bank, 
Armour, S. D., 1885-06; state senator 
Douglas, Charles Mix and Gregory coun- 
ties, tAvo terms; mem. bd. of gov. Farm 
Mtg. Bankers Assn. of America, 3 yrs.; 
pres. Homer W. Johnson Co. and John- 
son Bros. Land Co.; mem. Masons, I. O. 
O. F., K. P. Former residences, Sioux 
Falls, S. D., 1882-85; Armour, S. D., 
1885-06; Lewiston, Ida., 1906-07. 

JONES, Carlos D., investments, Inde- 
pendence; b. Washington Co., N. Y., 
Oct. 4, 1849 Epis.; Rep.; ed. com. sch. 
and commercial coll.; m. Edith L. 
Woodruff, 1873; child., Rev. Carlos E., 
George H., Floyd W., Ethel E.; former- 
ly pres. and operator public utilities; 
warden St. James Parish, four times; 
del, to Genl. Conv. I'. E. church; pre- 
late of Commandery, K. T., 35 yrs.; pres. 
Masonic Temple Assn.; city treas., dir. 
First Natl. Bank; mem. Commercial 

JONES, Seymour Harris, wholesale hard- 
ware, Burlington; b. Jones Island, Otta- 
wa River, Can., Nov. 1, 1851; Epis.; 
Dem.; ed. McGill H. S., Montreal; m. 
Jessica P. Childs. Jan. 26. 1888. Water- 
loo, Seneca Co., N. Y.; child., Mrs. Chas. 
H. Hendel, Jr., Norman N.; pres. Drake 
Hardware Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, 

JONES, W. H., sheriff, Sioux City; b. 
Ames, Ia., July 15, 1870; Pres.; Rep.; ed. 
Collegiate Acad.; m. Leona C. Smith, 
Aug. 14, 1895, Moville, la.; child., Clif- 
ford F., Lewis R. ; interested in farm 
lands Ia., S. D., Minn.; railway mail 
clerk; U. S. post ofhee inspector; sher- 
iff Woodbury Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, 
K. P., L. O. O. M., Sioux City Chamber 
of Commerce. Former residence, Story 
Co., la., 1870-84. 

JORDAN, Wm. N., lawyer. Des Moines; b. 
Jacksonville, 111., June 14, 1861; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. Princeton II. S.; Adrian Coll., 
Ph. B.; Drake Univ., L. L. B. ; m. Mabel 
Mclntyre, Jan. 1, 1891; child., Wm. R., 
Herbert S.; supt. Pub. Sehs., Nepon- 
set, 111.; mayor Holyoke, Colo.; founder 
and editor State Herald, Holyoke, Colo.; 
banker; resided in Des Moines since 
1898; pres. or chmn. City Cent. Com. 
and chmn. Co. Cent. Com., Rep.; chmn. 
Ex. Com. Tippecanoe Club for 14 yrs.; 
chmn. bd. of govs. Waveland Golf Club 


Joy 43 

8 yrs., and pres. of club; mem. Ma- 
sons, K. P., M. W. A., Yeomen; pres. 
Alumni Assn. of Alpha Tau Omega, Coll. 
Fraternity, 10 yrs.; present Province 
Chief, Alpha Tau Omega. Former resi- 
dences, Illinois until 1887; Colorado, 1891. 

JOY, Clyde Royal, manufacturer, Keokuk; 
b. Denmark, la., June 8, 1867; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. com. sch. and 2V 2 yrs. Den- 
mark Acad; m. Belle Brackett (de- 
ceased), 1890, Chicago, 111.; to Dorothv 
Toole. 1918, New York; child., Mildred 
Joy Robertson; mng. mem. firm of S. 
F. Baker & Co.; v-pres. Kellogg-Birge 
Co.; dir. Keokuk Natl. Bank; pres. Keo- 
kuk Y. M. C. A., 1894-09; pres. Keokuk 
Indus. Assn., 1911-14; chmn. Keokuk 
Chap. American Red Cross, 1917; chmn. 
Bureau of Military Affairs for south 
half of Lee Co., 1918; mem. Natl. War 
Work Council of Y. M. C. A., 1917; v- 
chmn. Religious Work Bureau Natl. 
War Work Council, with headquarters 
in New York, 1917-18; mem. Gen. Com. 
and chmn. Bus. and Fin. Com. of Men 
and Religion Forward Movement, 1910- 
11; mem. Internatl. Com. of the Y. M. 
C. A. of N. A., 1904; chmn. Religious 
Work Dept. of Internatl. Com., 1914-18; 
trustee Association Coll., Chicago, III.; 
trustee Knox Coll., Galesburg, 111.; mem. 
Union League Club, New York City; 
Lawyers Club, New York City; Old Col- 
ony Club; Chicago Athletic Assn; Keo- 
kuk Club, Keokuk, la. 

JOYCE, Thomas Hunt, general contrac- 
tor, Keokuk; b. Ireland, May 24, 1867; 
Cath.; Dem.; ed. grade sch.; m. Ella 
Croughan, Nov. 26, 1895, Keokuk, la.; 
child., Marybel, Ann, Thomas, Helen, 
James, John; pres. Cameron, Joyce & 
Co.; pres. Cameron, -Joyce-Smith-Elder 
Co.; pres. and treas. Craig Const. Co., 
all contractors; mem. Cameron -Joye & 
Schneider, wholesale and retail monu- 
ment dealers; his contracting compan- 
ies have done many very large jobs in 
Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, including 
miles of state road building for the 
state of Illinois in 1919 and 1920; mem. 
K. C, Elks, Keokuk Country Club. 

KAMM, W. H., general merchant, Gutten- 
berg; b. Jefferson Twp., Ia., Dec. 16, 
1866; m. Josie Pelzer; child., Edmund, 
William, Carl, Leo, May, Madeline, Har- 

KARSTEN, F. H., clothier, Marengo; b. 
Homestead, la., Sept. 28, 18 75; Luth,; 
Rep.; ed., com. sch.; m. Madge Sim- 
mons, 1896, Rock Island, 111.; child., 
Maude C, Kathryn, Laura M.; elected 
councilman at large 1912; re-elected 
1914-16-18-20; mem. K. P., I. O. O. P., 
A. F. & A. M. Former residence, New- 
ton, la., 1900-06. 

LAUNSBACH, Chas. Jr., jeweler, Sioux 
City; b. Sioux City, la., Oct. 9, 1868; 
Meth.; ed. com. sch.; m. Bertie May 
Abernathy, June 14, 1896; child., Fran- 
cis A.; mem. I. O. O. F., past grand in 
Subordinate Branch; past chief patri- 
arch in the Encampment; patriarch Mili- 
tants; Grand Lodge representative from 
Dist. No. 97. 

KAY, George Frederick, dean, Coll. of 
Liberal Arts, Univ. of la.; head Dept. 
of Geology, Univ. of la.; State Geologist 


of la., Iowa City; b. Virginia, Ont. ; 
Sept. 14, 1873; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Port 
Perry H. S., Ontario; Owen Sound Col- 
legiate Inst., Ontario; Univ. of Toron- 
to, B. A., M. A.; Univ. of Chicago, Ph. 
D. ; m. Bethea Hopper, Dec. 26, 1903, 
Paisley, Ont.; child., George M., Edith 
M., Frederick C; prin., Pub. Sch., Ze- 
phyr, Ont., 1892-94; geologist, Lake Su- 
perior Power Co., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., 
1900-02; asst. geologist, Ontario Bu- 
reau of Mines, 1903; asst. prof, of geol- 
ogy, Univ. of Kansas, 1904-07; jr. geol- 
ogist, U. S. Geological Survey, 1907 to 
date; prof, geology, 1907 to date; head 
of dept. geology, May, 1911 to date; 
dean of Coll. of Liberal Arts, 1917 to 
date, Univ. of la.; state geologist of 
la., May, 1911, to date; mem. Fellow, 
Amer. Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science (secy. sec. E.), Geological S«>c. 
of America; Ia. Acad, of Science; mem. 
Sigma Xi, Commercial Club, Ia. City; 
Mason, Acacia Fraternity. In 1910 was 
appointed by General Land Office of the 
United States to investigate the coal 
deposits of the Behring River coal 
fields of Alaska. 

KELLOGG, C. E., merchant, Corning; b. 
Erie Co., Pa., Feb. 13, 1873; ed. Green- 
field (Ia.) H. S.; Simpson Coll.; m. 
Sarah Vanvleet, Sept. 29, 1898; five 
children; engaged in implement busi- 
ness; justice of peace two terms; elect- 
ed State Rep., Adams Co., 1918; pres. 
Bd. of Education, Corning. 

KELLY, Eugene, newspaper pub., Sioux 
City; b. Sioux City, Ia., Jan. 22, 1887; 
Cong.; Ind.; ed. H. S., Sioux City. 2 yrs. 
coll.; Lit. B.; m. Mary Lennon, Feb. 23, 
1911, Sioux City, Ia.; child. John C, 
Eugene F., Mary E., Arthur L. ; bus. 
mgr. Sioux City Tribune; enlisted in 
U. S. N. in World war; mem. Elks, 
Rotary Club, Country Club. 

KELLY, E. J., lawyer, Des Moines; b. 
Bondurant, Ia., July 12, 1879; Cath.; 
Rep.; ed. scientific course Highland 
Park Coll., 1904, degree B. S.; Law 
Coll. Drake Univ., 1907, degree LL. B.; 
m. Elizabeth O'Donnell (deceased), Sept. 
29, 1909, Chicago, 111.; child., Edward 
J., Jr., Mary E.; admitted to bar, 1906; 
practiced law at Perry, Ia., until 1911; 
moved to Des Moines and has con- 
tinued in general practice of law there 
ever since; mem. firm of Miller, Kelly, 
Shuttleworth & Seeburger; during world 
war was asst. gen. counsel for alien 
property custodian, Washington, D. C; 
mem. K. C, Elks, Des Moines Club, 
Golf and Country Club. Former resi- 
dence, Perry Ia., 1906-11. 

KELSO, Joseph, Jr., banker, Bellevue; 
b. Bellevue, Ia., Sept. 13, 1875; Presb.; 
Dem.; ed. Bellevue II. S.; Coe Coll.; 
cashr. Bank of J. Kelso; v-pres., Kitt- 
son Co. Land & Abst. Co.; one of the 
partners of the Bellevue Pottery; treas. 
Bellevue Telephone Co.; served in the 
35th and 36th G. A.; mem. State Bd. of 
Conservation; sec. Group No. 8 Iowa 
Bankers' Assn.; treas. Town of Belle- 
vue; established world's record in the 
20-foot class for speed boats in 1910; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks. 

KENDALL, A. W., retired farmer, Ma- 
quoketa; b. Maquoketa, Ia., May 3, 





1857; Dem. ; ed. com. sen.; m. Anna 
Kehn, Jan. 25, 1882, Delmar, la.; child., 
Howard, Ernest, Hattie, Blanche, Ethel, 
Hazel, Floyd, Sylvia, Albert, Jr., Olive, 
Alfred; fire, tornado and life ins. agt. ; 
owns 140 acres at Delmar, la., 320 acres 
at Frederick, S. D. ; representative in 
32d and 33d G. A. Ia.; administrator, 
director, Consolidated Sch. Bd. and 
farm bureau; mem. Greater Ia. Assn. 

KENNEDY, Charles A., nurseryman, 
Montrose; b. Montrose, Ia., March 24, 
1869; Rep.; ed. H. S.; four terms mayor 
Montrose; mem. House of Representa- 
tives, 30th and 31st Ia. G. A.; elected 
to 60th, 61st, 62d, 63d, 64th, 65th, 66th 

KEPLER, M. H., lawyer, Northwood; b. 
Scott Co., Ia., April 14, 1870; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. country sch.; Western Coll.; 
later Leander Clark Coll., A. B.; S. 
U. I., L. L. B.; m. Minnie E. Muck- 
ler, May 5, 1898, Toledo, Ia.; child., 
Harrison D., Donald M.; law; mem. Sch. 
Bd. for 15 yrs.; several yrs. pres. of 
Bd.; co. atty. of Worth co., 8 yrs.; 
chmn. Rep. Co. Com. Tama and Worth 
Cos.; mem. A. O. U. W., M. W. A., Ma- 
sonic bodies, O. E. S. Former resi- 
dences, Scott Co., Ia., .1870-86; Toledo, 
Ia., 1886-98. 

KEPPLE, P. L., retired, Ionia; b. North 
Washington, Ia., July 11, 1857; Cong.; 
Rep.; m. Elizabeth Rumbaugh, 1884; 
formerly in mercantile business at Io- 
nia, Ia. ; was postmaster at Ionia for 12 
yrs.; has held offices of justice of 
peace, twp. trustree, councilman; elect- 
ed state rep. Chickasaw Co., 1916; re- 
elected 1918. 

KENYON, William S., lawyer, Ft. Dodge; 
b. Elyria, O., June 10, 1869; Rep.; ed. 
Ia. Coll., Grinnell; Law Sch. Univ. of 
Ia. ; prosecuting atty. Webster Co., 5 
yrs.; dist. judge, 2 yrs.; asst. to atty.- 
genl. of U. S., 1 yr. ; elected to U. S. 
Senate, April 12, 1911; re-elected Jan. 
22, 1913; re-elected Nov. 5, 1918. 

KERN, Chas. B., farmer, Norwalk; b. 
Warren Co., Ia., Feb. 1, 1867; Rep.; ed. 
pub. sch.; Simpson Coll.; m. Mary F. 
Spring, Aug. 25, 1893; 4 children; elect- 
ed State Rep. Warren Co., 1916; re- 
elected 1918. 

KESSLER, Alois, physician, Carroll; b. 
Solon, Ia., April 22, 1858; Cath.; Dem.; 
ed. Hiatts Acad., Ia. City; S. Univ. of 
Ia., A. B., 1886; S. Univ. of Ia., A. M., 
1889; M. D., Hospital Coll. of Medicine, 
Louisville, Ky„ 1888; m. Miss B. M. 
Bauer, 1889, Iowa City, Ia.; child., Alois, 
Carl J., Leo A., Lillian, Ardon; pension 
exam, for U. S.; Co. coroner; mayor of 
Carroll, Ia.; mem. Ia. State Medical 
Soc; American Medical Assn. Former 
residences, Garden City, Mich., 1859-66; 
Solon, Ia., 1866-70; Atlantic, la., 1870- 
88; Keswick, Ia., 1888-89. 

KIEDAISCH, J. Albert, wholesale drug- 
gist, Keokuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., Feb. 13, 
1880; Epis.; ed. Keokuk H. S., 1898; m. 
Maude M. Moss, Sept 5, 1905, I'oplar 
Bluff, Mo.; child., Lyda F., J. Albert. 
Jr.; sec. Wilkinson & Co.; pres. Keo- 
kuk Chamber of Commerce, 1915; dir. 
Keokuk Chamber of Commerce, 1912; 
mem. Keokuk Board of Edn., 1918; pres. 

Keokuk Country Club; dir. The Keokuk 
Club; mem. Elks, Masonic bodies, past 
master Hardin Lodge, A. F. & A. M. 

KIMBALL, Clem. F., lawyer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Anamosa, Ia., Aug. 11, 1868; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S., non-grad.; Ia. 
S. Coll., 1889, B. of E.; Univ. of Mich., 
1895, L. L. B. ; m. Carroll Williams. 
Sept. 1, 1905, Wyoming, Ia. ; child., John 
W., True; practiced law for 25 yrs.; 
asst. co. atty., Pottawattamie Co., 1899- 
03; city solicitor Council Bluffs, 1906- 
12; state sen. 19th dist., 1913-21; chmn. 
Cities and Towns Ways and Means and 
Retrenchment and Reform Corns.; su- 
preme rep. K. P. of Ia.; mem. Masons, 
Woodmen, and other orders, Country 
Club of Council Bluffs. Former resi- 
dence, Anamosa, from birth until 1905: 

KING, Will L., Hubbard.; b. Hubbard, Ia., 
Feb. 22, 1897; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Hubbard 
H. S.; A. B., at Drake Univ; two yrs. in 
Drake Coll. of Law; sweepstakes cham- 
pion in debate, oratory and extempo- 
raneous speaking for 2 yrs. at Drake, 
winning eight consecutive contests; 
state representative from Hardin Co. in 
38th G. A.; elected when 21 yrs. of age; 
mem. I. O. O. F., Phi Gamma Lambda 
Fraternity; taught in rural schools and 
Camp Dodge Basic Education School 
for two years, and lectured consider- 
ably for Ia. Anti-Saloon League; lec- 
turer for Standard Chautauqua System 
on their western circuit during sum- 
mer of 1920. 

KINGLAND, Thomas A., lawyer. North- 
wood; b. Mt. Valley Twp., Winnebago 
Co., Ia.; March 27, 1875; Luth.; Rep.; 
ed. State Univ. of Ia., Ph. B., and LL. 
B., 1901; Preparatory St. Ansgar Sem., 
St. Ansgar, Ia., and Augsburg Sem., 
Minneapolis, Minn.; m. Maude M. Mar- 
shall (divorced), Dec. 4, 1911, Dubuque. 
Ia.; mem. firm of Kingland, Dakin & 
Thonn, maintaining offices both at 
Northwood and Lake Mills, Ia.; one ot 
the six selected to deliver commence- 
ment orations on graduation of his class 
in the collegiate department of the 
univ.; co. atty. of Winnebago co., four 
years, 1905-08, inc.; represented Winne- 
bago co., Ia., in House of Representa- 
tives in 35th G. A.; senator for the 41st 
senatorial dist. of Mitchell, Winnebago 
and Worth cos. in the 37th and 38th G. 
A.; mem. Kappa Sigma, B. P. O. L. 
Former residences, on farm near for- 
est City, Ia., until 1901; Forest City, 
Ia., 1901-09; Lake Mills, Ia., 1909-19. 

KINNE, Roy U., lawyer, Storm Lake; b. 
Storm Lake, la., Oct. 17, 1880; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Storm Lake H. S.; Buena Vis- 
ta Coll.; S. Univ. of la., LL. B.; m. 
Alice Bell, Sept. 15, 1904, Marion, Ia.; 
child., Katherine R.; past master Jewel 
Lodge, A. F. & A. M. ; alderman, Storm 
Lake; city clerk, Storm Lake; serving 
first term as co. atty. Buena Vista co.; 
mem. Phi Delta Phi, Acacia, Storm 
Lake Country Club, Storm Lake Com- 
mercial Club. Masons, Woodmen, Yeo- 
men, Former residence, Iowa City, Ia., 

KIRBY, J. F. t lawyer, Marengo; b. Iowa 
Co., Ia., Oct. 22,' 1872; Cath.; Rep.; ed. 
State Univ. of Ia.; grad. Law Dept. 


Kirch 45 

Univ. of la., LL. B., 1904; grad. Univ. 
of la., M. A., 1906; m. Mary Elizabeth 
Schichtl, Aug. 31, 1910, Cedar Rapids, 
la.; child., Maurice J.; co. atty. of la. 
co., Ia., 1909-13; appeal agt. Ia. co. U. 
S. selective service act from May, 1917, 
to March, 1919; mem. K. C, M. W. A., 
Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity. For- 
mer residence, Williamsburg, Oct. 1, 
1906, to Jan. 1, 1917. 

KIRCH, Charles Joseph, manufacturing, 
Keokuk; b. St. Louis, Mo., March 9, 
1864; Christian; Rep.; ed. com. sch.; m. 
Almeda Strickler (deceased), 1893, Ka- 
hoka, Mo.; 2d Viola Jewett Robertson, 
1910, Keokuk, la.; child. Ralph C; mech. 
tradesman, 1877-1886; hardware mcht. 
at Kahoka, Mo., 1886-1900, excepting 2 
yrs. which were devoted to hardware 
business at Chanute, Kan., 1893-95; in 
mnfg. business at Keokuk, Ia., 1900 to 
date; collector of revenue for Clark co., 
Mo., 1898-99; sec. Keokuk Industrial 
Assn. for 2 yrs.; pres. and gen. mgr. 
Standard Four Tire Co., Keokuk, 1916- 
19; now v-pres. and sec. Weber Kirch 
Mfg. Co.; v-pres. and sec. American 
Cement Machine Co.; pres. Fairview 
Realty Co.; mem. Keokuk Club, Keokuk 
Country Club, A. F. & A. M., B. P. O. 
E., M. W. A. Former residences, St. 
Louis, Mo., 1864-66; Canton, Mo., 1866- 
68; Bowling Green, Mo., 1868-73; Ka- 
hoka, Mo., 1873-93; Chanute, Kan., 1893- 
95; Kahoka, Mo., 1895-1900. 

KLAUS, S. W., merchant, Earlville; b. 
Delaware Co., Jan. 12, 1861; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. N. W. Coll., Galena, 111., 
1882; m. Rose Landis, 1896, Colesburg, 
Ia. ; entered mercantile business in 
Earlville, 1887; elected state rep. Dela- 
ware co., 1916, re-elected, 1918; served 
two terms mayor and six terms council- 
man, Earlville; mem. bd. of edn.; 
chmn. Rep. Co. Cent. Com., 10 yrs.; 
mem. 1. O. O. F„ K. P. 

KNEEDLER, C. A., loans, ins., realty, 
Sioux City; b. Marine, 111., Jan. 28, 
1872; Cath.; Rep.; ed. Sioux City H. S.; 
m. Lillian E. Stackerl, Sept., 1897, Sioux 
City, la.; child., Abbie, Catherine; ac- 
tive in civic affairs and good roads 
movement; large land owner in N. and 
S. D.; stockholder in large business con- 
cerns; state rep. American Auto. Assn.; 
now and past 12 yrs. ex-pres. Ia. Auto 
Mut. Fire Assn. and Ia. Mut. Liabil- 
ity Assn.; ex-v-pres. Sioux City Real 
Est. Assn.; served in every Liberty and 
Victory loan campaign; mem. Chamber 
of Commerce, Sioux City Real Estate 
Assn., Credit Men's Assn., Sioux City 
Country Club, Sioux City Boat Club, 
Natl. Assn. Fire and Casualty Agts., 
W. O. W. Former residence, Marine, 
111., 1872-74. 

KNICKERBOCKER, E. H., farmer and 
stockman, Fairfax; b. near Cedar Rap- 
ids, Ia., Nov. 18, 1855; Cong.; Rep.; ed. 
Fairfax H. S.; Western Coll.; m. Han- 
na M. Johnson, March 22, 1882, Dela- 
ware co., Pa.; child., Chas. J., Sara H., 
Ruth M.; importer Belgian and Perche- 
ron horses; elected state rep. Linn co., 
1916; re-elected 1918-20; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Shrine. 


KNIGHT, Nicholas, college professor, Mt. 
Vernon; b. Mexico, N. Y., April 2, 1861; 
Meth.; Ind.; ed. Mexico Acad.; Syra- 
cuse Univ., A. B., A. M., Ph. D., 1892- 
94; grad. Student Strassburg Univ., 
1894-95; grad. student John Hopkins 
Univ., 1898-99; m. Anna M. Audas, Aug. 
11, 1887, Oneida, N. Y.; child., Harold 
A., Donald M. ; prof, of Chem., Cornell 
Coll. since 1899; formerly pres. Ia. Sec. 
American Chemical Soc; now pres. Io. 
Sec. American Chemical Soc; now 
pres. Iowa Academy of Science; head 
of chemical dept., city chemist, Mt. 
Vernon; chemist to Oneida, N. Y., water 
Com.; assoc. ed. School Science and 
Mathematics; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Delta Upsllon, Fellow, la. Acad. Sci- 
ence, American Chem. Soc, German 
Chem. Soc. Former residences, 1882- 
92, teacher science, Cazenovia, N. Y., 
Sem. ; 1895-98, prof, of chem., Randolph- 
Macon Coll., Va. ; has published chem- 
ical tests and more than 100 papers in 
the chemical journals. 

KNOOP, Charles W., cashier, Black Hawk 
Natl. Bank, Waterloo; b. Freeport, 111., 
March 13, 1866; Cong.; Rep.; ed. com. 
sch.; m. Jessie Olmstead, June, 1895, 
Waterloo, la.; child., Maude, Werner, 
Kenneth; chmn. Group No. 7 and mem. 
Council of Administration of Ia. Bank- 
ers' Assn., 1915-17; mem. Masons, K. 
P., I. O. O. F., M. W. A., W. of W., 
Greater Waterloo Assn. Former resi- 
dences, Garner, Ia., 11 years, where he 
served as cashier First Natl. Bank; 
bookkeeper for First Natl. Bank, Rock- 
ford, Ia., 3 yrs. 

KNOX, Sumner J., internal revenue agt., 
Council Bluffs; b. Macedonia, Ia., May 
18, 1879; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Council Bluffs 
H. S.; mining, locating engineer, board 
of trade; dep. sheriff, 1901; dept. of jus., 
bureau of investigation, 1917-19; state 
agent, 1919; federal prohibition and in- 
ternal revenue agent since Feb., 1920; 
Spanish war veteran; mem. Elks, Ak- 
Sar-Ben. Former residence, Sidney, 
Neb., 1887-89. 

KNUTSON, John O., wholesale grocery 
brokerage, Sioux City; b. Lyle, Mower 
co., Minn., Feb. 18, 1879; Prot.; Rep.; ed. 
Clear Lake H. S., 1897; m. Mary W. El- 
lis, 1901, Des Moines, Ia.; child., Myrtle 
M. ; mgr. Puck Soap Co., Des Moines, 
Ia., 1900-07; entered brokerage business 
in Omaha in 1907; came to Sioux City 
and established brokerage business in 
1910; formerly sec. and one of organ- 
izers Sioux City Rotary Club; past pres. 
Rotary Club; past dist. gov. Ia., Neb., 
S. D., Rotary Clubs; past capt. Patri- 
archs Militant, I. O. O. F. ; mgr. first 
Army Y. W. C. A. campaign, and first 
Y. W. C. A. campaign; active in every 
Red Cross and Liberty Loan campaign 
in Sioux City; dir. Woodbury Co. In- 
terchurch campaign, 1920; served 8 yrs. 
as dir. Welfare Bureau, and same time 
as trustee of Wall St. Mission (sec); 
chmn. Official Board of First Christian 
church, 1920; mem. Natl. Canned Goods 
& Dried Fruit Brokers' Assn.; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, I. O. O. F., 
Rotary Club, pres. Shore Acre Club, 
1920; S. C. Sociological Club, Chamber 



of Commerce. Former residences, Oma- 
ha, Neb., 1908-10; Des Moines, la., 1898- 
-08; Clear Lake, la., 1884-98. 

KOLP, John Dimmitt, banker, Palmer; 
b. Ia. Park, Tex., March 13, 1893; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Jacksonville, 111., H. S.; 
grad. Morningside Coll. A. B. degree; 
m. Frances Marie Sebern, Jan. 6, 1918, 
Manson, la.; child. Kathlyn M.; cashier 
Farmers' Sav. bank; 1st. lieut. 10th inf., 
World war; mem. A. F. & A. M.; mem. 
and Past Comndr., Am. Legion, St. Mi- 
hiel Post, Palmer, Ia. Former resi- 
dences, Iowa Park, Tex., 1893-97; 
Scranton, Pa., 1898-99; Jacksonville, 111., 
1900-10; Sioux City, Ia., 1910-17; U. S. 
Army 1917-19. 

KON IGMACH ER, Charles, Cashier, Com- 
mercial Nat. bank, Council Bluffs; b. 
Ephrate, Pa., Oct. 8, 18G6; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. country sch.; m. Annie Heistand, 
Ephrate, Pa., Nov. 6, 1887; child. Adam, 
Elizabeth; mem. A. F. & A. M. Former 
residence, Ephrate, Pa., 1860-91. 

KOPP, W. F., lawyer, Mt. Pleasant; b. 
Dodgeville, Ia., June 20, 1869; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Ia. Wesleyan Coll. at 
Mt. Pleasant, 1892; law dept. Univ. of 
la., 1894; m. Clara R. Bird, Dec. 4, 1894; 
co. atty. Henry co. 1895-99; postmaster 
at Mt. Pleasant 1006-15; rep. State Leg- 
islature 1915-17; elected to cong. 1920; 
mem. Masons, Odd Fellows, W. O. W., 
M. W. A. 

KRIECHBAUM, T. W., v-pres. Am. Sav. 
bank & Trust Co., Burlington; b. Bur- 
lington, Ia., July 3, I860; Luth. ; Ind.; 
ed. H. S.; m. Sophia M. Niehaus, Oct. 
2, 1883, Burlington, Ia. ; child. Horace 
T., Walter P.; mem. Masonic bodies. 

KIMBERLY, David W., retired farmer, 
Davenport; b. Deadwood, S. D., Aug. 
6, 1878; Rep.; ed. West Liberty Spring- 
dale H. S. and Bryant Stratford Bus. 
Coll., Chicago; m. Elsie King, Chicago; 
rep. Scott co., 1914-16; elected state 
sen. 1918; mem. Masons, Elks, Owls, 
Odd Fellows, Turner. 

KROUSE, John, farmer, Corydon; b. 
Woodford, Co., 111., Aug. 23, 1867; Dem.; 
ed. rural sch.; m. to Ida A. Kah; one 
daughter, four sons; dir. Farmers' and 
Merchants State bank; served six yrs. 
on bd. of supervisors and four as twp. 
trustee; elected state rep. Wayne Co., 

J.916; re-elected, 1918. 

KUSER, William L., Supt. State Train- 
ing Sch. for Boys, Eldora; b. Marion 
Co., Ind., May 6, 1875; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. Normal Coll., Commercial Coll., law 
dept. Univ. Neb.; m. Lolo K. Greene 
(deceased), 1897, Kearney, Neb.; child. 
Wm. G., Ruth; prepared for law bus., 
became interested in boys' work and 
has never practiced law; admitted to 
bar in Neb.; Supt. of sch. for some 
twelve yrs.; pres. Nat. Conference on 
ed. of Truant, Backward. Dependent 
and Delinquent child., 1916; past pres. 
Ia. State Conference of social work; 
pres. Eldora Rotary club; chmn. Har- 
din Co. Bureau of Military affairs dur- 
ing the World war; Hardin Co. dist. 
chmn. of thrift stamp work during the 
war; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, K. 
P., I. O. O. F., M. W. A. Former resi*. 

46 Larrabee 

dences, Indiana until 4 yrs. old; on 
farm near Lincoln, Neb., some 10 or 
12 yrs.; in Normal sch. State Univ., Lin- 
coln, Neb., some six yrs.; 2 yrs. in 
! Boys' Industrial sch., Kearney, Neb. 
■ LADD, Scott M., lawyer, Des Moines; 
; b. Sharon, Wis., June 22, 1855; Rep.; 
ed. academy, 2 yrs. at Beloit, Coll., Wis.; 
grad. from Carthage Coll., 111., in 1879, 
L. L. D.; L. L. D. Univ. Ia., 1906; m. 
Emma E. Cromer, 1887, Irving, 111.; 
child. Loy L., S. Marion, Mrs. Bert N. 
Mills and Mrs. E. S. Warren; elected 
; dist. judge 1th jud. dist. of Ia., in fall 
of 1886 and served as such 10 yrs.; 
elected judge of supreme court in fall 
of 1896 and now serving fourth term; 
mem. several ed. soc and lor a long 
time has been trustee of Morningside 
; Coll. at Sioux City. Former residence, 
Sheldon, Ia. 
LAMAR, Frank S., printer and binder 
and stationer, Sioux City; b. Wiscon- 
sin, 1863; Christ.; Dem.; ed. H. S.; 
m. Edith Erskme, Sept. 5, 1900, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; child. Addison, Norman D., 
! Frank E., Edith, Charles M., Robert 
j E.; mem. Masonic bodies, Elks. For- 
mer residences, Shullsburg, Wis., birth 
to 1872; Darlington, Wis., 1872-78; New- 
ell, Ia., 1878-83; S. D., 1883-87; Louis- 
ville, Ky., 1887-96. 
LAMBERT, Thos., editor and publisher, 
Sabula; b. Jackson Co., Ia., Feb. 13, 
1855; Dem.; ed. select sch. of Sabula; 
m. Jennie Cotton, Aug. 3, 1883, Sabula; 
owns Sabula Gazette; mem. bd. ed. 
served four yrs. as city recorder; eight 
successive terms as mayor Sabula; jus- 
tice of the peace over 20 yrs.; mem. 
sch. bd. 28 yrs. ; elected state rep. Jack- 
son Co. 1895; re-elected 1897; elected 
state sen. 1899-1903; delegate to Dem. 
Nat. convention 1888. 

LANGFITT, John N., farmer, Greenfield; 
b. Scott Co., Ia., May 9, 1866; I 'res. ; 
Rep.; ed. Wilton acad., Davenport Bus. 
Coll.; m. Clara A. Martin; child. Harry 
M., Bernice L., Clara M., John M., jr.; 
elected state rep. 1916; re-elected, 1918. 

LANGLAND, ^Harry, lawyer, Nevada; 
b. Des Moines. Ia., July 25, 1888; Luth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Nevada, Ia., H. S., 
1906; grad. C. C. C. Coll., Des Moines, 
1907, shorthand and typewriting; B. A. 
degree from Univ. Ia., in 1911; LL. B. 
degree law sch., Columbia Univ., 1913; 
m. Harriet M. Frazier, Oct. 4, 1906, 
Nevada, Ia. ; child. Harry, jr.; co. atty. 
Story co., Ia., 1917-21; leader of Col- 
umbia-Pa., debate in 1913; Columbia 
won unanimous decision; mem. Irving 
Institute, Literary Soc, State Univ. 
Ia.; Scimitar and Fez, honorary soc, 
senior Liberal Arts students, State 
Univ.; Sigma Delta Chi, honorary 
' journalistic frat. at State Univ.; Delta 
Chi, law frat., State Univ.; Delta Sig- 
ma Rho, honorary forensic frat., Col- 
umbia Univ.; Masons. Former resi- 
dences, Des Moines, Ia.; Slater, Ia.; 
Nevada, Ia.; Iowa City, Ia.; New York 
City; Minneapolis, Minn. 
LARRABEE, William, Jr., Clermont; 
b. Clermont, la., Dec. 11, 1870; Rep.; 
ed. H. S.; Univ. Ia. ; Liberal Arts and 
law; m. Lillian G. Inglis, Middletown, 


Lanigan 47 

Conn.; child. William III., Lillian I., 
Helen A., Janet, James; mem. 29, 33, 
31, 35 G. A., Ia.; pvt. Co. G, la. Inf. 
Vols., Spanish Am. war; capt. and 
comdr. sub- vols., S. A. W.; mem. Ma- 
sons, Elks, Phi Kappa Psi frat. 

LANIGAN, John T., printing, Monticello; 
b. Mauds, O., Apr. 12, 1867; Cath.; 
Dem. ; ed. Masen H. S.; Nat. Normal 
Univ. (Lebanon, O.); m. Katherine 
Drees, May 15, 1911; editor, manufac- 
turer of auto tires; real estate; post- 
master; candidate for congress. For- 
mer residence, Lyons, la., 1901. 

LARSON, Emil A., real estate and ins., 
Red Oak; b. Stanton, la., 1870; Rep.; ed. 
dist. and common sch.; m. Emma E. 
Wallin, 1893, Page Co.; child. Myrtle, 
Dorothy; in mercantile bus. 1892-1900; 
was asst. cashier First Nat. bank, Red 
Oak; elected co. auditor, Montgomery 
co. 3 terms; elected state rep. Mont- 
gomery Co., 1916; re-elected 1918-20. 

LARSON, James E., loans and ins., West 
Branch; b. West Branch, la., Feb. 14, 
1881; Rep.; ed. West Branch II. S.; 
State Univ.; m. to C. Rose Pettis, (de- 
ceased), May 5, 1903; 2nd Clara M. 
Rose, March 15, 1919; elected state rep. 
Cedar Co., 1918. 

LANYON, Thomas James, merchant, Lit- 
tle Sioux; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., July 17, 
1848; J 'rot.; Rep.; ed. common sch.; m. 
Ella M. Peters, Apr. 21, 1877, Little 
Sioux; child. Thomas M., Ralph H., 
Clement E., Teresa A., Harold D., Max- 
well L. ; has been in mercantile bus. 
for 50 yrs.; postmaster Little Sioux, 
1870-86; twp. trustee several yrs.; town 
clerk 6 yrs.; city councilman 2 terms; 
mem. Masons; sec. bd. ed. 38 yrs.; still 
holds office. Former residence, came 
to Iowa 1858; 1859-60 at Magnolia, Ia.; 
Onawa, 1860-62. 

LASHER, Louis G., Adj. Gen., I. N. G., 
Des Moines; b. Davenport, la., March 
17, 1873; Rep.; ed. Davenport H. S.; 
Military sch., Kemper Hall; Griswold 
Coll.; pres. and gen. mgr. Cleaning & 
Dyeing Co., Davenport; served in Span- 
ish-Am. war; enlisted in U. S. A. for 
Philippine service 1899; discnarged 1902; 
served on staff of Gov. Clarke; Sept. 
1, 1918 appointed adjutant gen. of Ia. 
to fill out unexpired term of Gen. 

LAVENDER, J. F. F lawyer, Rockwell 
City; b. Rochester, N. H., March 24, 
1851; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and I. S. C; 
m. Mary L. Davisson, Dec. 26, 1876, 
LeClaire, Ia. ; child. Frances S., Fabius 
C, Robert A., James B., Mrs. W. S. 
Robinson; taught country sch. in Scott 
Co., Ia., five yrs., when not in school; 
supt. of LeClaire, Ia. sch. three yrs. and 
of Cordova, 111. sch. two yrs.; co. supt. 
sch. Calhoun co., Ia., four yrs.; mem. 
G. A. of Ia. four yrs.; co. atty. Calhoun 
Co. six yrs.; mem. Masonic order, 
Shrine, K. P., I. O. O. F., Woodmen, 
Mystic Workers. Former residences, 
Rochester, N. H. till 1863; Scott co., 
Ia., till 1881. 

LAZELL, Frederick John, managing ed- 
itor Republican and Times, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. Essex, Eng., Jan. 6, 1870; Uni- 
tarian; Rep.; ed. Grammar sch. Eng.; 


B. Sc., Ames; m. Anna Bradshaw Mac- 
Rae, Sept. 7, 1898, Iowa City, Ia.; child. 
Frederick; author "Isiah as a Na- 
ture Lover," "Summer Days in Iowa," 
"Autumn Days in Iowa," "Winter Days 
in Iowa," "Spring Days in Iowa," 
"Down the Cedar River," etc.; commis- 
sioner of Parks and Public Property, 
Cedar Rapids, 1912-18; Fellow la. acad. 
of Sciences; mem. Phi Psi fiat., Ia. 
chapter; mem. Rotary Club, Masonic 
bodies; past Venerable Master, Scottish 
Rite Masons. Former residences, Eng- 
land, 1868-87; Greenfield, Ia., 1887-91; 
Ames, Ia., 1891-95. 
LE COMPTE, Karl M., publisher, Cory- 
don; b. Corydon, May 5, 1887; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Corydon H. S., 1905; grad. 
State Univ. 1909, B. A.; Pub. Corydon 
Times-Rep.; enlisted in army and serv- 
ed until discharge Dec. 24, 1918; elect- 
ed state sen. 1916. 

LEE, N. J., Judge 14th Judicial Dist., 
Estherville; b. Emmet Co., Ia., March 
11, 1873; Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; Iowa 
Coll. law, LL. B.; m. Maude Genevieve 
Dcemer, 1902, Des Moin**s, Ia. ; child. 
Joseph D., Robert N.; co. atty. Emmet 
Co., Ia., 1901-05; mem. 32nd and 33rd 
G. A. from Emmet Co. as rep.; Judge 
14th Judicial dist. since 1913; mem. 
Elks, Masons. 

LEEPER, Leo R., lawyer, Waterloo; b. 
Clarksville, Butler Co., Ia., May 5, 1888; 
Pres.; Dem.; ed. Clarksville H. S. 
1906; Univ. Ia., B. A., 1911; LL. B. in 
1912; m. Maud Walz, May 29, 1913, 
Iowa City, Ia.; child. Robert W., Mar- 
garet E.; deputy city treas. Waterloo; 
mem. Greater Waterloo Assn. 

LEGEL, John G., druggist, Charles City; 
b. St. Louis, May 26, 1859; Luth.; Dem.; 
ed. one and one-half yrs. H. S.; m. 
Bertha C. Dinkel; child. John G. ; serv- 
ed 10 yrs. as councilman; two yrs. as 
mayor 1909-10; served four yrs. as 
state sen. 1910-12; mem. and pres. Lib. 
bd. for many yrs.; served as pies, part 
time and dir. during life of Chautauqua 
Assn.; mem. K. P., B. P. O. E., Mas- 
onic bodies. Former residences, St. 
Louis; Dubuque 1877. 

LEGGETT, Charles D., lawyer, Fairfield; 
b. Carrollton, O., Oct. \ 1849; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Fairfield Univ., Griswold Coll. 
of Davenport, Kenyon Coll., A. B., class 
of '69, honor man of class; m. Beatrice 
Cunningham, Centerville, Ia., Sept. 2, 
1885; child. Richard C, Mrs. Edwin F. 
McKee, Lt. George, Elizabeth A.; senior 
mem. firm, Leggett & McKenney which 
practiced law in Fairfield for 43 yrs.; 
atty for C. B. & Q. and C. R. I. & P. 
rys; for Ia. State Sav. bank and var- 
ious factories of Fairfield; now retired 
from bus.; judge of the dist. court 
1886-1890; mem. bd. of Bar Examiners 
from 1905 to 1920. Former residence, 
Carrollton, O., 1849-55. 

LEIBSLE, R. H. ( architect, Des Moines; 
b. Conrad, Ia., March 18, 1892; Pres.; 
ed. grad. East Des Moines H. S.; grad. 
Univ. 111., sch. of architecture, degree 
of B. S.; m. Velma Dean, Oct. 1, 1919, 
Bemidji, Minn.; mem. Scarab Archi- 
tectural Honorary frat.; 1st. lieut. eng. 
U. S. army, World war; housing com- 



missioner, City of Des Moines; pres. 
Des Moines Alumni Assn., Univ. 111., 
1920; mem. Grand View Golf Club, Des 
Moines Chamber of Commerce, Elks, 
Am. Legion, A. F. & A. M., Sigma Al- 
pha Epsilon frat. Former residences, 
Conrad, la., 1892-1900; Sioux Falls, S. 
D., 1900-1906; Des Moines, la. 1906-17; 
Bemidji, Minn. 1917-18. 

LEMING, Gareld, lawyer, Hampton; b. 
Lawrenceburg, Ind., Sept. 4, 1882; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. O. Wesleyan Univ., A. B., A. 
M.; Univ. Cincinnati law sch. LL. B.; 
m. Hazel Lou Allen, June 18, 1913, 
Lorhville, la.; child. Gareldine, Lillian > 
mem. Xuma Club, Highland Golf Club, 
Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former resi- 
dence, Iowa Falls, 1909-18. 

LENOCKER, Reuben A., farmer and 
stock raiser, Winterset; b. Holmes Co., 

0. , Oct. 7, 1864; Presb. ; Dem.; ed. Dist. 
and Normal sch.; m. Mattie Bell Pace, 
Aug. 25, 1891; child. Mrs. P. R. Stevens, 
Mrs. C. A. Marsh, George F., Sue, Mil- 
dred L., Bruce W., Martha L.; taught 
8 terms of dist. sch.; served in lower 
house in the 36th, 37th, G. A., 28th 
dist.; mem. bd. of supervisors Madison 
Co., Ia., sec. of sch. twp. of Pence lor 
29 consecutive yrs.; v-pres. State bank 
of Dexter; dir. Sav. bank of Winter- 
set; was sent as an alternate to Dem. 
Nat. convention at Baltimore in 1912; 
also selected again to attend in same 
capacity in 1920 to San Francisco; born 
in Holmes Co., O., 1864, moved to Henry 
Co., II!.; then to Madison Co., Ia., in 
1869; lived in Pence twp., near Dexter 
for 50 yrs.; mem. Masons, Shrine, I. O. 
O. F. 

LE VALLEY, Charles J., banker and 
farmer, Sheffield; b. Grant Co., Wis., 
July 20, 1870; Rep.; ed. com. sch. and 
bus. coll.; m. Mary E. Thomas, Oct. 25, 
1898; child. Chauncey T., Esther L., No- 
na M.; estab. Farmers & Merchants 
bank, 1900, of which he has since been 
cashier; large land owner; elected state 
rep. Franklin Co., 1918; re-elected in 

LEVITT, Jacob, real estate, Des Moines; 
b. Russian Poland, 1867; Jewish; Rep.; 
m. Miss A. G. Sander, 1888; child. 
Thomas I, Ellis, Esther, Nettie; mem. 

1. O. O. F., M. W. A. 

LEWIS, Dwlght N., railroad commission- 
er, Des Moines; b. Oskaloosa, Ia. ; ed. 
grad. law dept. Drake Univ.; sec. Ia. 
R. R. Com. 1899-1911; asst. Commerce 
counsel till Jan. 3, 1907; appointed R. R. 
Com.; elected 1918. 

LIGHT, Herbert M., banker, Swan; b. 
Deep River, Ia., Oct. 30, 1888; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Elgin H. S., Capital City 
Commercial Coll.; attended Des Moines 
Coll.; m. Ona Acklin, May 28, 1920, Des 
Moines; cashier Swan Sav. bank; ins. 
and real estate; farmer for yrs.; mem. 
town council, Swan; treas. sch. bd., 
Swan; 2nd lieut. Q. M. C. Officers Re- 
serve Corps; served two yrs. World 
war; enlisted May 28, 1917; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, M. W. A., I. O. O. 
F. Former residences, Deep River, Ia., 
until 1909; Des Moines, Ia., until Aug. 


LINDLY, John Milton, banking and phar- 
macy, Winfield; b. Washington Co., Pa., 
Nov. 17, 1864; Presb.; Dem.; ed. matri- 
culated at Ia. Wesleyan Coll. 1884; grad. 
from Ia. Univ., 1889; grad. from Nat. 
Institute of Pharmacy, Chicago, 1892; 
grad. Irom Chautauqua Lit. & Scientific 
Circle 1S98; cashier bank at Winfield 25 
yrs. v-pres. of bank at Winfield 1919 
to date; published history of coll. of 
pharmacy of State Univ.; "Private 
Banking in Iowa or A Reply to its 
Critics," "Every Day a Patriotic Day," 
"The Lindly Family in America," etc.; 
state sen. 1915, for 4 yrs.; mem. Dem. 
State Cent. Com. from 1st cong. dist., 
1916-20; sec. Ia. Pharmaceutical Assn. 
1905-11, and treas. of same 1911-20; 
mem. Henry Co. bd. of ed. 1919 to date; 
sec. Winfield sch. bd., 1898 to date; 
mem. of Henry Co. Council of Defense 
during World war; mem. of Sons of 
Am. Revolution; Colonial Wars; Col- 
onial Governors; Ia. and American 
Pharmaceutical Assn.; Ia. and Ameri- 
can Bankers Assn.; life mem. of Ia. 
State Hist. Soc.^ contributing mem. of 
the Acad, of Sciences; Grant Club of 
Des Moines. Came to Ia. 1866, locating 
on a farm near Winfield, Henry Co. 

LIONBERGER, L. F., Mgr. Clay Robin- 
son Co. Live Stock Commis. Co., Sioux 
City; b. Fountain Green, 111., Aug. 26, 
1883; Presb.; Dem.; ed. H. S. grad., 
LaHarpe, 111.; m. Annie G. Bruce, Oct. 
7, 1911, Sioux City, Ia.; child. Edith G. ; 
mem. Sioux City Country Club, Chamb- 
er of Commerce, Sioux City. Former 
residence, Chicago, 1900-03. 

LOCKIN, J. C., loans and ins., Aurelia; 
b. Brandon, Wis., Nov. 3, 1853;. Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and H. S.; m. Jose- 
phine Batson, Fairwater, Wis., 1878; 
sec. and treas. Maple Valley Ins. Assn. 
since its organization; mem. Aurelia 
sch. bd. for 20 yrs.; sec. and treas. 
Morningside Coll. 9 yrs.; served 4 yrs. 
mayor Aurelia; elected State rep. Cher- 
okee Co. 1918; re-elected 1920. 

LOCKIE, Charles, lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Calhoun Co., Jan. 10, 1885; ed. Dr. 
of Psychology, Bachelor of Laws; m. 
M. Avis Baker, Feb. 12, 1907, Akron, 
Ia.; child. Helen, Lif^nel; mem. of bar 
of Ia., Ky., Tenn.; elected justice of 
peace, Sioux City, 1920; pres. of Psy- 
chical Research section of Sioux City 
Academy of Science and Letters. For- 
mer residences, Pomeroy, Ia. to 1912; 
Pocohontas to 1918; Nashville, Tenn., 
to 1911. 

LOCKWOOD, Harley Kellogg, lawer, Ce- 
dar Rapids; b. Butler Co.,Ia., Dec. 25, 
1882; Prot.; Rep.; ed. grad. Cornell 
Coll., class of 1907, degree A. B.; grad. 
Univ. la., law sch., class of 1911, de- 
gree LL. B.; began practicing law in 
Cedar Rapids, July 1st, 1911; became 
Co. atty. of Linn Co., Ia., Jan. 2, 1917; 
re-elected 1920; during the early part 
of 1920 convicted the first I. W. W. in 
the state on the charge of crim- 
inal syndicalism; mem. Masons, Odd 
Fellows, K. P., Elks, Cedar Rapids 
Chamber of Commerce, Cedar Rapids 
Country Club. Former residences, But- 
ler Co. until 19 yrs. of age; at Upper 
Ia. Univ. 3 1-3 yrs.; Cornell the last 


Lofton 49 

two yrs. of the collegiate course. Af- 
terward was principal of Winthrop H. 
S., for one yr. 

LOFTON, Edwin S., Ins. and Newspaper 
Bus., Keokuk; b. La Grange, Mo., Sept. 
22, 1869; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. grade sen.; 
m. Anna F. Halbeck, March 29, 181)1, 
Kahoka, Mo.; child. LeRoy R., Ed. S.; 
clerk superior court, 1893-98; clerk dist. 
court 1905-11; mayor city of Keokuk 
191G-20; advertising mgr. fifteen yrs.; 
mem. of Elks, Masons, Eagles, Moose, 
M. W. A., several ins. societies. Former 
residence, LaGrange, Mo., 1869-71. 

LOGAN, William, financier, Keokuk; b. 
Chester Co., Pa., Sept. 11, 1848; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. three mos. a yr. in country 
sch. until sixteen yrs. of age; m. Sarah 
J. Jackson, Dec, 1871; child. Mrs. Eva 
Huiskamp; reared on a farm; farmer 
1867-68; contractor for ties for building 
former Keokuk & Western ry. and saw- 
mill operation 1869-84; mercantile bus. 
with several stores, 1875-84; banking 
1882 to date; pres. First Nat. bank, 
Macon, Mo., 1882-88; organized Logan's 
bank at Glenwood, Mo., 1882, and pres. 
of it, 1882-1906, majority stockholder in 
it, 1S82 to date; stockholder in Queen 
City bank, Queen City, Mo., 1901 to 
date; majority stockholder in Mer- 
chants Exchange bank, Downing, Mo., 
1902 to date; majority stockholder and 
pres. State Central Sav. bank, Keokuk, 
1890 to date; formerly officer in a num- 
ber of other banks in northern Mo.; 
dir. Ia. State Ins. Co., Keokuk, 1896- 
1900, its v-pres. 1900-1906 and pres. 1906 
to date; dir. Miss. River Power Co. from 
its organization, 1910 to date; v-pres. 
Keokuk & Hamilton water-power co.; 
climn. Keokuk commission on securing 
state parks, 1918 to date; mem. Masons, 
Elks, Keokuk Club, Keokuk Country 
Club. Former residences, Pa. to 1852; 
Adams Co., 111., 1852-54; Hancock Co., 
111., 1854-69; Scotland Co., Mo., 1869-71; 
Glenwood, Schuyler Co., Mo., 1871-89. 

LONG, E. B., clerk of dist. court, Sac 
City; b. Montezuma, la., March 3, 1878; 
Meth.; Rep.; m. Effie Nannette Coe, 
June 8, 1913, Des Moines, la.; child. 
Esther K., Robert E., Margaret E. ; 
agent and telegrapher for C. & N. W. 
Ry. on Sioux City div. from 1900 to 
1910, working at the following cities: 
Odebolt, Mapleton, Dayton, Onawa, 
Turin Ute, Sac City and also in the 
depot ticket office of the N. W. as 
Sioux City, as ticket clerk; from 1910 
to 1918 employed by the Sac Co. Ab- 
stract Co., at Sac City, la., as sec. and 
mgr.; in 1918 was appointed deputy- 
clerk of the dist. court and in the same 
yr. was elected as clerk without any 
opposition; elected for second term; 
mem. Masonic bodies, High Priest, R. 
A. M., one yr. 

LONG, Tom Dean, publisher, Manson; 
b. Sunprairie, Wis., Dec. 4, 1861; Meth.; 
Rep.; m. Maggie Crilly, June 9, 1883, 
Ft. Dodge, la.; child. Beulah Long 
Schenk, Merian L. ; has been connected 
with the Manson Journal for nearly 
40 yrs., beginning as an apprentice in 
Jan. 1881; was half owner until May, 
1914; plant was out of bus. for little 
more than one yr. and repurchased the 


plant in 1916; postmaster for 13 yrs.; 
sch. dir. five yrs.; also on city council 
and was mayor one term; is interested 
in farms, banks, and bus. houses; mem. 
Masons. Came to la. in 1863 and to 
Manson in 1881. 

LONG, William, L., real estate broker, 
Fairfield; b. Fairfield, la., Dec. 27, 1860; 
Rep.; formerly supt. Fairfield water 
works; supt. Fairfield light plant; also 
clothing merchant; has served as clerk 
of dist. court, Jefferson Co.; city clerk 
Fairfield; elected state rep. Jefferson 
Co., 1918; re-elected 1920; mem. Ma- 
sons, Sons of Am. Revolution. 

LONG ELY, Alfred, lawyer, Waterloo; b. 
Tipton, la., Sept. 14, 1868; Rep.; ed. H. 
S.; m. Ellen Billings, Oct. 6, 1896, Rock- 
ford, la.; child. Marion M. ; mem. Ma- 
sons, Elks. Former residences, Tipton, 
la.; Sibley, la., 1892-94. 

LUCAS, J. G., Newspaper Pub., Madrid; 
b. Madrid, la., Jan. 8, 1879; Christian 
church; Rep.; ed. Madrid H. S.; Palmer 
Coll., Le Grand, la.; m. Maude Hal- 
sey, Madrid, 1906; child. Max L., Kath- 
eryn E., Lillian R., Robert L. ; mgr. 
Western Printing Co.; editor and pub. 
Madrid Register-News; dir. Farmers 
Sav. bank, Madrid; mem. Masons, Grant 
Club, Des Moines. 

LUCKEY, John Eddy, physician and sur- 
gions, Vinton; b. Hamilton, 111.; Prcsb.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Knox Coll., Gales- 
burg, 111., class of '89; Rush Medical 
Coll., 1897, degrees of B. S., M. S., A. 
M., M. D.; m. Emma Gilchrist, 1896, 
Mt. "Vernon, la.; child. George G., 
Eleanor G., Robert G.; formerly 1st v- 
pres. of Ia. State Med. Soc; mem. bd. 
ed., Vinton; physician to Ia. State sch. 
for blind; mem. Local bd. during war; 
mem. A. M. A., Masons, I. O. O. F. 
Former residences, Principal of sch., 
Ipava, 111., 1889-91; Supt. of sch. Tip- 
ton, la., 1891-91. 

LUNDY, Edward H., lawyer, Eldora; 
b. Union, la., July 3, 1871; Rep.; ed. 
Union H. S., 1886; Albion Seminary; 
m. Lula M. Rew, Aug. 14, 1895; child. 
Lyman R., Lee L. ; co. atty. Hardin 
Co., 1896-1900; mem. legal advisory bd. 
during World war; organiz"d Ia. River 
Light & Power co., and buklt its plant, 
lighting Eldora and eleven other towns; 
owns farm lands, Ia., Minn., Wis., and 
Idaho; mem. Masonic bodies, K. I'., El- 
dora Rotary Club. 

LUTZ, Joseph Francis, printing, Keokuk; 
b. Nauvoo, 111., Aug. 3, 1861; Presb.; 
Deni.; ed. country sch. and one term 
in bus. coll.; m. Ginevra Heffleman, 
Dec. 5, 1S82, Keokuk; child. Allan E., 
Jesse R., Rollin T., Francis J., Geneva 
M., Winnfred V.; mem. bd. of ed., Keo- 
kuk lor eighteen yrs., 1902-20; also 
pres. bd. 1915-16; mem. Elks, M. W. A. 
Former residence, Nauvoo, 111., till 1878. 

McANENEY, John F., city auditor, Coun- 
cil Bluffs; b. Piqua, O., Feb. 11, 1860; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Council Bluffs, H. S.; 
m. Joana M. Graham. Feb. 19, 1884, At- 
lantic, Ia. ; child. Jessie V., Maude E., 
Helen I., Willa Clare; accountant; city 
auditor for 14 yrs.; mem. K. P., W. 
O. W. 





McCOLL, Anthony, mem. bd. control state 
institutions, Des Moines; b. Caledonia, 
N. Y„ May 19, 1858;- Rep.; engaged in 
farming- for many yrs.; three terms 
clerk dist. court, Dallas Co.; elected 
state sen., 17th dist. 1910; re-elected 

McCASH, Buell, lawyer, Bloomfield; b. 
Lyons, Kas., March 9, 1888; Dem.; ed. 
West Des Moines H. S.; Drake Univ., 

A. B. degree; Univ. Mich., Juris Dr. 
degree; sometime student in Univ. of 
Calif, and at the Inns of Court, London, 
Eng.; m. Mary E. Johnson, June 12, 
1916, Des Moines; admitted to practice 
of profession in la. and Mich.; nominate 
ed for congress sixth la. dist. dem. 
ticket 1918, while in overseas military 
service; voluntarily inducted into mili- 
tary establishment of the United States, 
Dec. 24, 1917 as pvt. soldier, Co. G., 
350th inf.; served eleven mos. over- 
seas active service; commissioned 2nd 
lieut. inf. in France; discharged June 
6, 1919; mem. Ia. Bar Assn.; State Hist. 
Soc. of la.; Phi Alpha Delta law frat.; 
order of Coif. 

McCLENAHAN, P. E., Supt. Pub. Instruc- 
tion, Des Moines; b. Keokuk, Co., near 
Sigourney, 1873; Meth.; Rep.; ed. B. Di. 
1898, M. Di. 1899, la. State Teachers' 
Coll.; Ph. B., 1905, M. A., 1906, la. State 
Univ.; m. Alta A. Birdsall, Cedar Falls, 
la., 1899; child. Dorothy, Ruth, Gene- 
vieve; taught rural sch.; supt. sch. at 
Winterset, la.; State H. S. inspector; 
dean of Liberal Arts, Highland Park 
Coll. two yrs.; head secondary ed. Coll. 
Agr. in N. M. ; editor Coll. paper at 
Teachers' Coll.; owner and publisher 
Daily Iowan, la. City and Cedar Falls 
Globe; elected supt. pub. instruction in 
1918; entered office July 1, 1919; author 
of "Easy Money," "The Salted Mine," 
"Costs in Education" etc.; mem. Mas- 
ons, Elks, K. P. 

McCONN ELL, William E., merchant 
Council Bluffs; b. Chariton, la., Aug. 
12, 1869; Pres.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; 
m. Clara Phelps, Council Bluffs, la., 
Sept. 18, 1894; child. Anna P.; mem. of 
sch. and lib. bds.; mem. Masonic bod- 
ies, Rotary Club. Former residence, 
Marysville, la., 1871-89. 

McCRARY, Brown, lawyer, Carroll; b. 
Tomkin twp., Warren Co., 111., Nov., 
1860; Pres.; Ind.; ed. Hyatts Acad., 
Ia. City, and country sch.; m. Anna 
Thede, 1909, Carroll Co., Ia.; child. 
Arthur, Thomas, Margaret, Ruth; may- 
or Lake City Ia., at different times; 
leading checker and chess player in 
state for 25 yrs.; mem. I. O. O. F. For- 
mer residences, Keokuk Co. and Cal- 
houn Co., Ia., 1873-1909. 

McDONALD, Murl, Co. Agent, Ames; 
b. Clay Co., Neb., Jan. 1, 1886; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Shenandoah, Ia., H. S., 1902; 

B. S. in Agronomy, Ia. State Coll. 1911; 
m. Mabel C. Bentley, June 12, 1919, 
Oelwein, Ia. ; mem. Alpha Zeta, Delta 
Sigma Rho, Masonic bodies. Former 
residences, Clay and Adams Co., Neb., 
1886-1891; Plattsmouth, Neb., 1891-96; 
Shenandoah, Ia., 1896-1906; Ames, 1906- 
12; Pocohonlas, Ia., 1912-15. 

McGHEE, James H., farmer and stock- 
man, Mason City; b. Allamakee, Co., 
Ia., June 8, 1861; Rep.; engaged in 
farming and live stock at Mason City, 
since 1903; served as co. sheriff, twp. 
trustee, mem. of the sch. bd., Waukon, 
Ia. ; elected state rep. Cerro Gordo Co., 
1918; re-elected 1920. Former residence, 
Postville, Ia.; Waukon, la. 

McHOSE, J. B., lawyer and clay manufac- 
turer, Boone; b. Davenport, Ia., Aug. 25, 
1849; Lib.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; grad. Wash- 
ington Univ. Law Dept., St. Louis, 1874; 
m. Ella Hamor, 1876, Arion, 111.; former 
police magistrate, city councilman, rep- 
resentative 35th G. A.; pres. State Brick 
& Tile Assn., life mem. State Hort. Soc; 
mem. Greater Ia. Assn., Boone Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, O. E. S., K. P. Former resi- 
dences, Geneseo, 111., 1854-70; Nevada, 
Ia., 1876-80. 

McFARLAND, Corey Fuller, propr. Mc- 
Farland Paper Co., Keokuk; b. Chico- 
pee, Mass., June 19, 1861; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S. Amhurst, Mass.; Amhurst 
Coll., 1883, A. B.» m. Mamie Fizer, 1887. 
Memphis, Tenn.; child., Malcolm P.; 
prominent as a speaker along religious 
lines and in patriotic work; mem. Keo- 
kuk Chamber of Commerce, 1916-17; 
pres. various social business clubs and 
societies; pres. Keokuk Chap. American 
Red Cross, 1917 to date; mem. Keokuk 
Club, Keokuk Country Club, U. C. T. 
Former residences, Memphis, Tenn., 
1884-86; Charleston, 111., 1887-95. 

McFARLANE, Arch W., commercial sales- 
man, Waterloo; b. Waterloo, la., April 
14, 1885; Epis.; Rep.; ed. grad. East 
Waterloo H. S.; m. Elsie Venner Horn- 
kins, April 6, 1906; v-pres. Puritan Coal 
Co., Chicago; mem. 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th 
G. A., Ia. legislature; speaker 38th House 
of Representatives; mem. K. P., Ma- 
sonic bodies, Shrine, U. C. T. 

McGEE, Harry G., realtor, Council Bluffs; 
b. Grafton, W. Va., April 26, 1858; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. West Univ. of Pa.; m. Mar- 
garet L. Green, Jan. 12, 1893, Council 
Bluffs, Ia.; child., Mrs. Mary Grace 
Blanchard, John A.; hardware mcht.; 
treas. sch. bd., 1900; mem. park bd. since 
1910; mem. A. F. % A. M., Elks, I. O. 
O. P., Chamber of Commerce, Council 
IMuffs Real Estate Bd. Former resi- 
dences, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1867-74; Coun- 
cil Bluffs, 1874-96; Kansas City, 1896-97. 

McGRAW, Max, pres. The McGraw Co., 
Sioux City; b. Clear Lake, Ia., Feb. 1, 
1883; ed. Sioux City H. S.; m. Francis 
Sehaaf; child., Richard, Maxine, Carrol ; 
The McGraw Co. is western agents 
for the trade territory covered by Sioux 
City and Omaha, for the Westinghouse 
Electric & Mnfg. Co.; the company has 
over 100 employees, and does a busi- 
ness of several million dollars a year. 
Lived in Sioux City since 2 yrs. old. 

McNAMARA, William Louis, lawyer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., Feb. 24, 1864; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. parochial sch., Keokuk; LL. 
B., Washington Univ.. St. Louis, 1898; 
city atty., Keokuk, 1901; judge superior 
court, Keokuk, 1902; mem. K. C, Elks, 
M. W. A. 





MCLAUGHLIN, Dr. A. J., physician, Sioux 
City; b. Minnesota, Aug. 11, 1876; Rep.; 
practice consists of special work on 
venereal diseases and their sequel; 
Fellow American Coll. of Surgeons; 
mem. Assn. Military Surgeons pf the 
U. S.; Surgeon Reserve U. S. Public 
Health Service; mem. Chicago Urolo- 
gical Soc; American Urological Assn.; 
American Public Health Assn.; Ameri- 
can Social Hygiene Assn. 

McMANUS, Edward William, lawyer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Lee Co., la., Jan. 1, 1887; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed., grad. Keokuk H. S., PJ05; 
LL. B., Ia. State Univ., 1909; m. Kath- 
leen O'Conner, Oct. 20, 1009, Homer, 
Neb.; child., Dorothy J., Neal, Edward 
J.; city atty., Keokuk, 1910; co. atty. 
Lee co., 1913 to date; pres. Ia. Co. At- 
torneys' Assn., 1917; temporary chmn. Ia. 
State Dem. Convention, 1916; postmas- 
ter, Keokuk, 1918; Dem. nominee for 
Congress, 1st Dist. Ia., 1920; mem. Beta 
Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi (law), K. C, 
Elks., Keokuk Club. 

McMILLAN, Horace G. f editor and pub. 
Farmer and Breeder, Sioux City; b. 
Dalton, Wayne Co., O., May 29, 1854; 
United Pres.; Rep.; ed. com. sch.; 
Grand View, Ia., Acad,; Washington, 
Ia., Acad.; m. Alice VanDoren; child., 
Glen V., Viva E., Florence, James B., 
H. G., Jr.; read law with Atty. Gen. J. 
F. McJunkin at Washington, Ia. ; prac- 
ticed law 25 yrs.; 6 yrs. co. atty. of 
Lyon Co., Ia.; 10 yrs. U. S. atty. for 
Northern Dist. of Ia.; mem. Rep. State 
Central Com. of Ia. for 6 yrs., and chmn 
for 3 yrs.; was chmn. during McKinley 
campaign in 1896; mem. K. P.; pres. of 
Percheron Soc. of America, 10 yrs.; one 
of the receivers Midland Pkg. Co. ; also 
identified with the pure bred live stock 
industry for 50 yrs.; came to Iowa 1856 
with parents, settling in Washington 
Co.; moved to Rock Rapids, Lyon Co., 
in 1882; removed from there to Cedar 
Rapids in 1888; remained there until 
1908, during which time was owner of 
Cedar Rapids Daily Republican, and es- 
tablished and publisher Cedar Rapids 
Evening Times. 

McMILLAN, James B., breeder of pure- 
bred live stock, Rock Rapids; b. Rock 
Rapids, Ia., Feb. 18, 1886; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. grade sch., Rock Rapids, Ia.; grad. 
Cedar Rapids H. S., 1903; attended Ia. 
State Coll., 1903-06; m. Sallie Martin, 
July 23, 1906, Sioux Falls, S. D.; child., 
Ruth, James Jr., Horace M.; exhibited 
more prize winning Percheron horses at 
all leading fairs and expositions during 
past ten years than any exhibitor in 
the United States; mem. Internatl. 
Stock Judging Team from Ia. State 
Coll., 1906; mem. Phi Delta Theta Fra- 
ternity, Comus Club, Rock Rapids, Ia., 
and Saddle & Sirloin Club, Chicago, 111. 
Former residence, Cedar Rapids, Ia., 

MAAKESTAD, W. T., county agricultural 
agent, Algona; b. Randall, Ia., March 30, 
1891; Luth.; Rep.; ed. Story City H. S.; 
State Coll., B. S. in Agronomy; B. S. in 
Agr. education; mem A. Z. (honorary 
Agr. fraternity), Masons. Former resi- 
dences, Holstein, Ia., 1916-17; Ft. Dodge, 

Ia., 1917-18; Pocahontos, Ia., 1918,; U. 
S. Army, Aug. 1, 1918-April 10, 1919. 
MACOMBER, Charles Sumner, lawyer, 
Ida Grove; b. Milo, Me., June 25, 1858; 
Uni.; Rep.; ed. com. sch. and 1 yr. State 
Coll., Orono, Me.; m. Mary Ida Miller, 
May 5, 1886, Pierson, Ia.; child., Stan- 
ley M., Mabel M., Forrest D.; practiced 
law for 38 yrs., or since 1882, when he 
was admitted to bar at Ida Grove, Ia.; 
city solicitor of Ida Grove for over 10 
yrs., and has been co. atty. and asst. 
co. atty. for 6 yrs.; mem. A. O. U. W. f 
Yeomen, M. W. A., Masonic bodies, 
Shrine. Former residences, Milo, Me., 
until Jan., 1882; Sanborn, Ia.; Sioux 
City, la. 

MACY, Carey S. f county agent, Grundy 
Center; b. New Providence; Quaker; 
Rep.; ed. grad. New Providence Acad., 
1906; B. S. Agricultural edn., Ia. S. 
Coll., 1918; m. Nyna Faris, Oct. 14, 1918, 
Oskaloosa, Ia. ; child., William Faris; 
mem. K. P., Masons. Former residence, 
New Providence from birth until 1918. 

MACNIDER, Hanford, investment banker, 
Mason City; b. Mason City, Ia., Oct. 2, 
1S89; Rep.; ed. Milton (Mjvss.) Acad.; 
Harvard Univ., A. B., 1911; First Lieut, 
la. National Guard, border service, 1916- 
17; 2nd Lieut., 1st Lieut., Capt., and 
Adjt. Maj. 9th U. S. Inf. overseas, 
1917-19; Lt. Col. Inf. Adjt. 2nd Div., A. 
E. F., 1919, in Army of Occupation, Ger- 
many; American Decorations, Distin- 
guished Service Cross with cluster; 
French Decorations, Chevalier of Legion 
of Honor, Croix de Guerre (five cita- 
tions); Italian, War Cross; mem. Univ. 
Club, Chicago; Harvard Club, New York 
City; Masonic bodies, Elks, K. P., Am- 
erican Legion (commander for Iowa) ; 
elected at Cleveland, O., at last elec- 

MacVICAR, John, contractor, street pav- 
ing, Des Moines; b. Gait, Ont., Can., 
July 4, 1859; Meth.; Rep.; ed. com. sch.; 
m. Nettie M. Nash, 1884, Des Moines, 
Ia.; child., Mary, Marjorie, John, Jr.; 
for over 30 yrs. active in municipal poli- 
tics, holding ofliee of mayor and mem- 
ber of city council frequently during 
that period; was member of first city 
council upon the introduction of com- 
mission, or Des Moines plan, of city 
government; was in attendance at first 
1'lattsburg Training Camp, and was 
commissioned captain; entered service 
May, 1917; discharged March 6, 1919; 
was Dept. /idjt. American Legion, May 
1919, to Sept., 1920; mem. City Club, 
New York; Des Moines Club, American 
Legion, Masons. Former residences, 
Guelpn, Ont., 1868; Erie, Pa., 1882. 

MAGEE, David Alexander, Sec, Sioux 
City Retail Merchants Assn.; insurance 
and adjustments, Sioux City; b. Arm- 
strong Co., Pa., Aug. 6, 1849; Unit.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Adelia Hattenbach, 
June 18, 1876, Council Bluffs, Ia. ; child., 
Oliver G.; farmer, flour miller, retail 
grocer, life insurance; Lt.-Col. staff Gov. 
Wm. Larrabee, 1888-89; alderman 1877- 
83; mayor Sioux City, 1885; sheriff 
Woodbury Co., 1888-89; alderman 1894- 
96; treas., Floyd Monument Assn.; 
mem. War Eagle Monument (under 


Magoun 52 

contemplation) to be erected; was the 
first pres. of the Sioux City Street Ky. 
Co.; first pres. Sioux City Water Co.; 
mem. Chamber of Commerce, A. O. U. 
W., I. O. O. P., K. P., Masonic bodies. 
Former residences, Armstrong Co., Pa., 
1819-54; Davenport, la., 1855-5*; Prairie 
Mills, la., 1859; Scotch Grove, la., 1860- 
65; Omaha, Neb., 1S6G; Loveland, la., 
1807-68; Sioux City, la., May 4, 1869 to 

MAGOUN, Charles Elmer, physician and 
surgeon, Sioux City; b. Sioux City, la., 
July 4, 1888; Christ.; Rep.; eel. Sioux 
City H. S., grad. 1906; Morningside Coll., 
1910, degree A. B. ; Tufts Coll. Medical 
Sch., Boston, M. D. ; grad. Boston City 
Hospital, Boston, Mass.; surgeon in 
Base Hospital, U. S. Army, 1918; 1st Lt„ 
Med. Corps, U. S. A., honorably dis- 
charged; school physician, Sioux City; 
medical examiner and physician for Na- 
tional Guard, Sioux City; mem. Har- 
vard Club, Boston, Mass.; Elks, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Sioux City; Masonic 
bodies, American Legion. Former resi- 
dences, Boston, Mass, 1908-16; Balti- 
more, Md., 1911; Minneapolis, Minn., 
1912; Ft. Worth, Tex., 1918; Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1919. 

MAHANNAH, Fred L., educational work, 
Davenport; b. North English, la., Aug. 
18, 1874; Prot.; Rep.; ed. North English 
H. S., 1893; Cornell Coll., 1898, B. S.; m. 
Edith Gertrude Swaney, 1901, Marengo, 
la.; Co. Supt., Cerro Gordo Co., 1906-11; 
State Inspector Normal Training H. S., 
1911-16; Supt. Ia. Soldiers' Orphans' 
Home, 1916-20; pres., Ia. State Teach- 
ers' Assn., 1911; mem. Davenport Ro- 
tary Club. Former residences, Mason 
City, Ia., 1906-11; Des Moines, la., 1911- 

MAHURAN, Stuart Ansala, journalist, 
city ed.. Mason City Daily Globe- Ga- 
zette and Times, Mason City; b. Col- 
wich, Kan., July 15, 1892; Rep.; ed., 
grad. Center Point (Ia.) H. S.; 3 yrs. 
Upper Ia. Univ.; grad. School of Ora- 
tory and Dramatic Art, Normal; Jour- 
nalism, State Univ.; Law, Univ. of 
Wis. (not grad.); m. Mane vxerstenber- 
ger, 1917, Maynard, Ia. ; child., Betty v.; 
winner Fawcett Oratorical contest, Up- 
per Iowa, 1914; won Boyce debate prize 
there; winner Des Moines Register 
Short Story contest with story, "A Roll 
of Copper Wire," Oct. 10, 1920, $100 
prize; instructor Mathematics Field Ar- 
tillery Central Officers' Training Sch., 
Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky., 
during war period; mem. Authors' 
League of America, American Legion. 
Former residences, Center Point, la., 
1911; Fayette, Ia., 1912-14; Hazleton, 
Ia., 1915 (supt. schools there); Iowa 
City, Ia., 1916; supt. schools, Kamrar, 
Ia., 1916; news editor Creston Adver- 
tiser, Creston, Ia., 1917. 

MAK, S. J., fire insurance, Inwood; b. 
Pella, Ia., Jan. 10, 1870; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S.; m. Eva Lyon, Nov. 27, 1888, 
Inwood, Ia.; child., Leo L., Ethel, Ver- 
da. ; founded Inwood Herald at Inwood, 
Ia., Nov., 1889, and has been connected 
with other newspaper enterprises; post- 
master, Inwood, Ia., for 18 yrs., from 


July, 1897, to May, 1915; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Elks. Former residence, Or- 
ange City, Ia., 1872-1888. 

MALLOY, Frank, farmer, Sioux City; b. 
Boston, Mass., June 22, 1867; Cath.; 
Dem. ; ed. Boston schools; m. Winnie 
Kelly; mem. Elks, K. C, Hibernians. 

MANDT, Obert G., manufacturer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Stoughton, Wis., 1885; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S.; Marquette Univ.; m. 
Helen E. Culbertson, 1909, Madison, 
Wis.; child., Vernon; national distribu- 
tor of equipment; organized American 
Cement Machine Co., Keokuk, 1912, and 
reorganized it 1914, with capital of 
$250,000, and it now is the fourth larg- 
est mixer manufacturer in the world; 
pres., mngr. and treas., Contractors' 
Equipment Co., Keokuk; dir., Security 
State Bank, Keokuk; active in civilian 
war work, 1917-18; active in interests of 
Keokuk Y. M. C. A., 1918-19; mem. Ma- 
sonic bodies, Keokuk Club, Keokuk 
Chamber of Commerce; Assn. of Equip- 
ment Manufacturers. Former residence, 
Madison, Wis., 1913. 

MANNING, CYRUS J., advertising and 
sales manager, Sioux City; b. Eden, 
Wis., April 22, 1886; Cath.; Dem.; ed. 
A. B. degree, Columbia Coll., Du- 
buque, Ia. ; m. Hilda V. Andres, Oct., 
1912, Chicago, 111.; child., Robert A., 
John, Mary, Martha; formerly city edi- 
tor Sioux City Journal and contributor 
of humorous editorial sketches to Col- 
liers and other national magazines; 
served during war as Woodbury Co. 
and Eleventh Iowa director of publicity 
for Red Cross, Liberty Loan, United 
War Work drives; mem. Sioux City 
Country Club. 

MANTZ, H. J., lawyer, Audubon; b. Ia. 
Co., la., Sept. 23, 1877; Pres.; Rep.; 
ed. Audubon H. S.; grad. Drake Univ. 
law sch., 1905; m. Dorothy Sandberg, 
1910, Oakland, Neb.; child. Paul S., 
Kathleen J.; mem. law firm Mantz & 
White; served as co. atty. four yrs. ; 
mayor Audubon 5 yrs.; elected state 
rep. 1916; re-elected 1918; elected state 
sen. 1920. 

MAENNEL, Claude Frederick, lawyer, 
Sioux City; b. Iowa, June 5, 1882; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. Correctionville, Ia., H. S., 
1898; Oberlin O., Acad. 1899; Univ. Ia., 
LL. B., 1905; m. Grace Loucks, 1907, 
Danbury, Ia. ; states atty.; McLean Co., 
N. D., 1912-14; pres. City Commission 
Washburn, N. D., 1909-12; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, Elks, Phi Delta 
Phi. Former residence, Washburn, N. 
D., 1908-15. 

MARSH, Fred E., sheriff Cerro Gordo 
Co., Mason Citv; b. M;ison City, Ia., 
Feb. 17, 1X66: Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
m. Ada Burkett, Oct. 5, 1886, Nora 
Springs, la.; child. Harold, Vern L. ; 
sheriff 8 yrs.; chmn. exemption bd. 
during World war; mem. Elks, Masons, 
M. B. A., I. O. O. F., Woodmen. 

MARSH, John Wetmore, dentist, Keokuk; 
b. Warsaw, 111., July 23. 1872; Epis.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. St. John's Military 
Acad., Delafield, Wis., 1890; D. M. D. 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1895; m. 
Lucy Sholl Cherrill, June 12, 1902, 
Carthage, 111.; child. John, Susan, Lucy, 





Jane; pres. Ia. State Dental Soc, 1919- 
20; prof, of dental pathology in Keokuk 
Dental coll., 190G-09; editor Tri-State 
Dental Record, 1905-06; honorary mem. 
Adams-Hancock Dental soc, 1906; 
mem. 111. State Dental Soc, 1902-07; 
mem. Ia. State Dental Soc, 1907; mem. 
Masons, Keokuk Country Club, Keokuk 
Club. Former residence, Warsaw, 111., 

MARSTON Anson, Civil Eng., (Dean of 
Eng.,, I. S. C), Ames; b. Seward, 111., 
May 31, 1864; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S. 
grad. 1883, Rockford, 111.; Berea Ky., 
Coll., 1884-85; civil eng. grad. 1889, 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.; m. Mary 
Alice Day, Seward, 111., Dec. 14, 1892; 
child., Morrill W., Anson D.; has 
written over 100 papers and addresses 
for various Eng. Socs. and Journals; 
ry. and bridge eng. 1889-92; prof, civil 
eng. 1892-1919, and dean of eng. 1904 
to date (both I. S. C); consulting civ- 
il eng. practice 1892 to date; mem. city 
council, Ames, Ia. ; mem. Ia. State High- 
way Comm'n., 1904 to date; past pres. 
Soc. for Promotion Eng. Edn., Land 
Grant Coll., Eng. Assn., Ia. Eng. Soc; 
mem. bd. dir. Am. Soc. Civil Eng., 
1920 to date; mem. Nat. Research Coun- 
cil 1919 to date; ex-mem. executive 
com. Am. Soc. for Testing Materials; 
Chanute medal Western Soc. Eng., 1904; 
Fuertes Gold Medal Cornell Univ., 1904; 
major eng. U. S. army, July 25, 1917 to 
Sept. 6, 1918; lieut.-col. Eng., U. S. A., 
Sept. 6, 1918 to Dec. 14, 1918; in ser- 
vice with troops in field in U. S. all 
time in army.; mem. Masons, Shrine, 
Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Acacia, Theta Xi.; mem. Grant Club, 
Des Moines; Cosmos Club, Am. Soc C. 
E., Soc. for Promotion of Eng. Edn., 
Am. Soc. for Testing Materials., Ia. 
Eng. Soc, West. Soc. of Eng. 

MARTIN, Charles W., Co. Agent, Spen- 
cer; b. Carroll, Ia., Feb. 4, 1885; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. I. S. C; degree B. S. A. in 
Animal Husbandry; m. Maude Liddle, 
Jan. 3, 1910, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; child. 
Helen V.; mem. Masons. Former resi- 
dence, Carroll, Ia., until Jan. 1, 1919. 

MARTIN, Howard V., dept. store prop- 
rietor, T. S. Martin Co., Sioux City; 
b. Sioux City, Ia.; Cath.; ed. Sioux 
City grade sch.; Sioux City H. S.; La 
Villa sch., Lausanne, S vvitzerland ; 
Tome sch., Fort Deposit, Md.; Univ. of 
Pa.; m. Leone Weston, 1917, Sioux 
City, Ia.; child. Mildred W.; he entered 
the army service a pvt.; then quail* 
fied for officers training and was just 
starting the course when the war end- 
ed.; mem. Am. Legion, K. C, Sioux 
City Boat Club, Sioux City Country 
Club, Shore Acre Club, Sioux City 
Chamber of Commerce, Alpha Chi Rho. 

MARTIN, J. Earle, pres. T. S. Martin 
Co., dept. store, Sioux City; b. Sioux 
City, Ia., Aug. 27, 1884; Cath.; Rep.; 
ed. Sioux City grade and H. S.; Christ- 
ian Bros. Coll., St. Louis, Mo.; m. 
Helen Ross, Aug. 10, 1910, Sioux City, 
Ia.; child. Mariette, J. Earle, jr.; he 
was closely identified with all the war 
work drives in an executive capacity 
and had the honor of opening the 
principal Red Cross drive with the 

largest single subscription to any of 
the war charities — $7,000 which he gave 
for the T. S. Martin Co.; mem. K. C, 
Elks, Sioux City Chamber of Commerce, 
Sioux City Country Club. 

MARTIN, Jules T., dept. store proprietor, 
T. S. Martin Co., Sioux City; b. Sioux 
City, Ia,; Cath.; Rep.; ed. Sioux City 
grade sch.; Sioux City H. S.; La Villa 
sch. Lausanne, Switzerland; Tome sch.; 
Univ. of Wis.; m. Jennie Reed, 1916, 
Detroit, Mich.; child. Margaret A.; in 
addition to his educational training he 
worked in the packing houses and as a 
day laborer, gaining the working man's 
slant of life and bus. problems; his 
general knowledge perhaps was the rea- 
son for his selection as chmn. of In- 
dustrial Relations for the Sioux City 
Chamber of Commerce; mem. Elks, 
Sioux City Country Club, Beta Theta 

MATHENEY, Elizabeth, Keokuk; b. 
Alexander, Mo., March 8, 1861; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Keokuk H. S., 1880; in re- 
tail shoe bus. for twenty-eight yrs.; 
state sec. of la. Rebekah assembly, I. 
O. O. F., 1890 to date; officer of Civic 
League, Keokuk; sec league^of woman 
voters, Keokuk, 1919 to date; has had 
large part during her 30 yrs. of service 
as sec. in formulating the laws govern- 
ing the Ia. Rebekah assembly and Ia. 
Rebekahs; given much credit for suc- 
cess in state work to the thorough work 
done in the office of the sec; is active 
in Sunday sch. work in Trinity Meth. 
church, Keokuk. 

MATLESS, Leonard, shoe mfnr., Keokuk; 
b. Keokuk, Ia., 1865; Pres.; Rep.; ed. 
H. S.; m. Josephine Ingalls, 1893, Ft. 
Madison, Ia. ; child. Leonard I., Ruth; 
sec-treas. and dir. Huiskamp Bros. Co., 
mfrs. of shoes, which he joined on its 
organization in 1883; was asst. sec. 
1887-95; sec. 1895; sec-treas. 1916; 
Commissioner South River Drainage 
dist., Marion Co., Mo.; elected pres. Y. 
M. C. A., Oct. 1920; dir. Keokuk Coun- 
try Club; dir. Keokuk Y. M. C. A.; 
Deacon Westminister church, Keokuk; 

MATTERT, J. Fred, banker, Sibley, Ia.; 
b. Chicago, 111., Jan. 13, 1866; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. Freeport, 111., H. S.; m. Liz- 
zie A. Armbright, Sept. 25, 1889. Col- 
umbus Junction, Ia.; child. Cornelia 
W.; cashier and dir. First Nat. bank, 
Sibley; connected with the bank since 
1884; working from ground up to the 
present position; pres. and dir. First 
Nat. bank, Melvin, Ia.; treas/ Sibley, 
10 or 12 vrs.; sec. Siblev Commercial 
Club; High Priest, R. A. M., Sibley; 
mem. Siblev Commercial Club, Masonic 
bodies, Shrine, K. P., Elks. Former 
residences, Chicago, to Oct. 1871; Free- 
port, 111., to Apr. 1884. 

MAXFIELD, D. F., Pottawattamie Co. 
treas., Council Bluffs; b. Pottawattamie 
Co., Ia., Feb. 19, 1872; Prot.; Dem.; 
ed. country sch.; m. Victoria Castor, 
July 10, 1899, Council Bluffs, Ia., child. 
Ardieth; former mayor of Neola, Ia. ; 
mem. W. O. W., F. O. E., Owls. For- 
mer residence, Neola until 1899. 

MAXWELL, Cortes, lawyer and editorial 
work, Keokuk; b. Alexandria, Mo., Nov. 


Maxwell 54 

17, 1851; Epis.; Dem.; ed. Yale Univ., 
A. B., 1875; m. Annie D. Sparr, Knob 
Noster, Mo., Oct. 22, 1877; winner twice 
of the New York Herald cup and Sar- 
atoga prize tankard, 3874 and 1875, in 
intercollegiate hurdle races; on Yale 
baseball team, 1870-75; substitute Yale 
varsity crew, 1875; entered Caladonian 
games at New Haven, 1875, as amateur 
and defeated professionals from New 
York, Boston, Chicago and Montreal; 
editor Keokuk Democrat from its 
foundation 1884-88, and of Keokuk 
Constitution-Democrat, 1888-1907; jus- 
tice of the peace; chmn. Co. Dem. Cent. 
Com.; Delegate to Nat., State Dist. and 
Co. conventions; mem. Delta Kappa 
Epsilon, Phi Chapter Yale and minor 
clubs and societies. Former residences, 
St. Louis, Mo., 1862-7G; Warsaw, 111., 

MAXWELL, John Augustus, retired 
farmer and gardener, Epworth; b. 
Sweden, June 30, 1853; Meth.; Rep.; 
m. Susan A. Cook; child., James N., 
Mamie E., Carl H., Levi E., Harold L., 
Pearl E. ; became interested early in 
life in education; held directorship of 
both dist. and twp. pub. sch.; stock- 
holder and pres. Epworth Sav. bank; 
active in church work, operates 9 -acre 
truck farm; mem. I. O. O. P. Former 
residences, Rickardsville, la., from 
boyhood to 25 yrs. of age; Holy Cross, 
Ia. F until Jan. 1900. 

MAXWELL, W. D., civil eng., co. eng. 
Sac Co., Sac City; b. Prescott, la., Aug. 

18, 1881; Prot.; Rep.; ed. grad. East 
Des Moines H. S.; grad. I. S. C, de- 
grees B. C. E., and C. E. Former resi- 
dences, Prescott, la., 1881-91; Des 
Moines, 1891-1913 (except 1907); Colo- 
rado, 1907. 

MAYNE, L. H., editor and publisher, 
Emmetsburg; b. Heuvelton, N. Y., Sept. 
22, 1858; Rep.; ed. No. Indiana Univ., 
Eureka Coll.; spent several yrs. teach- 
ing sch.; four yrs. U. S. Mail service; 
formerly pub. Algona Republican; now 
editor Palo Alto Reporter; elected state 
rep. Palo Alto Co., 1918; re-elected, 1920. 

MEAD, Oscar L., farmer, Shell Rock; 
b. Butler Co., Ia., 1875; Rep.; ed. Shell 
Rock H. S.; bus. coll. at Nora Springs 
Seminary; m. Gertrude Graham, 1897, 
Shell Rock, la.; two child.; interested 
in banks; has served as twp. assessor 
and mem. of sch. bd.; elected state rep. 
Butler Co., 1916; re-elected 1918; elect- 
ed state sen. 1920; mem. Masonic bod- 
ies, Shrine. 

MEIGS, Cornelia L., author, Keokuk; b. 
Rock Island, 111., Dec. 6, 1884; Epis.; 
Rep.; ed. Keokuk H. S., A. B. Bryn 
Mawr Coll., 1908; published "The King- 
dom of the Winding Road," 1914; "Mus- 
ter Spinion's Garden," 1915; "The 
Steadfast Princess," 1915; "The Pool 
of Stars," 1919— all books for children; 
chmn. hospital supplies com. Red 
Cross,. 1917-18, for southern half Lee 
co., arid much war aid work during the 
World war. 

MEIGS, Montgomery, civil engineer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Detroit, Mich., Feb. 27, 1847; 
Epis.; Rep.; ed. Harvard Coll. Scientific 
sch. and Royal Polytechnic sch. of 


Stuttgart, Germany 2 yrs. each; m. 
Grace Lynda, 187G, Rock Island, 111.; 
child. Mary, Louisa, Grace, Alice, Cor- 
nelia, Emily; was local inspector for 
the U. S. during the building of the 
Keokuk Water Power; has charge of 
the new lock and dry dock and the re- 
pair and construction of steamboats and 
other plants; also has charge of Mis- 
sissippi river improvements, Burlington 
and Hannibal (100 miles) ; pres. Keo- 
kuk Country Club two yrs.; mem. Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engineers; mem. Keokuk 
bd. of ed. 1904-07; mem. Country club, 
Elks, Keokuk Club, Am. Soc. of Civil 
Engineers, Nat. Geographic Soc; Soc. 
of Am. Military Engineers. Former 
residences, Washington, D. C, 1850-68; 
on surveys for the Northern Pacific 
ry., 1870 to 1874; abroad 1 yr. ; Wash- 
ington 1873-76; Rock Island, 111., 1877- 

MEREDITH, David, farmer and stock 
raiser, Lynnville; b. Searsboro, la., Apr. 
13, 1867; Quaker; Rep.; ed. H. S. and 
one yr. at Penn Coll., Oskaloosa, la.; 
m. Hattie E. Hunt, Aug 20, 1890, Whit- 
tier, Calif.; child. Ozro J., Clifford H., 
Robert D., Susanna Mae; successfully 
operates 1000 acre farm; served Jasper 
co., in House Rep., &5th and 37th G. A.; 
elected to sen. in 1918. 

MEREDITH, Francis L., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Ontario, la., June 15, 1871; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. Ames H. S.; B. S., 
I. S. C. ; Harvard law sch.; m. Winni- 
fred Carpenter, Oct. 27, 1898. State 
Center, la.; child. David R., Jeannette; 
receiver of Crawford Banking Co.; 
trustee Cottage Grove Pres. Church; 
mem. Am. Judicature Soc; mem. bd. 
managers, Ia. Soc, of Sons of Am. Rev- 
olution; mem. Ben Franklin chapter S. 
A. R. Former residences, Ontario, Ia., 
1871-76; Ames, Ia., 1892; Crawford, Neb. 
to 1899. 

MESSER, Frank F., lawyer, Iowa City; 
b. Bloomfield, Ia., Sept. 19, 1888; Prot.; 
Dem.; ed. grad. Southern Ia. Normal 
of Bloomfield, Ia., LL. B. 1910 Coll. of 
law, State Univ. Ia. ; city atty. of Iowa 
City, 1911-15; State Rep. 38th G. A., 
41st dist.; elected delegate Dem. Nat. 
convention at San Francisco from sec- 
ond cong. dist. of Ia. ; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Shrine, Elks, Phi Alpa Delta 
frat. in Univ.; discharged from miiltary 
service of U. S. Nov., 1917. Former 
residence, few yrs. when child, in Kan- 

MEYER, Charles, wholesale saddlery. 
Sioux City; b. Philadelphia, Pa., March 
28, 1858; Cath.; Dem.; ed. country sch.; 
m. Anna Dessel, March 1, +881, Ossian, 
la.; child. Elsie, or (sister Anna Marie) 
in convent at St. Paul, Minn.; pres. 
Meyer Bros. Saddley Co., Sioux City, for 
32 yrs.; started at age of 13 clerking 
in general store for 10 yrs.; had owned 
a store for 5 yrs. and then started 
present bus.; mem. Elks, K. C, Lib- 
erty Club, Chamber of Commerce, Sioux 
City Boat Club. Former residence, De- 
corah, Ia., 1871-73; Ossian, la., 1874-87. 

MEYERS, J. J., lawyer, Carroll,; b. Car- 
roll, Ia., Sept. 25, 1880; Roman Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. two yrs. science course at 


Moye 55 

I. S. C„ and B. L. degrees, at Notre 
Dame Univ., Notre Dame, Ind.; m. 
Ella LaLiberty, June 18, 1919, Carroll, 
la.; mem. of law firm of Salinger, Rey- 
nolds, Meyers & Cooney, Carroll, la.; 
was mem. of foot-ball and track teams 
at I. S. C. and mem. track team at 
Notre Dame; held I. S. C, record_ in 
hammer throw for three yrs. ; played 
baseball, tennis and golf; banking and 
mining interests; co. atty. Carroll, Co., 
la., four yrs.; Dem. nominee for atty. 
gen. Ia., in 1918; temporary chmn. of 
Dem. State convention, Des Moines, 
July 1918; has done considerable pub- 
lic speaking in political campaigns and 
during war along patriotic lines; mem. 
Beta Theta Pi, Am.-Irish Hist. Soc, 
K. C; held the offices of Grand Knight, 
Dist. Deputy and State Deputy in K. 
C, at present mem. of supreme bd. 
of dir. of that order. 

MOYE, Sam A., produce and feed, Afton; 
b. Wadesville, Ind., March 15, 1883; 
Dem.; ed. 1 yr. Valpariso Univ.; 3 yrs. 
Ind. State Normal sch.; m. Bessie M. 
Harbour, Feb. 3, 1915, Greenfield, la.; 
child. Jack A.; taught sch. for 12 yrs. 
in Ind.; produce bus. 4 yrs.; mgr. and 
partner Harbour & Son, produce & feed, 
Afton, la.; in charge of branches at 
Thayer and Prescott, la.; established 
first "ship by truck" line in Union Co.; 
mem. I. O. O. F., Court of Honor. For- 
mer residences, Cumberland, la., 1910; 
Milo, la., 1917. 

MICHELSTETTER, Henry, printer and 
pub., Sioux City; b .Milwaukee, Wis., 
Sept. 19, 1856; Epis. ; Dem.; ed. common 
sch.; m. Mrs. William Ellis, 1880, Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis.; child. Mabel, Frances 
C; part owner of printing office and 
publisher Sioux City Craftsman; elected 
City Councilman in 1918 and re-elected 
1920; mem. Masons, Elks, A. O. U. W., 
Chamber of Commerce; mem. Typo- 
graphical union for 40 yrs. Former resi- 
dences, Prairie du Chien, Wis., 1870- 
73; Madison, Wis., 1873-1880; Chippewa 
Falls, 1881-86. 

M I LDENSTEI N, E. J., Co. Agr. Agent, 
Cresco; b. Clinton, la., Sept. 29, 1889; 
Presb.; ed. B. Sc. I. S. C. 1916; enlisted 
.in army as prvt. and later received 
commission as 2nd Lieut.; mem. Mas- 
ons. Former residence, Clinton, la., 
until 1919. 

MILES, Harry J., farmer, Miles; b. Miles, 
la., Sept. 13, 1869; Rep.; ed. grade sch. 
Miles and Grinnell Coll.; m. Alice Leh- 
man, 1902, Lyons, Ia. ; engaged in farm- 
ing and stock raising; interested in 
Florida truck garden land; served four 
terms as mayor of Miles; elected state 
rep. 1916; re-elected 1918; mem, Mas- 
onic bodies, K. P., I. O. O. F. 

MILLER, Frank A., mem. co. bd. sup- 
ervisors, Mason City; b. Allamakee Co., 
March 29, 1864; Prot. ; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
m. Laville Harroun, Sept. 1894, Mason 
City, Ia. ; child. Mildred, Irene; coun- 
cilman, Mason City 4 yrs.; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, K. P., M. B. A., Woodmen. 
Former residence, Allamakee Co., 1870. 

MILLER, JESSE A., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Johnson Co., near Iowa City, Ia., 
Aug. 8. 1869; Rep.; Prot.; ed. Oxford 


Pub. Sch., Oxford, Johnson Co., Ia.; 
m. Emily Magoun, May 15, 1895; child. 
Frederic M., Alexander M., Jesse E. ; 
grad. from State Univ. law dept. in 
1891, degree LL. B.; practiced law in 
Des Moines ever since the summer of 
1891; asst. atty. gen. of Ia., 1895-1898; 
co. atty. Polk Co., 1902-06; Judge of 
district court, Ninth Judicial dist. (Polk 
Co. forms the dist.), 1907-10; resigned 
from dist. bench to re-enter practice; 
mem. Des Moines, Grant Club, Hyper- 
ion Field & Motor, Prairie Club and 
Kiwanis Club; Masons, Shrine, JOlks, 
M. W. A., Maccabees, K. P., Beta Theta 
Pi. Former residences, farm in Johnson 
Co., Ia., until five yrs. of age; then 
moved to Oxford, Johnson Co., Ia., 
where he spent his boyhood. 

MILLER, Robert O., farmer, Lucus; b. 
Mason Co., 1111., Sept. 28, 1862; Rep.; ed. 
Simpson Coll.; m. Amy E. Puderbaugh, 
Jan. 1, 1S90; breeder and importer of 
pure bred stock; rep. to grand lodge 
I. O. O. F., 1912-13; elected state rep., 
Lucas Co., 1918; re-elected 1920. 

MILLER, W. D., editor and pub., Ogden; 
b. near Washington, D. C, Sept. 4, 
1878; Rep.; m. Anna B. Clark, Dec. 
25, 1906; child. Virginia, Clark; former- 
ly engaged in railroading an<? banking; 
elected state rep. Boone Co., 1916; re- 
elected 1918; mem. Masonic bodies. 

MILLS, Bruce R., farmer, Woodbine; 
b. Bushnell, 111., Jan. 28, 1867; Rep.; ed. 
Logan, la., grade sch.; m. Annetta D. 
Kirk, 1889; child, two daughters, two 
sons; engaged in automobile bus.; 
farms in Harrison and Monona cos.; 
served 9 yrs. postmaster at Woodbine; 
mem. city council; sch. treas.; elected 
state rep. Harrison Co., 1918; re-elect- 
ed 1920. 

MINER, T. Ralph, Co. Agr. Agent, Don- 
nellson; b. Adair, III., Dec. 2, 1877; 
Bapt.; Rep.; ed. Univ. 111., Knox Coll. 
(Galesburg, 111.); m. Carrie E. Talbot, 
Sept. 25, 1901, Plymouth, 111.; child. 
Enid E., Otho T., Mary V., Carol R., 
Paul P,, Ward S. Former residences, 
Plymouth, 111., 1901-08; Adair, 111., 1908- 
14; Washington, Ia., 1914-18; Knoxville, 
la., 1918-19. 

MITCHELL, Elmer E., farmer and stock- 
raiser, New Sharon; b. Mahaska Co., 
la., Jan. 27, 1863; Prot.; Rep.; ed. two 
yrs, general course Oskaloosa Coll.; 
course at Univ. Washington, Master's 
degree of law; admitted to practice be- 
fore U. S. supreme court; taught sch. 6 
yrs.; sen. 14th dist. Mahaska Co., in 
37th and 38th G. A.; mem. various farm 
organizations. Former residence, Wash- 
ington, D. C, from 1889 to 1906. 

MOEN, T. E., farmer and stockman, In- 
wood; b. Inwood, la., Oct. 10, 1870; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. rural sch., St. Olais 
Coll., Northfield, Minn., and Augustana 
Coll., Canton, S. D. ; m. Rachel David- 
son, Inwood, Ia., Oct. 23, 1892; child., 
Pearl H., Ervin R., Olive D., Bert E., 
Alice I.; spent fifteen yrs. in the grain 
bus.; four yrs. in the Chamber of Com- 
merce, Minneapolis, Minn.; a mem. of 
Skewis-Moen Co., which was then oper- 
ating forty line elevators, and doing a 
general commission bus.; represented 


Moir 56 

Lyon Co. in the 38th and 39th G. A.; 
served eight yrs. a mem. of the co. 
bd. of supervisors; chmn. of bd. four 
yrs.; served as dir. and v-pres. of the 
Farmers Nat. bank for many yrs. For- 
mer residences, Minneapolis, Minn., four 
yrs.; Estherville, la., two yrs. 

MOIR, James, banker, Burlington; b. 
Oquawka, 111., March 29, 1867; ed. Knox 
Coll., Galesburg-, 111., 1888-89; grad. 
Northwestern Law Sch., 1893; Univ. 
111., 1884-87; m. Eduale L. Dow, Gales- 
burg, 111., June 3, 1903; child. Eliza- 
beth, Nancy; admitted to bar, 111. 1893; 
mem. sch. bd. 1905-08; dir. Burlington 
Golf Club 1904-08; served Paris offices 
Red Cross, 1916-17; mem. Burlington 
Golf Club, Elks, Masonic bodies, Univ. 
Chicago Club. 

MOLYNEAUX, A. R., lawyer, Cherokee; 
b. Sullivan, Co., Pa., Apr. 29, 1856; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. country sch., state nor- 
mal, state univ., degree B. L. ; m. 
Emma E. Van Horn; child. Mrs. W. L. 
Stiles, Mrs. R. H. Baker, Arthur; co. 
atty. Cherokee Co., Jan. 1, 1887 to Jan. 
1, 1891; mayor of city 2 terms; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, Past Grand 
Comdr. K. T., Ia., Past Potentate, Abu- 
Bekr Temple, Sioux City, Ia. Former 
residence, Pa. until April, 1867. 

MONOSMITH, Albert W., Co. Agent, Ft. 
Dodge; b. Corning, la., July 17, 1875; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. A. B. Oberlin 1902; p- 
grad. Chicago Univ. 1903-04; m. Mabelle 
Kleinsmid, 1905, San Diego, Cal.; child. 
Helen, Virginia, Robert, Frederick. 
Former residence, Oberlin, O. 

MOODY, Earl C, banker and lawyer, 
Nora Springs; b. Waucoma, Ia., Jan. 
29, 1885; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Nora Springs 
Seminary; 2 yrs. at Upper Ia. Univ., 
4 yrs. at Univ. of Mich, completing B. 
A. degree and law dept.; m. Nelle I. 
Cutler, Aug. 14, 1910; child. Robert C, 
Margaret A.; sec. and chmn. group 3 
Ia. Bankers Assn.; Former mem. Coun- 
cil la. Bankers Assn.; chmn. Floyd 
Co., fuel administration; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Shrine. Former residences, Wa- 
bodies, Shrine. Former residence, Wau- 
coma, Ia., 1885-95; Fredericksburg, la., 

MOORE, B. E., banker, Prairie City; 
b. Attalissa, Ia., June 1, 1862; Univers- 
alist; Rep.; m. Carrie Bollhoefer, 1894, 
Prairie City, Ia. ; child. Merle M.; pres. 
First Nat. bank, Prairie City; pres. 
Dowden Mfg. Co., Prairie City; mem. 
Masons, K. P. Former residences, 
Brooklyn, 1862-70; Mitchellville, 1870-87. 

MOORE, E. R. r United States Marshal, 
Anamosa; b. Mt. Carroll. 111., Aug. 1, 
1859; Meth.; Dem.; ed. Mt. Carroll H. 
S., grad.; m. Mary V. Wynkoop, Nov. 
28, 1900, Maquoketa. Ia.; child. Don W.; 
has extensive holdings in land and 
houses, at and near Miami, Fla. ; 
heavily interested in truck gardens near 
Sanford and Orlando, Fla.; co. supt. 
sch.; mem. state normal sch. bd. at 
Cedar Falls; mem. Institution for 
Feeble Minded Chldn. at Glenwood; U. 
S. Marshal; mem. Anamosa City Coun- 
cil and sch. bd.; mem. K. P. Former 
residences, Mt. Carroll and Savanna, 
111.; Oxford Junction and Anamosa, Ia., 


and while acting as U. S. Marshal, liv- 
ing at Dubuque; expects soon to live 
in Miami, Fla. 

MOORE, Ernest R., banker, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. Anamosa, Ia., Nov. 1, 1868; 
Christ.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Winifred 
Evans, Dec. 25, 1901, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; 
child. Jane, Ruhama, Elizabeth, Rob- 
ert; mem. House of Representatives 
32nd and 33rd and 34th G. A., of la.; 
lieut. gov. of Ia., from Jan. 1917 to 
Jan. 1921; mem. of all Masonic bodies. 

MOORE, Jesse H., Deputy Sec. of State, 
Guthrie Center; b. Guthrie Center, Ia., 
May 24, 1890; Pres.; Rep.; ed. grad. 
Guthrie Co. H. S., 1907; bus. course, 
C. C. C. coll, Des Moines; B. A. degree 
from state univ. of Ia., two yrs. in 
law coll., S. U. I.; m. Serene Fjelstad. 
July 4, 1917, La Crosse, Wis.; admit- 
ted to practice law in Ia.; lieut. in tank 
corps during World war; mem. bd. of 
examiners to examine and recommend 
for commissions in tank corps; mem. 
Masons, Delta Chi frat.; State Hist. 
Soc, Ia. ; Argonne Post Am. Legion. 

MOORE, O. J., wholesale grocer, Sioux 
City; b. St. Peter, Minn., Oct. 26, 1869; 
ed. dist. sch. and one yr. in coll.; m. 
Hannah Wall, 1893, Sioux City; child. 
Mrs. Edw. Flynn, Mrs. O. O. Quail, 
Richard, Oliver T., James and Hannah; 
was urged to allow the use of his 
name in 1912 fur Progressive nomina- 
tion for governor of Ia.; mem. Elks. 
Former residence, St. Peter, Minn., 
Palmer, Neb., Omaha, Neb., Chicago, 

MOORE, William F., lawyer and banker, 
Guthrie Co., Ia., Nov. 18, 1875; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Guthrie Co. H. S.; grad. coll. 
of liberal arts state univ., 1901; also 
law sch. same, 1901; m. Leone Dewey, 
Guthrie Center, 1907; served two terms 
as co. atty. Guthrie Co.; elected state 
rep. Guthrie Co., 1914; re-elected 1918; 
rep. candidate for lieut. governor, 1920; 
polled largest vote in primary; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, 1. O. O. F., 
Elks, State Hist. Soc. 

MOORHEAD, H. B., farmer and mer- 
chant, Davenport; b. Scott Co., Ia., Dec. 
28, 1874; Rep.; ed. pub. sch., Parsons 
coll.; m. Myrtle A. Bouser, Muscatine, 
Ia., 1901; child, three sons; has been 
active in farm institute. Grange organ- 
izations and Y. M. C. A. work; elected 
state rep. Scott Co., 1918; re-elected 

MOORHEAD, Samuel W., physician- 
journalist, Keokuk; b. Blairsville, Pa., 
March 4, 1849; Christian; Rep.; ed. 
Blairsville Acad., state normal sch. of 
Pa., Edinboro, Pa.; M. D. 1883 from 
Coll. Phvsicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, 
la.; m. Mary M. Graham, Dec. 23, 1869, 
New Castle, Pa.; child John M., Frank 
G., Vera; prof, in medical coll. for 13 
yrs.; editor of daily paper over 30 yrs.; 
practitioner of medicine 40 yrs.; editor 
Council Bluffs Nonpareil, 1872-82; edi- 
tor Keokuk Gate City, 1896-98 and 1901- 
14; prof of Materia Medica and Thera- 
peutics in Coll. of Physicians and Sur- 
geons, Keokuk, 1884-90 and in Keokuk 
Medical coll. 1890-1902; mayor of Keo- 
kuk, 1893-95, and again 1914-16; post- 


Mooty 57 

master at Keokuk 1906-14; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Knight Comndr. Court of 
Honor. Former residences, Blairsville, 
Pa., 1849-56; Hillside, Pa., 1856-70; 
Council Bluffs from latter date until 
1882; Eagle Grove, la., until 1885. 

MOOTY, W. A., farmer, Grundy Center; 
b. Longford Co., Ireland, May 1863; 
Rep.; ed. Tilford Acad., Leander Clark 
Coll.; m. May Kaufman, Morrison, la., 
Apr. 12, 1905; child. Lewis, Helen; v- 
pres. Farmers Mut. Fire and Lightning 
Ins. Co.; served as Co. superivsor three 
yrs. ; elected state rep. Grundy Co., 
1916; re-elected 1918. 

iM OR ELAN D, Ned, hotel proprietor, Sioux 
City; b. Malta, la., July 22, 1883; Liber- 
al; Rep.; ed. common sch.; married; 
one son; mem. I. O. O. F. Former resi- 
dence, Montana, 5 yrs. 

fessor of physics and astronomy, Drake 
Univ., Des Moines; b. Mankato, Minn., 
Feb. 22, 1876; generally Rep.; Disciple; 
m. Myrtle May Slayton, June 9, 1903, 
Des Moines; child. Charles A., V. Lor- 
aine, Frances R. ; ed. H. S., Watertown, 
S. D.; Drake Univ. S. B., 1900, S. M., 
1902; Univ. Chicago, S. B., 1902; Univ. 
Cal., Ph. D., 1914; received Donohoe 
Comet Medal for discovery of Comet 
(c), 1908, Morehouse; mem. Sigma Xi.; 
dean of men, Drake Univ.; mem. Mas- 
onic lodg-e, Gamma Sigma Kappa Frat- 
ernity; Am. Astronomical Soc; Astron- 
omical Soc. of France. Former resi- 
dences, Mankato, Minn., 1876-81; Wat- 
ertown, S. D., 1881-1897. 

MORGAN, Albert J., farmer, Brighton; 
b. Clay, la., June 24, 1858; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. common sch. and academic course; 
m. Lucy R. Orr, Feb. 14, 1894, Pleas- 
ant Plain, la.; child. Warren O., M. 
Ruth, Carroll A.; breeder short horn 
cattle, Chester white swine and Shrop- 
shire sheep on 320 acre farm; twp. as- 
sessor and clerk Clay twp. ; mem. bd. 
supervisors, Washington Co.; mem. 
Council Defense of same county during 
war; census enumerator in 1900; mem. 
M. W. A., I. O. O. F. 

MORGAN, Charles M., Bus. Mgr. Bur- 
lington Gazette, Burlington; b. Rich- 
mond, Ind., March 10, 1886; Epis.; Ind.; 
ed. H. S.; m. Bessie Lighthipe, Mont- 
clan, .N J„ 1911; child. Ruth H.; mem. 
Elks. Former residences, Indianapolis, 
Ind.; New York City; Sioux City, la. 

MORGAN, H. B., editor, Baxter; b. Morn- 
ing Sun, la., Dec. 18, 1877; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Letts, la., H. S.; State Teachers' 
coll., 1903; m. Bertha E. Hull, Jan. 28, 
1906, Carlisle, la.; child. Frank; taught 
sch. three yrs.; publisher Baxter New 
Era; elected state rep., Jasper co., 1918; 
re-elected, 1920. 

MORGAN, H. E., Advertising Mgr. Bur- 
lington Hawk-Sye, Sec. Burlington 
Hawk-Eye Co., Burlington; b. Burling- 
ton, la., May 18, 1884; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Burlington H. S. ; m. Henrietta 
Eaton, March 4, 1912; mem. Masons, 
Elks. Former residence, from 1911 to 
1917 resided in Des Moines while on 
editorial staff of Registers-Tribune, 


MORROW, J. M., retired merchant, 
Douds; Van Buren Co., Ia., 1854; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. rural sch., Birmingham Acad.; 
m. Alice Chalfout, Oct. 2, 1878; child, 
one daughter, three sons; in mercan- 
tile bus., at Douds until 1917; elected 
state rep. in 1918; mem. Masonic bod- 
ies, Shrine, I. O. O. F., K. P. 

MORSE, Orwin Allison, Organist, Pianist, 
Teacher of Music, Music Critic, Sioux 
City Journal, Proprietor Morse Studios, 
Sioux City; b. Dickinson, Co., la., Apr. 
8, 1874; Prot.; Ind.; ed. Battle Creek 
Coll.; Toronto Univ.; Toronto Conserva- 
tory of Music, A. A. G. O. (Ass. Am. 
Guild of Organists); m. Fay Ellis, 1899, 
Philadelphia; child. Ethel; concert pian- 
ist with Minneapolis orchestra; num- 
erous concert appearances as organist 
and pianist; contributor to Musical 
Courier, Etude, etc; two addresses at 
Nat. Assn. of Organists; organist and 
choir dir. 1st Pres. church, Sioux City 
correspondent Musical Courier; elected 
Associate Am. Guild of Organists, 1908; 
elected mem. Royal Coll. of Organists, 
England, 1909; Dean Ia. Chapter Am. 
Guild of Organists, 1912; mem. Sioux 
City Rotary Club, Masons. Former resi- 
dences, Toronto. Ontario, 1889-98; Mel- 
bourne, Australia, 1898-1900; Battle 
Creek, Mich., 1900-04; DeLand, Fla., 
1904-10. * 

MOSSMAN, Frank E., pres. Morningside 
Coll., Sioux City; b. Urbana, Ia., Aug. 
26, 1873; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Tilford Acad., 
Vinton, Ia. ; A. B., Morningside coll.; A. 
M., same; Univ. of Chicago; Honorary 
degree of doctor of divinity Upper Ia. 
Univ.; m. Zoa Foster, March 27, 1895, 
Larchwood, la.; child. Mereb E., Benita 
N., Hobart F., Homer F. ; pres. South- 
western Coll., Winfield, Kan., 1905-18; 
pres. Morningside Coll., Sioux City, Ia., 
1918 to date; mem. bd. ed. M. E. church, 
New York City; mem. Masons, Socio- 
logical club, Sioux City, Rotary Club, 
Sioux City. Former residence, Winfield, 
Kan., 1905-18. 

MOUNCE, Arthur H clerk dist. court, 
Keosauqua; b. Jewell Co., Kan., Oct. 4, 
1872; Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S. and Bus. 
Coll.; m. Ida May Cross, Dec. 23, 1896, 
Center Point, Ia.; child., James R., 
Charles R., Arthur M.; deputy clerk 
dist. court four yrs.; clerk since Jan. 
1st, 1917 to date. Former residence, 
Polk Co., Mo., 1903-08. 

MUNGER, George H., County Farm 
Agent Centerville; b. Fairhaven, Minn., 
May 19, 1887; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. B. S. 
Agr.; m. Delia M. Swain, Jan. 14, 1916, 
Ogden, Ia.; child. Phyllis L., Alice V.; 
mem. Masons, Elks. Former residences, 
Ogden, Ia., 1917, Conrath. Wis., 1915- 
16; Ames, la., 1912-15. 

MUNGER, Robert Howe, lawyer, Sioux 
City; b. Earlville, la., Oct. 22, 1873; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. grad. Onawa, Ia., H. 
S., 1892; law dept. univ. Ia., LL. B., 
1899; m. Kathryn Bell Prentis, Vermil- 
lion, S. D., June 8, 1904; child. Robert P.; 
railroad agt. and operator 1892-96 during 
which took several coll. studies under 
tutor; practiced law in Sioux City 
wiiioa June 1899; police judge 1900-02; 
prof, medical jurisprudence Sioux City 


Murphy 58 

Coll. of Medicine for several yrs.; dir. 
in banking and other bus. institutions; 
mgr. Ia. Univ. football team 189S ; coll. 
frat., Phi Delta Theta; law fiat., Phi 
Delta Phi; pres. of law class in 1898; 
mem. Masonic bodies; 33rd degree Ma- 
son; Honorary Inspector Genl. A. A. S. 
R. ; Past Comndr. Columbian Command- 
ry K. T.; Elks; mem. of Chamber of 
Commerce, Boat Club, Country Club. 
Former residences, boyhood days in 
Osage, Onawa, Cherokee; resided dur- 
ing railroad service at Ticonic, Oto, 
Washta, Quimby, Fonda, Ia. 
MURPHY, Daniel D., lawyer, Elkader; 
b. Lafayette Co., Wis., Aug. 22, 1862; 
Dem.; ed. grad. Wis. State Normal 
sch.; grad. law dept. state univ. Ia., 
1887; mem. state bd. ed.; served as co. 
atty. Clayton co., four yrs. ; mem. El- 
kader sch. bd.; mem. Ia. State Bar 
Assn.; pres. same 1907; mem. Am. Bar 
Assn.; also Acad, of Political and Social 

MURPHY, G. W., physician and sur- 
geon, Sioux City; b. Dubuque Co., Ia., 
Sept. 3, 1859; Rep.; ed. B. S. Simpson 
Coll., Indianola, Ia., 1884; m. Emma 
Seibold, 1895, Danbury, Ia.; child. W. 
M., Mary E. ; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine. Former residence, Danbury, la., 

MURRAY, Roy William, lawyer and real 
estate, Cedar Rapids; b. Vernon, 111,. 
Apr. 12, 1873; Presb.; Rep.; ed. H. S., 
Owensville, Ind.; Perdue Univ., Master 
of Accountants; Dixon, 111., Bus. Coll.; 
m. Louise Ethel Keys, June 27, 1900, 
Beason, 111.; child. Ida, Estelle M., 
Grace, Virginia, William, Ruth; admit- 
ted to practice of law in both state and 
U. S. Courts in Ia.; has done consider- 
able writing for newspapers and com- 
posing advertisements for railroad, land 
and immigration work; former mem. 
bd. of ed., Storm Lake, Ia. ; represented 
78th dist. of Ia. in 36th and 37th G. A.; 
was chmn. of sch. and text books 
com. in the 36th G. A.; was immigra- 
tion agt. for C. M. & St. P. Ry.; dir. in 
two large mining cos.; mem. Grant 
Club, Des Moines; Ia. Hist. Soc; Ia. 
Bar Assn.; I. O. O. P., Masonic bodies, 
Shrine. Former residences, Owensville, 
Ind.; Beason, Logan Co., 111., May 1897; 
Storm Lake, Ia., 1908; Park Rapids, 
Minn., 1911; Storm Lake, 1912. 

MUSE, William Foster, Editor Mason 
City Daily Globe Gazette, Mason City; 
b. Big Island, Rock Island Co., 111., 
July 14. 1860; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Milan, 
111. H. S.; grad. Wesleyan Univ., Bloom- 
ington, 111., degree of A. B.,; Cornell 
Coll., Mt. Vernon, Ia., degree B. S.; 
degrees of M. S. and M. A. from same 
coll.; m. Lillian M. Duncan, July 16, 
1889, Cedar Rapids, la.; child. Elizabeth; 
city ed. Fremont, Neb., Tribune 1884; 
city ed. Cedar Rapids, Gazette 1885-90; 
ed. Ottumwa Courier, 1890-93; bus. mgr. 
Ottumwa Courier 1893-95; mgr. and 
basso Ottumwa Male Quartette touring 
twenty-seven states in lyceum and 
Chautauqua work 1896-99; pres. and ed. 
Mason City Globe Gazette and Print- 
ing Co., 1899 to date; visited Porto Rico 
in 1913 and wrote booklet of the island; 
P. M. Mason City 1911-15; pres. Rotary 


Club, dir. Chamber of Commerce; mem. 
Phi Delta Theta, coll. fiat., Elks, Mas- 
ons, K. P., Rotary, Sons of Veterans. 

NEFF, Lewis J., lawyer, Walnut; b. 
Bureau Co., 111., Sept. 21. 1868; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Western Normal Coll., High- 
land Park Coll., Drake Univ., B. Accts., 

B. Didactics and B. Laws; m. Ruth W. 
Neff, Nov. 18, 1906, Avoca, la.; holds 
an Ia. State certificate; state rep. lor 
3 terms in 36th, 37th and 38th G. A.; 
mayor of Walnut for 4 terms; mem. 
sch. bd.; ex-pres. Walnut sch. bd.; sec. 
for past 20 yrs. of I. O. O. F. lodge; 
sec. A. F. & A. M. for 10 yrs. 

NEIL, James E., Co. Agr. Agent, Sioux 
City; b. Long Grove. Ia., Oct. 4, 1886? 
Christ.; Rep.; ed. B. S. A., I. S. C; 
m. Edith C. Otto, Aug. 2, 1913, Minnea- 
polis, Minn.; child. Lantha D.. Sherel 
D. Former residences, Wabasso, Minn, 
as co. agent 1913-16; Ames, Ia., ext. 
dept. 1916-17. 

NELSON, Julius A., farmer, Atlantic; 
b. Cass Co.. Jan. 14, 1872; Rep.; ed. 
rural sch.; bus. coll.; Normal Training; 
pres. Atlantic Building and Supply Co.; 
v-pres. Farmers' Sav. bank, Atlantic; 
elected state sen. 18th dist., 1918. 

NELSON, J. A., lawyer, Decorah; b. 

Hesper, Ia., July 1«, 1886; Luth.; Rep.; 
ed. country sch., Mabel, Minn.; grad. 
of the law dept. state univ. Ia. 1910; 
m. Mary Amundson, Oct. 19, 1911, Inks- 
ter, N. D.; child. Lily B., Margaret J., 
Hazel G., Justin A.; been country sch. 
teacher, drug clerk, postal clerk, editor 
country newspaper, prior to taking law 
course; mem. law firm Willett & Nel- 
son; took an active part in war work; 
was 4 minute speaker; sec. Winneshiek 
Co., chapter of Am. Red Cross and gave 
a great many addresses; have twice 
been honored with giving Memorial day 
addresses in Decorah; present co. atty. 
Winneshiek Co. and city atty. for De- 
corah; sec. Decorah Commercial club. 
Former residence near Hesper, Ia. 

NEWBERRY, Byron W., rawyer, Straw- 
berry Point; b. Lorain Co., O., Sept. 
1, 1853; Rep.; ed. grad. Upper Ia. U., 
1875; law dept state univ. 1876; m. 
Eva M. Buckley, 1905; served as state 
sen. 36th dist. in 30th, 31st, 32nd, and 
37th, 38th, 39th G. A. 

NEWCOMER, Carl S., Insurance and 
Farm Mortgages, Eldora; b. Eldora, Ia., 
Apr. 7, 1878; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Eldora 
H. S.; Univ. of Wis., law; m. Eleanor 

C. McClain, June 15, 1918, Indiana; 
child. Betty; dealer in farm loans, own- 
er of farm lands, business buildings; 
dir. Central National Fire Ins. Co.; 
mayor of Eldora 4 yrs.; mem. Masonic 
bodies, Shrine, Beta Theta Pi., K. P., 
Rotary Club. 

NEWCOMER, Jay S., farm loans, Eldora; 
b. Eldora, Ia., Dec. 27, 1879; Rep.; ed. 
Eldora H. S., grad.; 1 yr. Northwestern 
Univ. Academy; m. J. Gertrude Porter, 
July 7, 1910, Dundee, 111.; child. Jayne, 
Jerome D. ; partner Reed & Newcomer; 
sec. Drake, Newcomer, Inc.; Partner 
J. D. Newcomer Co.; co. aud. Hardin 
Co. 1902-07; mem. Masonic bodies, 





Shrine, K. P., Rotarian, v-pres. Eldora 
Commercial League, pres. Rainbow 
Highway Assn. 

NEWTON, Ed. L., farmer and banker, 
Anita; b. Bureau Co., 111., Nov. 17, 1867; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Wyanet, 111., H. S.; 
m. Roma S. Houck, March 19, 1891; 
cnila. OMen R. ( Hobart E., Irma M., 
Emmet M. ; cashier Citizens Sav. bank, 
Anita, la.; mem. 37th and 38th G. A.; 
pres. Anita bd. of ed. ; mem. for 15 
yrs. ; was appointed organizer Cass Co. 
Council of Defense; mem. A. P. & A. 
M., O. E. S.; trustee of both and pre- 
sent Worthy Matron of latter. 

NICHOLS, Clarence, lawyer, Vinton; b. 
Vinton, la., July 16, 1870; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. Vinton pub. sch., Tilford Collegiate 
Academy, Univ. of la.; m. Alice V. 
Meakins, Marion, la., Apr. 19, 1894; 
child. John D., S. Margaret; dir. Farm- 
ers' Nat. bank of Vinton, stockholder in 
banks at LaPorte City, Keystone, Van 
Home, Newhall and Atkins, la.; ten 
yrs. city solicitor of Vinton; four yrs. 
co. atty. Benton co., Ia.; three and a 
half yrs. dist. Judge 17th judicial dist 
from which position he resigned to re- 
enter the practice of law; mem. K. P., 
Masonic bodies, Shrine. 

NORTON, William Sheffield, physician 
and surgeon, Muscatine; b. Napoleon, 
O., July 8, 1867; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Ur- 
bana Univ., Kansas Medical "M. D." 
post-grad, work, N. Y. City and Phila- 
delphia P. H. G. ; m. Wyita E. Mor- 
gridge, Los Cerrilos, N. M. ; child. Ruth 
M.; co. physician 1900 to date; coroner 
9 yrs.; bd. of ed. 9 yrs.; C. R. I. & P. 
Ry. surgeon 15 yrs.; mem. O. N. G.. 
5 yrs.; I. N. G. 10 yrs. with rank of 
lieut.-col.; capt. medical corps U. S. 
army, World war; mem. Masons; Mus- 
catine Co. and Ia. state medical soc. 
Former residence, Topeka, 1887-1893. 

NUTTY, Lee T., Co. Agr. Agent, Britt; 
b. Hopedale, 111., Dec. 29, 1888; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Nevada Ia., H. S.; Highland 
Park Coll. Southern Minn. Univ., com- 
mercial course, I. S. C, B. S. in A. H. 
degree; m. Ann C. Danielson, Elwood, 
Ia., April 2, 1919; has had charge of 
work at Britt since farm bureau was 
organized in Jan. 1918; organized 4 co- 
operative elevators, 10 live stock ship- 
ping assns., wool growers assn, pure 
bred breeders' assn.; bee assn.; mem. 
Masons, I. O. O. F., college frat, Lamb- 
da Chi Alpha. Former residences, Mas- 
on City, Ia., Austin Minn., Nevada, Ia. 

OATES, Benjamin Garfield, publisher, 
Clinton; b. Galena, 111., July 10, 1879; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Clinton H. S., Cornell 
Coll., Mt. Vernon, Ia.; m. Carrye 
Kleinknecht. Sept. 14, 1905, Mt. Vernon, 
Ia.; child. Suzanne; publisher The Clin- 
ton Advertiser, Clinton, Ia. Former 
residence, Mt. Vernon, Ia. 1898-1900. 

OBERLE, A. G., wholesale grocer, Bur- 
lington; b. Cincinnati, O., Apr. 26, 1859; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Cincinnati sch. and 

. H. S.; m. Louise Meyer, Apr. 18, 1888, 
Burlington, Ia.; child. Mrs. Arthur 
Felker; pres. Ia. Biscuit Co.; pres. and 
sec. Commercial Exchange; mem. 
Greater Burlington Assn., Elks, Car- 

thage Lake Club. Former residences, 
Cincinnati 1859-77; Chicago until 1892. 

OBYE, Charles H., Co. Agent, Tipton; 
b. Lake City, Ia., July 14, 1894; Meth.; 
Dem.; ed. Lake City H. S. grad.; B. 
S. in agr. ed. from I. S. C; m. Ruth 
Lemen, Aug. 31, 1918, Ft. Sheridan, 
111.; child. Pauline; awarded honor "A" 
for work as associate editor of Ia. 
Agriculturist; 19 months in U. S. army 
from prvi. to 1st lieut.; mem. K. P., 
Scabbard and Blade Military Organ- 
ization, Gamma Sigma Delta (honorary 
agr. frat.). Former residence, Straw- 
berry Point, Ia., 1916-17 as agr. advisor 
for community club. 

O'DONNELL, Roy T., Co. Agr. Agent, 
Mason City; b. Colo, Ia., Oct. 29, 1886; 
Cath.; Rep.; ed. Colo H. S., 1903; I. S. 
C. B. S. A. (1908), M. S. A. (1920); 
m. Minnie C. Henitz, Sept. 23, 1911, 
Ames, la.; child. John A.; extension 
prof, of Animal Husbandry 1912-16, 
Ames, Ia. ; dist. leader N. E. dist. co. 
agent work during war period; pres. 
I. S. C. Alumni assn. 1918-19; 1919-20; 
on winning stock judging team (Chica- 
go) I. S. C. 1907; mem. Mason City 
Rotary Club; R. C. Mason City; Alpha 
Zeta (honorary agr. frat.). Former resi- 
dence, Ames, Ia., 1912-16. 

O'DONNELL, T. J., farmer and sales- 
man, Dubuque; b. Lafayette Co., Wis., 
May 13, 1872; Cath.; Dem.; ed. grad. 
Bayless Bus. Coll., Dubuque; m. Winni- 
fred Kennedy, Aug. 16, 1899; four child.; 
elected state rep. Dubuque Co., 1916; re- 
elected 1918-20; mem. No. Dist. Ia., ex- 
emption bd. 

OFF, Clarence R., lawyer, North English; 
b. Dubuque, Ia., May 9, 1890; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Dubuque, Ia., H. S., 1908; 
Univ. of Ia., law 1912; m. Ruby Framp- 
ton, Boone, Ia., Nov. 29, 1914; child. 
Harriet, Robert E. ; practiced law at 
North English, Ia., since Nov., 1912; 
mem. Marshall Law soc. at univ. and 
pres. of same during last yr. there; co. 
atty. of Ia. co. since Jan. 1, 1919; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, K. P., I. O. O. 
F.> M. W. A., Yeoman. Former resi- 
dences, Dubuque, Ia., 1890-1909; Mem- 
phis, Term., during the yr. 1909; Ia. 
City, 1910-12. 

OERTEL, Frank William, lawyer, Keo- 
kuk; Rep.; ed. Ia. Coll. for Blind 1908 
and Drake Univ. Coll. of Law, 1911, 
LL. B., Drake, 1911; musician: pipe or- 
gan, band, orchestra; rep. in 37th and 
38th G. A., of Ia. 1917-21; served on 
judiciary com. both sessions; mem. K. 
P., Moose. 

OKELL, F. A., merchnnt, Lewis; b. near 
Lewis, Ia., Dec. 6, 1873; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S.; m. Josephine A. Boyd, Apr. 
18, 1900, Lewis, Ia.; child. Frederick; 
founded the general merchandise bus. 
in 1903, being the senior mem. of the 
firm of Okell, Weaver & Co.; at lay- 
ing of the corner stone of consolidated 
sch. bldg., acted as Grand Treas. for 
the Grand Lodge of Masons, who con- 
ducted the work; was also Grand Sec. 
at the laying of the corner stone for 
the new Masonic Temple at Lewis; past 
master of Lewis Masonic lodge; mem. 





I. O. O. F., Rebekahs, O. E. S., M. B. 
A., R. A. M. 
OLSON, G Adolph, merchant, Sioux City; 
b. Sweden, June 22, 1877; Luth.; Rep.; 
m. Emma Caroline Johnson, Sept. 7, 
1910, Holdrege, Neb.; prof, shooter for 
Peters Cartridge Co., Cincinnati, O., for 
7 yrs. and giving- fancy rifle, revolver 
and shot gun exhibitions at stq,te and 
co. fairs and other such gatherings; 
winner of several shoots; prop, and sole 
owner of Olson Sporting Goods Co.; 
capt. U. C. T. ball team two seasons, 
at Sioux Falls; v-pres. Swedish Com- 
mercial Club; pres. Crystal Lake Gun 
Club; mem. Sioux City Country Club, 
Shore Acre Boat Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, Sioux City Yacht Club, 
Crystal Lake Gun Club, Swedish Com- 
mercial Club, Elks, Retail Merchants 
Assn. Former residences, Holdridge, 
Neb., 1881-08, Sioux City, la., 1908-10, 
Sioux Falls, 1910-14. 

OLSON, Marion E., Co. Agr. Agent, El- 
dora; b. Slater, la., Nov. 10, 1889; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. country sch.; Slater 
H. S. 1907; L S. C, B. S. in Agronomy, 
1914; M. S. in Agronomy 1916; research 
work on uses of fertilizers for main- 
taining fertility of la. soil. A study of 
stalk characters of corn as effecting 
yield; field supt. Ia. Exp. Sta., 1914-15; 
Scientific Assist. U. S. Dept. of Agr. 
1916; in charge of experiments in soil 
survey; in experimental station 1917- 
19; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Acacia 
frat., Alpha Zeta frat. Former resi- 
dences, Kelley, la., 1890-1909; Ames, 

1909- 15; Washington D. C, 1916; Ames, 

OLSON, Oscar N., clergyman, Sioux 
City; b. Sweden, Jan. 28, 1876; Luth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Augustana Coll., Rock 
Island, '1898, A. B. ; Theol. Seminary 
1903, B. D.; m. Ida Wilheliminea Peter- 
sen, Fort Dodge, Ia. 1906; child. Heloise, 
Carl; editor Luther League Topics, 

1910- 15; editor "Korsbaneret" religious 
calendar 1916-19; pres. Ia. Conference of 
Augustana Lutheran Synod, 1919 to 
date; mem. Am. Scandinavian Assn.; 
Soc. for the Advancement of Scandi- 
navian study. Former residences, New 
York, 1890-96; Rock Island 1896-98; 
Youngstown, O., 1898-1900; Philadelphia 
Pa., 1900-02; Chicago, 1903-13. 

ORCHARD, W. R. f editor, Council Bluffs; 
b. Greene Co., Ia., Jan. 5, 1867; Pres.; 
Rep.; ed. common sch.; m. Edith M. 
Green, Oct. 31, 1895, Glidden, Ia.; child. 
Jonathan, Marion; editor Council Bluffs 
Daily Nonpareil; chmn. Council Bluffs 
Chapter Am. Red Cross. Former resi- 
dence, Glidden, Ia., from 14 to 44 yrs. 
of age. 

O'RIELEY, Michael William, lawyer, Ce- 
dar Rapids; McGregor, Ia., Dec. 17, 
1888; Roman Cath.; ed. McGregor, Ia., 
H. S., 1909; State Univ. Ia., B. A. 1913, 
LL. B., 1915; practiced law Fort Dodge, 
Ia., 1915; also at Ia. City, Ia., 1915-16; 
Cedar Rapids, Ia., 1916 to date; referee 
in bankruptcy, U. S. Dist. Court, North- 
ern Dist., of Ia., Cedar Rapids Div., 
1919 to date; mem. Phi Kappa frat., 
state univ. of la., K. C, Cath. Order of 
Foresters. Former residences, McGreg- 

or, Ia., until June 1909; Iowa City, Ia., 
1909 to 1915; Ft. Dodge, Ia., Aug. 1915 
to Jan. 1916; Iowa City, la., Jan. to 
Dec. 1916. 

OSBORN, Benjamin F., pharmacist, mor- 
tician, Rippey; b. Westville, Ind., July 
17, 1854; Epis.; Rep.; ed. Westville, Ind. 

H. S.; Des Moines Coll., 1876; degree of 
M. S., 1881, degree of Master ot Arts; 
m. Mittie Shelton, Perry, Ia., May 17, 
1876, (deceased); child. William S., 
Wayne M., Charlotte W. Larabee; has 
been engaged continuously in the drug, 
book and stationery bus. in Rippey, for 
forty-two yrs; also a licensed embalm- 
er and has been a funeral director for 
over forty yrs.; past regent, Ia. state 
univ.; past trustee of Ia. State Teach- 
ers' Coll.; present mem. Greene Co. 
bd. of ed.; present mayor of Rippey; 
pres. of the Old Settler Assn. of Boone, 
Greene, Guthrie and Dallas Cos., for 
over twenty yrs.; charter mem. of the 
Ia. State Pharmaceutical Assn.; mem. 
Grant Club, Am. Hist. Assn., life mem. 
State Hist. Soc. of Ia., Masonic 
bodies, I. O. O. F. Former residences, 
Westville, Ind., 1854 to 1870; Perry, Ia., 

OSBORNE, Naloth, clergyman, Burling- 
ton; b. Cornwall, Eng., Aug. 8, 1871; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. Syracuse Univ. A. B.; 
Yale, B. D.; New York Univ., A. M.; 
Grinnell D. D. ; m. Emily F. Burgess, 
1906, Matton, 111.; lecturer on "The 
Uses of Literature in Religion" in Chi- 
cago Univ. 1920; mem. bd. dir. of 
Greater Burlington Assn.; trustee of 
pub. lib.; ex-moderator of Ia. Confer- 
ence of Cong, church; mem. Masons. 
Former residences. Candor, N. Y., 
1900-01; Matton, 111., 1901-06. 

OVERTON, Frederick Hardin, Commis- 
sioner of City of Keokuk, Keokuk; b. 
Bloomfield, Ia., Apr. 27, 1869; Cath.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. from Bloomfield H. S.; 
went to Drake univ. and spent three 
yrs. at St. James Military Academy, 
Macon, Georgia; m. Frances Margaret 
Galvin, July 3, 1889, Des Moines, Ia.; 
with Ia. Brick Mfg. Co., Des Moines, 
1896-1916; insurance agency, Keokuk, 
1916-20; commissioner of public works, 
city of Keokuk, 1920 to date; mem. 
Elks. Former residence, Des Moines, Ia. 

PALMER, Ralph P., banker, Mason City; 
b. Corning, Ia., Dec. 26, 1889; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. from Lorimor, la., H. 
S., 1908; m. Elizabeth B. Sehwanz, Feb. 

I, 1911, Lorimor, Ia. ; child. Edwin A., 
Mary E.; acting postmaster, Lorimor, 
Ia., 1910; bookkeeper Lorimor bank, 
cashier Diagonal. State bank, Diagonal, 
la., 1916; elected cashier Merchants 
Nat. bank, Greene, Ia., 1917; elected 
cashier City Nat. bank, Mason City, Ia., 
and pres. City Trust and Sav. bank, 
Mason City, Ia., 1919; active in church 
and public matters; especially active in 
Y. M. C. A. drives and Liberty bond 
work during war; mem. A. F. & A. M., 
M. W. A., B. P. O. E. Former resi- 
dences, Greene, Ia., 1917-19. Diagonal, 
Ia., 1916-17; Lorimor, Ia., 1906-16. 

PALMER, Luke, lawyer, Burlington; b. 
Burlington, Ia., Nov. 20, 1851; Cong.; 


Parsons CI 

Rep.; ed. B. A., Knox Coll., Galesburg, 
111., 1872; Boston law sen., 1875; Har- 
vard law sch. 1870-71; m. Emma A. 
Dunn, deceased), Sept. 1884, Gales- 
burg, 111.; 2nd Marion E. Starr, (de- 
ceased), Burlington, Apr., 1897; 3rd 
Mrs. Lydia (Lewis) Gilbert, Sept. 1900; 
child. Mary, Katherine, John, Charles, 
Mary; practiced law in Iowa and Colo.; 
County judge, Clear Creek Co., Colo., 
1883-88; assisted in preparation of fif- 
teen volumes of mining reports while, 
in Colorado, dealing with laws and' 
court decisions governing mining; as- 
sisted in preparation of Digest of Colo, 
reports; mem. Beta Theta Pi frat. For- 
mer residence, Clear Creek Co., Colo., 

PARSONS, Thos., retired farmer, Farn- 
hamville; b. Reigate, Eng., Feb. 18, 1855; 
Rep.; m. Mary H. Clutter, Feb. 1879; 
was mayor of Farnhamville 14 yrs.; 
mem. bd. of supervisors six yrs.; elect- 
ed state rep., Calhoun Co., 1918; re- 
elected 1920. 

PECHSTEIN, Paul Theodore, pres. Pech- 
stein Iron Works, Keokuk; b. Keokuk, 
Sept. 1, 1883; Rep.; ed. Keokuk H. S., 
1901; I. S. C, 1906, B. Sc. A.; m. Ruth 
Sternes Cleghorn, May 19, 1914, Onawa, 
la.; child. Paul T. ; v-pres. Chamber of 
Commerce; mem. Elkd, Phi Delta 

PEISEN, Dean W., lawyer, Eldora; b. El- 
dora, fa., June 3, 1888; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. Eldora H. S., Cornell Coll., 1909, 
A. B.; Harvard Univ. 1912 LL. B. ; m. 
Woodson Whitney, (deceased) July 7, 
1917, Ft. Snelling, Minn.; child. Wood- 
son D.; mem. Masons, K. P., Rotarian. 

PEN DRY, James W., Co. Agr. Agent, 
Toledo; b. 111., Dec. 21, 1893; Universal- 
ist; ed. Englewood H. S., grad. 1913; 
I. S. C. B. S. in Animal Husbandry 
1918; mem. Ia. Swine Judging team at 
Omaha, 1917; mem. Theta Delta Chi. 
Former residences, Mason City, 1918. 
elector at large, la., 1916. 

PERKINS, Charles Elliot, capitalist, Bur- 
lington; b. Burlington, la., Feb. 21, 
1881; Rep.; ed. A. B. Harvard; m. Leita 
Amory, June 14, 1904, Milton, Mass.; 
child. Charles E.; v-pres. C. B. & Q. 
Ry. ; pres. First Nat. bank, Burlington; 
pres. Colo, and Southern Ry. ; Ft. Worth 
and Denver City Ry. Co.; Lincoln Land 
Co.; Burlington Vinegar and Pickle 
Works; Northwestern Cabinet Co.; dir. 
Mexican Investment Co.; St. Mary's 
Mineral Land Co.; mem. Burlington 
Golf Club, Chicago Club, Knickerbocker 
Club (N. Y.), Tennis and Racquet club 

PERKINS, George B., banker, Sac City; 
b. Fond Du Lac, Wis., Aug. 11, 1874; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and academy; m. 
Lola M. Early of Sac City, June, 1899; 
child. George E., Miriam L., Eloise L.; 
pres. First Nat. bank, Sac City; served 
as clerk of dist. court four yrs.; elected 
state rep. Sac Co., 1918; re-elected 

PETERS, Earl, Judge Dist. Court, Clar- 
inda; b. Pleasanton, la., Feb. 22, 1873; 
Rep.; ed. common sch. and Leon, Ia. 
H. S.; grad. law dept univ. of Mich., 


degree LL. B., 1898; m. Clara I. Burle- 
son, June 10, 1903, Clarinda, Ia. ; child. 
Earl, jr.; admitted to practice in sup- 
reme court of Iowa 1898; later in U. S. 
District and Circuit courts; dir. Clar- 
inda Nat. bank; Sec. Clarinda sch. bd. 
1905-19; city atty. Clarinda 19U7-09; 
mayor of Clarinda 1911-15; Judge Dis- 
trict Court 15th District of la., since 
Jan. 1, 1919; was for several yrs. dir. 
Clarinda Chautauqua assembly; sec. 
same 2 yrs.; mem. state hist. soc. of 
Ia.; Ia. State Bar Assn.; K. T.; Shrine, 
Elks, Eastern Star, Masonic bodies. 

PETERS, James, farmer, Perry; b. Up- 
silanti, Mich., Feb. 9, 1858; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. rural and common sch.; m. Mary 
E. Snyder, Dallas Co., July 13, 1881; 
three sons, three daughters; elected 
state rep. Dallas Co., 1916; re-elected 
191S-20; mem. Masons, Woodmen. 

PETTIT, Fred S., Clerk Dist. Court, 
Waterloo; b. Flushing, L. I., July 31, 
1875; Presb.; Rep.; ed. common sch.; 
m. Josephine Lee Buchanan, Nov. 6, 
1901 Cedar Rapids, Ia.; child. Saxton B.; 
prepared uniform system of accounts 
for use in clerk's offices throughout the 
state at invitation of state auditor; 
mem. Greater Waterloo Assn., K. P., 
and past chancellor. Former residences, 
Stuart, Ia., 1884-88; Newton, la., 1888- 
89; Cedar Rapids, la., 1889-03. 

PHELPS, Edward S., Fire Insurance, 
Burlington; b. Burlington, Ia., Apr. 21, 
1858; Epis. ; Dem.; ed. Burlington H. 
S.; Univ. Vermont; m. Jessie L. Gar- 
ret, May 29, 1883, Burlington, la.; child. 
Helen G., Katherine W., Frances G., 
Charles H. ; pres. Citizen's Water Co.; 
pres. Rotary club. 

PICKARD, Clarence, Co. Agr. Agent, 
Humboldt; b. Cedar Point, Kan., May 
28, 1890; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Indianola H. 
S.; B. A. Simpson Coll., 1916; B. S. I. 
S. C, 1919; Chautauqua supt. 1916-17, 
Meneley system; special agent U. S. 
dept. of agr. 1917; co. agr. agent Dallas 
Center, Ia., 1918; naval aviation 1918-19; 
representative Corn Belt Meat Produc- 
ers Assn. 1919; co. agr. agt., Humboldt 
Co., 1920; mem. Tail Gamma Nu, Ames, 
Ia. Former residences, Chase Co., Kan. 
1890-1901; Jasper Co., la., 1901; Inde- 
pendence, Ia., 1908-19. 

PIKE, Robert Baxter, lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Whiting, la., May 12, 1887; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Whiting, Ia., H. S.; B. A. 
1908, State Univ. of Ia.; B. L. same, 
1910; m. Ida N. Hobson, Sept. 17, 1913, 
West Union, Ia.; pres. Sioux City Bar 
Assn. 1912-13; Commander Monahan 
Post Am. Legion, 1919; City solicitor 
City of Sioux City, 1913-14; 1915-17, 
Mexican Border Service, capt. 2nd Ia. 
Inf. 1916-17; World war, capt. of inf. 
U. S. A., July, 1917, to Sept., 1918; major 
inf., U. S. A., Sept. 1918 to March 10, 
1919; mem. Sioux City Boat Club, Sioux 
City Country Club, Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, Elks. Lions Club, Am. Legion, 
Sioux City Bar Assn., Ia. State Bar 
Assn., Sigma Nu Coll. frat., Phi Delta 
Phi. Former residence, Whiting, Ia. 

PITT, Milton B., farmer, Logan; b. Pot- 
tawattamie Co., Ia., June , 1876; Rep.; 
taught sch.; two terms twp. clerk; 



three terms Co. treas., Harrison Co.; 
state rep. 36th and 37th G. A.; speaker 
of the House 37th G. A.; elected sen. 

PLATT, Franklin C, lawyer, banker, 
manufacturer, farmer, Waterloo; b» 
Warren, 111., Aug. 20, 1854; Universal; 
Rep.; ed. Warren H. S.; Univ. of 111.; 
Union Coll. of Law, Chicago, M. L. and 
B. L. ; m. Delia M. Phelps, April 22, 
1887, Waterloo, la.; child. Virginia, 
Elda; v-pres. Commercial Nat. bank; 
pres. Waterloo Saddlery Co.; v-pres. 
Waterloo & Cedar Falls Union Mill Co.; 
judge dist. court of la. for 17 yrs.; 
mem. Rotary Club, Masons, I. O. O. P., 
K. P., Elks. Former residences, War- 
ren, 111., Chicago, 1873-78; Dow City, 
la., 1878-83. 

POLK, Harry H., lawyer, investments, 
Des Moines; b. Des Moines, Nov. 30, 
1875; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Penn Military 
Coll., Amherst Coll.; m. Alice Kauff- 
man; child Mary B., Julia H., Henry 
H., Benjamin K.; major cav. U. S. R., 
Oct. 16, 1916; major Inf., U. S. A., 
June 1918 to March 1919; overseas one 
yr. attached 1st New Zealand div. Brit- 
ish army in Belgium; adjutant 17Gth 
inf. Brigade 88th div. U. S.; mem. Chi 
Psi, Masonic bodies, Shrine, Golf and 
Country Club, Hyperion Club, Pow 
Wow, Des Moines Club. 

POOR, Ben P., lawyer, Burlington; b. 
Burlington, la., March 31, 1881; Rep.; 
ed. H. S.; degree of A. B. and L. B. 
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.; Flora Car- 
penter Brooks, Sept. 15, 1909, Burling- 
ton, la.; child. Virginia L., Richard, 
Sally; city solicitor Burlington, la., May 
1912 to date; pres. Ia. League of Muni- 
cipalities, 1918-19; mem. Elks, Rotary 
club, Greater Burlington Assn., Launch 
Club, Phi Delta Phi. 

PORTER, Moses W., editor, Ashton; b. 
Aledo, 111., Nov. 15, 1868; Epis.; Rep.; 
ed. Aledo H. S.; head clerk 111. House 
of Representatives four times; head 
of commission to revise reports of Ad- 
jutant Gen. of 111.; collector of taxes 
of Aledo; collector of special assess- 
ments of Aledo; life mem. Topeka, 
Kan., Commercial club; life mem. Kan. 
Authors club; was candidate for repre- 
sentative Osceola Co., Ia., at primary 
election, June 5, 1920; defeated by 50 
votes; nominated for co. commissioner 
Osceola Co., by petitions; mem. M. W. 
A., I. O. O. F. Former residences, Aledo, 
111., 38 yrs.; Hoyt, Kan., 6 yrs. 

POWERS, L. W., lawyer, Denison; b. 
Webster, Co., Ia., June 12, 1888; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. State Univ. of Ia. and Univ. 
of Ohicngo. degrees A. B. and J. D.; m. 
Marie Lally, June 29, 1913, Denison, 
Ia. ; child. Mary; mem. the firm of Con- 
ner & Powers, Denison, Ia. ; mem. of 
the 38th and 39th G. A. 

PRESTON, Byron W., lawyer, Oskaloosa; 
b. Newton, Ia., Feb. 13, 1858; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Grinnell Ia. Coll. Acad, L. L. 
D.; m. Nellie Blanchard, (deceased), 
Oct. 6, 1880, Newton, Ia.; child. Edith 
Spencer, Blanchard W.; in mercantile 
business for a time at Grinnell; read 
law with Judge Blanchard 1883-84; ad- 
mitted to bar 1884; co. atty. four yrs., 

62 Prouty 

Mahaska Co.; city atty.; Judge dist. 
court, 6th dist., 1892-1912; elected 
judge supreme court of Ia. 1912; re- 
elected 1918; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, K. P., Grant Club, Des Moines. 
Former residences, at and near Newton, 
Ia., till about 1871; Marseilles, 111., 1 
yr.; Grinnell, Ia., until 1883. 

PRICE, John R., lawyer, Albia; b. South 
Wales, G. B., June 23, 1875; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Coll.; m. Mary E. Welsh, Al- 
bia, Apr. 27, 1899; city atty. for Albia; 
state sen. 15th dist. 37th and 38th G. 
A.; Grand Master I. O. O. F. of Ia., 
Oct. 1920-21; past Grand Regent, Royal 
Arcanum of Ia. ; mem. I. O. O. F., K. 
P., M. W. A., Homesteaders, Yeomen, 
Court of Honor, Royal Arcanum. For- 
mer residences, Marion Co., Ia., 1886- 
87; Piasters, 1889-92; Roslyn, Wash., 
1887-89; Wales 1875 to May 1881. 

PRICE, R. F., real estate, Milford; b. 
Delhi, Ia., Jan. 1, 1858; Rep.; m. Jennie 
E. Jones, March 16, 1886; served 12 
yrs. postaster, Milford; mem. city coun- 
cil several yrs.; elected state rep. 
Dickinson Co.. 1916; re-elected 1918. 

PRIESTLEY, James Taggart, physician, 
Des Moines; Northumberland, Pa., July 
19, 1852; ed. Bucknell Univ., Pa.; An- 
tioch Coll., O.; private tutor; Univ. of 
Pa., M. D.; m. Clara M. Simpson, 1874, 
Northumberland, Pa.; prof, of medicine 
in Med. Dept. of Drake Univ. for many 
yrs.; surgeon gen. of Ia. Govs. F. D. 
Jackson, Drake, Leslie M. Shaw; pres. 
Ia. State Medical soc, 1903; mem. Des 
Moines Club, Country Club, Masons, 
Shrine. Former residences, Northum- 
berland, Pa., 1852-76. 

PRIME, Carl T., life insurance, Sioux 
City; b. Mitchell, Ia., Dec. 2, 1870; 
Christian; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Mabel G. 
Smith, Des Moines, Ia., 1894; child. 
Helen D. Prime; sec. and treas. of 
Nat. Fidelity Life Ins. Co.; treas. Sioux 
City Life Underwriters Assn.; mem. 
Masons, Shore Acre Club, Chamber of 
Commerce. Former residences, Des 
Moines, Ia., 1903; Chicago 1909; San 
Antonio, Tex., and Houston, Tex., 1916. 

PRINGLE, Ralph, lawyer, Red Oak; b. 
111., 1872; Prot.; Rep.; ed. B. A. Yale 
Univ., 1894; married; two sons; one 
daughter; at present and for many yrs., 
mem, Ia. State bd. law examiners; pres. 

PROUDFOOT, A. V., lawyer, Indianola; 
b. Liberty, Clarke Co., Ia., June 13, 
1862; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Country sch. and 
Simpson Coll., Indianola, Ia. ; m. Louie 
L. Posegate, May 10, 1885; child. Mrs. 
Charity M. Hillis, Edwin V.; clerk dist. 
court, Warren Co., Ia.; city solicitor, 
Indianola, Ia.; pres. elector, 7th dist.; 
state sen., 11th dist., 8 yrs.; mem. A. O. 
U. W., Golf Club. 

PROUTY, S. F., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Delaware, O., Jan. 17, 1854; Bapt.; 
Rep.; ed. Central Univ., Ia., degree A. 
M.; Simpson Coll.; m. Anna E. 
Livingston, Sept. 1879; Ida E. War- 
ren, Jan. 1887; child. Mary B., Ida E., 
Frances L., Emily J.; Judge dist. court, 
Polk Co., Ia.; rep. in State Leg.; rep. 
in congress; prof, of latin in Central 
Univ., Ia.; city solicitor, Pella, Ia.; 


Pryor 6 3 

mem. Grant Club Des Moines, Des 
Moines Golf and Country Club; Masons, 
Columbia Golf and Country Club, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Former residences, Pel- 
la, la., 1870-91. 

PRYOR, John Carlisle, lawyer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Abingdon, Va., Oct. 3, 1883; 
Prot.; Dem.; ed. Council Bluffs H. S.; 
Simpson Coll., degree Ph. B. ; Univ. 
of Chicago, degree J. D.; m. Elizabeth 
E. Smith, June 10, 1912, Indianola, la.; 
child. John W., Elizabeth L. ; mem. ex- 
ecutive com. State Bar Assn., 1914-18; 
mem. Council Bluffs sch. bd., 1918-20; 
democratic candidate for congress, 9th 
dist. 1916; mem. Alpha Tau Omega 
frat., Rotary Club, A. F. & A. M., Elks, 
la. State Hist. Soc, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Council Bluffs Country Club. 
Former residence, Abington, Va., 1883- 

QUIST, John Sherman, Co. Agr. Agent; 
Denison; b. Essex, la., Apr. 13, 1891; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Academic work, Fre- 
mont, Neb.; grad. I. S. C, 1917, B. S. 
degree Agronomy; m. Florence B. 
Browne, Oct: 2, 1919, Alta, la.; with U. 
S. dept. of agr. 1917; co. agr. agent, 
Crawford Co., Ia., 1918 to date; mem. 
Alpha Sigma Phi, Masons, K. P. For- 
mer residences, Harrison Co., Ia., 1903- 

QUARTON, S. D., lawyer,, Algona; b. 
Algona, la., Nov. 26, 1889; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. Algona H. S., 1907, Grinnell Coll. 
1907-10, State Univ. Ia., 1911, grad. A. 
B. degree State Univ. Ia. Law sch., 
1912-14 m. Bertha Cowles, Dec. 31, 
1915, Des Moines, Ia. ; child. Gardner, 
Mary; admitted to practice 1914; dir. 
Kossuth Co., State bank; co. atty. Kos- 
suth Co., 1916-20; sec. Kossuth Co. Agr. 
Assn., 1915-20; mem. Masons, Kappa 
Sigma frat. 

RAMSAY, Walter C, Sec. of State, Des 
Moines; b. Ford Co., 111., Aug. 15, 1878; 
Rep.; m. Una Ames, Oct. 2, 1904, Min- 
neapolis, Minn.; publisher of newspaper 
at Belmond; served as postmaster, may- 
or and on sch. bd. at Belmond; was 
chief clerk Ia. House of Re];. 36th, 37th, 
38th G. A. ; appointed Sec. of State, 
Apr. 3, 1919; elected same 1920. 

RANKIN, John Mercer, lawyer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Summum, 111., June 9, 1873; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. pub. grade sch.; West- 
ern Normal sch., Bushnell, 111.; Chicago 
Kent Coll. of law; m. Alice M. Flathers, 
Dec. 23, 1908, Watseka, 111.; served as 
prvt. 6th 111. inf. in Spanish-Am. war; 
deputy clerk of Fulton Co., 111.; elected 
1920 State rep. 1st dist., Ia., mem. 
Masons, Elks, M. W. A. Former resi- 
dences, lived on farm in 111. until man- 
hood; practiced law in 111. until 1917. 

RANSIER, Charles E., lawyer, Waterloo; 
b. New Woodstock, N. Y., Apr. 4, 1854; 
Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Delpha Tryon, 
March 8, 1881, Independence; child. 
Marion; mem. firm Edwards, Longley, 
Ransier & Harris; city solicitor, Inde- 
pendence, Ia., 1876-81; Co. atty. Buch- 
anan Co., Ia., 1900-1904; Dist. Judge 
10th Judicial Dist. of Ia., 1907-13; mem. 
Masons, K. P. Former residence, Inde- 
pendence, la., 1867-1913. 


RAMSEYER, Christian W., lawyer, 
Bloomfield; b. Butler Co., O., March 
13, 1875; Rep.; ed. S. Ia. Normal Coll.; 
Ia. State Teachers' Coll.; Coll. of law 
State Univ.; served two terms as co. 
atty. of Davis Co. ; three terms mem. 
Congress 6th Ia. dist.; re-elected 1920. 

RASMUSSEN, T. M., lawyer, Exira; b. 
Denmark, March 26, 1872; Dem.; ed. 
LL. B., Drake Univ., 1904; m. Martha 

E. Nelson, Exira, Ia., Oct. 17, 1906; 
child. Chester C, Elsie M., Frank N.; 
mayor town of Exira, Ia., 1912-16; co. 
atty., Audubon Co., 1917-21; mem. A. 

F. & A. M., K. 1'., League to Enforce 

RATCLIFF, W. C, lawyer, Red Oak; 
b. Humboldt, Ia., May 3, 1881; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Rolfe, Ia., II. S. ; law dept. 
State Univ. 1904; m. May Wright, Ce- 
dar Falls, Ia., 1909; dir. Red Oak Bldg. 
& Loan Assn.; Co. Atty. Montgomery 
Co., 8 yrs. ; mem. Red Oak sch. bd.; 
state sen. 8th dist.; mem. Masons, 1. 
O. O. F., K. P. 

REED, CHARLES DANA, meteorologist, 
U. S. Weather Bureau, Des Moines, 
Ia. ; b. farm near Coon Rapids, Ia., 
Feb. 27, 1875; Rep.; Christian; ed. Coon 
Rapids H. S., class '91; I. S. C, B. 
Agr., 1896; m. Elmeta C. McGuire, Sept. 
12, 1897, Ames, Ia.; child. Charles D., 
Jr. and Charlotte E.; meteorologist; 
prepared numerous articles on meteorol- 
ogical subjects, floods, forecasting, etc; 
director Iowa Weather and Crop ser- 
vice; mem. Iowa Academy of Science, 
Am. Meteorological Soc, Masons, K. P. 
Former residences, Vicksburg, Miss., 
1899-1900; Columbus, O., 1900; Omaha, 
Neb,, 1900-03; Sioux City, Ia., 1905-10; 
New York City, 1910-16. 

REED, Carl W., lawyer, Cresco; b. Cresco 
Ia., May 6, 1873; Rep.; ed. grad. Cresco 
H. S.; Coll. of law, Univ. of Minn.; 
married; three children; has been city 
solicitor Cresco and Co. Atty Howard 
Co.; now state sen.; mem. Masons, I. 
O. O. P., Elks. 

REED, J. Frank, clergyman, Sioux 
City; b. Newark, O., Feb. 4, 1877; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Muskingum Coll., 
New Concord, O., A. B.; Allegheny 
Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pa.; 
grad. from coll. and seminary with 
special honors; m. Miss Evelyn Murray, 
June 19, 1907, Kewanee, 111.; child. 
Margaret A.; came from seminary to 
first pastorate at Elmira, 111.; after 
serving a pastorate of four years there 
was called to the First Presbyterian 
Church of Fremont, Neb.; at Fremont 
during a six year pastorate a modern 
new church was built; came to Morn- 
ingside Presbyterian church in the early 
spring of 1911, since which time the 
congregation has more than doubled; 
as chairman of the New Era committee 
of Sioux City Presbytery, he is respons- 
ible for the forward movement of the 
Presbyterian church in the forty odd 
churches of this dist.; the churches 
have made splendid gains in the last 
two years, the progress being quite 
marked along all lines. Former resi- 
dences, Kewanee, 111., 1903-07; Fremont, 
Neb., 1907-14. 





REES, S. C, farming and real estate, 
Hamburg; b. Warren Co., la., May 5, 
1849; Quaker; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Lulu 
Harris, March 1G, 1881, Hamburg, la.; 
child. Mrs. Pearl Jones, Mrs. J. E. 
Jones, Paul, J. B., Mrs. J. T. Dyke; 
has taught country sch.; engaged in 
general merchandising, farming, real 
estate; mem. sch. bd. ; city alderman; 
mayor of Hamburg; Rep. of Fremont 
Co. in state legislature two terms; Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine. Former residence, 
Warren Co., la.; came to Fremont, 
March 18G8. 

REID, Robert Lee, educator, Prin. of H. 
S., Keokuk; b. near Columbia, Boone 
Co., Mo., Apr. 27, 1865; Presby. ; Ind. 
Dem.; ed. Pe. P., M. D. cum laude, A. 
B., all univ. of Mo.; three yrs. teacher 
of materia medica and therapeutics, 
univ. of Mo.; student postgrad, at Col- 
umbia univ. N. Y. ; close student of 
psychology applied to education; m. 
Cora B. Elgin, Aug. 24, 1898, Keokuk; 
child. Marian I.; prin. H. S. Keokuk, 
1907 to date; prin. Grammar sch. Keo- 
kuk, 1904-07; lecturer on chemistry, 
bacteriology and pathology, Graham 
hospital sch. for, nurses, Keokuk; win- 
ner of scholarship prize, junior year 
course in medicine, univ. of Mo.; vale- 
dictorian of class in medicine, univ. of 
Mo.; mem. Masons, Royal Arcanum, 
K. M. Former residences, Columbia, 
Mo., 1894-1902; Marshall, Mo., 1902-04. 

REM LEY, Howard M., lawyer, Anamosa; 
b. Lewisburg, Va., Jan. 17, 1848; Bapt. ; 
Rep.; ed. prvt. sch.; State Univ. of 
la., B. A., 1869; B. L., 1872, A. M. 1874; 
pres. Letagathion Literary Soc; m. 
Mary E. Underwood, Dec. 23, 1873, 
Muscatine, la.; child. Bertha; James 
E., Arthur L., Alfred G., Agnes, Robert 
G., Elsie J., Mary E., Clara L., Howard 
M., jr.; author short history of the 
Anamosa Reformatory; mem. sch. bd. 
of Anamosa; Judge of the 18th Judicial 
dist.; pres. of the la. State S. S. con- 
vention; pres. Ia. Sabbath Assn.; pres. 
Ia. Baptist convention; pres. of the 
Jones Co. Bar Assn.; mem. of the 
State Bar Assn.; mem. of the Beta 
Theta Pi, frat.. Ia. State Univ. Former 
residences, Lewisburg, Va., from birth 
until Oct. 15, 1855; from 1855-72 in 
Johnson Co., Ia.; from 1872 to date, 

REM LEY, James E., lawyer, Anamosa; 
b. Anamosa, Ia., Feb. 24, 1877; Bapt.; 
Rep.; ed. Anamosa H. S., June 1896; 
B. of Philosophy State Univ., June 
1900; B. L. State Univ.. June 1901; m. 
Lucy Tucker, Oct. 18, 1911, Anamosa, 
la.; child. Mary, James; local editor of 
the Jones Co. C, History; dir. Niles & 
Watters, Sav. bank; mem. Sigma Nu 
and Phi Delta Phi, Sons of Am. Revo- 
lution, K. P., Elks. 

REUSCHE, Charles J., clerk dist. court, 
Clinton; b. Lyons, Ia., Feb. 26, 1886; 
Epis. ; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Mabel Jacobs, 
Sept. 1, 1913, Clinton, la.; city aud. 
and clerk, 1912; 1st v-pres. of the Ia. 
Assn, of Clerks of the dist. court; ex- 
plosive licensor for Clinton Co., ap- 
pointed by pres. under Bureau of Mines 
regulations during World war; formerly 

asst. choir master of boy choir of Grace 
Episcopal church; won two gold 
medals for general excellence and sing- 
ing during 10 yrs. of affiliation there- 
with; mem. Kiwanis, U. C. T., Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine. 

RICE, D. Fulton, lawyer, Centerville; 
b. Exline, Ia., Sept. 13, 1889; Moth.; 
Dem.; ed. short periods at Kirksville, 
Mo., State Normal; Drake Univ.; Ann 
Arbor, Mich; received most of educa- 
tion by self study; m. Ruth Rhea, June 
22, 1919, Centerville, Ia.; taught sch. 
five yrs.; supt. one yr. ; gained reputa- 
tion as public speaker; was nominated 
for congress as a democrat in the 8th 
Congressional Dist. of Ia., 1918; enlist- 
ed in service later, leaving campaign 
to committee; served in Judge Advocate 
General's dept., as a prvt. from Sept. 
26, 1918 to Feb. 13, 1919, at Camp 
Beauregard, La., (preferring to serve as, 
private). Former residence, Knoxville, 
Ia., from Apr. 10, 1919, to Apr. 13, 1920. 

RICE, Frierson H. f lawyer, Sioux City;, 
b. Saint James, Minn., June 20, 1876; 
Epis.; Dem.; ed. LL. B. Drake Univ.; 
former police judge, Sioux City. For- 
mer residence, Arkansas, all of boy- 

RICH, Corydon M., manufacturer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Hesper Kan., June 9, 1869; 
Quaker; Rep.; ed. grade sch. and two. 
yrs. Earlham Coll.; m. Grace Goddard, 
Apr. 27, 1893, Muncie, Ind.; child. S. 
Lynore, Mary G., Lydia A., Edward C. ; 
organized Purity Oats Co., Keokuk and 
other large and successful manufactur- 
ing corporations; has helped many 
young men through sch. and started 
them on business careers; much ef- 
fective work in the Keokuk Chamber of 
Commerce and in sociological improve- 
ment of Keokuk; mem. Chicago Ath* 
letic Club, Old Colony and Sleepy Hol- 
low Clubs, N. Y.; Keokuk Club; Keo- 
kuk Country Club; Rock Island Golf 
Club; Davenport Commercial Club; St. 
Louis Merchants Exchange; ex-mem. 
Chicago bd. of trade. Former resi- 
dences, Muncie, Ind., 1893-1906; Oma- 
ha, Neb., 1906-1908; Atchison, Kan., 
1908-1909. * 

RICHARDSON, H. R., Co. Agr. Agent, 
Pocahontas; b. Calhoun Co., Ia., May 
1893; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Rockwell City H. 
S.; I. S. C, B. S. in Agronomy, 1916; 
North of Scotland Coll., of Agr., spec- 
ial course; m. Anna K. Keefer, Aug. 
1919, Marshalltown, la.; child. Ruth I.; 
mem. Sigma Delta Chi, 1916, (honorary 
Journalistic frat.). Former residences, 
Knierim, la., prior to 1917; Ft. Dodge, 
la. in 1917-18. 

RIDGWAY, Frank M., banker and real 
estate, Swan; b. Quincy. 111., Sept. 27, 
1858; Christian; Dem.; ed. common sch.; 
m. Caroline Failor, Feb. 9, 1876, Swan, 
Ia.; pres. Swan Sav. bank; constable 
Swan twp.; also engaged in automobile 
bus.; mem. I. O. O. F. 

RIEPE, Carl C, lawyer, Burlington; b. 
Burlington, Ia., March 9, 1885; Dem.; 
ed. Univ. of 111., 1 yr.; Univ. of Ia., 
LL. B. and B. A.; m. Dorothv I. Ripley, 
Feb. 20i 1015, Burlington, la.; child.. 
Carl R.; U. S. Com.; co. atty.; pres.. 

Riley G5 Rosen 

Co. Atty. Assn. of la.; mem, Moose, K. 
P., I. O. O. F., Elks, Masons. 

RILEY, John Thomas, Clerk Dist. Court, 
Fayette Co., West Union; b. Coles Co., 
111., Nov. 7, 1854; Universalist; Rep.; 
m. Anna Fox, Sept. 30, 1877, Clermont, 
la.; child. Mrs. M. V. Henderson, Jr., 
Mrs. George G. Kolthoff, Laura A., 
Fred W. ; creamery mgr.; hardware 
merchant; town recorder and city clerk 
West Union about 10 yrs.; serving- third 
term as clerk of court; mem. A. F. & 
A. M., 1. O. O. F., M. W. A. Came to 
West Union in 1869; moved to New 
Hampton in 1000; from New Hampton 
to Hawkeye, la., in 1008; from Hawkeye 
was elected clerk of the court and have 
been in West Union, officially since 

RINIKER, Samuel D., lawyer, Rock Rap- 
ids; b. Liberty viile, la., Feb. 22, 1868; 
Rep.; ed. Parsons Coll., Fairfield, la. 
and la. Univ.; m. Mary Britton Camp- 
bell, Oct. 15, 1902, Rock Rapids; child. 
Virginia, Leta ; practiced law at Rock 
Rapids, la., since Nov. 1, 1895; exten- 
sive owner of farm lands; co. atty. for 
6 yrs. Lyon Co., Ia.; mem. Comus Club, 
Masonic bodies, Shrine. Home was at 
Liberty ville, la., until 1890; taught sch., 
canvassed and traveled about some af- 
ter that. 

RITER, Lester A., lawyer, Rock Rapids; 
b. Schaller, la., Jan. 21, 18S9; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. attended Schaller, la., H. S., 
Morningside Coll., also work Arts & 
Science Coll., S. D. Univ., degree of P>. 
L., Univ. S. D. ; m. Gladys Lueile And- 
erson, Plankinton, S. D., 1915; child. 
Gayle J., Charles D.; mem. law firm of 
Fisher & Riter; won letters four times 
in baseball at S. D. Univ.; co. atty. 
Lyon Co., la., since Jan. 1, 1919; 
elected 2nd term without opposition; 
asst. State's atty., Aurora Co., S. I).; 
mem. Masonic bodies, 1. (). O. F., 
Harlan Senate Chapter, Delta Theta 
Phi, legal frat., Rock Rapids Gun club. 
Former residences, Schaller, la., 1889- 
1910; Rock Rapids, la., (home of par- 
ents while in sch.), until June 1914. 

RIX, George E., banker, Keokuk; b. 
Gainsville, Ala., June 25, 1853; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. Williston Seminary, East- 
hampton, Mass.; m. Mary C. Tucker, 
Jan. 8, 1878, Keokuk, la.; v-pres. of the 
State Central Sav. bank, Keokuk; elder 
in Westminster Pres. church, Keokuk. 
Former residences, from infancy to 
1SG5, Mobile, Ala., 1865-89, Keokuk, la.; 
1889-96, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

ROBBINS, Harland C, lawyer, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Rockford, la., Aug. 4, 1878; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. grad. Rockford H. S.; 
Ph. B. and J. D., Univ. Chicago; m. 
Bertha B. Fry, Oct. 6, 1915, Cedar 
Rapids, la.; mayor of Kenwood Park; 
mem. Cedar Rapids Rotary Club, A. F. 
& A. M. Former residence, Rockford, 
la., 1878-95. 

ROBINSON, Walter T., banker, Hamp- 
ton; b. Hampton, la., July 25, 1889; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Univ. Pa.; mem. Mas- 
onic bodies, Shrine, K. P., Phi Delta 

ROBINSON, Thomas J. B., banker, 
Hampton; b. Lafayette Co., Wis., Aug. 
12, 1868; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Hampton H. 
S.; m. Belle Clinton, Hampton, la.; 
child. Mrs. Jessie It. Thornton, Walter 
T., Mrs. Marguerite R. French, Lee C, 
Dorothy B. ; dir. Alexander Sav. bank; 
Coulter Sav. bank; Hansel! Sav. bank; 
pres. Citizens Nat. bank, Hampton; 
State Sen. 43rd Senatorial dist., 35th 
and 3Gth sessions, 1913-17; delegate to 
Ecumenical Conference in Toronto and 
to the general conferences in Balti- 
more, 1908; Minneapolis, 1912; Saratoga 
Springs, 1916, M. E. church. Came to 
Hampton, la., with parents in 1870; 
mem. Masons. 

ROGERS, W. B., newspaper editor and 
publisher. Rock Rapids; b. Earlville, 
la., Aug. 17, 1879; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. 
S.; m. Oleva B. Loveland, Dec. 24, 100G, 
Rock Rapids, la.; child. Lyla E., Wil- 
liam L., jr.; Co. Recorder of Deeds, 
Lyon Co., 1919 to date; connected with 
sch. work in different capacities; Past 
C. C, K. P.; P. M., A. F. & A. M.; 
Past H. P., R. A. M.; P. W. P., O. 
E. S.; mem, Co. D, former 56th I. N. 
G. Former residences, Larehwood, la.; 
Le Mars, Ia. 

ROHWER, Julius, merchant, Ida Grove; 
b. Davenport, la., Jan. 13, 18GG; Meth.; 
Dem.; ed. Common grade sch. and one 
vr. H. S.; m. Emma Waack, Ida Grove, 
Dec. 7, 1897; child. Frances C, Orville 
J., Alvern C, Julius T., Verona L., 
Raymond H., Harold C, Sylvia D., Mil- 
dred E.; has followed general merchan- 
dising career since 11 yrs. of age; has 
been one of leading merchants of N. W. 
Ia., for 36 yrs.; pres. Ida Grove Hotel 
Co.; mem. bd. dir. Grocers Wholesale 
Co. and Grocers Wholesale Bldg\, both 
of Des Moines; owns 1000 acres land 
near Sioux Falls, S. D.; mem. Ida Grove 
city council 12 yrs.; mem. bd. of ed. G 
yrs.; mem. 35th la. G. A.; mem. all 
blanches Masons and 1. O. O. F. ; K. 
P., R. H.; Head Council la. M. W. A., 
3 yrs.; active in Commercial Club. 

ROREM, S. O., Prin. East Junior H. S., 
Sioux City; b. Radcliffe, la., Aug. 17, 
1887; Presb.; ed. Morningside Coll., A. 
B., 1909; two yrs. post-grad. Uriiv. Chi- 
cago; m. Lucile Warnock, 1914, Sioux 
City, la.; author of "How Sioux City is 
Governed," "Pocket Map of Sioux 
City," "Editor and Mgr. "Junior High 
Clearing House," 1919-20; writer for 
educational magazines; mem. Chamber 
of Commerce, Rotary Club, Academy 
of Science & Arts (Sioux City), Soc- 
iological Club. Former residences, Dan- 
ville, 111. 1912-15; Radcliffe, Ia., to 1910; 
Mason City, In., 1010-18 (rural). 

ROSEN, W. M., banker, Ogden; b. Ogden, 
Ia., Dec. 17, 18S0; Prot; Rep. ; ed. grad. 
Ogden H. S.; m. Freda Carlson, Dec. 
24, 1903, Ogden, Ia.; child. Thyra R., 
Walter R.; entered the employ of the 
City bank of Ogden at the age of 21 
yrs. as bookkeeper (March 1, 1902) and 
was promoted to cashier in a few yrs.; 
has continued as cashier in the City 
bank and later in the City State bank 
up to the present time a continuous 
service for over 18 yrs.; was elected 
first pres. of the Boone Co. Bankers' 


Ross 6G Satrang 

Assn.; mem. Executive Com. of Group I 
6 of the la. Bankers' Assn.; chief 
registration clerk for the local draft 
bd.; chran. com. Liberty Loan drives; 
local treas. for Red Cross; fourteen yrs. 
treas. of the sch. bd.; mem. Am. Num- 
ismatic Assn.; served nearly 15 yrs. 
as Sunday sch. supt. ; mem. of the ex- 
ecutive bd. of the Ogden Community 
Hospital; Glenwood Cemetery Assn. 

ROSS, Lloyd D., Supt. Securities Dept., 
Office of Sec. of State, Des Moines; 
b. Spaulding, la., July 9, 1876; Meth,; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Red Oak, la., H. S.; 
entered State Univ. at Lincoln, Neb., 
but left at the opening- of the Spanish- 
Am. war; m. Martha I. Adair, Dec. 5, 
1900; child. Adair D.; U. S. mail dept. 
since 1898 except time spent in U. S. 
army in Spanish-Am. war, in the Philip 
pines, on the Mexican Border and in 
the World war; Capt. 168th Inf., 42nd 
Div., A. E. .; Commander 1st bat. 168th 
inf.; March 18, 1918, decorated with 
French Croix de Guerre for gallantry in 
action; March 25, 1918, decorated with 
D. S. C, for gallantry in action; Nov. 
8, 1918 again decorated receiving bronze 
oak leaf to be worn on D. S. C; served 
in I. N. G., 25 yrs.; holds grade of 
Lieut.-Col. at the present time and 
commands 4th la. Inf., N. G. ; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Am. Legion, Spanish- 
American War Veterans. Former resi- 
dences, Spaulding, la., from birth to 
March, 1892; Red Oak, la., March, 1892, 
to July, 1919; Des Moines, la., July, 
1919, to date. 

RUGH, Herbert B., architect, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. Cedar Rapids, la., May 16, 1879; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. Cedar Rapids H. S. ; 
Armour Institute of Technology and 
the Art Institute, Chicago; m. Alice 
Slocum, Cedar Rapids, la., May 6, 1920; 
served 13 months Spanish-Am. war as 
volunteer in Co. C, 49th la. Inf.; vol- 
unteered in Canadian army when war 
broke out; served four years overseas 
as an officer in the 44th Bat. Canadian 
Inf.; made capt. in the field; mentioned 
in Sir Douglas Haig's dispatch of Nov. 
8, 1918 for gallant and distinguished 
services in the field; mem. A. F. & A. 
M., Elks, Kiwanis Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, Hanford Post, Am. Legion, 
Cedar Rapids. Former residences, Ra- 
cine, Wis., 1901-04 Winnipeg, Can., 1904- 
14; England, France, Belgium and Ger- 
many 1914-18. 

RULE, Arthur L., lawyer, Mason City; 
b. Mason City, la., Jan. 4, 1876; Rep.; 
ed. Pub. sch., Shattuck sch. grad. 1905; 
Northwestern Univ.; law course State 
Univ.; m. Edith Brady, June, 1901, Ce- 
dar Rapids; child. Edith, Margaret; 
served in Spanish- Am. war, 1st Lieut.; 
state sen. 43rd dist.; mem. Masuiis, 
Elks, I. O. O. F., K. P. 

RYAN, W. B., banker, Earling; b. Neola, 
la., Nov. 14, 1887; Cath.; Rep.; ed. grad. 
St. Joseph's sch., Neola, la., H. S., 1905; 
m. Margaret Finerty, June 14, 1911, Ne- 
ola, la.; child. Philip, Catherine; entered 
State bank of Neola, 1905, and managed 
Underwood Sav. bank, Underwood, la., 
until 1912; went to Farmers & Mer- 
chants State bank, Neola., Ia., and 
worked there until 1916, when bought 

[ stock in Farmers T. & Sav. bank, Earl- 
ing, la., and in 1917 purchased control of 
Farmers Trust & Sav. bank, Earling, 
la.; held office of treas. Earling, la., 
secy, of sch. bd. and was Grand Knight 
of Knights of Columbus two yrs.; mem. 
K. C. Former residences, Underwood, 
la., Sept. 1905-11; Neola, 1887-1905. 
SAAM, Theodore J. f Sch. Supt., Council 
Bluffs; b. Lansing, la., July 5, 1877; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Lansing H. S.; Lenox 
Coll., Hopkinton, la., degree B. S.; Ia. 
Univ., degree of M. A.; m. Alice Fair- 
field, Aug. 1907, Groton; N. H.; child. 
Dorothea, Elizabeth, Katherine; mem. 
Rotary Club. Former residences, Lake 
City, Ia., 1903-08; Pipestone, Minn., 
1908-11; Lead, S. D., 1911-17. 
SALINGER, Ben I., Judge Supreme 
Court, Carroll; b. Germany; Rep.; ed. 
Cornell, Ia., Coll.; m. Lucy M. Baylan; 
child. Ben I, jr., Louis H., Daisy R., 
Mmchen; has been active in Iowa polit- 
ical and public affairs for many yrs.; 
served one term sch. dir. at Manning, 
Ia.; two terms supreme court reporter; 
elected to supreme bench 1914. 

SALINGER, B. I., Jr., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Manning, Ia., Aug. 31, 1X83; Rep.; 
ed. H. S., I. S. C, State Univ. Ia. law; 
m. Constance Laur, Sheldon, la., June 
1, 1907; mem. K. P. Former residences, 
Carroll, Ia. and Davenport, Ia. 

SAM, Adolph G., banker, Sioux City; 
b. Norway, Oct. 14, 1882; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S. ; m. Ada Salvesen, Minne- 
apolis, Minn.; pres. L. S. Nat. bank, 
Sioux City Cattle Loan Co.; treas. Sioux 
City Stock Yards Co.; treas. Sioux City 
Terminal Ry. Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, 
St. Paul Athletic Club, Shrine, Sioux 
City Country Club, Elks. Former resi- 
dence, LaCrosse, Wis. up to age 17; 
Chicago 8 yrs.; Twin Cities up to 1919. 

SANTEE, C. B., real estate and loans, 
Cedar Falls; b. Butler Co., Ia., Nov. 6, 
1864; Rep.; ed. State Teachers' Coll.; 
Cornell (la.) Coll.; m. Lulu Probert, 
Apr. 5, 1899, Shell Rock, Ia.; child. 
Harriet M., Leslie C, Donald P., Mar- 
garet E., Paul J.; served as recorder 
Black Hawk Co., six yrs.; delegate to 
Rep. Nat. convention 1912; elected state 
rep. Black Hawk Co., 1916; re-elected 
1918-20; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine. 

SARGENT, Fred W., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Akron, Ia., May 26, 1876; Rep.; 
Cong.; ed. Akron H. S.; Univ. S. D. to 
junior yr. ; Coll. Law, State Univ. Ia., 
LL. B.; m. Matie Minier, Jan. 9, 1902, 
Flandreau, S. D. ; child. Minier, Haskell, 
Frederica; general solicitor C. & N. W. 
Ry. Co.; city atly. Sioux City, 1906-12; 
atty, lor 0. R. 1. & L\ Ry. Co., for 
State of Ia., 1912-20; mem. Des Moines 
Club, Des Moines Golf and Country 
Club, Elks, Masons. Former residences, 
Sioux City, 1901-12; Des Moines 1912- 
20; pres. Alumni Assn. of the State 
Univ. of Iowa for year 1919-20; vice- 
pres. and gen. counsel Bankers Trust 
Co., Des Moines; director and gen. 
counsel Bankers Mftg. Co., Des Moines. 
SATRANG, Ed., druggist, Sioux City; 
b. Pukwanna, S. D., Apr. 10, 1886; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. grad. in pharmacy; 





ra. Mrs. Winnie B. Grant, 1912, Sioux 
Falls; registered pharmacist at 18 yrs. 
of age; been 24 yrs. in drug - bus.; mem. 
Elks, Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former 
residence, Garrettson, S. D., until 17 
yrs. old. 

SAUNDERS, Charles G., lawyer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Westmorland, Oneida Co., N. 
Y., Apr. 10, 1861; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Drake 
Univ., A. B., LL. D.; State Univ. Ia., 
LL. B.; m. Flora D. Newkirk, July 2, 
1890; child. Mrs. George A. Peak, Chas. 
D.; atty. for railroads, bank, Telephone 
Co.; co. atty. 1894-98; state sen. 30, 31, 
32, 33, 34 G. A.; dir. M. W. A., 4 yrs.; 
Col. I. N. G.; pres. State Bar Assn., 
1911-12; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, 
K. P., M. W. A., I. O. O. F., Elks, Roy- 
al Highlanders and Red Men. Former 
residences, Iowa City, la., 18G8-1873, 
Stuart, la., 1873-75; Crawford Co., Ia., 

SAVAGE, Arthur Craig, Commissioner of 
Insurance, Des Moines; b. Prairieburg, 
Ia., Jan. 2, 1870; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Stu- 
art (Ia.) H. S.; Grinnell Coll. (did not 
grad.); m. Maude Smull, Oct. 31, 1894, 
Stuart, Ia. ; child. Clarisse; banker 
until 1913, Adair, Ia.; Fire Ins., Adair, 
Ia.; state sen. 16th Ia. dist. 1907-17; 
' Grand Chancellor, K. P., 1912-13; Ia. 
Commissioner of Ins. 1919 to date; mem. 
Grant Club, Des Moines; Masonic bod- 
ies, Shrine, K. P. Former residences, 
Dexter and Stuart, Ia., when a boy; 
Adair, Ia., 1893-1920. 

SAWYER, F. R., Co. Agr. Agent, Ida 
Grove; b. Scotland, S. D., March 8, 
1893; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Sioux City H. S., 
1913; I. S. C, B. S., Animal Husbandry, 
1918; was in World war; Co. Agr. Agent 
Cass Co., N. D., 1919. 

SAYERS, Wm. J., farmer and canner, 
Marengo; b. Athens Co., O., Jan. 11, 
1874; Dem. ; m. Addie M. Baugh; pres. 
Ia. Valley Canning Co., Marengo; elect- 
ed State rep. Ia. Co., 1918. 

SAY LOR, W. W., lumber salesman, 
Waverly; b. Somerset, Pa., Dec. 22, 
1858; Rep.; m. Kittie Winner, 1886; 
mem. 30th, 31st Ia. G. A.; re-elected 
state rep. Bremer Co., 1918; mem. 
Masonic bodies; M. W. A., K. P., I. O. 
O. F., Maccabees, Mystic Toilers. 

SCARBOROUGH, H. V., physician, Oak- 
dale; b. Pulaski, Ia., Feb. 5, 1876; 
Cong.; Ind.; ed. H. S.; medical degree 
Univ. Ia.; some Coll. work, Simpson 
Coll., Indianola; m. Grace A. Burt, Nov. 
27, 1902, Dana, Ia.; child. Dorothy E., 
Harold, Erma K., Winston F. ; supt. of 
State Sanitorium Tuberculosis; lecturer 
on tuberculosis, coll. of medicine, Univ. 
Ia.; Grant Club, Des Moines; Ia. State 
Medical Assn.; Am. Medical Assn.; 
American Sanitorium Assn.; Mississippi 
Valley Sanitorium Assn.; M. W. A., I. 
O. O. F., Masonic bodies. Former resi- 
dence, Grand Junction, Ia., until 1908. 

SCHAFFTER, Eugene, lawyer, Eagle 
Grove; b. Lynchburg, Va., Sept. 3, 
1864; Rep.; delegate to Rep. Nat. Con. 
1908; elected State Sen. 37th dist. 1918. 

SCH LICHTER, Charles A., Burlington; 
b. Burlington, Kas., Feb. 11, 1865; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. Burlington pub. sch.; 

m. Harriet L. Johnson, June 6, 1893, 
Burlington, la.; child. Mrs. Margaret 
Block, Cyrus L. ; v-pres. and mgr. Guest 
Piano Co.; councilman 1902-04; mem. 
Masonic bodies; Past Grand Command- 
er Grand Commandry K. T.. Former 
residence, Burlington, Kas. 

SCHRUP, N. J., banking and insurance, 
Dubuque; b. Dubuque, Ia., Aug. 23, 
1853; Cath.; Ind.; ed. Coll.; m. Mary 
T. Kransz, 1884, Chicago; child. Charles 
J., Lillian M„ Rosalyn M., Oliver D.; 
pres. Pioneer Sav. and Am. Sav. bank, 
and v-pres. Dubuque Nat. bank; pres. 
Dubuque Fire & Marine Ins. Co.; pres. 
Nat. Reserve Ins. Co. of 111.; ia. state 
sen. 34th, 35th and 37th G. A.; mem. 
Dubuque bd. of ed. 10 yrs.; mem. Elks, 
K. C, Dubuque Golf and Country Clubs, 
Chamber of Commerce. Resided in Du- 
buque since 1876. 

SCHLUTER, Ernst, retired farmer, Low- 
den; b. Germany, Jan. 26, 1856; Luth.; 
Rep.; ed. educated in Germany; m. Car- 
olina Reinking, 1882, Clarence, la.; 
child. Mrs. Alma Schneider, Edwin C, 
Otto L.; dir. Am. Trust & Sav. bank, 
Lowden; came to Am, at age of 15 yrs. 
and among first to settle near Lowden, 
Ia.; he endured all hardships of pioneer 
life and thru stern frugality and untir- 
ing ambition he accumulated a vast 
estate and is now retired from bus.; 
he was ever active and spirited in pub. 
affairs and one of the leaders of the 
republican party in Cedar Co.; co. sup- 
ervisor, Cedar Co. 

SCHLUTER, Otto L., lawyer, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. Lowden, Ia., Oct. 30, 1890; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. Cornell Coll. academy 
B. A.; Univ. Ia., 1915, LL. B., Univ. Ia. 
1917; Lieut. U. S. A.; mem. Phi Alpha 
Delta, law frat. Former residence, Low- 
den, Ia. 

SCHOENTGEN, Edward P., wholesale 
grocer, Council Bluffs; b. Council Bluffs 
la., Aug. 16, 1873; Dem.; ed. Manual 
Training sch. Washington Univ., St. 
Louis; received degree S. B., in archi- 
tecture, Mass. Inst, of Technology, 1895; 
studied abroad three yrs.; followed prof- 
fession in Council Bluffs, 10 yrs.; m. 
Mable Pratt, 1901, Des Moines; mem. 
state bd. of ed. ; was mem. of Capitol 
Com. in 1902. 

SCOTT, Allie Stephens, Keokuk; b. Mont- 
rose, Ia., Oct. 30, 1879; Epis.; Rep.; ed. 
II. S.; m. John Conrad Scott, March 
2, 1899, Keokuk, Ia. ; pres. Rebekah as- 
sembly of Ia., 1913-14; v-pres. same 
1912-13; warden same, 1911-12; treas. 
same, 1909-10; chmn. interstate corres- 
pondence committee sani<\ 1905-06; 
delegate to same 1903-04; mem. advis- 
ory bd L O. O. F., Orphans and Old 
Folks Home, Mason City, 1914-17; sec. 
of that bd. 1916, and chmn in 1917; 
pres. St. John's Guild, Keokuk, 1915 to 
date; mem. executive committee Ben- 
evolent Union, Keokuk; dir. visiting 
nurse assn., Keokuk, and mem. its 
nursing com.; mem. Women's Civic 
League, Keokuk; mem. Woman's Civic 
Club, Montrose; mem. Home committee 
Y. W. C. A., Keokuk and formerly 
mem. its social and finance committee; 
worker community Christmas head- 


Scott 68 Shade 

quarters staff, 1915 to date; dir. Keo- 
kuk chapter, Red Cross during World 
war; mem. Rebekah Past Noble Grands 
Club; Rebekah degree I. O. O. P.; R. 
N. A.; B. A. Y. ; Former residences, 
Montrose 1S79-1911; Ft. Madison, 1911- 
12; Montrose, 1912-14. 

SCOTT, C. H., farmer, Clarkdale; b. Ap- 
panoose Co., Ia., Sept. 14, 18G2; Rep.; 
m. Laura T. Campbell, Apr. 1, 1887; five 
sons, eight daughters; served as sch. 
dir. and twp. trustee many yrs.; elect- 
ed state rep., Appanoose Co., 1916; re- 
elected 1918-20. 

SCOTT, Frank E. r live stock commis- 
sion, Sioux City ; b. Murray, la., May 10, 
1872; Prot.; ed. H. S. Osceola, la., m. 
Agnes M. Downs; child. Olive S. Piper, 
George A., Donald T., Howard P.; com. 
news reporter in Omaha and Sioux 
City; mem. bd. of ed., Sioux City; v- 
pres. Sioux City Live Stock Fx.; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Morningside Country 
Club, Flks, Kiwanis club. Former resi- 
dences, Murray, la., until 1881; Osceola 
until 1887; Omaha 1887 until 1892; Sioux 
City 1892 until 1908; Chicago 1908-10; 
Omaha, 1910-13. 

SCOTT, John Conrad, real estate and in- 
surance, Keokuk; b. New Amsterdam, 
Ind., Sept. 4, 1864; Prot.; Rep.; ed. 
common sch.; m. Miss Conrad, 1887, 
Leavenworth, Ind. (deceased); Allie 
Stephens, 1899, Montrose, la.; dir. U. 
S. Automobile Insurance Co.; during 
construction of Keokuk water-power 
had charge of clearing of thousands of 
acres of islands in Mississippi river and 
later was in land department of Mis- 
sissippi River Power Co., with office in 
Fort Madison; mayor of Montrose three 
terms, 1902-08; sheriff of Lee Co., 1914 
to date; v-pres. Ia. State Sheriff's Assn. 
1918, and its pres., 1918-20; chum. rep. 
committee of first congressional dis- 
trict, 1904-16; chmn. Lee county draft 
bd., 1917-19, during World war; dist. 
deputy M. W. A. for several yrs.; dele- 
gate to head camp, M. W. A., 1905; 
mileage and per diem committee, 1911 
to date; mem. Foresters organization 
committee, 1908-11; mem. bd. of trus- 
tees Ia. Odd Fellows and Orphans Home 
at Mason City, 1916 to date; secy, that 
bd. 1916-19, and chmn. 1920 to date; 
mem. Odd Fellows, Masons, Elks, M. W. 
A., Eagles, Moose, Yeoman, Rebekahs, 
Royal Neighbors, Anti-Horse Thief 
Assn. Former residences, Leavenworth, 
Ind.; Fort Madison, Ia., 1887-91; Mont- 
rose, 1891. 

SCOTT, Ray P., lawyer, Marshalltown; 
b. North Eaton, O., June 8, 1884; Rep.; 
grad. Drake Univ.; elected State rep. 
Marshall Co., 1918; elected state sen., 

SCOTT, Wm. H., lawyer, Nashua; b. 
Fayette Co., Ia., Oct. 4, 1883; Rep.; ed. 
grad. West Union, Ia., H. S.; grad. 
Upper Ia. Univ., 1908; grad. Drake law 
sch. 1915; m. Ada E. Heckel, 1909; 
child. Everett G. ; five yrs. supt. of var- 
ious sch. in N. D.; twice elected may- 
or of Nashua; state senator. 

SEARS, Charles Anderson, Mgr. Mis- 
sissippi River Power Co., Keokuk; b. 
Portland, Ore, Aug. 4, 1877; Presb. ; 

Rep.; ed. B. A., Albany Coll., Albany, 
Ore.; m. H. Bird Day, Apr. 30, 1912, 
Portland, Ore.; has specialized in large 
hydro-electric work in construction and 
operation of plants on Pacific coast and 
at Keokuk; was in complete charge of 
construction of the White River de- 
velopment of 100,000 h. p., the Susqua- 
hanna Falls development of 25,000 h. p., 
both near Seattle, Wash., was partly in 
charge of Election development of 28,- 
000 horse-power near Tacoma, Wash., 
and the Keokuk development of 300,- 
000 horse-power; mem. Masonic bodies, 
-Shrine, Elks, Keokuk Club, Mo. Ath- 
letic Club, Keokuk Country Chili, Bur- 
lington Country Club, Keokuk Chamber 
of Commerce, Keokuk Unity Club, Keo- 
kuk Commercial Club. Former resi- 
dences, Portland, Ore., 1877-79; Salem, 
Ore., 1879-92; Albany, Ore., 1892-1900; 
U. S. army transport Pacific ocean 
1900-01; Seattle, Wash., 1901-12; Kent, 
Wash., 1902-03; Election, Wash., 1903- 
10; Seattle, Wash., and vicinity 1910- 

SECOR, Arthur James, Co. Farm Bureau 
Agent, Keosauqua; b. Marshall Co., Ia., 
June 25, 1886; Cong.; Ind.; ed. B. S. 
A., I. S. C, 1905; m. Julia Warden, 
June 1917, Melbourne, la.; entire life 
period spent on farm and in agr. pur- 
suits. Former residence, Pipestone, 
Minn., 1912-18; Melbourne, Ia., prior to 

SEEMANN, Frederick A., physician, Sioux 
City; b. Lyons, Ia., Apr. 1, 1866; Unitar- 
ian; Rep.; ed. Lyons, la., H. S.; Hahne- 
man Medical. Chicago; Rush Medical, 
Chicago; grad. in pharmacy; m. Ruth 
Trumbauer, 1909, Sioux City; child. 
Embor M., Frederick A., jr., Howard 
L., Helen M.; mem. Sioux City bd. of 
ed. for 9 yrs.; at present pres. of bd. 
ed. for second term; mem. Masons, Odd 
Fellows, Elks, K. P. Former residences, 
Lyons. Ia., 1884; Detroit, Mich., 1893. 

McDONALD, Lew, lawyer, Cherokee; b. 
Will Co., 111., March 2, 1884; ed. grad. 
State Teach. Coll., 1907; attended Univ. 
Mich., 1909-10; Univ. Chicago, 1910-12; 
degrees Ph. B. and Dr. of Jurispru- 
dence, Chicago Univ.; degree Bach. Di- 
dactics, State Teach. Coll.; married; one 
child; supt. schls. Hopkinton, Ia., 1907- 
09; instr. State Teach. Coll., summer 
1913; Co. supt. Cherokee Co., 1913-17; 
admitted to bar Oct. 2, 1912; Co. atty., 
Cherokee Co., 1917 to date; mem. debat- 
ing teams State Teach. Coll., Univ. Chi- 
ca go. 

SHADE, Chas., banker, Rock Rapids; b. 
Illinois, March 29, 1SG6; Cong.; Dem.; 
ed. grad. Upper Ia. Univ., A. B., 1S85; 
m. Minnie Bradley, 1SS8, Rock Rapids, 
la.; banker since 188(5; was cashier of 
Savings Bank of Larchwood, Lach- 
wood, la., 1886-1900; in 19(K) came to 
Rock Rapids and took presidency of 
1st Natl. Bank, together with the pres. 
of Savings Bank of Larchwood, la.; 
Alvord, Ia., bank; Farmers Natl. Bank, 
Inwood, Ia.; 1st Natl. Bank, Beaver 
Creek, Minn.; George Sav bank, George 
Ia.; State Bank of Hills, Minn.; also 
interested as stockholder and director 
in four other banks; still controls and 
is pres. of following banks: 1st Natl. 





Bank, Rock Rapids; Alvord Bank, Sav- 
ing's Bank of Larchwood, Farmers Natl. 
Bank, Inwood; was elected pres. of la. 
Bankers' Assn., 1!)13; mem. b. of trus- 
tees Upper la. Univ. for last 10 yrs.; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks. 

SHAFF, J. O., farmer, Camanche; b. 
Shaffton, la., Jan. 6, 1885; Prot. ; Rep.; 
ed. B. S. A., I. S. Coll.; M. S., Wis. 
Univ.; m. Gladys Melich (deceased); 
child., Roger J., J. Jr., Jeanne M.; pres. 
Citizens Sav. Bank, Low Moor, la.; dir. 
City Natl. Bank, Clinton, la.; mem. 
House of Rep., 37th G. A.; mem. Ma- 
sons, Clinton Country Club, Wapsipini- 
con Club, Elks, Phi Kappa Sigma. 

SHAMBAUGH, Benjamin Franklin, pro- 
fessor of Political Science at State Uni- 
versity of la., and supt. of State Hist- 
Soc. of la., Iowa City; b. Elvira, la., 
Jan. 29, 1871; ed. Ph. B., State Univ. of 
la., 1892; A. M., 1893; Ph. D., Univ. of 
Pa., 1895; m. Bertha M. Horack, Aug. 
11, 1897, Iowa City, la.; prof. Political 
Science State Univ. of la. since 1895; 
supt. State Hist. Soc. of la., since 1907; 
editor publications of State Hist. Soc. 
of la. since 1900; author of "History of 
Constitutions of Iowa;" pres. Mississip- 
pi Valley Hist. Assn., 1910-1911; dir. of 
archives in la., 1906-07; life mem. State 
Hist. Soc. of la.; mem. American Politi- 
cal Science Assn.; mem. American Hist. 
Assn.; mem. Mississippi Valley Hist. 
Assn. Former residences, Elvira, la., 

SHANE, Francis Elmer, banker, Villisca, 
la.; b. Coon Rapids, la., Jan. 28, 1876; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. H. S. and business 
coll. grad; m. Allie McFarland, June 30, 
1898, Des Moines, la.; child., Geraldine, 
Durwood, James, Marjorie; cashier 1st 
Natl. Bank, Villisca, la.; v-pres. Ad- 
ams Co. Bank, Nodaway, la.; dir. in 
each of these banks; elected state sena- 
tor from 6th Senatorial Dist. of la. in 
Nov., 1918; mem. Mason; served as mas- 
ter for 2 yrs. at Nodaway, la. Resided 
at Coon Rapids until 20 yrs. of age; fol- 
lowing lived about 6 yrs. in Des Moines; 
at Nodaway, la., from 1903-19, when 
he moved to Villisca, la. 

SHAW, Don Bradley, lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Monroe, la., March 18, 1890; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Monroe, la., H. S.; Ia. S. Coll., 
Ames, la.; Drake Univ., L. L. B.; m. 
Ragna Von Encke, Oct. 25, 1919, St. 
Paul, Minn.; former Asst. Co. Atty. ; 
mem. State Hist. Soc, Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, Grant Club, Golf and Country 
Club, Delta Upsilon Fraternity. 

SHAW, Frank S., real estate and insur- 
ance, Toledo; b. Stephenson Co., III., 
Oct. 27, 1859; Rep.; ed. Western Coll., 
Toledo, la.; m. Mabel L. Clark, Toledo, 
la.; 5 children; has served as deputy 
Co. treas., Tama Co.; dep. Co. auditor; 
elected Co. auditor, 1908; elected state 
auditor, 1914; re-elected 1916-18. 

SHAW, R. A., banker, Milo; b. Milo, la., 
Nov. 25, 1881; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Milo H. 
S., Simpson Coll., degree B. S.; Simp- 
son Schl. of Business, lndianola, la.; m. 
Beulah B. Green, Dec. 24, 1908, lndian- 
ola, la.; child., Melba L., James Sam- 
uel, Emily Catharine, Reainald A. Jr., 

Aural Cordelle; asst. cashier Citizens 
Bank of Milo; mem. Masons, O. E. S. 
SHEEAN, Wm. D., ehmn. Board Control 
State Institutions, Des Moines; b. Ana- 
mosa, la., July 7, 1867; Dem.; ed. H. 
S.; Coll.; m. Carrie H. Lull, 1891, Ana- 
mosa, la.; child., Carrie.; attorney, 
mfr. of lumber, etc.; clerk Dist. Court, 
mayor Anamosa, Rep., state senator, 
mem. Br. Control State Institutions; 
mem. K. P., I. O. O. F., M. W. A., Grant 
Club, Des Moines; Commercial Club, 
Des Mojnes. Former residence, Ana- 
mosa, la. 

SHEPARD, Lester, county agricultural 
agent, Rock Rapids; b. Upper Sandus- 
ky, O., June 23, 1884; Christian; Rep.; 
ed. Centerville, la., H. S., 190G; Univ. 
of la., B. A., 1913; Ia. S. Coll., B. S. A., 
1916 m. Elva V. Akin, June 4, 1919, 
Manhattan, Kan.; mem. Philornathean 
Literary Society while in university at 
la. S. Coll.; mem. debating teams; mem. 
Univ. Rille Team, 1910-13 was asst. 
Univ. reference librarian while attend- 
ing Univ.; teacher of Science, Laramie, 
Wyo., H. S., 1913-15; prin. Guthrie Co. 
II. S., Panora, 1916-17; Co. agent, Mo- 
nona Co., 1917-20; member Masons. 

SHEIMO, A. M., banker, Lake Mills; b. 
Fertile, Worth Co., Ia., July 27, 1882; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. common school; State 
Teach. Coll., Cedar Falls, Ia. ; mem. Ma- 
sonic bodies, Shrine, K. P., Elks, A. O. 
U. W., Sons of Norway. Former resi- 
dences, North Dakota and Montana. 

SHEPPARD, Roscoe Burton, minister, 
Carroll; b. Adams Co., Ia., Dec. 21, 
1879; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Corning, la., H. 
S. ; Simpson Coll., lndianola, Ia., A. B. 
degree 1904 and M. A. degree 1913; Bos- 
ton Univ. Schl. of Theology, degree of 
S. T. B. in 1910; m. Winifred Wilcox 
Sturtevant, Nov. 26, 1913, Appleton City, 
St. Clair Co., Mo.; child., Frances L; 
author of "Islamic Africa;" made two 
continental tours of Africa in 1910-11 
with Bishop Joseph C. Hartzell, LL. D., 
as his private secretary in his supervi- 
sion of Methodist Missions in Africa; 
chaplain in American Army during 
World War (not overseas); mem. Alpha 
Tau Omega fraternity; Masonic bodies. 
Former residences, Humeston, Ia., 1911- 
14; Boone, Ia., 1914-16. 

SHEPARD, Winfred C, lawyer, Allison; 
b. Clarksville, Ia., Jan. 2, 1879; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Clarksville, Ia., H. S.; Law 
Dept. Drake Univ.; collegiate work at 
Cornell Coll.; m. Addie E. Loomer, May 
1, 1909, Clarksville, la.; child., Virgil E., 
Dana D. ; pres. Craig-Ray Abstract Co.; 
mayor of Allison and Co. Atty. of But- 
ler Co.; mem. Masons. 

SHORT, Wallace M., clergyman, Sioux 
City; b. Page Co., Ia., June 28, 1866; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S. at College 
Springs, Ia. ; B. A. and M. A., Beloit 
Coll.; professional course (B. D.), Yale 
Univ.; m. Mary Eliza Morse, 1896, Rip- 
on, Wis.; child., Emily V., Burton H., 
John W. ; pastor 7 yrs. in Cong, church, 
Evansville, Wis.; 7 yrs. in Beacon Hill 
Cong, church, Kansas City, Mo.; 4\k 
yrs. in 1st Cong, church, Sioux City, 
Ia. ; \y-> yrs. in Independent Church, 
Sioux City, Ia. ; mayor Sioux City, 1918- 



Shrader 70 

19; re-elected for 1920-21; mem. Indus- 
trial Commn. of Natl. Council of Cong-. 
.Churches of America for 3 yrs.; mod- 
erator Cong. Assn. of Mo., 1 yr. ; au- 
thor articles Ladies' Home Journal, In- 
dependent (New York), and other pe- 
riodicals; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Sioux 
City Boat Club, K. P., Loyal Order of 
Moose, Sons of Veterans. Former resi- 
dences, Page Co., Ia., 1866-88; Beloit, 
Wis., 1888-93; New Haven, Conn., 1893- 
96; Evansville, Wis., 1896-03; Kansas 
City, Mo., 1903-10. 

SHRADER, Chas. C, registered pharma- 
cist, Iowa City; b. Johnson Co., Ia.; 
Christian; Rep.; ed. Iowa City H. S.; 
Univ. of Ia., Bachelor of Science; 1 
yr. medicine; 1 yr. pharmacy; m. Hel- 
en L. Atwater, April 18, 1900, Iowa City, 
Ia.; present Co. Treas Johnson Co., 2 
terms, unopposed for 3d term; Past High 
Priest Ia. City Chap. R. A. M.; present 
Deputy Grand High Priest Grand Chap, 
of Iowa R. A. M.; clerk of O K Camp 
M. W. A., 1902. 

SHUMAN, John William, physician (con- 
sultation and internal medicine), Sioux 
City; b. Washington, Ia., July 27, 1885; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. Washington Acad., 1903; 
Geneva Coll., A. B., 1906; Univ. Pitts- 
burgh, M. D., 1910; m. Adeline Duey, 
June 7, 1911, New Brighton, Pa.; child., 
J. W. Jr., Richard D., Jeanne S.; elect- 
ed Fellow American Coll. of Physicians, 
1920; major M. C. U. S. A., Oct., 1919; 
A. E. F. service, 1918-19; mem. Flks, 
Masonic bodies, Commercial club, Coun- 
try club; mem. following medical soci- 
eties: Woodbury Co., Iowa State, Amer- 
ican Medical, Sioux Valley, Missouri 
Valley, Western Xray, Northwest Iowa, 
American Coll. Physicians, American 
Congress Physicians. Former residences, 
Washington, Ia., 1885-1903; Beaver 
Falls, Pa., 1903-06; Pittsburgh, Pa., 
1906-12; Centerville, Ia., 1912-13. 

SHUTT, C. E., Co. Supt. of Schools of 
Marshall Co., Marshalltown; b. Ply- 
mouth, O., Sept. 30, 1869; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Peabody, Kan., H. S.; A. B. 
and A. M., Kansas State Univ.; chorus 
leader and speaker on school affairs; 
supt. schools, State Center, Ia., and co. 
supt. of Marshall co., Ia., for last 5 
yrs.; mem. Masons. Former residences, 
Plymouth, O., 1869-81; Winesburg, O., 
1881-84; Peabody, Kan., 1884-93; La 
Junta, Colo., 1893-96; Lawrence, Kan., 
1896-98; Beloit, Kan., 1898-01; Boise, 
Idaho, 1901-02; Knoxville, Ia., 1902-03; 
Matcom, Ia., 1905-09; State Center, Ia., 
1909-13; Marshalltown, Ia., 1915 to date. 

SIAS, Carleton, lawyer, Waterloo; b. Mon- 
roe Co., N. Y. f Nov. 22, 1877; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. Rochester, N. Y., H. S.; Cor- 
nell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y., L. L. B., class 
'98; m. Jeanette Payne, July 29, 1903, 
Irondequoit, N. Y.; child., Carleton P., 
Frwin D. ; practiced law Rochester, N. 
Y., until 1903; moved to Waterloo, Ia., 
1903, and now member law firm of Pike, 
Sias, Zimmerman & Frank; v-pres. Wa- 
terloo Sav. Bank; v-pres. Leavitt & 
Johnson Trust Co.; pres. Waterloo Mor- 
ris Plan Co.; capt. Co. G 1st Ia. Inf., 
Mexican border; pres. Waterloo (West) 
Bd. of Edn.; ehmn. Civilian Relief Com., 
Waterloo Chap. American Red Cross 


during war; mem. Sunnyside Country 
Club, Rotary Club, Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, M. W. A„ Yeoman, K. & L. S., 
Past C. C. K. P., Past Consul and Natl. 
Del. M. W. A. Former residence, 
Spenceport, N. Y., 1877-03. 
SINCLAIR, Earl Morton, patent attorney, 
Des Moines; b. Carroll Co., Ia., May 16, 
1884; Disciple; Rep.; ed. Carroll, Ia., H. 
S., 1902; Drake Univ, B. A., 1906 Drake 
Univ. Law Coll., LL. B., 1908; m. Bes- 
sie Harriet Perrine, June 15, 1910, Des 
Moines, Ia.; child., Miriam, Frances, 

- Mary E., Raleigh, Warren; pres. Ogden 
Mnfg. Co.; Secy.-Treas. The B. & R. 
Grader Co.; mem. Alumni Council of 
Drake Univ.; formerly Pres. Drake 
Univ. Alumni Assn; mem. Des Moines 
Chamber of Commerce, Waveland Golf 
Club, Des Moines Council Boy Scouts 
of America. 

SKIRVIN, Clayton Franklin, newspaper 
publisher, Keokuk; b. Adams Co., 111., 
Nov. 13, 18G7; Disciple; Rep.; ed. com. 
schools; m. Mayme Holliday, June 

2, 1892, Creston, Ia.; child. Clayton 
J.; learned printing trade on Creston 
Daily Advertiser, and became its owner, 
1900-05; published The Gate City, Keo- 
kuk, 1905 to date; mem. Bd. of Edn., 
Keokuk, 1915; mem. Masons, Elks, K. 
P. Former residence, Creston, Ia., 1873- 

SWAN, Victor A., merchant, Sioux City; 
b. Ostergotland, Sweden, Feb. 18, 1859; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. com. schools; m. Hilda 

C. Holmes, 1885; child. Wilbur F., 
Grace V., Mildred C. ; pres. Swan- An- 
derson Co., dry goods; secy. City Water 
Dept., 6 yrs.; mem. Schl. Bd., 6 yrs.; 
former Civil Service Commn.; mem. 
Swedish club, Chamber of Commerce. 
Former residence, Charlton, Ia., 1870-82. 

SLOSSON, J. M., real estate and farming, 
Northwood; b. Worth Co., Ia., Oct. 27, 
1876; Rep.; ed. Northwood H. S.; Nora 
Springs Sem. ; m. Sophie Savre, June 1, 
1899; served 6 yrs. co. recorder Worth 
co.; 3 yrs. pres. Worth Co. Agr'l. Soc; 
elected state representative Worth co., 
1916; re-elected 1918; elected state sena- 
tor, 1920. 

SLAUGHT, A. W., physician, Ottumwa, 
b. Hector, N. Y., July 6, 1865; Rep.; ed. 
grad Colgate Acad., Hamilton, N. Y.; M. 

D. degree Chicago; Homeopathic Coll., 
18S7; m. Mrs. Anne M. Chase, 1883, Chi- 
cago; three daughters; served as coro- 
ner, Wapello co., 4 yrs.; elected state 
representative Wapello co., 1914; re- 
elected 1916-18. 

SMITH, Edward M., newspaper publish- 
er, Winterset; b. Jackson Co., Ia., Oct. 

3. 1870; Rep.; ed. Dexter Normal Coll. 
and Drake Univ.; m. Evalyn Crossby, 
June 1, 1898, Patterson, Ia.; four chil- 
dren; publisher Winterset Madisonian; 
co. supt., 1897-1900; postmaster Winter- 
set, 1904-08; state senator 16th dist.; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, K. P. 

SMITH, Geo. A., physician and surgeon, 
Clinton; b. Clinton co., la., July 6, 
1854; Rep.; ed. grad. State Univ., M. D. 
degree; brigade surgeon Spanish- Amer. 
war; lieut.-Col. on staff Gov. B. F. Car- 
roll; mem. Ia. State Bd. of Health and 
Medical Examiners; elected state repre- 






sentative Clinton co., 1918; re-elected 

SMITH, Joe W., apparel retailer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Marion Co., la., Sept. 25, 1864; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. country schls.; m. Ida 
Meyers, June 1, 1887, Council Bluffs, 
la.; child., Irma, Edna.; 1st pres. Coun- 
cil Bluffs Chamber of Commerce; mem. 
Masons, Elks, Foresters, M. W. A., 
Eagles, Royal Arcanum. 

SNYDER, Charles E., minister, First Uni- 
tarian church, Sioux City; b. Hollow- 
ville, N. Y., Oct. 13, 1877; Ind.; ed. H. 
S., Chatham, N. Y.; Univ. of State of 
New York; State Normal Schl., Oneon- 
ta, N. Y.; Meadville Theological Schl., 
Meadville, Pa.; m. Sara M. Reeder, Aug. 
31, 1904, Big Flats, N. Y. ; child., Rob- 
ert G., Betty B., Barbara I.; teacher 
pub. schls.; senior master, Lakewood 
Boys' Schl., Lakewood, N. J., 1903-08; 
minister, 1st Unitarian ch., Franklin, 
Pa., 1908-11; Northside Unitarian ch., 
Pittsburgh, Pa., 1911-17; sec, la. Uni- 
tarian Assn.; dir., Western Unitarian 
Conf. ; chmn. executive com., Ia. State 
Housing Assn.; secy. Sioux City Acad, 
of Science and Letters; late grand vice 
regent, Royal Arcanum; dir., Organized 
Welfare Bureau; in Pittsburgh, dir. 
Acad, of Science and Arts; pres. Eu- 
genic Soc. ; pres. Single Tax Club; grand 
vice regent Royal Arcanum; v-pres. 
Pennsylvania Soc. Sons of the American 
Revolution; dir. Pa. State Housing 
Assn.; mem. Masonic bodies, Royal Ar- 
canum, Sioux City Boat Club, Chamber 
of Commerce, O. E. S., Kiwanis Club, 
Society of the War of 1812, Natl. Con- 
ference Social Workers, Natl. Federa- 
tion of Religious Liberals, Sons of the 
American Revolution, National Single 
Tax League, la. Acad, of Science, Natl. 
Voters' League, Natl. Sociological Soc. 

SOESBE, C. W., banking, real estate, 
insurance, Greene, la.; b. Greene, But- 
ler Co., Ia., Sept. 1, 1880; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. H. S.; State Univ. of la., A. B. and 
LL. B.; m. Clara Stuart, June 14, 1904, 
West Branch, la.; child. Earl W., Lee 
S., Eleanor M.; pres., Merchants Natl. 
Bank, Greene, Ia.; large land owner, 
operator and business activities exten- 
sive; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Masons, 
K. P. 

SORLIEN, O. C, cashier State Savings 
Bank, Bode; b. Bode, Ia., Oct. 15, 1890; 
Luth.; Rep.; ed. Bode public schls.; 
grad. Prep. Dept. Luther Coll., Decorah, 
Ia.; 2 yrs. Collegiate course Luther Coll., 
no degrees; m. Lottie J. Alstad, May 26, 
1915, Decorah, Ia. ; representative from 
Humboldt co., 38th G. A.; mem. Sorlien 
Bios, baseball club, 9 brothers having 
played on team. 

SPENCE, William H. f clergyman, Metho- 
dist Episcopal church, Sioux City; b. 
Ontario, Can., April 4, 1875; Rep.; ed. 
H. S., Harriston, Ont.; Collegiate Univ., 
class 1904; D. D. conferred by Morning- 
side Coll., Sioux City, 1917; m. Hope E. 
Morris, Nov. 9, 1904, Stratford, Ont.; 
child., Elizabeth E., John H., William 
F.; pres. Y. M. C. A. of Victoria Univ. 
student body, 1903-04; mem. General 
Conference of Methodist Episcopal ch., 
191G; represented Iowa and Nebraska on 

General Bd. of Epworth League, 1916- 
20; re-elected to same office for term of 
1920-24; mem. bd. of dir. Iowa Method- 
ist hospital 1 term; mem. bd. of trus- 
tees Morningside Coll, 2 terms; dean 
Okoboji Lake Epworth League Inst., 
1918-20; Minute Man, Omaha. Neb., 1917- 
18; mem. Bureau of Speakers, state of 
Nebraska, 1917-18, for Red Cross; nat- 
uralized dist. court of Webster co., 
1910; mem. Masonic bodies. 

SPENCER, C. M., fire insurance, Des 
Moines; b. Vermont, Sept. 24, 1861; 
Prot. ; Rep.; ed. St. Johnsburg Acad., 
Vt.; Columbia Coll. (N. Y.) Law School; 
m. Mary L. Burbank, Sept. 10, 1885, 
Danville, P. Q., Can.; child., Robert L., 
Mrs. Kathleen S. Rea.; sec. la., Natl. 
Fire Ins. Co.; secy. Chequest Stone 
Corp.; 5 yrs. with the insurance dept. 
of la.; mem. Masons, Grant Club. For- 
mer residence, St. Johnsburg, Vt., until 
June, 1895. 

SPOON ER, G. F., banker, Council Bluffs; 
b. Council Bluffs, Ia., Sept. 21, 1864; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Lucy B. 
Millard, Oct. 23, 1889, Council Bluffs, 
Ia. ; child., Lucy B., George A.; cashier 
1st Natl, bank; mem. B. P. O. E. 

SPRINGER, Arthur, lawyer, Wapello; b. 
Louisa Co., Ia., Sept. 30, 1855; Rep.; ed. 
3 yrs. Collegiate Dept. S. U. I.; grad. 
S. U. I., Law, 1877; m. Nelia Carpenter, 
Sept. 15, 18S0, Columbus Junction, Ia.; 
child., Arthur L., Edith Springer Mc- 
Callough, Charles W., Elizabeth Spring- 
er Whipple; mem. comm'n. apptd. by 
Gov. Cummins to revise school laws, 
1907-08; the report of this commission 
was ignored at time it was made, but it 
has been the basis of most of the pro- 
gressive school legislation in Iowa; mem. 
38th and 39th G. A.; also mem. Greater 
Ia. Schl. Comm'n. apptd. by State Supt. 
Deyoe at request of State Teachers' 
Assn.; mem. K. P. Former residences, 
Columbus Junction, Ia., until 1891; Ft. 
Worth, Tex., 1891-99. 

SPROWLS, John Seaman, lawyer, Keo- 
kuk; b. Pennsylvania, Sept. 28, 1887; 
Pres.; Dem. ; grad. Jefferson Acad., 
Canonsburg, Pa.; A. B., Washington & 
Jefferson Coll.; m. Adelaide Bartruff, of 
Keokuk, Ia., Oct. 27, 1917; U. S. Comm'r, 
So. Dist. of Ia., 1919; asst. co. atty., 
Lee co., Ia., 1919-21; served in World 
War from May 13, 1917, to April 13, 
1919; mem. First Oflieers' Training 
Camp, Fort Snelling, Minn.; commis- 
sioned 2nd lieut. inf., assigned to 88th 
divi., Camp Dodge, Ia.; promoted to 1st 
lieut., Oct. 1918; A. E. F., France, July, 
1918, to April, 1919; mem. Sons of the 
American Revolution, American Legion, 
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, Elks, K. 1'., 
Royal Arcanum, K< okuk ( Mid), Keokuk 
Country Club, Iowa. State 1 . Liar Assn. 
Former residence, Pennsylvania, 1887- 

STAHL, Grant, farmer, Diagonal; b. near 
Diagonal, Ia.; Meth.; Rep.; ed. country 
school and 6 months at Simpson Coll., 
Indianola, Ia. ; m. Nannie McCahan, 
Aug. 27, 1891, Diagonal, la.; child., Bes- 
sie; secy. Ringgold Co. Farmers' Inst, 
for 12 yrs.; precinct committeeman for 
Rep. party. 


Starzinger 72 

STARZI NGER, Otto, hotel manager, Des 
Moines; b. Des Moines, la., April 25, 
1881; Rep.; grad. East Des Moines H. 
S.; Ia. State Coll., B. of M. E., B. of E. 
E.; state representative 37th G. A. ; 
mem. American Inst, of Elec. Eng. ; 
mem. Elks, Yeoman, Redmen. 

STARZINGER, Vincent, lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Des Moines, la., Dec. 10, 
1887; Prot.; Rep.; ed. East Des Moines 
H. S.; Univ. of la., B. A.; Harvard Law 
School, L. L. B.; m. Genevieve Virginia 
Evans, Dec. 25, 1919, Corydon, la.; mem. 
law firm of Stipp, Perry, Bannister & 
Starzinger; v-pres. and gen. consul for 
Ia. Guarantee Mtg. Corp; founder of 
East H. S. "Quill;" mem. Ia. debat- 
ing team against Minnesota, 1906; lead- 
er of Iowa's victorious debating team 
against Illinois, 1907; leader of Iowa's 
victorious debating team against Min- 
nesota, 1908; winner Low den prize for 
excellence in debate at Iowa in 1907-08; 
mem. Ta. Chap. S. E. P.; editor Harvard 
Law Review, 1912-13; student adviser 
Harvard Law Sch., 1912-13; Cum Laude 
degree Harvard Law SchL, 1913; mem. 
Des Moines Club, Grant Club, Grand 
View Golf Club, Law Club, Des Moines 
Chamber of Commerce, Polk Co. and Ia. 
Bar Assn., American Legion, Elks (ex- 
alted ruler Des Moines lodge, 1918-19, 
and dist. dep. grand exalted ruler, 1919- 
20), K. P., Yoemen, Redman, Masonic 
bodies, Shrine. 

STEELE, William LaBarthe, architect, 
Sioux City; b. Springfield, 111., May 2, 
1875; Cath.; Ind.; ed. Springfield H. S., 
class '92 (Valedictorian); Univ. of 111., 
B. S. in Architecture, class '96; m. Ma- 
riana Green, April 30, 1901, St. Louis, 
Mo.; child., Mariana, Melissa, William 
L., Jr., Jane R., Lallie G., Philip J.; past 
pres. Iov/a Chapter American Inst, of 
Architects; past pres. Iowa Society of 
Architects; "Fellow" American Inst, of 
Architects; various lectures and essays 
on architectural and other subjects; 
twice appointed member bd. of trus- 
tees Sioux City public library; ap- 
pointed associate architect for the 
"Temple of Justice" proposed building 
for the State Supreme Court at Des 
Moines; grand knight Epiphany Coun- 
cil K. C. ; past pres. Rotary Club, Sioux 
City; Elks, Sigma Chi Fraternity, 
Architects' Club, Univ. of 111.; mem. of 
"Technograph" Board, U. of I.; Band 
and Glee Club, U. of I.; Architectural 
Club, Pittsburgh, 1903-04; formerly 
mem. N. Y. Soc. of Architects; for- 
merly mem. Woodlawn Tennis club, Chi- 
cago, Spalding Club, U. of I., U. of I. 
Alumni Assn.; mem. S. C. Country Club, 
past pres. Shore Acre Club, S. C. Acad, 
of Science and Letters, mem. Board of 
Dir. Chamber of Commerce, Sioux City; 
mem. Engineers' Club, Sioux City; mem. 
City Planning Commission, Sioux City; 
appointed architect for the Woodbury 
Co. court house and carried through 
the work in association with Mr. Geo. 
G. Elmslei, of Purcell & Elmslei, archi- 
tects. Former residences, Chicago, 1897- 
1900; Pittsburgh, Pa., 1900-04. 

STEINBERG, Henry J., assistant post- 
master, Mason City; b. Rock Falls, 
Cerro Gordo Co., Ia., Nov. 16, 1879; 


Bap.; Rep.; ed. Mason City H. S.; Minn. 
Univ. (no degree); m. Helen Francis 
Taggart, Nov. 27, 1909, Upper Alton, 
111.; asst. I*. M. ; sec.-treas.. Union Inv. 
Co.; dir. Mason City Bldg. & Loan 
Assn.; mem. Steinberg & Tuttle, real 
estate and building business; special 
examiner, U. S. Civil Service Cornm'n. 
during period of World War; leader in 
church and musical circles. Former 
residence, on farm near Rock Falls, la., 
from date of birth until Feb., 1888. 
STENSETH, Alton J., managing part- 
ner, R. L. Polk & Co., directory pub- 
lishers, Sioux City; b. on farm near Cal- 
mar, Ia., April 18, 1865; Luth.; Rep.; ed. 
Calmar public schls. and grad. Brecken- 
ridge Coll., Decorah, Ia., 1887; m. E. 
Charlotte Anderson, May 15, 1895, Maple 
Plain, Minn.; child., M. Vernon, Gladys, 
Alton J. Jr., Emma G; entered em- 
ployment of R. L. Polk & Co. in Min- 
neapolis in 1890; was transferred to St. 
Paul in 1892; was granted an interest in 
the business and transferred to Sioux 
City in 1897, and has been in charge of 
the Sioux City office continuously since 
then; past master, Landmark Lodge, A. 
F. & A. M.; past patron, Isis Chapter, 
O. E. S.; served on numerous commit- 
tees of civic bodies for the public wel- 
fare, etc.; mem. Chamber of Commerce, 
Rotary Club, Norse Historical Club, Ma- 
sonic bodies, Shrine, O. E. S. Former 
residences, Calmar, la., 1865-89; Min- 
neapolis, Minn., 1890-91; St. I'aul, Minn., 

STEPHENS, Homer S., lawyer, Clarinda; 
b. near Sidney. Ia., Nov. 8, 1883: Pres.; 
Rep.; grad. Sidney H. S. ; Univ. of 
Neb., A. B.; Univ. of Mich., J. D.; m. 
Frances Ellen Thornell, Sidney, la; 
child., Joseph; city solocitor, Clarinda, 
Ia., 1916-17-18; co. atty. Page co., Ia., 
1917-21, charter member Clarinda Chap. 
Red Cross; sec. Red Cross, 1917; pres- 
ent chmn. Rep. Cent. Com.; sec. schol. 
bd., Clarinda, Ia.; government appeal 
agent during war; mem. Delta Upsi- 
lon, Phi Delta Phi, Univ. of Neb. and 
Univ. of Mich.; I. O. O. P., Masons, 
Shrine, Ia. Hist. Soc, Ia. State Bar 
Assn. Former residences, Sidney, Ia., 
until 1910; Fort Collins, Colo., 1910-13. 

STEPHENS, Samuel A., banker, Ains- 
worth; b. Ainsworth, la., Aug. 19, 1886; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. 4 yrs. H. S., 2 yrs. 
Ames, C. E.; m. Mildred J. Stearns, 
April 26, 1916; child., Wilma Mildred, 
John Allen; cashier, Ainsworth Sav. 
bank; mem. Masons; supt. M. E. Sun- 
day School. 

STEPHENS, T. C., zoologist, professor of 
biology, Morningside Coll., Sioux City; 
b. Adrian, Mich., March 9, 1876; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. pub. schls of Mich., 1882-88; 
pub. sehls. of Ponn.. 1888-92; Duquesne 
Coll. (Acad.), 1892-94; student, Adrian 
Coll., 1894-96; Univ. of Chicago, 1900-01; 
A. B., Kansas City Univ., 1901; M. D., 
Kansas State Univ. (Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeons), 1904; student, Marine 
Biological Lab., Woods Hole, Mass., 
summer, 1901; Fellow in Zoology, Univ. 
of Chicago, 1904-06; m. Elinor Christian 
Wheeler Reid, June, 1909, Kansas City, 
Kan.; child., Stubert W., Jean R. ; sec. 
Sioux City Acad, of Science, 1909-19; 





pres., Wilson Ornithological Club, 1914- 
16; pres., Nebraska Ornithologists' Un- 
ion, 1915; pres., Ia. Conservation Assn., 
1915; pres., Ia. Acad, of Science, 1919; 
recipient, Gold Medal of Permanent 
Wild Life Protection Fund, 1917; mem- 
bership in American Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; Wilson Ornithol- 
ogical Club, Ecological Soc. of America, 
American Ornithologists' Union, Cooper 
Ornithological Club, American Soc, of 
Mammalogists, Ia. Acad, of Science, Ia. 
Conservation Assn., Alpha Tau Omega, 
Sigma Xi. 

STEPHENSON, James A. f farmer and 
stockman, Mt. Ayr; b. Greene Co., Pa., 
May 12, 1865; Dem. ; ed. com. schls; v- 
pres. and dir., Mt. Ayr State bank; 
twp. clerk, 11 yrs; elected state sena- 
tor, 5 Dist., 1910; representative in 34th 

G. A. 

STERLING, J. C, farmer, Webster City; 
b. McClean, 111., Jan. 22, 1863; Rep.; 
ed. H. S. and 111. Wesleyan Univ.; m. 
Minnie Gilmore, of LeRoy, 111., Aug. 16, 
1888; two sons, four daughters; served 6 
yrs. clerk dist. court, Hamilton Co.; 
elected state representative, Hamilton 
co., 1918; re-elected 1920. 

STERN, Almor, banker, farm loan invest- 
ments, abstracter of titles, Logan; b. 
Chester Co., Pa., April 21, 1854; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Magnolia (Ia.) H. S. ; m. 
Laura A. Mann., Dec. 15, 1880, Blair, 
Neb.; child., Fred W., Cyrus A., Jacob 

H. ; co. auditor, Harrison co., 1878-84; 
retired voluntarily and has not desired 
any public station since; presidential 
elector, 9th Dist. of Ia., 1912; one of the 
delegates to Rep. Natl. Con., 1920, from 
9th Ia. Dist.; Odd Fellow since 1876; 35 
years consecutive as fin. sec. of Logan 
lodge; mem. Masonic bodies; coronated 
33d degree Honorary at Des Moines, 
Nov. 22, 1913; a charter member and 
one of the organizers of the la. Assn. 
of Title Men; actively in work as 
searcher of the records for 40 yrs.; 
established Logan Trust & Sav. Bank, 
in Aug., 1917, being pres. since; farm 
loan investments for 35 yrs; stockholder 
in several mercantile enterprises. 

STEWART, Archibald K., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Louisa Co., Ia., April 26, 
1859; Pres.; Dem.; ed. Keota H. S.; 
LL. B., S. Univ. of Ia., class 1879; m. 
Mary E. VanWinkle, June 18, 1885, Ke- 
ota, la.; child., Lawrence O., Mary R. ; 
has practiced law in Des Moines since 
1883; first judge of municipal court un- 
der the Des Moines Plan; delegate to 
Dem. Natl. Con. at Baltimore, Md., 
1912, and at St. Louis, 1916; mem. Bd. 
of Edn. of Des Moines, 6 pis., and pres. 
of bd., 2 yrs.; mem. University Club, Des 
Moines, Grand View Golf Club, Ameri- 
can Bar Assn., State Bar Assn., Ameri- 
can Soc. of Political and Social Science, 
K. P., I. O. O. F., Redmen, A. O. U. W., 
M. B. A., Homesteaders, Court of Hon- 
or. Former residences, Louisa Co., Ia. ; 
Washington Co., Ia. ; Keota, Ia. 

STILLMAN, Paul E., newspaper publish- 
er, Jefferson; b. Chicago, 111., Nov. 4, 
1868; Pres.; Rep.; ed. A. B., Univ. of 
Mich, 1891; m. Edith May Anderson, 
Feb., 1894, Jefferson, Ia.; child., Faith 

W.; pub. of Jefferson Bee for 29 yrs.. 
succeeding father, E. B. Stillman; speak- 
er Ia. House of Representatives, 34th G. 
A.; member house, 32nd, 33rd and 34th 

G. A.; mem. State Bd. of Edn., 1915-21 
(now serving); mem. Beta Theta Pi, 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, I. O. O. F. For- 
mer residences, Jefferson since 1884; 
prior to then, Chicago. 

STIRTON, Robert C, banker, Monticello; 
b. Devonshire, Eng., April 2, 1861; Prot.; 
Dem.; ed. H. S.; m. Agnes Bourke, Cin- 
cinnati, O., Jan. 25, 1893; child., Mrs. 
Agnes Gearhart, Anne; cashier Lovell 
State bank; mem. State Senate, 30th, 
31st, 32nd G. A.; mem. Masons. Came 
to U. S. from Scotland, Dec, 1871. 

STIVERS, George A., publisher Burling- 
ton Gazette, Burlington; b. Atchison, 
Kan., Jan. 20, 1876; Cong.; Dem.; ed. 

H. S.; m. Harriet M. Peppers, Feb. 28, 
1910; mem. Country Club. Former 
residence, Atchison, Kan., until 12 yrs. 
of age. 

STODDARD, Bertel M., grain dealer, 
farming and stock raising, Sloan; b. 
Minonk, 111., Jan. 21, 1871; Cong.; Rep.; 
ed. Bachelor Science, 111. Coll., Jackson- 
ville, 111.; m. Wilhelmina E. Simater, 
June 16, 1897, Minonk, 111.; child., Bela 
M., Jane M.; chmn. Woodbury Co. Lo- 
cal (Draft) Bd; chmn. Co. drive for Y. 
M. C. A. fund, 1917; also Woodbury Co. 
chmn. for the following war activities: 
United War Fund drive, 3rd and 4th 
Liberty Loan campaigns, two Red Cross 
drives for funds; chmn., Co. Fuel Com.; 
mem. Sloan schl. bd. for 18 yrs. and re- 
elected 1920 for 3 more years; State 
Senator from Woodbury co., 38th G. A.; 
re-elected 1920; mem. Masonic bodies, 
M. W. A. Former residences, Minonk, 
111., 1894; Toluca, 111., 1894-1901. 

STONE, D. O., editor and publisher, Ha- 
warden; b. Belpre, O., Feb. 25, 1864; 
Rep.; ed. com. schls.; m. Generzia Dun- 
ham (deceased), of Albion, Ia., Dec. 25, 
1884; publisher Hawarden Independent; 
postmaster at Hawarden, 1885-89; elect- 
ed state representative, Sioux Co., 1914; 
re-elected, 1916-18-20. 

STONE, L. O., banker, Mason City; b. 
Waucoma, Ia., April 24, 1884; Cong.; 
Dem.; ed. H. S.; B. A., Upper la. Univ., 
Fayette, Ia. ; m. Dot George, Mason 
City; child., Alden G., William O.; v- 
pres., Commercial Sav. bank.; mem. 
Zethelethian Literary Soc, Elks, K. P., 
Masons. Former residence, Waucoma, 
Ia., 1904. 

STOOKEY, S. W., educator, Cedar Rapids; 
b. Marion, Ia., April 3, 1859; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. Marion H. S.; Cornell Coll.; Coe 
Coll.. B. S., 1884, M. S.. 1887; m. Isabel 

I. Graham, 1887, Albion, la.; child., 
Robert M., Stanley C, Donald G., Dor- 
othy M.; supt. schools, Manchester, la., 
1884-91; prof, geology and botany, Coe 
Coll., 1891; dean, 1901-07; pres., Belle- 
vue Coll., 1907-11; dean of Coe Coll., 
1914 to date; honorary degree of LL. D., 
Coe Coll., 1905; mem. Bahama expedi- 
tion, 1903; mem. of Amer. Assn. for the 
Advancement of Science; mem. Ia. Acad, 
of Science. 

STORM, I. Lee, motor truck dealer, 
Sioux City; b. Nevada, Ia., March 1, 






1880; Pres.; Rep.; ed. H. S. and coll.; 
m. Esther O. Johnson, Aug. 11, 1915, 
Vermillion, S. D. ; was instrumental in 
the organization of Sioux White Motor 
Co.; sec. Bd. of Edn.; sec. Y. M. C. A.; 
in service of U. S. N. G. (Ia.) 10 yrs.; 
served as 2nd lieut. U. S. N. G. Ia. on 
Border; capt. Co. D 4th Inf. N. G. Ia.; 
organized Co. D U. S. N. G. at Sioux 
City, Ia.; organized Civilian Military 
Training unit, 1917; drilled 400 men 3 
times a week; sent 100 candidates to 
1st, 2nd and 3rd Officers' Training 
Camp, Fort Snelling, Minn; 50 were 
commissioned; mem. K. P., Riverside 
Boat Club. Former residence, Storm 
Lake, Ia., 1890-05. 

STREETER, Charles Dallas, farmer and 
lumber dealer, Keokuk; b. New Wind- 
sor, 111., Oct. 5, 1871; Cong.; Prog.; ed. 
H. S.; m. Nelly Bradford, 1915, San Di- 
ego, Cal.; child., Ruth B., Chas. D. Jr.; 
organized Keokuk Lbr. Co., of which he 
is v-pres. and gen. mgr., in 1905; Mil- 
ton Lbr. Co., at Milton, 1907; Clark Co. 
Lbr. Co., at Kahoka, Mo., 1909; Donnell- 
son Lbr. Co., Donnellson, Ia., 1909; Ham- 
ilton Lbr. & Mill Co., and Pulaski Lbr. 
Co., Pulaski, la., 1910; Burnside Lbr. 
Co., Burnside, 111., 1913; Downing Lbr. 
Co., Downing, Mo., 1913; Ferris Lbr. Co., 
Ferris, 111., 1914; is pres. and gen. mgr. 
of all these subsidiary companies; prop. 
Fairview farm, near New Windsor, 111., 
containing 720 acres, now a stock farm 
feeding cattle and high grade Hamp- 
shire bogs for market; also Edgewood 
farm, near Plymouth, 111.; 30 pure bred 
gilts were bought by merchants and 
placed with farmers on partnership ba- 
sis. Former residences, Mt. Pulaski, 
111., 1896-99; Keosauqua, Ia., 1899-20. 

STRIEF, J. Harry, newspaper printer and 
publisher, Des Moines (home, Sioux 
City); b. Galena, 111., Aug. 21, 1865; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Helena Bas- 
tian, Sept. 24, 1884, LeMars, Ia. ; -child., 
Harry J., William B.; mem. Board of 
Control of State Institutions; pres., sec. 
and treas. Iowa State Federation of La- 
bor for 16 yrs.; mem. Masonic bodies, 
M. W. A., Typographical Union, Grant 
Club, Des Moines; Chamber of Com- 
merce, Sioux City. Former residences, 
Chicago, 1868-71; Dubuque, 1871-76; Un- 
ion Co., S. D., farm, 1 yr., 1877; LeMars, 
Ia., 1878-82; Kingsley, Ia., 1883; Sioux 
City, 1884-1917 

STRUBLE, Guy T., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. LeMars, Ia., June 3, 1875; Prot.; Rep.; 
ed. LeMars H. S.; 1 yr. at Iowa Coll., 
Grinnell, la.; 2 yrs. Law Dept., Ia. S. 
Univ.; m. Bereneice B. Bush, Sept. 3, 
1902; mem. law firm Jepson, Struble & 
Anderson; this firm is the Iowa legal 
representatives of the Great Northern 
Ry. Co., and of the C, St. P., M. & O. 
Ry. Co., also attorneys at Sioux City 
for C. & N. W. Ry. Co.; co. atty. 
of Plymouth co., Ia., 4 yrs.; active in 
Liberty loan drives and Red Cross work; 
services greatly in demand as public 
speaker; mem. Rotary Club, Elks, 
Chamber of Commerce, Sioux City, Ia.; 
Country Club, Sioux City. Former resi- 
dence, LeMars, Ia., from June 3, 1875, to 
Nov. 1, 1912. 

STUART, Hugh, lawyer, Dubuque; b. 
Dubuque, Ia, July 10, 1878; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. Columbia Coll., Dubuque, Ia.; 
Ia. Univ., Bachelor of Laws; m. Anna 
Meysembourg, June 30, 1920; Co. atty. of 
Dubuque Co., 4 yrs.; dist. deputy, K. of 
C; mem. B. P. O. E.; bd. of gov.,, Ki- 
wanis club. 

STUART, Wm., real estate and banking, 
Armstrong; b. Antrim Co., Ireland, Jan. 
10, 1851; Meth.; Rep.; ed. com. schls. ; 
m. Jennie Dunn, Dec. 26, 1882; four 
daughters; elected mayor of Grundy 
Center, Ia., 1890; 3 yrs. mem. Bd. of 

* Supervisors, Emmett Co., and 2 yrs. 
pres. of schl. bd. of Armstrong; elected 
state representative, Emmett Co., 1916; 
re-elected 1918. 

STUCKSLAGER, W. C., banker, Lisbon; 
b. Lisbon, Ia., Oct. 24, 1869; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Lisbon H. S.; also attended Cor- 
nell, Ia., Coll. and Chicago Univ.; pres., 
Stuckslager-Aurachter bank; pres. of 
Mt. Vernon, Ia., bank; mem. State Bd. 
of Education; mem. Bd. Trustees, Cor- 
nell Coll.; served in 28th and 29th G. A.; 
elected to senate 1903 and served two 

SULLIVAN, John B., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Afton, la., Dec. 9, 1869; Cath.; Rep.; 
ed. Afton H. S., 1886; Notre Dame Univ., 
1891, Bachelor of Letters; la. State 
Univ., 1891, Bachelor of Law; m. Cecelia 
A. Norton, May 5, 1896, Creston, Ia.; 
child., John N.; Co. atty., Union Co., 
Ia., 1896-98; rep., Polk Co., 32d and 33d 
G. A.; state senator, Polk Co., 34th, 35th 
G. A.; mem. Polk Co. Bar Assn., Ia. 
State Bar Assn., American Bar Assn., 
Eagles, Elks, K. C, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Grant Club, Hyperion Club, Des 
Moines, Ia. Former residence, Creston, 
Ia., until 1898. 

SULLIVAN, John T., lawyer, Waterloo; 
b. West Liberty, Ia., Oct. 19, 1863; 
Cath.; Dem.; ed. pub. schl. and Iowa 
City Acad; grad. from Lawt Dept. S. 
Univ. of Ia., 1887; m. Mary Gillios, April 
12, 1899, Memphis, Tenn.; child., Mild- 
red, Jeffery G. ; has served as a director 
in the 1st Natl. Bank for 20 yrs.; dir. 
in Iowa Ml'rs. Ins. Co., for 12 yrs.; pres., 
Times Tribune Co. for 15 yrs.; was 
elected a delegate to two Democratic 
national conventions; mem. Elks, K. C. 
Former residences, Muscatine Co., Ia., 
until after graduation from law school 
in 1887. 

SULZBACH, F. J., contractor and builder, 
Sioux City; b. Ft. Dodge, la., Nov. 27, 
1869; Luth.; Dem.; ed. com. schl.; m. 
Anna M. Holdenried, Dec. 20, 1894, Sioux 
City, Ia.; child.. Louise, Fred Jr., Hel- 
en, Frances, Wilbur, Dorothy A., Har- 
oH, Marian; building contractor for 30 
> r.s. in Sioux City and vicinity; mem. 
Chamber of Commerce, Master Build- 
ers' Assn. of Sioux City (pres. for past 
2 yrs.), Master Builders' Assn. of Iowa 
(bd. of dir., 1920-23), mem. Engineers' 
Club of Sioux City. Former residences, 
Ft. Dodge, Ia., 1869-78; Webster City, 

SUMNER, Clarence W., librarian, Sioux 
City; b. Noblesville. Ind., May 2, 1885; 
Friends Ch.; Ind.; grad. Noblesville 





(Ind.) H. S., 1904; grad., A. B. degree, 
Univ. of Mo., 1909; m. Florence G. Gil- 
lette, Dec. 25, 191G, Toledo, O.; child., 
Clarence W. Jr.; librarian State Univ. 
of N. D., 1911-17; author University pub- 
lications: "State-Wide Use of the Uni- 
versity Library," Oct., 1915; "Demand 
for Teacher-Librarian," Aug., 1917; city 
librarian, Sioux City, 1917 to date; orig- 
inator idea hospital library service; es- 
tablished department of hospital libra- 
ry service Sioux City public library, 
Nov., 1919; first public library to take 
up work; author pamphlet and various 
magazine articles on hospital library 
service, 1920; mem. Sioux City Rotary 
club, Sociological club of Sioux City, 
Sioux City Academy of Science and Let- 
ters, American Library Assn., executive 
committee Library Workers' Assn., 
Iowa Library Assn. 

SUTHERLAND, Wm., retired farmer, 
Washington; b. Albermarle co., Va., 
Aug. 3, 1852; Meth.; Dem.; m. Winnie 
Davis, Feb. 15, 1882, Wayland, la.; one 
daughter; dir. Farmers' Mutual Ins. Co., 
14 yrs.; 9 yrs. pres. of same; served 21 
yrs. on schl. bd.; 6 yrs. twp. trustee; 
justice of peace; elected state repre- 
sentative Washington Co., 1918. 

SWANSON, Charles E., lawyer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Galesburg, 111., Jan. 3, 1879; 
Presb.; Rep.; ed. pub. sehls. ; A. B., 
Knox Coll., class of 1902; LL. B., North- 
western Univ. Law Schl., 1907; m. lone 
Westcott, June 29, 1910, Hopkinton, la.; 
admitted to bar of Iowa in 1907; has 
practiced law at Council Bluffs since 
1907; Co. atty. of Pottawattamie Co. 
since Jan. 1, 1915; re-elected 1920, for 
fourth term; honors in debating while 
at law school; also mem. Order of 
the Coif, scholastic honor fraternity; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks; past 
master Masons, elder Presb. Ch. ; dir., 
Y. M. C. A. Former residences, Gales- 
burg, 111., until 11 yrs. of age; moved 
with parents to Clearfield, la., 1890. 

SWANSON, N. P., farmer, banker, stock 
buyer, Kiron; b. Sweden, 18G6; Prot. ; 
Rep.; ed. com. schls. ; m. Mary Olscn; 
child., Emma, Mabel, Roy, Edna, El- 
mer, Judith, Leslie, Evelyn, Teddie; 
owns 640 acres farm land in tracts; has 
been councilman, mayor, other offices of 
public trust; is pres. of Home Sav. 
Bank, Kiron, la.; schl. treas., town 
treas., vice pres. and dir. of Kiron 
Cemetery Assn. Former residence, 
Crawford Co., Ia., after coming to 

SWEET, Burton E., lawyer, Waverly; b. 
Bremer Co., Ia., Dec. 10, 1867; Rep.; ed. 
Ia. State Normal; Cornell (Ia.) Coll.; 
Ia. State Univ.; city solicitor, 3 yrs., 
Waverly; mem. house of representatives 
28th and 29th G. A. of Ia.; 4 yrs. on 
Rep. State Cent. Com.; elected to 64th, 
65th and 66th Congresses. 

SECOY, Frank L., Jr., eye, ear, nose and 
throat specialist, Sioux City; b. Kansas, 
Jan. 14, 1887; Prot. ; Rep.; ed. diploma, 
Davenport H. S., 1906; Doctor of Medi- 
cine, Univ. of Ia., 1911; Master of Sci- 
ence degree, Univ. of Ia., 1912; interne 
in Dept. of Ophthalmology and Oto- 
Laryngology, 1911-12; mem. Masonic 

bodies, Shrine, Woodbury Co. Medical 
Soc, Sioux Valley Eye and Ear Acad., 
Sioux Valley Medical, Ia. Medical Soc, 
Sioux City Country Club. Former resi- 
dence, Davenport, Ia., until 1907. 

TADE, William Anderson, farmer, Hills- 
boro; b. Lee Co., Ia., Sept. 17, 1841; 
Bap.; Rep.; ed. pub. schl., with 2 yrs. in 
Ia. Coll., now located at Grinnell; m. 
Sarah E. Dewey (deeeased ), 1868, Lee 
Co., Ia.; child., Nellie B., Alice C, How- 
ard D., Ewing O., Lillian A., Lola E.; 
5 yrs. in military service of U. S.; mem. 
Co. F, 14th la. Inf., "Hornet's Nest 
Brig.;" promoted to captaincy of 59th 
U. S. C. T., finally discharged, Dec. 13, 
1866; taken prisoner of war at Battle of 
Shiloh; released Jan. 15, 1863; 1st lieut. 
q. m. 57th U. S. C. T.; promoted to 
captaincy Dec, 1865, comdg. battalion of 
Companies A, B and D, guarding north- 
west approach to Ft. Union, N. M., 
when Ute Indians were on the warpath; 
representative from VanBuren Co., Ia., 
in 23d G. A.; pres., Farmers & Traders 
Sav. Bank of Hillsboro, Ia.; owner of 
"Cedar Dell" farm. 

TALBOTT, Basil M., banker, Brooklyn; 
b. Homes Co., O., Oct. 25, 1843; Meth.; 
Rep.; m. Sarah J. Ashton, 1866; child., 
Albert B., Chas. D., Edwin H., Effa E., 
Lena; pres., 1st Natl. Bank., Brooklyn; 
organized bank in Brooklyn in 1871; 
mem. Masons, I. O. O. F. 

TALBOTT, Edwin H., banker, Brooklyn; 
b. Brooklyn, Ia., May 12, 1871; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Florence Snyder, 
1893; child., Faith G.; 15 yrs. jewelry 
business and watch maker; 16 yrs. in 
1st Natl. Bank, bookkeeper to cashier; 
treas., town of Brooklyn; treas., Bear 
Creek Twp. Schl. Dist.; mem. I. O. O. 
F., Masonic bodies, Shrine. 

TALBOTT, Oliver Aquilla, grain mer- 
chant, Keokuk; b. Osceola, Ia., Dec. 30. 
1862; Rep.; ed. pub. schl., acad. and 
business coll.; m. Letitia E. Zingler, 
1883, Osceola, Ia.; child., Mrs. Maud E. 
Bell, Mrs. Florence M. Buch; organized 
O. A. Talbott Co. in 1890, and has been 
its pres. since; its principal offices were 
in Osceola. 1890-02; removed to Keokuk 
in 1903; owns and operates 43 elevators 
in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois; alder- 
man, Keokuk, 1907-08; mem. K. P., Elks, 
Keokuk Club, Missouri Athletic Assn. 
St. Louis, Merchants exchange, Sons of 
American Revolution. 

TAYLOR, Eugene H., architect, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Denmark, Lee Co., Ia., Oct. 
23, 1853; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Grinnell H. 
S.; Ia. Coll., now Grinnell Coll., B. S. 
degree; special architectural course, 
1S76-78, Mass. Inst, of Tech.; m. Mary 
Montague Woodworth, Kept. 7, 1886, 
Berlin, Conn.; child., Mrs. Lewis H. 
Mounts, Ruby; associated with Harry S. 
Josselyn, firm of Josselyn & Taylor, 
architects, since 1882, in Des Moines and 
Cedar Rapids, la.; firm lias designed 
many buildings in many states, among 
them Iowa bldg. for Columbian Ex posi- 
tion, Chicago, 1893; Grace Episcopal, 1st 
Congregational, 1st Baptist, and other 
churches, Cedar Rapids; Carnegie Pub. 
Library, Montrose Hotel, Security and 
Cedar Rapids Sav. banks, Cedar Rapids, 


Taylor 76 

Republican Printing- Co., and many busi- 
ness buildings, residences and works of 
all kinds; trustee and deacon in church; 
dir. in Y. M. C. A.; mem. Chamber of 
Commerce, and serving- on civic com- 
mission; active and deeply interested in 
civic improvements; fellow in Araer. 
Inst, of Architects; sec.-treas., Iowa 
chapter A. I. A. since 1906; officer in 
Engineers and Architects Soc. of Cedar 
Rapids. Former residences, Denmark, 
1853-62; Grinnell, 1862-76; Boston, 1876- 
78; Grinnell, 1878-80; Chicago, 1880-82; 
Des Moines, 1882-86. 

TAYLOR, Thomas E., minister and farm- 
er, Independence; b. Lake co., 111., 
June 20. 1864; Rep.; ed. grad. Upper la. 
Univ., 1887; D. D. degree same, 1901; 
m. Nellie M. Huie, June 12, 1899; spent 
25 yrs. as Methodist minister; now de- 
votes all attention to his farm near In- 
dependence, but supplies pulpits for all 
denominations; elected state representa- 
tive, 1914; elected state senator, 1916. 

TEMPLE, M. L., lawyer, Osceola; b. 
Monongalia Co., Va., Sept. 16, 1848; 
Rep.; ed. A. B. and A. M., State Univ. 
of la.; U. S. Dist. Atty. for So. Dist. 
Ia., 1907-14; Co. atty., Clarke Co., 1914- 
18; mem. 26th, 28th, 30th, 31st G. A.; 
re-elected state representative 1918; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks. 

TENNIS, Carl, banker, Sioux Citv; b. 
Woodbury Co., Ia., Oct. 14, 1876; Prot.; 
Dem.; ed. H. S. and Morningside Coll., 
Sioux City; m. Maude Hammond, 1900; 
v-pres., Commercial State Sav. Bank, 
Sioux City, Ia.; sec, Iowa Mtg. & Sec. 
Co., Sioux City, Ia. ; real estate loans; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks. 
Former residence, Climbing Hill, la., 
until 23 yrs. old. 

TENNIS, Clyde H., real estate, Sioux 
City; b. Climbing Hill., Ia., Aug. 30, 
1883; Meth.; Ind.; ed. H. S.; Morning- 
side Coll.; m. Mathilda J. Olsen, March 
14, 1906, Correctionville, la.; child., Dor- 
othy L., Neal C; secy., Northwestern 
Mtg. & Sec. Co.; mem. Elks. Former 
residences, Woodbury Co., Ia., until 
1908; White Owl, S. D., 2 yrs., home- 
stead, Bassett, Neb., 2 yrs. 

TERRILL, Jay S., physician and surgeon, 
Bedford; b. Taylor Co., Ia., March 15, 
1882; Rep.; m. Ruby Pearl Ewart, Sept. 
1882; Rep.; m. Ruby Pearl Ewart, Block- 
ton, Ia., Sept. 6, 1905; child., Maxine, 
Dwight E. ; co. physician, health officer; 
mem. Elks, Masons. 

THOMAS, Abram O., professor of geology, 
State Univ. of Ia., Iowa City; b. Wales, 
March 21, 1876; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Wil- 
liamsburg H. S., Williamsburg, Ia.; B. 
A. and M. S., State Univ. of la.; studied 
at Univ. of Chicago, 1 yr. ; m. Marietta 
Rosenberger, Aug. 30, 1900, Spencer, la.; 
writer of several articles on geology 
and the ancient life of the earth; mem. 
and official geologist of University sci- 
entific expedition to West Indies; mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Gamma Al- 
pha, honorary societies; asst. geologist 
of Ia. Geological Survey; mem. Bacon- 
ian club, Triangle club, Research club 
of State Univ.; mem. Paleontological 
Soc. of America, Masons, Acacia. 


THOMAS, Charles H., merchant and 
banker, Creston; b. Roseville, Warren 
Co., 111., Sept. 29, 1860; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
com. schl.; m. Jemima I. Brown, Sept. 
7, 1896, Cromwell, Ia.; child., Mrs. I. P. 
Pounds, Hobart M., Mary I., Carnot H.; 
has been in hardware business 4U yrs., 
and is now senior member of the Cres- 
ton Hardware Co., largest in southwest 
Ia. ; for 8 yrs. was v-pres. and mgr. of 
Kent State Sav. Bank; for 8 yrs. pres. 
of the local schl. bd.; state senator, 5th 
Ia. Dist., 1913-17; author "Blue Sky" 
law, Teachers' Minimum Wage law, 
Highway Marking law, all three being 
original measures of their kind in the 
state of Iowa; also author of the pro- 
hibitory amendment that was later de- 
feated by popular vote; mem. Creston 
Country club, I. O. O. P., M. W. A., W. 
O. W., Elks; pres., "Blue Grass" High- 
way. Former residences, Warren Co., 
111., 1860-76; Cromwell, Ia., 1876-91; Kent, 
Ia., 1895-16; Union Co., la., 1876 to date. 

THOMAS, Seth, lawyer, Fort Dodge; b. 
Ohio, May 18, 1873; Prot.; Dem.; ed. 
State Univ. of Ia., Ph. B., A. M., LL. 
B.; m. Ella May Brown, July 25, 1905, 
Washington, Ia.; child., Eleanor, Rey- 
nolds B.; Asst. U. S. Atty. North. Dist. 
of Ia., 1915 to date; mem. Rotary Club, 
Masons. Former residences, Ohio, 1873- 
76; Kansas, 1876-81; W. Va., 1881-1901. 

THOMPSON, Frank E., lawyer, Burling- 
ton; b. Grand View. Ia., Dec. 13, 1873; 
Rep.; ed. public- and H. S., Winneld 
and Muscatine, Ia.; grad. Law Dept. 
State Univ. of Ia., 1896; m. Lillian Rus- 
sell, Aug. 22, 1894; formerly Co. atty., 
Des Moines Co.; served as chmn. Rep. 
Co. Cent. Com.; elected state senator, 
1914; re-elected 1918. 

THOMPSON, Thomas H., farmer, Garner; 
b. Norway, March 4, 1873; Luth.; Rep.; 
ed. rural schls.; business course; m. 
Sadie Stevenson, Emmet Co., 1900; 
child., Franklin, Bertha, Thelma, Ed- 
ward, Leona, Helen; has taken active 
part in Rep. politics for many years; 
assessor for Amsterdam twp. for 6 yrs.; 
appointed postmaster at Kanawha, Ia. ; 
elected Co. treas, Hancock Co., 1914-16- 
18; first Co. treas. to be elected to 3 
terms in 40 yrs. in Hancock Co. 

THURMAN, Allen G., county agent, Os- 
kaloosa; b. Blanchard. Ia., Oct. 31, 1886; 
Prot.; Dem.; ed., grad. H. S.; I. S. Coll.; 
m. Janet Davis, Nov. 9, 1919; Co. Agt., 
Linn Co., 1915-17; asst. state Co. agt., 
leader, 1917-18 Co. agt.. Mahaska Co.; 
pvt. H. Q. Co. 39th Inf., 18 months 
service; four major engagements; mem. 
Masons, O. 10. S., White Shrine, Grange. 
Former residences, Ames, 1913-15; Ce- 
dar Rapids, 1915-17. 

TINLEY, Emmet, lawyer, Council Bluffs; 
b. Caleo, Mo., Sept. 22, 1867; Cath.; 
Dem.; ed. Council Bluffs H. S.; m. Elsie 
Pusey, Feb. 19, 1901, Council Bluffs, Ia.; 
child., Mrs. George A. Spooner, Elsie P.; 
former pres., Council Bluffs Schl. Bd.; 
former pres., Ia. State Bar Assn.; mem. 
Des Moines Club, Omaha C.ub, Council 
Bluffs Country Club, Elks, Rotary Club, 
K. C, M. W. A. Former residence, 
Caleo, Mo., 1867-69. 




TIN LEY, Hubert L., bank cashier, Coun- 
cil Bluffs State Saving's bank, Council 
Bluffs; b. Mt. Sterling-, 111., Jan. 29, 1866; 
Cath.; Dem.; ed. Council Bluffs H. S.; 
m. Mary H. Maher, June 26, 1902, Iowa 
City, la.; child., Mary L., Margaret, Vir- 
ginia, Hubert L. Jr.; former postal em- 
ploye, money order div.; asst. p.-m., 
1891; mem. fire and police bd., 1907-08; 
mem, Chamber of Commerce, K. C, Ki- 
wanis club, Maccabees, Eagles, Moose, 
Former residences, Mount Sterling, 111., 
1866-69; Council Bluffs, la., 1869-91; Den- 
ver and Trinidad, Colo., 1891-93. 

TINLEY, Mathew A., physician, Council 
Bluffs; b. Council Bluffs, la., March 5, 
1876; Cath.; Dem.; ed. Council Bluffs 
H. S.; Med. Dept., Univ. of Neb., degree 
M. D.; m. Lucy Shaw Williams, of Nor- 
folk, Neb., Oct. 8, 1902, Council Bluffs, 
la.; child., Winifred, Robert E. ; first 
dept. comdr. American Legion of la.; 
natl. pres., Rainbow Div. Soc. ; col. 
comdg. 168th Inf., 42d Div.; received 
Croix de Guerre from French govt., 
Distinguished Service Medal from U. S. 
govt.; served 25 yrs. in the la. N. G. in 
the same regiment in every grade; iy 2 
yrs. in volunteer service; in 1898 served 
in Philippine Islands as 2nd and 1st 
lieut Co. L, 51st la., which later became 
the 168th; mem. Elks, K. C, R. A., A. 
O. U. W., Moose, Rotary, R. N. of A., 
Degree of Honor, American Legion, 
Spanish War Veterans, Rainbow Divi- 
sion Soc, Country club, City, County, 
State, and American Medical Socs., R. 
R. surgeon. 

TOLLINGER, J. N., clerk of the district 
court, Council Bluffs; b. York co., Pa., 
May 10, 1868; Prot. ; Rep.; ed. Emerson, 
la., H. S.; Normal Coll.; m. Mary E. 
Graham, March, 1888, Emerson, la.; child. 
Zene A., C. La Verne, Donald D., J. Ned; 
former newspaperman, deputy clerk at 
Avoca for 10 yrs.; clerk Council Bluffs 
for 6 yrs.; mem. A. F. & A. M., Council 
Bluffs Country club. Former residences, 
Emerson, la.; Macedonia, la.; Avoca, la. 

TOWER, Chas. E., minister, Sioux City; 
b. Eldora, la., May 6, 1870; Prot.; Inde- 
ed. Eldora H. S.; grad., A. B. degree, 
Grinnell Coll., 1896; Chicago Theol. 
Sem.; m. Olive Pearson, March 30, 1897, 
Marshall Co., Mich.; child., Gerald P., 
Vida E.; entered ministry of the Con- 
gregational Ch. in 1895; worked in Iowa 
except for 3 yrs. while supt. of home 
missions in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana 
and Arkansas; brickmaker for 14 yrs.; 
mem. Masonic bodies. Held pastorates 
at Lyons, Hampton, Reinbeck, and Ma- 
son City, all in Iowa, 1900-12. 

TOWNER, Horace M., lawyer, Corning; 
b. Belvidere, 111.; Rep.; ed. Chicago 
Univ.; Union Coll. of Law, Chicago; m. 
Harriet Cole, 1887; was pres. Ia. State 
Bar Assn.; elected judge 3rd Jud. Dist., 
1890; served 6 terms as member of Con- 
gress, 8th Ia. Dist. 

TOWNSEND, E. W., banker, Lake City; 
b. DeKalb Co., 111., Sept. 8, 1861; Presb.; 
Rep.; ed. com. schl.; m. Lena M. Home, 
Dec. 16, 1882. Lake City, Ia.; child., 
Mrs. G. R. Farley, Mrs H. A. Low, War- 
ren W. ; established Citizens bank, Lake 
City, 1885; still pres.; mem. city council 

77 Tucker 

several terms; also was mayor of Lake 
1 City; mem. I. O. O. p., O. E. S., Ma- 
: sonic bodies, Shrine. Lived in Lake 
; City and vicinity since March, 1869. 

1 TRACY, Frank E., county agent, Osage; 
b. Nashua, la.; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Nash- 
ua H. S.; I. S. Coll., B. S. in A. H.; m. 
; Margaret E. Jones, June 9, 1914, Man- 
chester, Ia. ; child., Kathryn M., Mary 
A., Merten E. Former residence, Nash- 
ua, Ia. 

- TRACY, J. A., state fire marshal, Des 
Moines; b. Washington Co., Ia., May 5, 
. 1858; Rep.; served as deputy U. S. mar- 
shal at Sioux City for 13 yrs.; appointed 
; deputy state fire marshal, 1911; became 
| head of dept., 1919. 

' TREICHLER, W. N., lawyer, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. near Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 8, 
; 1856; Prot.; Rep.; ed. com. schls.; Univ. 
of Ia., degree LL. B.; m. Joanna Rhoads, 
1883, Norristown, Pa.; child., Joseph R., 
1 Harrington A., William E. ; practiced 
law in Tipton, Ia., 1880-99; in Cedar 
Rapids, 1915 to date; associated with 
son under firm name of Treichler & 
Treichler; mavor of Tipton, 1882; judge 
18th Jud. Dist. of la., from Dec. 1898, to 
; June, 1902, and from Jan., 1906, to Jan., 
; 1915, when he retired from the bench 
and entered the practice at Cedar Rap- 
ids. Former residence, Tipton, la., 1880- 

TREYNOR, V. L., physician and surgeon, 
Council Bluffs; b. Council Bluffs, la., 
Sept. 28, 1866; Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; 
M. D., Univ. of la., 1891; m. Susie C. 
; Clark, Oct. 12, 1891, Iowa City, Ia.; 
child., Thos. P., Jack V.; prof, physiol- 
ogy Coll. Medicine, Univ. of Neb.; sec, 
Ia. State Medical Soc; pres., Ia. State 
Medical Soc; Medical Soc. Missouri 
Valley; South Western Medical Assn.; 
; Council Bluffs and Pottawattomie Co. 
; Medical societies; mem. Bd. of Re- 
I gents, State [Jniv. of Ia.; mem. Masons, 
I. O. O. F., Elks; mem. American Med. 
Soc, State Med. Soc, Co. Med. Soc, 
Council Bluffs Med. Soc, Acad, of Medi- 
; cine, Internatl. Assn. of R. R. Surgeons. 
, TRIMBLE, Palmer, lawyer, Keokuk; b. 
Bloomfield, Ia., Jan. 13, 1852; Presb.; 
Dem.; ed., grad. A. B., Ia. S. Univ., 
1872; m. Nannie Leech, Oct., 1877, 
Bloomfield, Ia.; child., E. Agnes; atty., 
i C, B. & Q. Ry. Co.; pres., Bloomfield 
: State Bank, Bloomfield, Ia.; mem. Ma- 
sonic bodies, Elks, Keokuk Club. For- 
; mer residence, Bloomfield, Ia., until 1883. 
5 TRUM BAUER, J. O., banker, Waterloo; 
b. Longswamp, Pa., June 7, 1861; Pres.; 
Dem.; ed. pub. schls.; m. Tressa McEl- 
; hinney, Los Angeles, Gal. J mem. Ma- 
> sons, Elks. 

; TUCKER, George Colllngwood, see Iowa 
State Insurance Co., Keokuk; b. Keo- 
kuk, Ia., Sept. 14, 1859; Epis.; Rep.; ed. 
Keokuk H. S. ; private inst. and private 
tutor; m. Katharine M. Dickinson, May 
; 3, 1893, Chattanooga, Term.; child., 
; Mary C, Katharine; has been in banks 
in Butte, Mont., and Chattanooga, 
Tenn.; mngr., Clearing House at Chat- 
tanooga; connected with mining busi- 
s ness in Butte, Mont., for about 8 yrs.; 
1 has been continuously since 1894 with 






the la. State Ins. Co., of Keokuk, la.; 
dir. of same; mem. Keokuk club, Keo- 
kuk Country club, Monday Music club. 
TUCKER, Katharine Dickinson, Keokuk; 
b. Cumberland, Md., Mch. IS, 1873; Epis.; 
Dem. ; ed. private schls. and tutors; rn. 
George C. Tucker, May 3, 1893, Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn.; child., Mary C, Kath- 
arine; student of negro folk-songs since 
childhood, and has given lecture-recitals 
on that subject in leading cities of U. S. 
and before many universities and soci- 
eties; made phonographic records of 
many Afro-American folk-songs for 
Harvard Univ. collection; mem. Mon- 
day Music club, Civic league. Former 
residences, Cumberland, Md., 1873-81; 
Chattanooga, Tenn., 1881-04. 

TURNER, T .G., Pres., City Natl. Bank, 
Council Bluffs; b. Quincy, Mich., Dec. 6, 
1S63; Rep.; ed., Ph. C, Ann Arbor, 
Mich., 1883; m. Lurna S. Williams (de- 
ceased), Oct., 1893; Lavina M. Williams, 
Sept., 1905; child., Robert W., Marian; 
organized City Natl. Bank, Jan. 1, 1909; 
mem. Univ. and Omaha clubs, Omaha 
Country club, Council Bluffs; Masons, 
Elks. Former residences, Quincy, Mich., 
1863-85; Lakota, N. D., 1885-87; Neola, 
la., 1887-94; Atlantic, la., 1894-1900. 

TUTHILL, John S., lawyer, Waterloo; b. 
Tipton, la., Jan. 31, 1867; Bap., Rep.; ed. 
Tipton H. S.; Collegiate and Law 
courses, Univ. of la., L. L. B.; Des 
Moines Coll., A. M.; m. Addie I. Dickey, 
June 24, 1891; child., Jessie T.; mem. 
law firm Reed, Tuthill & Reed, practic- 
ing in Waterloo for last 29 yrs.; dir., 
Commercial Natl. Bank., Waterloo, la.; 
mem. Blackhawk Co. Bar Assn., State 
Bar Assn., Greater Waterloo Assn., 
Fortnightly Club; chmn. Co. Cent. Com., 
1904-08; mem. Masons, I. O. O. P., K. P. 

VALENTINE, Calvin C, Pres., Burling- 
ton Coll. of Commerce, Burlington; b. 
Keosauqua, la., Dec. 11, 1854; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. grade schl. of Burlington, and 
Bryant & Stratton Business Coll. ; m. 
Amy Boyles, 1879, Yankton, S. D.; child., 
Mrs. Charles M. Bundel; writer of short 
stories; was for many years an expert 
court and convention reporter; was one 
of the official reporters of the World's 
Columbian Congresses, held in Chicago, 
auxiliary to the World's Fair; mem. 
Elks, I. O. O. F., Rotary Club. Former 
residences, Omaha, Neb.; Yankton, S. 
D.; Chicago, 111. 

VAN ALSTINE, H. S., banker, Gilmore 
City; b. Belvidere, 111., May 16, 1869; 
I Prot.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Mary Bertha 
Beers, Oct. 16, 1896; child., Lois, H. 
Dana, Francis E., Sewell, Percie; state 
senator; pres., Ia. Farm Mtg. Assn.; co- 
partner Arm of L. H. & 11. S. VanAl- 
stine; pres., Farmers Saw Bank. Pio- 
neer; sec, treas. and dir. in Gilmore 
Portland Cement Corp.; mem. Grant 
Club, Des Moines; Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, K. P. 

VAN AUKEN, H. M., Sec. of Chamber of 
Commerce, Mason City; b. Des Moines, 
la., June 23, 1893; Prot.; Rep.; ed., grad. 
West Des Moines H. S., 1911; B. A. de- 
gree, Univ. of Wis., 1916; m. Norma A. 
Eitelgoerge, June 19, 1920, Aurora, 111.; 
child., William L. ; sec. Mason City 

Chamber of Commerce; sec, Mason City 
Rotary club; mem. Natl. Assn. of Com- 
mercial Organization of Secretaries; 
mem. Ia. Secretarial Bureau; sec. and 
past pres., Natl. Parks Pike Assn.; 
served with Peace Com'n. in Paris two 
months in 1919, in Dept. of Finance and 
Economics; mem. Mason City Rotary 
Club, Masons, Elks, K. P., American 
Legion. Former residences, Des Moines, 
Ia., until 1912; Madison, Wis., until 
1916; Algona, Ia., until Feb. 1, 1918; U. 
S. Army until May, 1919. 

VAN CAMP, J. H., farmer, Muscatine; b. 
Muscatine Co., Ia., June 20, 1860; Rep.; 
ed. rural schls; Wilton Acad.; farms 252 
acres; served as twp. assessor 6 yrs.; 
bd. of trustees, 4 yrs.; eleeted state rep- 
resentative, Muscatine Co., 1918; re- 
elected, 1920. 

VANCE, Walter H., accounts and insur- 
ance, Winterset; b. Washington Co., 
Ind., April 19, 1857; Meth.; Rep.; ed. H. 
S. and Monmouth Coll.; served two 
terms as Co. recorder, Madison Co.; p.- 
m. at Winterset, 1908-13; also served as 
dep. Co. clerk and dep. Co. auditor; 
elected state representative, 1918; re- 
elected, 1920; mem. Masons, K. 1'., M. 
W. A. 

VANDER PLOEG, W. G., lawyer, Knox- 
ville; b. Marion Co., Ia.; Rep.; ed., grad. 
Law Dept. State Univ. Ia., 1903; was a 
member of Co. 3, 3rd Batt., C. O. T. S., 
for 3 months; elected state representa- 
tive, Marion Co., 1918. 

VAN TASSEL, Robert De Estein, invest- 
ment banker, Sioux City; b. New York, 
May 25, 1874; Liberal Christian; Ind.- 
Rep. ; ed. St. Lawrence Univ.; m. Anna 
Belle Aldridge, 1902, Mt. Peter, Vt.; 
child., Raymond D.; clergyman for 15 
yrs.; pres., Sammies Banking & Inv. 
Co.; large interests in Choate Oil Corp.; 
sec, Iowa Unitarian Conference; dist. 
dep. of Ind. O. Forresters; field sec, 
Samaritan Hospital; mem. Masonic bod- 
ies, M. W. A., Fraternal Reserve Assn., 
Travelers' Club of America. Former 
residences, Rochester, Minn.; Oshkosh, 
Wis.; Marlboro, Mass.; Antwerp, N. Y. 

VERMILION, C. W., lawyer, Centerville; 
b. Centerville, la., Nov. 6, 1866; Rep.; 
ed. De Pauw Univ., Greencastle, Ind.; 
Univ. of Mich.; m. Clare Eloise Biddle, 
June 21, 1897, Centerville, Ia.; child., 
Dane E.; Co. atty., Appanoose Co., Ia., 
1893-96; dist. judge, 2nd Jud. Dist., 1902. 

VICKERS, George M., live stock commis- 
sion, Sioux City; b. Boone Co., 111., Aug. 
23, 1870; Meth.; Rep.; ed. H. S., Hull, 
Ia.; m. Harriet E. Hodge; ex-pres., Live 
Stock Exchange; dir.. Chamber of Com- 
merce; pres., Morningside Country Club; 
mtem. Masonic bodies, .shrine. Former 
residence, Hull, la., until J 909. 

VINCENT, Earl W., lawyer, Guthrie Cen- 
ter; b., Keota, Ia., March 27, 1886; 
Presb. ; Rep.; ed., grad. Keota H. S., 
1904; B. A. degree, Monmouth Coll., 
1909; LL. B., Ia. State Univ.. 1912; M. A. 
degree, Monmouth Coll., 1913; m. Madge 
Lee, June 8, 1916, Centerville, Ia.; child., 
Margery L. ; general practice of law at 
Guthrie Center since 1912; city editor, 
Iowa City Citizen, 1910-12; Ct. atty., 
Guthrie Co., since 1919; Co. chmn., 2nd 





Red Cross campaign, 1918; asst. Co. 
chran., Guthrie Co., Victory Loan drive; 
mem. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta 
Phi, law fraternity; la. State Bar Assn., 
State Hist. Soc, Masons. Former resi- 
dences, Keota, la., 1886-05; Monmouth, 
111., 1905-09; Iowa City, la., 1909-12;. 
Guthrie Center, la., 1912 to date. 

ULSTAD, Oscar, farmer, Holmes; b. Le- 
landy, 111., Oct. 30, 1867; RCp.; ed. rural 
schls.; was engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness at Holmes for 15 yrs. ; P. M. at 
Holmes, 17 yrs.; twp. trustee, 4 yrs.; 
twp. clerk, 2 yrs.; pres. of schl. bd. ; 
elected state representative, Wright Co., 
1916; re-elected, 1918-20. 

WAHLGREN, Frank, deputy clerk U. S. 
District Court, Keokuk; b. Falkoping, 
Sweden, Dec. 9, 1863; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
pub. H. S., Sweden; m. Josephine Olson, 
1889, Keokuk, la.; child., Harry F., 
Frank A., Florence M., Huldah J.; was 
in govt, work on Mississippi river, 1886- 
93; dep. clerk, U. S. Dist. Court, South- 
ern Dist. of la., at Keokuk, 1904 to date, 
and of U. S. Cir. Court, Keokuk, 1904- 
10, when circuit court was abolished by 
statute; one of founders of Swedish Aid 
Soc. and its pres. 1895-02; its sec, 1902 
to date; pres., Swedish- American Soc. 
of la., 1915 to date; trustee and pres., 
Bldg. Assn. of Odd Fellows, Keokuk; 
treas., M. W. A., Keokuk, 1904 to date; 
mem. I. O. O. F., M. W. A., Swedish so- 
cieties. Former residence, Sweden, 1863- 

WAITE, C. M., Pres., Burlington Hawk- 
Eye Co., Burlington; b. Burlington, la., 
Oct. 9, 1866; Meth.; Rep.; ed. grammar 
schl. and commercial coll.; m. Ida May 
Southwell, March 9, 1892. 

WAITE, John Leman, newspaperman, 
Burlington, la.; b. Portage Co., O., Aug. 
29, 1840; Meth.; Rep.; ed. Chicago 
Acad, and Business Coll.; m. Letitia 
Caroline Williams, Sept. 21, 1864, Bur- 
lington, la.; child., C. M., Mrs. Jessie 
Davidson, Lola; editor The Burlington 
Hawk-Eye; dir., The Burlington Hawk- 
Eye Co.; dir., Merchants Natl. Bank; 
pres., Natl. Assn. First Class Postmas- 
ters, 1907-08; postmaster, Burlington, 
1882-86, 1898, 1906. 

WALKER, Walter J., banker, Mason City; 
b. Greene Co., Ia., Aug. 31, 1883; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., 3 yrs. Ia. S. Coll.; m. 
Amy L. Bigger, June 30, 1905, Jefferson, 
Ia.; child., Elizabeth A., Barbara L.; 
cashr., Commercial Sav. Bank; mem. 
Masons, Elks, Woodmen, Moose, M. B. 
A. Former residence, Paton, Greene 
Co., Ia., 1913. 

WALLACE, Chas. H., farmer, Saratoga; 
b. Onondaga Co., N. Y., Nov. 15, 1858; 
Cong.; Dem.; m. Delia C. Miller, Nov. 
15, 1881; one son; served 9 yrs. as Co. 
supervisor; elected state representative, 
Howard Co., 1918; mem. Masons, M. W. 

WALLACE, Robert B., real estate loans, 
Council Bluffs; b. Council Bluffs, Ia., 
July 4, 1880; Presb.; Rep.; ed. Council 
Bluffs H. S., grad. class 1897; 1 yr. Ta- 
bor Coll.; m. Edyth Thomas, Sept. 4, 
1901, Council Bluffs, Ia. ; child., Bruce, 
Mary, Wilson.; mem. Masons, Elks, I. 
O. O. F. 

WALLACE, Henry C, editor, publisher, 
Des Moines; b. Rock Island, 111., May 
11, 1866; United Pres.; Rep.; ed. I. S. 
C, 1892; m. Carrie M. Brodhead, Nov. 
24, 1887, Muscatine, la.; farmer and 
breeder pure bred live stock, Adair co., 
Ia., 1887-91; prof, of dairying I. S. C, 
1893-95; now editor and pub. Wallace's 
Farmer; pres. and treas. Wallace Pub. 
Co., Capital City Ptg. Plate Co.; dir. 
Central State bank; mem. U. S. Live 
Stock Industrial Coran. ; secy. Corn Belt 
Meat Producers' Assn.; chmn. Natl. 
Shippers' Conf.; mem. Natl. War Work 
Council, Y. M. C. A.; chmn. Ia. War 
Work Council, Y. M. C. A.; mem. In- 
terna tl. Com. Y. M. C. A.; chmn. state ' 
exec. com. Ia. Y. M. C. A.; mem. jflfcec. 
com. Roosevelt Memorial Assn., Delta 
Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Masons, 
Prairie, Des Moines, Grant Golf and 
Country clubs. 

WALRATH, W. W., real estate, Arling- 
ton; Rep.; m. Mary G. Hutchison, 1899; 
to Velma E. Doan (deceased) ; formerly 
farmer and stockman; has served as 
assessor, twp, trustee and mem. bd. of 
edu.; bd. of supervisors; elected state 
representative, Fayette Co., 1916; re- 
elected 1918. 

WARD, Jennie M., teacher, Atlantic; b. 
Lewis, Ia., Dec. 4, 1884; Prot. ; Dem.; ed. 
Lewis H. S.; work (liberal arts) in 
Highland Park Coll. and Drake LJniv.j 
entered office of Co. supt. of schools, 
Jan. 1, 1913; serving third term. For- 
mer residence, Lewis, Ia., 1913. 

WARE, Thomas A., lawyer and banker, 
Blockton; b. Linn Co., Ia. ; Oct. 29, 1876; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed., grad. Epworth Sem., 
1900; Cornell Coll., with A. B. degree, 
1901; took A. M. degree from Univ. of 
N. D. in 1906, and LL. B. from Coll. of 
Law, Univ. of N. D., in 1907; m. Myra 
Reeves (deceased), of Villisca, Ia.; 
child., Floyd J.; author of "Story of the 
Centuries;" been a banker 12 yrs., 3^ 
yrs. at Tracy Mills., la.; owner and 
cashier of Blockton State Sav. Bank; 
mem. Delta Sigma Rho. 

WAMBACH, Geo., lawyer, Des Moines; b. 
Niederbroun, Alsace, Europe, April 13, 
1853; Cong.; Rep.; ed. com. and private 
schls.; m. Mina Grapenthin, 1875, Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; child., Albert G. ; general 
practice of law since 1885; mem. Ma- 
sonic bodies, Shrine, K. P. Former 
residences, Buffalo, N. Y., 1872-79; Web- 
ster City, Ia., 1S79-99. 

WARWICK, Charles Earl, newspaper pub- 
lisher, Keokuk; b. Keokuk, Ia., May 26, 
1890; Presb.; Dem.; ed., grad. Keokuk 
H. S.; studied journalism 2 yrs. at Univ. 
of Wis., as member of class of 1912; 
entered employ of the Constitution- 
Democrat Co., Keokuk, publishers of 
daily and semi-weekly newspapers, and 
commercial printers; worked in mailing 
and composing rooms and later in edi- 
torial department; served a few months 
as manager of general advertising and 
became general manager of company in 
Oct., 1912; in March, 1916, bought all 
assets of the Constitution-Democrat 
Co., and entered into a merger with 
The Gate City Co., publishers of daily 
newspapers, on April 3, 1916, thus as- 
sisting in the formation of a combina- 



Waterbury 80 Wessllng 

tlon representing- a valuation in excess 
of $100,000; has served as business man- 
ager and secretary of The Gate City 
Co. since that time; morn. Masons, Elks, 
Keokuk Country Club, Keokuk Club; 
elected dir. of Keokuk Club in 1910. 

WATERBURY, Frank C, mfg. pharma- 
ceuticals and chemicals, Dis Moines; b. 
Freeport, 111., April 16, 18GG ; Unitarian; 
Rep.; ed. Iowa schools; m. Coral P. 
Chafhn, 1892, Winton, la.; child., Carl 
C, Chloris P.; pres., Waterbury Chem- 
ical Co. of Des Moines, New York City, 
and New Orleans; pres., Waterbury 
Chemical Co., Ltd., of Toronto, Can.; 
^ pres., Waterbury In v. Co.; pres., Green- 
wood Inv. Co.; pres., Des Moines Ap- 
Partments Co.; pres., Polk Co. Ins. Co.; 
pres., Grand Inv. Co.; v-pres., Commer- 
cial Sav. Bank; v-pres., Central Natl. 
Fire Ins. Co.; treas., Morris Plan Bank; 
v-pres., Mississippi Valley Assn.; dis. 
pres., Arentox Co., Chicago; v-pres., 
Des Moines Assn. Fine Art; mem. Ma- 
sonic bodies, Shrine; dir., Greater Des 
Moines Com.; dir. Des Moines Chamber 
of Commerce; chinn., Foreign Trades 
Bureau; mem. Circumnavigator Club, 
New York City; mem. Internatl. Inland 
Waterways Assn.; mem. Golf and Coun- 
try Clubs, Des Moines Club. Former 
residences, past 25 yrs., Des Moines, la. 
WATERS, Ralph Milton, Doctor of Medi- 
cine (anesthesia specialist), Sioux City; 
b. Trumble Co., O., Oct. 9, 1883; Prot.; 
Non-Partisan; ed. A. B., Western Re- 
serve; M. D., Western Reserve; m. 
Louise Diehl, 1913, Cleveland, O.; child., 
Elva, Barbara, Darwin D. ; presented 
paper at Interstate Soc of Anesthetists, 
Cincinnati, O., 1918; also presented pa- 
per at American Assn. of Anesthetists, 
at New Orleans, La., 1920; mem. Amer- 
ican Medical Assn., American Assn. of 
Anesthetists, Interstate Assn. of Aneth- 
thetists, Elks, Masonic bodies. Phi Rho 
Sigma Medical Fraternity. Former resi- 
dences, Austinburg, Ashtabula Co., O., 
1893-01; Cleveland, O., 1901-12. 

WATKIN, Clifford R., physician, Sioux 
City; b. Parkersburg, la., May 21, 1889; 
Prot.; Rep.; ed. S. B., Univ. of Chi- 
cago; M. D., Rush Medical Coll.; physi- 
cian specializing in diseases of the 
stomach and intestines; 1st lieut. Med. 
Corps, U. S. A., 1918-19. Former resi- 
dences, Parkersburg, la., 1908; Chicago, 

1908- 1G. 

WATRUD, HJalmar O., county agricul- 
tural agent, Decorah; b. Blanchard- 
ville, Wis., March 25, 1885; Luth.; ed. 
B. S. A. 1913, and M. S. 1914, Coll. of 
Ag\, Univ. of Wis.; in. Amelia C. 
Wang, June 12. 1918, Blanehard ville, 
Wis.; field extension work U. S. D. A. 
in Wis., 1914-16; same in 111. and Wyo.; 
pres., literary soc. at CJniv; sec, Co. 
Wool Growers' Assn. and Breeders 
Assn. Former residences, Madison, Wis., 

1909- 17; Blanchardville, Wis., until 1909. 

WAYMACK, W. W., managing editor, Des 
Moines Register and Tribune, Des 
Moines; b. Savanna, 111., Oct. 18, 1888; 
ed., A. B., Morningside Coll.; m. Elsie 
J. Lord, 1911, Savanna, 111.; child., Ed- 
ward R. ; formerly chief editorial writer 
Sioux City Journal; assoc. ed., Register 

and Tribune; mng. ed. same; mem; 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, Hyperion Club, 
Golf and Tennis Club, Lions Club, Ad 
Club, Chamber of Commerce, Automo- 
bile Club; Former residence, Sioux City, 

WEAVER, Silas M., Judge of Supreme 
Court, Des Moines; b. Arkwright, N. Y., 
Dec. 18, 1843; Rep.; ed. com. sehls.; 
Fredonia, N. Y., Acad.; moved to Iowa 
Falls, 1868; has served as state repre- 
sentative, Hardin Co.; elected judge of 
11th Jud. Dist., 188G; re-elected, 1890-94- 
»98; elected to supreme bench, 1901; re- 
elected, 1908-14-20. 

WEAVER, James B., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Bloomfield, la., Aug. 19, 1861; Rep.; 
Cong.; ed. com. sch., Bloomfield, la.; 
So. Ia. Normal and Sc. Institute, 
Bloomfield; LL. B., State Univ. law, 
1882; ex-pres. Iowa Press and Authors 
Club, and of Univ. Club, Des Moines; 
contributor to press and magazines; ex- 
pres. Des Moines Chamber of Com- 
merce, of Prairie Club, Des Moines, of 
Des Moines Literary Bd., of Alumni 
Assn. S. U. la.; mem. Des Moines Town 
Planning Commission, Des Moines 
Playgrounds Commission, ex-pres. Des 
Moines Little Theatre Soc; mem. 37th 
and 38th G. A. (House); Secy. Ia. 
Commissioners Uniform State Laws; 
ex-pres. Golf and Country Club, Des 
Moines. Formerly resided in Bloom- 
field, Ia., Aug. 1861, to Sept. 1881; Des 
Moines, la., July 1882 to present time. 

WEBSTER, Charles, railroad commission- 
er, Des Moines; b. near Waucoma, Ia., 
May 18, 1859; Rep.; mem. firm Webster 
Bros., raisers and shippers live stock, 
grain, produce; pres. several retail lum- 
ber companies in Ia., N. D., S. D., 
Mont.; interested in building telephone 
lines and exchanges; promoter of gas 
and electric companies in Arizona; dele- 
gate to Rep. Natl. Con., 1908; mem. 
State Council of Defense, State Fuel 
Adm. during World War; appointed R. 
R. comnr., Nov. 5, 1917; elected, 1918. 

WENNER, Edward J., lawyer, Waterloo; 
b. Garrison, Benton Co., la., July 3, 
1880; Prot.; Rep.; ed. public schl. at 
Garrison; grad. Tilford Collegiate Acad.; 
Univ. of Ia., LL. B., 1903; Yale Univ., 
Law School, M. L., 1904; m. Elizabeth 
Parrott, Aug. 17, 1910, Waterloo, Ia.; 
child., Frank W., Edward R., Jackson 
C; elected co. atty. Black Hawk co., 
1914; re-elected, 1916-18 (3 terms); mem. 
K. P., Elks, L. O. O. M., F. A. U. For- 
mer residences, Garrison, Ia; Vinton, Ia. 

WESSLING, D. R., banker, Lytton; b. Pa- 
ton, Ia., Feb. 1, 1887; Presby.; Rep.; ed. 
Grand Jet., H. S..; Ia. Business Coll., 
Des Moines; grad. from both; m. Cora 
E. Thomson, Jan. 8, 1916, Grand Junc- 
tion, Ia.; child., Daniel R. Jr.; with Citi- 
zens Bank at Grand Jet., until age of 
25; at age of 28 organized Lytton Sav. 
Bank, Lytton, la.; holds controlling in- 
terest, and has always been its pres.; 
pres., Auburn (la.) Sav. Bank; active 
on various war work committees; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine. Former resi- 
dences, Paton, la.; until 9 yrs. old; 
moved to Grand Jet., Ia., with parents; 
there until 1915. 


Westcott 81 Willcockson 

WESTCOTT, Samuel Conley, retired 
bookseller, Keokuk; b. Madison, Ind., 
June 3, 1853; Episc. ; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. 
Isabella Mooney, July 5, 1875, Cincin- 
nati, O.; child., Mary L., Robert M., 
Chester D. ; alderman of Keokuk, 1895- 
07, and mayor pro tern., 1901; declined 
further service in city council; mem. 
bd. of edn., Keokuk, 1896-06, and pres. 
of bd., 1905; vestryman, St. John's Ch., 
Keokuk, for 35 yrs., and held various 
other church offices; active in Masonic 
circles; P. Com. of K. T.; started move- 
ment for erection of statue of Gen. 
Samuel R. Curtis in Keokuk and mem. 
commission which erected it. Former 
residence, Madison, Ind., 1853-55. 

WESTER VELT, A. K., banker, Churdan; 
b. Churdan, la., July 7, 1884; Bapt; Rep.; 
ed. Brown Univ., Providence, R. I. (not 
grad.); m. Clara O. Northrop, 1919, 
Boone, la.; child., Muriel O.; state rep- 
resentative from Greene Co. in 38th and 
39th G. A.; mem. Masons. 

WETTSTEIN, Thomas Forrester, metal- 
lurgical engineer, Keokuk; b. Chicago, 
111., Aug. 25, 1892; Episc; ed. Water- 
man Sold., Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 1909; Ph. 
B., Yale Univ., 1912; Sheffield Scientific 
Schl.; m. Edith Jane Bardo, June 24, 
1915, New York City; child., Thos. F. 
Jr., John B.; mgr., Keokuk plant of 
United Bead Co.; dir., Keokuk Chamber 
of Commerce; mem. Keokuk Club. Keo- 
kuk Country Club, American Electro- 
chemical Soc, American Inst, of Min- 
ing and Metallurgical Engineers, Yale 
Engineering Soc, Phi Gamma Delta 
Club, N. Y. City; Phi Gamma Delta 
Fraternity; Masons. Former residences, 
Perth Amboy, N. J., 1912-14; Mt. Ver- 
non, N. Y., 1914-16. 

WHERRY, Ada A., Maquoketa; b. Wa- 
tertown, N. Y. ; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Ma- 
quoketa H. S.; grad. St. Katharine's 
Hall, Davenport, la.; 1 yr. at Oberlin 
Coll., O.; in. John Allen Wherry, Jan. 
25, 1893, Maquoketa, la.; child., Leonard 
IX, Leonora V.; mem. Pythian Sisters. 
Former residence, Watertown, N. Y. 

WHITE, F. S., banker, Palmer; b. Ad- 
amsville, O., June 28, 1870; ed. H. S.; m. 
Ida Lundquist, May 5, 1897, Webster 
City, la.; child., Roger; asst. cashier. 
Farmers Sav. Bank, Palmer, la.; tele- 
graph operator for I. C. at Webster 
City 12 yrs.; mem. Masons. Formerly 
lived at Webster City, la.; left there 
Jan., 1900; lived at Manson la., from 
Jan. to June, 1900, moving from there to 
Palmer, la. 

WHITE, Harry C, farmer and stockman, 
Garrison; b. Guernsey Co., O., Oct. 6. 
1869; Dem.; ed. dist. schls.; Til l ord 
Acad.; one term Cornell (la.) Coll.; v- 
pres., Farmers Sav. Bank, Garrison, la.; 
elected state representative, 1910; re- 
elected, 1912; elected state senator, 1914; 
re-elected, 1918; married. 

WHITE, Leo Payson, Co. Agricultural 
Agent, Monona Co., Onawa; b. Rock 
Falls. 111., April 5, 1889; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed., grad. Northwestern Military Acad., 
Lake Geneva, Wis.; Ia. S. C; m. Gert- 
rude Simmons, June 30, 1909, Clinton, 
la.; mem. Scott Co. Council of Defense; 
Liberty Loan tea in; bd. of trustees of 

Blue Grass, Ia. Former residence, Dav- 
enport, la., 7 yrs.; farmer until Dec. 1, 

WHITMER, F. G., Treas., Purity Biolog- 
ical Laboratories, Sioux City; b. Prim- 
ghar, la., July 14, 1892; Prot.; Dem.; ed. 
1V 2 yrs. at I. S. C.j m. Ruth Hidinger, 
Dec. 17, 1915, Sioux City, la.; mem. 
Country Club, Chamber of Commerce, 
Sioux City Boat Club. 

WHITMORE, Chester W., lawyer, Ottum- 
wa; b. Burlington, la., Jan. 11, 1869; 
Rep.; practiced law 20 yrs.; elected 
state senator, 1914; re-elected, 1918. 

WHITNEY, Ulysses G., Supreme Court- 
Reporter, Des Moines; b. Hardin .Co.* 
Ia., July 10, 1864; Rep.; ed. Cornell (la.) 
Coll.; grad. Law Dept. Drake Univ., 
1890; m. Lillian Rodwell, Oct. 20, 1892;. 
child., Craig, Martha, George; practiced 
law at Sioux City; served as Co. atty. 
Woodbury Co., 10 yrs.; elected state 
rep., Woodbury eo., 1910; re-elected, 
1912; appointed reporter Supreme Court, 
1914; reappointed 1918; mem.. Ia. Code 

WICH MAN, John E., lawyer, Garner; b. 
Galena, 111., April 16, 1859; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. com. schls. at Galena, 111. and acad. 
course at Normal Schl. at Galena (now 
consolidated with Morningside Coll. at 
Sioux City, Ia.); m. Mary L. Prescott, 
Nov. 15, 1888; child., Lois D., Char- 
lotte L.; admitted to bar in 1884, and 
practiced at Garner, Ia., since that 
time; pres., 1st Natl. Bank., Kanawha, 
Ia. ; v-pres., 1st Natl. Bank, Garner, Ia.; 
former mayor of Garner; pres. of schl. 
bd.; co. atty.; representative in state 
legislature for two terms from Hancock 
Co., 37th and 38th G. A.; elected state 
senator, 1920; mem. Masons, Shrine. 
Former residence, Galena, 111. 

Wl ECH MANN, Paul C., County Agricul- 
tural Agent, Adair Co., Greenfield; b. 
Cass Co., Ia., April 29, 1897; ed. At- 
lantic H. S.; B. S., Agronomy, I. S. C; 
m. Louise Euker, April 7, 1920, Wiota, 
la.; came to Greenfield, March 15, 1920; 
made soil survey of Adair Co.; organ- 
ized a Co. Breeders' Assn.; organized 
the Adair Co. Wool Growers' Assn.; 
mem. Tau Gamma Nu, I. S. C. Former 
residence, Atlantic, la., 1897-16. 

WIER, William H., real estate, loans and 
insurance, Swan; b. Story City, Ia., 
Sept. 14, 1861; Meth.; Rep.; ed. I. S. C, 
B. Sc., 1881; m. Mary Christianson, Sept. 
26, 1886, Randall, Ia.; child., Florence; 
school teacher, clerk dist. court of Ham- 
ilton Co., Ia., 1897-00; cashier, Swan 
Sav. Bank, 1901-19; at present chmn. 
Rep. Marion Co. Cent. Com.; mayor of 
Swan for C yrs.; other minor offices; 
mem. K. P., I. O. O. F., Elks, Masonic 
bodies, Shrine. Former residences, Story 
City, until 1890; Hamilton Co., until 

WILLCOCKSON, K. E., lawyer, Sigour- 
ney; Christian Co., 111., Dec. 25, 1859; 
Disciple; Rep.; ed. com. schl.; m. Hattie 
M. Goodrich, 1S85; child., Mary W., 
James E. ; Co. atty., state senator, mem. 
State Bd. of Charities, register U. S. 
Land Office in Kansas, 12 yrs. dist. 
judge 6th Jud. Dist. of la.; mem. Ma- 






sons. Former residence, Taylorville, 111., 
1886; Kansas, 1880-01. 
WILLIAMS, James A., lawyer, Council 
Bluffs; b. Council Bluffs, la.; Rep.; ed. 
H. S.; Omaha Cora'l. Coll.; Univ. of 
Wis.; grad. Natl. Law Univ., 11)07 m. 
Irene R. Jones, Cedar Rapids; mem. 
firm Williams Bros.; real estate, loans, 
ins.; clerk in Signal Corps; chief clerk 
post hdq., Ft. Omaha; 10 yrs. a court 
reporter; elected state rep., Pottawat- 
tamie Co., 1918; mem. Masons, Elks. 

WILLIAMS, Ora, newspaper editor, Des 
Moines; b. Dallas Co., Ia.; Jan. 16, 1862; 
Rep.; ed., grad. Adel H. S.; m. Nettie 
Diddy (deceased), 1886, Adel, la.; child., 
Marguerite, Jeannette, Roger; city edi- 
tor, Des Moines Register, under "Ret" 
Clarkson; city and managing editor of 
Sioux City Journal, under Geo. D. Per- 
kins; editorial writer on Omaha Bee un- 
der E. Rosewater; editor-in-chief of 
Sioux Falls Press and of Chicago Daily 
Review; editor of Western Soil Culture 
and other farm journals; appointed state 
document editor by Gov. Clarke, and re- 
appointed by Gov. Harding, and by Act 
of General Assembly given general su- 
pervision over state printing; mem. 
Theosophical Soc; wrote and published 
in 1900 first American book dealing 
with Philippine problems, under title 
of "Oriental America," which was gen- 
erously approved by President Cleve- 
land and many others. Former resi- 
dences, Des Moines, la.; Sioux City, la.; 
Omaha, Neb.; Chicago, 111. 

WILLIAMS, Ralph H., secretary board of 
education, Council Bluffs; b. Council 
Bluffs, la., Sept. 1, 1865; Prot.; Rep.; ed. 
Council Bluffs H. S.; rn. Emyline 
Yearndt, Oct. 29, 1901, LaPorte, Ind.; 
child., Ned E. ; druggist, retail fuel 
dealer; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, 
Elks, Royal Arcanum, M. W. A. 

WILLIAMS, Roy M., Supt., Ia. Motor 
Vehicle Dept., Des Moines; b. Green- 
field, la., Jan. 20, 1879; Meth.; Rep.; ed. 
H. S.; m. Edith Harris, June 2, 1902, 
Greenfield, Ia. ; child., Thelma, Marjorie, 
Helen.; appointed deputy sec. of state, 
June, 1915; resigned, May 1, 1919, when 
appointed to present position; employed 
in office of Sec. of State since June, 
1905; under 4 secretaries of state; mem. 
Masons, K. P. Former residences, 
Greenfield, Ia., 1879-02; Nebraska, 1902- 
04; Des Moines, Ia., 1901 to date. 

WILSON, E. B., lawyer, Jefferson; b. 
Princeton, 111., Aug. 15, 1866; Prot.; 
Rep.; ed. Ia. State Teach. Coll., 1890; 
Drake Univ., 1895; m. Minnie A. Ains- 
worth, June 10, 1892, Ft. Dodge, Ia.; 
practiced law at Jefferson, la., 25 yrs.; 
served in Y. M. C. A. with A. E. F. in 
France, 1918-19; mem. Masons. Former 
residence, Adel, Ia., as principal public 
schools, 1891-93. 

WILSON, Geo. A., lawyer, Des Moines; b. 
Adair Co., April 1, 1883; Meth.; Rep.; 
ed. Menlo, la., H. S.; Grinnell Coll.; 
S. Univ. of Ia. ; mem. firm Wilson & 
Shaw; sec. of Iowa State Senate, asst. 
Co. atty. and Co. atty., Polk Co., judge 
of dist. court; mem. Yeoman, Woodmen, 
Sigma Chi. Former residence, Adair Co. 
until 1905. 

WILSON, James M., lawyer, Centerville; 
b. Warren Co., 111., Sept. 8, 1866; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. Centerville H. S.; S. Univ. of 
Ia., 189G, LL, D.; m. Flora M. White, 
Dec. 24, 1891, Centerville, fa., child., 
Eva, Jean; valedictorian H. S.; reading 
sec. various representative state con- 
ventions; mem. State Hist. Soc; Natl. 
Geographical Soc, pres., law class of 
1896; city atty., Centerville, Ia.; Co. 
atty., Appanoose Co., 1897-01; state sen- 
ator 3d Sen. Dist., 1913-21; candidate 
for republican nomination lieut.-gov., 
1920; mem. Masonic bodies, Elks. For- 
♦mer residence, Warren Co., 111., 1866-82. 

WILSON Janet, teacher, Centerville; b. 
Monmouth, 111., March 29, 1868; Bap.; 
Rep.; ed. Centerville H. S.; la. State 
Teach. Coll., B. Di.; rural and grade 
teacher; H. S. teacher, Guthrie county 
H. S., Panora; inst. instructor, Center- 
ville; inst. instructor, Aberdeen, S. D.; 
Co. supt. schools, Appanoose Co., Ia., 
serving second term; spent summer in 
Scotland; made a study of British school 
system while there; at that time was 
appointed commissioner of education by 
Gov. Shaw, authorized to investigate 
and report on school systems visited; 
mem. P. E. O. Former residence, near 
Monmouth, 111., from birth to 11 yrs. 
of age. 

WILSON, Thos. J., farmer, Beacon; b. 

Washington Co., Ia., Oct. 23, 1854; Rep.; 

m. Frances E. Davis, May 30, 1876; 

served as twp. trustee and mem. of bd. 

of supervisors, Mahaska Co.; elected 

state representative, Mashaska Co., 

1914; re-elected, 1916-18. 
WINDETT, Wm. C, banker, What Cheer; 

b. Kendall Co., 111., Nov. 25, 1853; Rep.; 

cashier, What Cheer Sav. Bank; elected 

state representative, Keokuk Co., 1918. 

WITH ROW, Winfield S., lawyer, Mt. 
Pleasant; b. Salem, Ia., Sept. 28, 1855; 
Rep.; grad. Law Dept., State Univ. of 
la., 1880; elected state representative, 
1885; appointed judge 20th Jud. Dist.; 
elected judge, 1896; re-elected 1904-08- 
12; resigned to accept appointment to 
Supreme Court; 20 yrs. a trustee Ia. 
Wesleyan Univ.; appointed mem. Bd. of 
Parole, Jvdy 8, 1916. 

WITTE, Max Ernest, Sr., physician, supt. 
of Clarinda State Hospital, Clarinda; b. 
Prov. Brandenburg, Germany, Jan. 31, 
1859; Luth.; Rep.; ed. degree M. D. of 
Coll. of Medicine, Ia.. State Univ.; m. 
Nevada Randolph, May 21, 1891, Mt. 
Pleasant, la.; child., Max E. Jr.; supt. 
of Clarinda State Hospital since 1898; 
teacher in Psychiatry, Coll. of Medicine, 
Ia., State Univ., 1906-19; ex-pres., Ia. 
State Medical Soc; mem. Ia. State Med. 
Soc, American Medical Assn., A. A. A. 
S„ American Med. P.sych. Assn,, State 
llort. Soc; Mason. Former residence, 
Mt. Pleasant, Ia., 1881-98. 

WITZIGMAN, F. C., minister, Hampton; 
b. Clinton, Ia., Nov. 21, 1875; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. A. B., Cornell Coll., 1899; B. 
D., Drew Theological Sem., 1901; also 
post-grad, student in New York City 
Univ., 1903; m. Gail R. Doron, Dec. 29, 
1897, Mt. Vernon, la.; child., Caroline 
R., Frederick S., Helen E., Winifred G.; 
mem. bd. of exam, of Upper Ia. Con- 





ference, and v-chmn. for Waterloo (list** 
treas., Bd. of Stewards Upper la.. Conf.; 
pres. Upper la. Conf. Claimants' Fund; 
Commission; Co. and city chmn. of the 
Four Minute Men for Franklin Co. and 
Hampton; mem. Bd. of Instruction of 
Recruits from Franklin Co.; ministerial 
delegate for Franklin Co. to la. State 
Housing Conference; chmn., Franklin 
Co. in Interchurch World Movement; 
mem. K. 1'., I. O. O. F„ Masonic bodies; 
traveled in western Europe, France, 
Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, 
Belgium, and England, 1911. Former 
residences, Clinton, la., 1875-98; Eu- 
rope, 1888; Mt. Vernon, la., 1898-99; 
Owasa, la., 1899-19U0; Rhodes, la., 1900- 
01; Madison, N. J., 1901-02; Theills, N. 
Y., 1902-04; Fairbank, la., 1904-06; Shef- 
field, fa., 1906-09; Conrad, la,, 1909-13; 
Iowa Falls, la., 1913-17; Hampton, la., 

WOOD, George B., specialist genital and 
urinary diseases, Sioux City; b. Du- 
buque, la., Aug. 18, 1871; Rep.; ed. S. 
Univ. Ia.; Chicago Homeopathic Coll.; 
Rush Medical Coll.; m. Eva M. Fallon, 
Sioux City, la.; has practiced in Sioux 
City since 1899; mem. Elks, Masons. 
Former residence, Dubuque, Ia. 

WOOLEY, William Burch, contractor and 
builder, Keokuk; b. Keokuk, la., Nov. 14, 
1860; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Emily E. 
Nagel, Oct. 21, 1885, Keokuk, la.; 2nd 
Mrs. Caroline Ralston, Sept. 30, 1915; 
child., Allen J., Frank N., Helen J. 
(adopted); contractor and builder since 
1895, as mem. of firm Dollery & Wooley; 
mem. bd. of edn., Keokuk, 1901-04 and 
1910 to date; pres. that board, 1916 to 
date; mem. Masons, Odd I^ellows, Elks. 

WORM LEY, John M., farmer and real es- 
tate, Kingsley; b. near Macomb, 111., 
1863; Rep.; ed. Hazell Dell Acad., New- 
ton, Ia.; I. S. C; grad. Daw Dept., State 
Univ., 1889; retired from law practice 
in 1916 to devote all his time to real 
estate and farming; has served as coun- 
cilman, 1*. M. and mayor of Kingsley; 
elected state representative, Plymouth 
co., 1916; re-elected, 1918. 

YORAN, Melvin J., banker, Manchester; 
b. Manchester, Ia., Nov. 20, 1872; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. Manchester H. S., 1889; Cor- 
nell Coll., A. B., 1894; A. M., 1898; m. 
Luella M. Daniel (deceased), May 27, 
1896; 2d Helen M. Grainger, June 1, 1905; 
child., Mildred, Margaret, Dorothy; ad- 
mitted to practice in state and federal 
courts in 1898 and practiced law in 

Manchester continuously since; Co. atty. 
three terms; mem. Masons, K. P. 
YOST, J. Frank, mgr., Central Iowa Agcy. 
Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co., Des Moines; 
b. North Lawrence, O., Dec. 24, 1872; 
Moth.; Rep.; ed. 2 yrs. academic and 1 
of business course beyond H. S.; m. 
Anna Helen Mock, June 23, 1903, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; child., Laurence D., Alice V. ; 
life insurance, as agent, agency cashier 
and manager during last 20 yrs.; for- 
merly Buys' Sec. Y. M. C. A.; supt. 
Sunday Schls. for 10 yrs.; at present 
supt. 1st Moth., Des Moines, Ia. ; mem. 
Masons', Shrine. Former residences, 
Ohio, 1872-81; Michigan, 1881-93; Tole- 
do, O., 1893-06.. Davenport, la., 1906- 

YOUNG, Frank C, farmer, Bloomfield; b. 
Davis Co., Ia., Dec. 6, 1862; Dem.; ed. 
H. S. and So. Ia., Normal Coll. at 
Bloomfield; m. Pearl Davies, Feb. 25, 
1885; has been in grain and mercantile 
business; dir., Davis Co. Sav. Bank; 
mem. Farm Bureau, Farm Inst.; sec, 
Davis Co. Fair; elected state represen- 
tative Davis Co., 1918; re-elected, 1920; 
mem. Masons, K. I*., M. W. A. 

YOUNG, Lafayette, Jr., general manager 
Des Moines Capital, Des Moines; b. At- 
lantic, la., Dec. 1, 1877; Presb.; Rep.; 
grad. Collegiate Dept. Univ. of Michi- 
gan; Law Dept., Univ. of Ia. ; m. Vir- 
ginia M. McArthur, June 15, 1910; child., 
Lafayette 3d, Harriet G. 

ZENTMIRE, D. H., agricultural agent, 
Marengo; b. West Point, Ia., Oct. 31, 
1889; Ch. of Christ; Rep.; ed. B. S. in 
Agronomy, Ia. State Coll., 1913; m. 
Naomi Margreiter, Aug. 31, 1916, Kirks- 
ville, Mo.; child., Richard D.; served as 
student assistant in Farm Crops, la. S. 
Coll., 1911-12; served as instructor and 
asst. professor in Farm Crops, Soils and 
Farm Management, Ia., S. Coll., 1912- 
18; served as asst. sec. of Iowa Corn 
and Small Grain Growers' Assn., Ames, 
1912-18; mem. Gamma Sigma Dehn, 
honorary agricultural fraternity. For- 
mer residence, Ames, Ia., 1906-18. 

ZURMUEHLEN, Lou, wholesale cigars 
and tobacco, Council Bluffs; b. Council 
Bluffs, la., March 10, 1870; Episc; 
Dem.; ed. com. schls.; m. Georgia Ben- 
nett, Oct. 21, 1896, Council Bluffs, Ia.; 
child., John, Louis, Charlotte; city clerk, 
5 yrs.; mem. Bd. Police and Fire Com'n., 
10 yrs.; mayor, 2 terms; mem. Elks, 
Eagles, Owls, Moose, Country Club, 
Maccabees, Red Men. 



Adams 85 

ADAMS, John T. f manufacturer, Dubu- 
que; b. Dubuque, la., Dec. 22, 1862; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Dubuque H. S.; LL. D. 
Dubuque Coll. 1917; m. Winnifred Rose, 
May 19, 1902, Dubuque, la.; pres. Carr, 
Ryder & Adams Co., sash and door 
mfg. ; vice chmn. Rep. Nat. Com.; mem. 
Rep. Nat. Com. for Iowa since 1912; 
mem. Ia. State Council for Nat. De- 
fense 1917; mem. Rocky Mountain Club 
(New York), Hamilton Club Chicago, 

ADLER, E. P., newspaper publisher, Dav- 
enport; b. Chicago, 111., Sept. 30, 1872; 
Rep.; m. Lena Rothschild, Feb. 5, 1902, 
Davenport, la.; pres. Lee Syndicate 
Newspapers; pres. Davenport Times 
Co.; pres. Journal Printing Co., Mus- 
catine, la.; pres. Tribune Pub. Co., La- 
Crosse, Wis.; pres. Madison Wis. State 
Journal Co.; pres. Courier-Post Pub. 
Co., Hannibal, Mo.; v-pres. Courier 
Printing Co., Ottumwa, la.; 2nd v-pres. 
Associated Press, 1917-18; pres. Inland 
Daily Press Assn. 1917-18; mem. and 
sec. Rep. State Cent. Com. 1910-12; 
trustee Friendly House. 

ALLEN, Joseph H., lawyer, Des Moines; 
b. Pocohontas Co., Nov. 12, 1870; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. A. B., LL. B., Univ. Ia., 1895; 
m. Grace Gilchrist, June 29, 1899; child. 
Byron, Josephine; interested in banks, 
farms, investment cos., etc.; served as 
state sen. 50th dist. 1906-14; candidate 
for gov. 1914; mem. Masons, Shrine, I. 
O. O. F., K. P., M. W. A. 

ANDERSON, John W., lawyer, Onawa; 
b. Independence, Ia., July 21, 1870; 
Christian; Dem.; ed. Upper Ia. Univ., 
Fayette, Ia.; m. Burdette Hopper, Sept. 
24, 1895, Smithland, Ia.; child. Marjora 
B., Elma I.; pros. atty. Monona Co., 
1908-12; judge 4th 'dist. 1915-20; Dem. 
Nominee Ia. Supreme Court, 1920; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, I. O. O. >F., K. 
P., M. W. A., Red Men. 

BAILEY, James W., abstracter, Harlan; 
b. Adams Co., 111., May 21, 1871; Dem.; 
m. Elizabeth McQuillen, Jan. 20, 1903; 
elected state rep. Shelby Co., 1914; re- 
elected 1916; mem. Masons, Ia. Soc. S. 
A. R. 

BALDWIN, Edwin A., lawyer, Ia. City; 
b. Johnson Co., la., July 10, 1899; Dem.; 
ed. Pub. sch. and Ia. City Acad.; grad. 
Univ. Ia. 1913; elected state rep. John- 
son Co., 1916; candidate for state sen. 
1920; served as 2nd lieut. World war. 

BARR, William F., coll. dean, Des 
Moines; b. Newark, O., March 16, 1865; 
Church of Christ; ed. student summer 
sch. Univ. Chicago, 1896; Harvard, 
1903; Ph. B. Drake Univ. 1903, A. M. 
1907; m. Carrie M. Lockwood, Dec. 29, 
1896, Greene, Ia.; dean coll. ed. 1907-11; 
dir. sch. of ed. and dean of men, 1911- 


13 and dean coll. ed., Drake Univ. 1913; 
formerJy sch. principal and supt. ; con- 
tributor and lecturer on sch. problems; 
also author same; pres. Western Assn. 
Coll. Teachers of Ed. 1915; Asst. Food 
Adm. for Ia., 1918. 

BATES, Clinton O., coll. prof., Cedar 
Rapids; b. Washington Co., Ark., June 
4, 1858; Pres.; Rep.; ed. A. B. Univ. 
of Ark.; Univ. of Mich.; Univ. of Chica- 
go; Ph. D. Coe Coll.; m. Mary Randall, 
June 27, 1893, Cedar Rapids, la.; prof, 
of chemistry Coe Coll., Cedar Rapids, 
since 1899; mem. Am. Chem. Soc; Fel- 
low A. A. A. S.; pres. Ia. Acad, of 
Science 1906; author of "Outlines of 
Chemical Analysis." 

BEALL, A. B., capitalist, Sioux City; 
b. Wheeling, W. Va„ April 7. 1866; ed. 
grad. Linsly Institute, Wheeling, W. 
Va. ; m. Grace Eleanor Smith, June 9, 
1892, Alexandria, S. D.; child. A. B., 
jr., Catherine E.; pres. Dumbarton 
Realty Co.; mem. of Soc. of the Cincin- 
nati of Maryland; pres. of the Soc. of 
Sons of Am. Revolution; mem. Army 
and Navy club, Washington, D. C; or- 
ganizer and charter mem. Sioux City 
Consistory, Scottish Rite Masons, 
Shrine, B. P. O. E., Sioux City Real 
Estate Assn., Sioux City Country Club, 
Sioux City Boat Club. Former resi- 
dence, Wheeling, W. Va. 

BECK, Will H., jeweler, Sioux City; b. 
Andover, Eng., April 6, 1844; Epis.; 
Dem.; ed. grammar sch.; m. Kezie G. 
Cornish, Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 13, 1877; 
child. W. Cornish, Mrs. Marie Toy; 
mem. Masons, Shrine, Elks, Country 
Club, Chamber of Commerce, Sioux 
City Boat Club. Former residences, 
Washington, D. C.,; Chicago, 111.; Elk- 
hart, Ind. 

BENN, Howard W., banker, Washington; 
b. Washington, Ia., June 14, 1876; Rep.; 
m. Mary E. Nelson, 1906; served as Co. 
Aud. 1910-14; elected state rep. Wash- 
ington Co., 1916. 

Bl ERRING, WALTER L. f physician and 
surgeon, Des Moines; b. Davenport, Ia., 
Julv 15, 1S68; Pres.; ed. grad. medical 
dept. Univ. Ia. 1892; studied abroad 
three years; m. Sadie Byrnes, April 14, 
1896, Walcott, Ia.; child. Florence V., 
Elsie E.; served as prof, of pathology 
and bacteriology and prof, of theory 
and med. Ia. State Univ.; also prof, 
theory and practical med. Drake Univ.; 
pres. and mem. State Board of Health; 
formerly pres. Ia. State Med. Soc; 
mem. and past officer Am. Med. Assn. 
and Nat. Fed. of State Med. Exam. 
Bds.; mem. Grant Club, Des Moines 
Club, Des Moines Golf and Country 





BLIVEN, George H., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Dakota Co., Neb., Oct. 22, 1875; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. Ia. State Univ.; m. 
Sarah E. Murphy, Oct. 19, 1904, Sioux 
City; child. Mary K., George H., jr.; 
former pres. Sioux City Board of Edu- 
cation; mem. Sons of Am. Revolution, 
Masons, Woodbury Co. Bar Assn. 

BEYER, SAMUEL W., geologist, Ames; 
b. Clearfield, Pa., May 15, 1865; ed. 
B. S., I. S. C, 1889; Ph. D. John Hop- 
kins, 1895; m. Jennie Morrison, June 
22, 1893, Hedrick, la.; has been in- 
structor, asst. prof, and prof, of geology 
and mining eng., I. S. C. since 1898; 
v-dean eng. div. 1908-17; dean 1917 to 
date; geologist Ia. Geology Survey 1892 
to date; Fellow A. A. A. S., Ia. Acad, 
of Science, Geol. Soc. of Am.; mem. 
various scientific societies; author of 
various works on geology. 

BREENE, Frank T„ dental surgeon, 
Iowa City; b. Durant, Ia., Nov. 4, 1866; 
Rep.; ed. D. D. S. State Univ. Ia. 1888; 
m. Bessie P. Millard; prof. coll. of Dent- 
istry State Univ. Ia. since 1888; dean 
of same since 1914; mem. various dent- 
al societies both state and national; 
also pres. and delegate same; mem. 
bd. Council Nat. Defense 1917-19; Ma- 
jor R. O. T. C. 1918. 

BUCHANAN, Robert E., bacteriologist, 
Ames; b. Cedar Rapids, la., March 27, 
1883; Pres.; ed. B. S. and M. S., I. S. 
C; Ph. D. Univ. Chicago; m. Estelle 

D. Pogle, Jan. 5. 1910, Ames, Ia.; prof, 
bacteriology I. S. C. since 1908; dean 
industrial science 1914-19; dean grad. 
coll. 1919 to date; also bacteriologist Ia. 
Agri. Exp. Sta.; Fellow A. A. A. S., 
Ia. Acad. Science; pres. Soc. Am. Bac- 
teriologists; mem various fraternities; 
author, Veterinary Bacteriology; joint 
author, Household Bacteriology; con- 
tributor to Microbiology, 1912. 

BURKHALTER, E. R., clergyman, Ce- 
dar Rapids; b. New York, Dec. 21, 1844; 
Pres.; ed. A. B., rrinceton; studied 
Univ. of Berlin and Heidelberg; Union 
Theol. Seminary; D. D. Lenox and 
Princeton; LL. D. Coe Coll.; m. Lucy A. 
Denise (deceased) July 12, 1870, Bur- 
lington, Ia. ; ordained minister 1870; 
pastorate at New Rochelle, New York; 
pastor 1st Church Cedar 1876-1914; now 
pastor emeritus; mem. G. A. Pres. 
Church on revision Westminister Ex- 
pression of Faith; trustee Coe Coll. 

BURKHEAD, George W., architect, Sioux 
City; b. Urbana, Ia., Nov. 26, 1858; 
Meth.; Rep.; m. Clara E. Lee, 1880, 
Sac City, Ia,, (deceased); 2nd Adeline 

E. Trumbauer, 1905, Sioux City; child. 
Mrs. Myrtle S. Palmer, Mrs. Halma F. 
Mastaliar, George M., Ruth O., Naomi 
E., Gerald W. ; mem. Builders Ex- 
change; formerly v-pres. Sioux City 
Eagles lodge. Former residences, Ur- 
bana, Ia., 1858-87; Sac City, Ia., 1887- 
93; LeMars, Ia., 1893-94; Sioux City, Ia., 
1894 to date. 

CAMPBELL, James W., coll. pres., In- 
dianola; b. Warren, Pa., Sept. 14, 1872; 
ed. C. E. Allegheny Coll., 1893; D. D., 
1912; B. D. Drew Theol. Sem. 1899; A. 
M. Harvard, 1908; Ph. D., Boston Univ. 

1909; m. Edith M. Payne, Jan. 4, 1898, 
Cherry Co., N. Y. ; pres. Simpson Coll. 
1916-20; ordained Meth. minister, 1895; 
pastorates Corry, Pa., Newcastle, Pa., 
Newtonville, Mass.; contributor to re- 
ligious press and lecturer on education 
and patriotic subjects. 

CARTER, John R., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Lewis, N. Y., Jan. 24, 1862; Cong.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Boston Univ. 1885; m. 
Luella N. Waldorf, June 12, 1889, Sioux 
City, Ia.; child. Frances W., Ruth.; 

, mem. Masons and past officer; Elks, 
Chamber of Commerce. 

CASSADY, Edward M., capitalist and 
stock raiser, Whiting; b. Painesville, 
O., Sept. 25, 1818; Rep.; m. Ida N. Whit- 
ting, Whiting, Ia. ; pres. Whiting bank; 
pres. Cassauy & Whiting Co.; pres. E. 
M. Cassady & Co.; one of largest rais- 
ers of Hereford cattle in America; en- 
listed 10th inf. 1864 at age of 16; set- 
tled in Monona Co., Ia., 1867; owner of 
Walnut Ridge Stock Farm; mem. Ia. 
Legislature, 1906-10; G. A. R. 

CASWELL, Grant L., Sec. Ia. Editorial 
Assn., Ames; b. Boone Co., Ia., July 
18, 1869; Dem. ed. Coon Rapids, Ia. H. 
S.; m. Eva L. Clark, 1901, Ashton, Ia.; 
formerly editor, Ashton Argus, Sibley 
Tribune, Denison Bulletin; candidate 
for state treas. 1912; elected state sen. 
34th dist. 1914. 

CHASE, Daniel C, lawyer, Webster City; 
b. Webster City, Ia., June 18, 1859; 
Rep.; ed. grad Univ. Ia. ; former city 
atty., Webster City, Ia. ; mem. of the 
House 23rd and 21th G. A.; elected 
state sen. 37th dist. 1910; re-elected 
1914; del. at large to Rep. Nat. Con. 
1892; pres. elector, 1896. 

CLARKE, George W. f lawyer Des Moines; 
b. Shelby Co., Ind., Oct. 24, 1852; Rep.; 
ed. A. B. Oskaloosa Coll., 1877; LL. B. 
State Univ. la., 1878; LL. D. Drake 
Univ. 1917; m. Arietta Greene, June 25, 
1878, Adel, Ia. ; mem. Ia. House of Rep. 
4 terms 1900-08; speaker of the House 
1904-07; Lieut. Gov. Ia., 1903-11; Gov. 
1912-16; dean coll. of law Drake Univ. 
since 1917. 

COLE, Cyrenus, editor, Cedar Rapids; 
b. Pella, Ia., Jan. 12, 1863; Rep.; un- 
married; Editor Times and Republican, 
Cedar Rapids; formerly connected with 
Des Moines Register; trustee Central 
Coll., Pella, Ia.; author, "A Bit of Hol- 
land in America," "The Two Great 
Canyons," "Anna Marcella's Book of 
Verses," "A History of the People of 
Iowa," "From Four Corners to Wash- 
ington"; mem. Commercial and Coun- 
try Clubs. 

COLEGROVE, Chauncey P., coll. pres., 
Fayette; b. Bath, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1855; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. A. B. Upper Ia. Univ. 
1881, Sc. D., 1908; A. M. Univ. Chicago 
1896; LL. D. Cornell Ia. Coll. 1919; m. 
Winnifred D. Mack, June 18, 1884 (de- 
ceased); 2nd Emma M. Ridley, Aug. 
29, 1899, Grinnell, Ia.; pres. Upper Ia. 
Univ. since 1916; former teacher, prin- 
cipal and supt. sch.; prof, phsychology 
and didactics, Ia. State Normal sch., 
1896; head dept. ed. same 1908-16; pres. 
Ia. State Teachers' Coll., 1907-16; del. 



Gen. conference M. E. church 1916-20; 
author ed. text books. 

CONRAD, Henry S., botanist, Grinnell; 
b. Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 12, 1874; ed 
B. S. Haverford Coll., Pa., 1894; M. A. 
1895; Ph. D. Univ. Pa., 1901; Johnston 
scholar, Johns Hopkins 1905-06; m. 
Laetitia Moon, April 13, 1900, Pallsing- 
ton, Pa.; prof, botany Grinnell Coll. 
since 1906; instructor in plant ecology 
summer sch. Brooklyn Institute Art's 
and Sciences; formerly teacher sciences 
Westtown sch. and institute of botany 
Univ. Pa.; Fellow A. A .A. S. and 
mem. Botanical Soc. of Am.; author. 

CONN IFF, Robert E., physician and sur- 
geon, Sioux City; b. Houston, Minn., 
April 20, 1858; Pres.; Rep.; ed. Ia. 
State Univ. 1884; m. Christine Schlawig, 
Sept. 1886, Sioux City, la.; child. Anna 
Marie; mem. Ia. Bd. of Health 14 vrs.; 
mem. Masons, Sioux City Boat Club, 
Sioux City Country Club. 

COUSINS, Robt. G., lawyer, Tipton; 1). 
Cedar Co., Ia., 1859; Rep.; ed. B. C. E. 
Cornell, Ia., Coll. 1881; also C. E. and 
LL. D. same; unmarried; formerly 
congressman 5th Ia. dist. serving eight 
terms; state rep. 1886-87; co. attv. Ce- 
dar Co., 1888-90; pres. elector 1888; lec- 
turer and public speaker. 

COWPER, Harry M., ("Holmes Cowper"), 
ti nor soloist, Des Moines; b. Dundas, 
Ont., Can., March 4, 1870; Epis.; ed. 
Hamilton Coll. Inst., Quaker Coll. to 
1888; pupil Frederick Walker, London. 
Eng., 1895-07; George Ferguson, Ber- 
lin: Ver^enet. r'aris; Gottscalk, Chica- 
go; m. Kate Holmes, Simcoe, Ont., Can., 
Aug. 12, 1895; dean Institute of Fine 
Art3 and prof, singing, Drake Univ. 
amce ILKiS); tenor soloist with leading 
choral and oratorio societies; teacher 
Am. Conservatory Music Chicago, 1897- 
1900; Sherwood sch. of Music 1900-02; 
song leader Camp Dodge, la., during 
World war. 

CURTIS, George M., manufacturer, Clin- 
ton; b. Oxford, N. Y., April 1, 1844; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and Mt. 
Morris, 111. Seminary; m. Etta Lewis, 
Sept. 4, 1872, Clinton, Ia.; manufac- 
turer sash and doors and officer or 
director of several companies bearing 
his name; v-pres. City Nat. bank, Clin- 
ton, Ia. ; served as mem. G. A., 1887-88; 
mem. 54th and 55th congs. ; mem. Ia. 
Com. La. Purchase Expn., 1904; del. to 
three rep. nat. conventions; mem. 

CURTISS, Chas. F., agriculturist, Ames; 

b. Nora, 111., Dec. 12, 1863; ed. B. A. 

I. S. C, 1887, M. A. 1894; D. Sc. Mich. 

Agr. Coll. 1907; m. Olive Wilson, Feb. 

15, 1903, Harper, Ia. ; dir. since 1897, 

Ia. Expt. Sta. and dean div. of agri. 

I. S. C; pres. and mem. executive com. 

International Live Stock Exposition 

Assn.; pres. Am. Berkshire Assn.; dir. 

dir. Percheon Soc. of Am.; mem. Am. 

Soc. promotion of agri. science; mem. 

Saddle and Sirloin Club Chicago, Grant 

Club Des Moines; contributor to live 

stock and agri. papers. 
DAVIS, George, editor, editorial writer, 

Sioux City; b. Clarksburg, W. Va., Aug. 

14, 1865; Unorthodox; Rep.; ed. common 

87 Douglas 

sch. and coll.; m. Margaret Fisher, July 
10, 1894, Oakland, Md.; child. Felta V.; 
entered newspaper work at age of 
twenty; later read law and was admit- 
ted to bar of West Va., and N. D.; 
practiced law for brief period; now edi- 
torial writer Sioux City Journal. For- 
mer residences, Parkersburg, W. Va., 
to 1887; Wheeling, W. Va., 1887-92; 
Charleston, W. Va., 1892-94; Cumber- 
land, Md., 1894-1902; Devils Lake, N. 
D., 1902-06; Grand Forks, N. D., 1906- 
12; Tampa, Fla., 1912-15; Minot, N. D., 
1915-18. ' 

DARLiNG, Jay N., ("J. N. Ding"), car- 
toonist, Des Moines; b. Norwood, Mich., 
Oct. 21, 1876; Rep.; ed. Yankton Coll., 
S. D., Ph. B., Beloit Coll.; m. Gene- 
vieve Pendleton, Sioux City, Oct. 31, 
1906; formerly reporter on Sioux City 
Tribune and Journal; cartoonist on 
Journal, 1901-06; same Des Moines 
Register, 1906-11; New York Globe, 
1911-13; Des Moines Register 1913-17; 
New York Tribune and Des Moines 
Register 1917 to date; author of var- 
ious works and books of cartoons; mem. 
Lambs Club, New York. 

DAVIDSON, Benjamin, merchant, im- 
porter and capitalist, Sioux City; b. 
Russia, Aug. 15, 1859; Hebrew; m. Ida 
Frank, July 16, 1888, Sioux City, Ia.; 
child. Mrs. Oswaldo De Zuliani, Edith, 
Leon, Frank; immigrated to U. S. in 
1881 and to Sioux City in 1882; starting 
as a peddler, he has built up one of 
the largest department stores in the 
middle west; mem. Masons, Shrine, I. 
O. O. F., B. P. O. E., Chamber of Com- 
merce, Sioux City Country Club. 

DAVIDSON, David, merchant, Sioux City; 
b. Slutsk, Russia, Jan. 1, 1863; Hebrew; 
Rep.; m. Sarah Frank, Dec. 23, 1893, 
Sioux City, Ia., (deceased); child. Law- 
rence L., Mrs. Helen Bolton, Mrs. Her- 
man Frank; v-pres. Davidson Bros. 
Dept. Store; former pres. Chamber of 
Commerce; former pres. Mt. Sinai 
temple; active in war work; leader in 
Liberty Loan and Red Cross drives and 
in foreign relief work; mem. Masons, 
Shrine, B. P. O. E., Riverside Boat 
Club, Chamber of Commerce, Country 
Club. Former residence, Slutsk, Russia, 

DEAN, Lee W., surgeon, Iowa City; b. 
March 28, 1873; ed. B. S. Univ. Ia., 1894, 
M. S. 1896, M. D. 1896; studied univ. of 
Vienna 1896-97; prof, of opthalmology, 
otolaryngology and oval surgery, Ia. 
Univ.; also head of dept. and dean of 
coll. of medicine; chief surgeon in these 
branches for Univ. and Mercy hospitals 
Slate Sanitorium arid Coll. for blind; 
Pi llow Am. Coll. Surgeons; mem. var- 
ious medical societies. 

DOUGLAS, George B., manufacturer, Ce- 
dar Rapids; b. Waterloo, la., Sept. 23, 
1858; Pres.; Rep.; ed. I. S. C; Univ. 
Ia. ; m. Irene Hazeltine, June 1, 1892, 
Grand Rapids, Mich.; pres. Douglas & 
Co., manufacturers of corn starch; for- 
merly a cereal and linseed oil manufac- 
turer; v-pres. Cedar Rapids Nat. bank; 
dir. Security Sav. bank, Quaker Oats 
Co.; trustee Coe Coll.; St. Luke's hos- 

Drumm 88 French 

DRUMM, Thos. W., bishop, Des Moines; 
b. Fore, Ireland, July 12, 1871; Cath.; 
ed. A, B. St. Joseph's Coll., Dubuque; 
studied Grand Sem. Montreal Can.; 
Cath. Univ. of Am,; ordained priest 
1901; pastor St. Patrick's church, Ce- 
dar Rapids, la., 1915-19; Consecrated 
bishop of Des Moines, May 22, 1919; 
pres. bd. trustees Des Moines Cath. 
Coll.; mem. K. C. (4th degree), C. O. F. 

DUNKELBERG, George H., farmer and 
stockman, Rockford; b. Niagra Co., N. 
Y., Oct. 2, 1853; Rep.; ed. studied Rock 
River Seminary (111.); m. Mary E. Hub- 
bard, 1882; elected state rep. Floyd Co., 

EARL, John A., coll. pres., Des Moines; 
b.Bathvale, Scotland, May G, 1866; 
Bapt.; ed. A. B. Des Moines Coll. 1892, 
A. M. 1895, D. D. 1902; B. D. Rochester 
Dec. 10, 1887; pastorates at Guthrie Cen- 
ter, la., J'ilot Mound, la., Greece, N. 
Y., Waterloo, la., Chicago, 111.; pres. 
Des Moines Coll. since 1911; m. Jennie 
L. Hevley, 1890, Des Moines, la. 

EBERSOLE, William S., coll. prof., Mt. 
Vernon, la.; b. Mt. Pleasant, Pa., Nov. 

13, 1862; Meth.; Rep.; ed. A. B. Leban- 
on Valley Coll., Annville, Pa., 1885, A. 
M. 1888, Litt D. 1904; post-grad, study 
Yale, 1890-02; Am. sch. classical stud- 
ies, Athens Greece 1896-97; Univ. Mun- 
ich, 1897; m. Florence A. Sheldon, Dec. 

14, 1892, Canton, Pa.; prof, of archae- 
ology Cornell Coll. since 1910; mem. var- 
ious scientific societies and contributor 
to publications. 

EL WOOD, Lee W., lawyer, Elma; b. 
Howard Co., Dec. 27, 1888; Rep.; ed. 
grad. law dept. state uiv. ; elected state 
rep. Howard Co., 1912; re-elected 1914- 
16; was youngest mem. of the legis- 
lature; candidate for speaker of the 
House, 1916. 

ENGER, Lauritz ML, newspaper publish- 
er and insurance, Decorah; b. Norway, 
Nov. 3, 1856; Rep.; elected State Rep. 
Winneshiek Co. 1910; re-elected 1912; 
elected State Sen. 42nd dist. 1914; in- 
terested in Decorah Posten. 

ENSIGN, Forest C., educator, Iowa City; 
b. Defiance Co. O., March 22, 1867; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. M. Di. Ia. State Nor- 
mal sch. 1895; B. Ph. State Univ. 1897, 
M. A. 1900; studied Harvard and Col- 
umbia Teachers Coll.; m. Lucy M. 
Smith, Dec. 29, 1896, Red Oak, la.; 
prof, of ed. State Univ. since 1905; for- 
merly inspector of H. S.; dean of men 
and Registrar; 4-min. speaker, Red 
Cross worker, prominent in educational 
societies, student and writer on care 
of insane in jails and prisons, child 
labor, etc. 

EVERSMEYER, Frederick W., lawyer, 
real estate, loans, ins., Muscatine; b. 
Muscatine, la., Oct. 10, 1871; Rep.; ed. 
pub. and parochial schs., bus. coll., law 
dept. state univ.; m. Harriet Kemptner, 
June 28, 1910, Muscatine; served as 
justice of peace Muscatine 1901-06; 
elected state sen. 20th dist. 1914; dir. 
Sav. bank; mem. Masons, Elks, Yeo- 

FIN LEY, Chas. M., Civil Eng., Sioux 
City; b. Sangamon Co., 111., Feb. 25, 

1881; ed. Pub. sch.; studied one yr. 
Univ. of Mich.; m. Maud M. Mitchell, 
July 12, 1906, Marcus, la.; eng. on Flor- 
ida East Coast R. R. one yr.; three 
yrs. in Panama; conducts office in 
Sioux City, civil and landscape eng.; 
elected Co. eriK. in 1910; served as 
major in Eng. Corps A. E. F. in World 
war; served in Co. H., 56th Reg. I. N. 
G. ; associate mem. Am. Soc. of Civil 

FLAGEOLLE, J. W. B., physician and 
surgeon, Sioux City; b. Ponca, Neb., 
Julv 12, 1S88; Cath.; Dem.; ed. St. 
Viateurs Coll., 1903-05; M. D. Sioux 
City Coll. of Medicine, 1909; post-grad. 
N. Y., 1919, urology; m. Dorothy B. 
Yeaton, Oct. 18, 1910, Sioux City, la.; 
child. Bernard Y. ; specialist urology; 
practiced at Holly Springs, la., 1909-12; 
dem. nominee for co. coroner 1912; com- 
missioned 1st lieut. army mod. corps 
Jan. 28, 1918; served with A. E. F.; 
received citation from France; mem. 
Elks, Monahan post Am. Legion. For- 
mer residences, Ponca, Neb., 1888-99; 
Jefferson S. D., 1899-1905; Sioux City, 
1905-09; Holly Springs, 1909-12. 

FLECK, David S., farmer and stockman, 
Newton; b. Mahaska Co., Ia., Nov. 21, 
1858; Dem. ed. pub. sch. and Oskaloosa 
Coll.; m. Alta Coryell, 1889; elected co. 
supervisor Jasper Co. 1907; re-elected 
1909; elected state sen. 29th dist. 1914. 

FLINT, Charles W., clergyman, Mt. Ver- 
non; b. Stouffville, Ont., Can., Nov. 14, 
1878; ed. B. A. Victoria Coll (univ. Tor- 
onto) 1900; B. D. Drew r Theol. Sem. 
1906; M. A. Columbia 1908; D. D. Wes- 
ley an Univ. 1912; LL. D. Coe Coll., 1916; 
m. Clara J. Yetter, Sept. 3. 1901. Sioux 
City, la.; pres. Cornell Coll., Mt. Ver- 
non, Ia., since 1915; pastorates as Meth. 
minister at Pocohontas, Ia., Marathon, 
Ia., Bayville L. I., N. Y., Brooklyn, N. 
Y., Middletown, Conn. 

FORSLING, L. B., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Sioux City, la., March 23, 1890; 
Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S., grad. law dept. 
Cumberland Univ., Tenn.; m. Lillian 
Nash, March 16, 1914, Sioux City, Ia.; 
general practice of law in Sioux City 
since 1917; formerly adjuster Warfield- 
Pratt-Howell Co.; former mgr. River- 
side park; ex-police judge; elected state 
rep. Woodbury Co., 1920; discharged 
from Camp Dodge, la., Nov. 12, 1918; 
mem. Elks, K. P., Moose, Yeoman. 

FREER, Hamline H., coll. dean, Mt. 
Vernon; b. Ellsworth, O., Sept. 9, 1845; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. B. S. Cornell la. Coll., 
1869, M. S. 1878, A. B. 1880, A. M. 
1883, LL. D. 1911; m. Mary L. Markle, 
Pec. 22, 1871, Maquoketa. Ia.; Fellow 
Univ. Chicago, 1892-93; dean and prof, 
political economy and sociology, Cornell 
Coll.; acting pres. coll. 1914-15; mem. 
and past officer various state and nat. 
ed. soc. 

FRENCH, Alice, ("Octave Thanet"), 
author, Davenport; b. Andover, Mass., 
March 19, 1850; ed. Abbot Acad., Litt 
D., Ia. State Univ.; unmarried; author 
Knitters in the Sun, Expiration (novel- 
ette), Otto the Knight, Stories of a 
Western Town, An Adventure in Pho- 
tography, Missionary Sheriff, A Book 





of True Lovers, The Heart of Toil, A 
Slave to Duty, Mali of the Hour, The 
Lion's Share, By Inheritance, Stories 
That End Well, A Step on the Stair, 
And the Captain Answered; comndr. in 
motor corps; chmn. propaganda Food 
Adm. Ia.; mem. Soc. Mayflower Des- 
cendants, Soc. Colonial Dames, Colonial 

FRIBOURG, Arnold L., lawyer, Sioux 
City; b. New York City, Aug. 22, 18G3; 
Jewish; Rep.; ed. grad. M. S. Coll. of 
City of N. Y., 1882; m. Maud Eiseman, 
(deceased), Dec. 28, 1893; 2nd Belle 
Eiseman, April 5, 1904; child. Victor E., 
Frances B., Roper S., Ernest J.; mem. 
law firm Henderson, Fribourg & Hat- 
field; mem. Masons 33rd deg., Elks, 
Shrine, M. W. A., W. O. W., Y. M. C. 
A., Sioux City Boat Club; pres. Sioux 
City pub. lib. 

FULLER, Almon H., prof, and head of 
civil eng. dept. I. S. C. and consulting 
eng. for la. State Highway Com., 
Ames; b. Camptown, Pa., Dec. 29, 1871; 
ed. C. H. Lafayette Coll., 1879; M. S., 
1900; M. C. E. Cornell Univ. (N. Y.) 
1898; m. Mary G. Cook, Aug. 6, 1913, 
Merryall, Pa.; Fellow in civil eng. Cor- 
nell Univ.; prof, civil eng., dean coll. 
of eng., Washington Univ.; prof, civil 
eng., Lafayette Coll., 1917; mem. var- 
ious eng. and technical societies. 

GARRETSON, A. B., labor union pres., 
Cedar Rapids; b. Winterset, la., Sept. 
14, 1856; Rep.; m. Marie Ream, Sept. 
2, 1878, Somerset Co., Pa.; formerly 
conductor on various lines of railways; 
served as v-pres. and pres. order of 
Ry. Conductors; was editor in chief of 
The Railway Conductor (magazine); 
mem. federal com. on industrial rela- 
tions 1912-15. 

GIBSON, Benjamin J., lawyer, Corning;' 
b. Nov. 13, 1882; Rep.; ed. grad. Univ. 
Neb., 1906; married; two sons; elected 
state sen. 1916; elected atty. gen. 1920. 

banker, State 

GILBERT, William N., 

New Milford, Conn., March 

Center, b. New Milford, Conn., March 
20, 1850; ed. country sen. and two yrs. 

[11.. H. S.: m. Florence Bray- 

Ashton, 111., H. S.; m. Florence JLJray- 
ton, 1879, Mt. Morris, 111.; child. Harold, 
Frederick; bank pres.; elected state rep. 
Marshall Co., 1914; re-elected 1916. 

GOOCH, Harry A., banker, Sioux City; 
b. Norwich, Eng., March 17, 1866; 
Dem.; ed. H. S.; m. Dilla L. Whitte- 
more, May, 15, 1895, Texarkana, Tex.; 
child. Dorothy W., Helen W., Harry 
W. ; v-pres. First Nat. bank; formerly 
with Sioux Nat. bank; Wcare & Allison 
bank; Ia. State Nat.; served as capt. 
Co. H, 52nd Reg. I. N. G., Spanish-Am. 

GRANDY, W. F., real estate, loans, ins., 
Sioux City; b. Brighton, Mich., Dec. 
26, 1873; Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; m. Jana 
H. Black, 1904, Sioux City; child. Wm. 
F., Louise; pres. W. F. Grandy Co.; 
Fidelity Ins. Co.; fin. corres. Penn 
Mutual Ins. Co.; served as prvt. Co. 
H, 56th Reg. I. N. G. ; mem. Masons, 
Elks, Chamber of Commerce, Country 
Chili, Rotary Club, Sioux City Boat 
Club, Sioux City Gun Club, Y. M. C. 

GRAY, Ross C, lawyer, Rockwell City; 
b. Rockwell City, la., Nov. 19, 1882; 
Rep.; ed. H. S., grad. law dept. state 
univ., 1901; has served as clerk of dist. 
court; city atty.; justice of peace; lib. 
trustee; elected state rep. Calhoun Co., 
1914; re-elected 1916. 

GROUT, Henry W., real estate, Waterloo; 
b. Waterloo, Ia., March 21, 1858; Rep.; 
ed. rural sch. and Field seminary; has 
served as park com. Waterloo; dir. First 
Nat. bank, Waterloo; dir. First Nat. 
bank, Guthrie Center, Ia, ; dir. in Wa- 
terloo 'Saddlery & Electrical Co. ; elect- 
ed state rep. Black Hawk Co., 1910; re- 
elected 1912; elected state sen. 38th 
dist. 1914. 

HALL, Charles A., state accountant and 
examiner, Bedford; b. Hardin Co., Ia., 
March 12, 1872; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and 
Drake Univ.; mgr. Bedford Mill Co. 10 
yrs.; served as co. and. 1910-16; elected 
state rep. Taylor Co. 1914; re-elected 
1916; candidate for sec. state 1918. 

HAMILTON, John T., banker, Cedar Rap- 
ids; b. Henry Co., 111., Oct. 16, 1813; 
Epis.; Dem.; m. Sarah A. Jones, Oct. 
16, 1873, St. Andrews, Quebec, Can.; 
pres. Hamilton Seed & Coal Co.; pres. 
Merchants Nat. bank; pres. Urbana 
Sav. bank; treas. St. Martin Land Co.; 
has served as mayor of Cedar Rapids; 
Co. Supervisor; state rep. Linn Co.; 
speaker of House, 1890; mem. 52nd 
Cong. 5th Ia. dist.; mem. bd. of con- 
trol 1906-09; dem. candidate for gover- 
nor, 1914; mem. Masonic bodies, Elks. 

HANSEN, John T., farmer, Davenport; 
b. Davenport, Ia., Nov. 28, 1858; Rep.; 
ed. country sch. and private instruc- 
tion; closely connected with patrons of 
husbandry; served as justice of peace, 
1886; elected state rep. Scott Co. 1916; 
re-elected 1918. 

.HARLAN, James E., coll. pres., Mt. Ver- 
non; b. Muskingum Co., O., June 25, 
Coll., Ia., 1869, A. M. 1872; LL. D. Up- 
per Ia. Univ. 1904; Cornell Coll. 1904; 
Northwestern Univ. 1910; m. Harriet J. 
McKinney, Dec. 29, 1869, Sterling, 111.; 
pres. Cornell Coll. 1908-14; v-pres. 1881- 
1908; chmn. executive com. 1883 to date; 
formerly supt. sch. Cedar Rapids, and 
principal Ward sch., Sterling - , 111.; also 
alumni prof, of mathematics and as- 
tronomy Cornell Coll.; served as prvt. 
in civil war in Ia. inf. 

H ELMER, Charles C, lawyer, Carroll; 
b. Cedar Co., Ia., Aug. 25, 1876; Rep.; 
ed. pub. sch., I. S. C, state univ. law 
dept. grad. 1901; m. Jennie Willey, 1905, 
Keokuk, Ia. ; practiced law at Manning, 
Ia., till 1904; served one term eo. atty. 
Carroll Co.; eight \r.s. city atty. Car- 
roll; elected stale. Ben. 48th dist. 1914; 
served in Spanish- Am. war. 

HELMING, Otto A., farmer, Waukon; b. 
Allamakee Co., Ia., March 9, 1868; 
Rep.; ed. rural sch., studied at coll. in 
Waukon; m. Lena Wittenberg, 1902, 
Wisconsin; six yrs. twp. assessor; 
elected state rep. Allamakee Co., 1912; 
re-elected 1914-16. 

HENDERSON, Robt., newspaper man, 
Council Bluffs; b. Burlington, Ia., 1871; 
Rep.; married; three child.; 18 yrs. re- 


Hendrlxson 90 

porter and editorial writer on la. Daily 
papers; was sec. to ex-cong. W. I. 
Smith, 1900-02; state printer six yrs. 
H EN DRIXSON, Walter S., chemist, Giin- 
nell; b. Felicity, O., Jan. 11, 1859; ed. 
13. S. Union Chris. Coll., Meroni, Ind.; 

A. M. Harvard 1889, Ph. D. 1903; Univs. 
Berlin and Gottingen, 1894-95; m. Bessie | 
Bradley, Linneus, Mo., April 18, 1906; 
prof, chemistry, Grinned Coll. since 
1890; prof, chemistry Univ. Ia. summer 
1902; lecturer chemistry Univ. 111., on 
leave 1917; formerly instructor and prof, 
chemistry and physics, Antioch Coll., 

0. , and asst. in chemistry Harvard; 
connected with water resources branch 
U. S. Geol. survey 1905-09; pres. Ia. 
Acad. Science 1899; author of scientific 
articles and papers; mem. various ed. «. 
and scientific societies. 

HENIGBAUM, Fred G., merchant, Dav- 
enport; b. Albion, N. Y., June 10, 18G4; 
Rep.; ed. grad. grammar sch.; m. Laura 
Dean, 1897; was one of the incorpor- 
ators of the Davenport Furniture and 
Carpet Co., 1895; v-pres. and dir. la. 
Furniture and Carpet Co.; elected state 
sen. 21st dist. 1914. 

HENRY, Lemuel H., banker, Sioux City; 
b. Vernon, la., May 9, 1871; Unitarian; 
Rep.; ed. Van Buren Co., and Burling- 
ton, Ia. ; former pres. Ia. State Sav. , 
bank; v-pres. First t Nat. bank; mem. 
Masonic bodies, Shrine, I. O. O. F., 

B. P. O. E., Chamber of Commerce, 
Sioux City Boat Club, Country Club. 
Former residences, Vernon, la., 1871- 
89; Ottumwa, Ia., 1889-91; Burlington, 
la., 1891-99. 

HOBERG, Oscar J., jeweler, Sioux City; 
b. Tonica, 111., Dec. 19, 1860; Luth.; 
Ind.; m. Mary E. Adler, July 3, 1891, 
Sioux City, Ia.; child. Robert W., Ed- 
ward Q.; pres. O. J. Hoberg Co.; mem. 
Masonic bodies 33rd deg., Elks, Chamb- 
er of Commerce, Shore Acre Boat Club, 
Soo Gun Club, Mid-West Bowling Assn. 
(former pres.). Former residence, Peru, 
111., 1870-84. 

HOFFMAN, Milton J., coll. pres., Pella; 
b. Overisel, Mich., Jan. 31, 1886; ed. 
B. A. Hope Coll., Holland, Mich., 1909. , 
M. A. 1912; winner Rhodes scholarship 
from Mich.; B. A. Oxford Univ. Eng. 
1912; D. D. Hope Coll. 1918; m. Viola M. 
Whinnie Abrahams, July 15, 1914, Chap- 
leton, Jamaica, W. I.; head latin dept. 
Hope Coll., 1913-17; pres. Central Coll. 
of Pella since July 1, 1917; ordained 
minister Reformed church in Am., Dec. 

HOLMES, Arthur, coll. pres., Des 
Moines; b. Cincinnati, O., May 5, 1S72; 
ed. B. A., Hiram, O., Coll., 1899; A. M. 
Univ. Pa., 1903, Ph. D. 1908; m. Annie 

1. Pullen, March 13, 1898, Philadelphia, 
Pa.; ordained disciples of Christ, 1899; 
pastorates at Phila., and Ann Arbor, 
Mich.; pres. Drake Univ. since 1918; 
formerly religious and ed. dir. Pa. R. R. 
dept. Y. M. C. A.; instructor psychol- 
ogy, asst. prof, and asst. dir. psycho- 
clinic, Univ. Pa.; dean gen. faculty Pa. 
State Coll.; author of works on psychol- 
ogy; mem. various scientific societies. 

HUNT, Edward M., real estate, Sioux 
City; b. Nodov/ay Co., Mo., Oct. 20, 


1872; Cath.; Dem.; ed. studied at Nor- 
mal sch. and Christian Bros. Coll., »St. 
Joseph, Mo.; m. Catherine McKeever, 
Aug. 17, 1897, Farley, Ia. ; formerly in 
mercantile business; mem. K. C, 
Chamber of Commerce, Country Club. 
Former residence, Sheldon, Ia. 

INGHAM, Harvey, newspaper man, Des 
Moines; b. Algona, Ia., Sept. 8, 1858; 
Rep.; ed. A. B. State Univ. 1880, LL. B. 
1881; LL. D. Grinnell Coll. 1915; m. Nel- 
lie E. Hepburn, Oct. 23, 1894, Des 
Moines; editor in chief Des Moines 
Register and Tribune; v-pres. of the 
corp.; formerly editor Upper Des 
Moines (weekly), Algona, la.; postmas- 
ter, Algona, Ia., 1898-1902. 

JESSEN, John C., lawyer, Story City; 
b. Chicago, 111., Feb. 10, 1878; Christian 
Church; Rep.; ed. attended I. S. C. 
where he completed one yr. dairy 
course; grad. law dept. Drake Univ. 
1905; m. Catherine Golly of Zearing, 
la., June 22, 1910; operated a creamery 
Shannon City, la., three yrs. ; practiced 
law at Zearing, Ia., two >rs.; served 
as mayor of Zearing and city atty. 
Story City; elected state rep. Story Co. 
1914; re-elected 1916; mem. Masons, 
(past m.) 

JESSUP, Walter A., educator, Iowa City; 
b. Richmond, Ind., Aug. 12, 1877; ed. 
A. B. Earlham Coll., 1903; Ph. D. Col- 
umbia, 1911; m. Eleanor Hines, June 
28, 1898, Nobbsville, Ind.; supt. of sch. 
Westfield, Ind., 1900-U7; Madison, Ind. 
1907-09; dean sch. of ed. Univ. Ind., 
1912; dean coll. of ed. 1913-16; pres. 
sinee 1916. Ia. State Univ.; mem. N. E. 
A., Coll. Teachers of ed., Nat. Soc. for 
study of ed.; Phi Delta Kappa, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, Acacia, Indiana Soc. of 
Chicago, Masonic bodies, Univ. Club 
Chicago, Triangle Club Iowa City; 
mem. survey comms. Cleveland and Los 
Angeles pub. sch.; mem. Liberty Loan 
Advisory Com.; author 'Social Factors 
Affecting Supervision of Special Sub- 
jects"; joint author "Supervision of 

JONES, Ira W., lawyer, Clear Lake; 
b. Erie Co., N. Y., Feb. 28, 1877; Rep.; 
ed. grad. scientific course 1. S. C. 1903; 
completed two yrs. course in Drake 
law sch.; grad. law dept. Yale 1905; 
served four yrs. chmn. Rep. Co. Cent. 
Com.; elected state rep. Cerro Gordo 
Co., 1914; re-elected 1916. 
JOHNSTON, James F., farmer and 
stockman, Chariton; b. Lucas Co., Ia., 
April 25, 1875; Rep.; ed. attended West- 
ern Normal Coll. and Simpson Coll.; 
elected co. Supervisor 1910; served 
three yrs.; elected state rep. Lucas 
<\>., 1914; re-elected 1916; elected state 
sen. 4th dist. 1920. 
JOHNSTON, Robert J., banker, Hum- 
boldt; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 13, 1856; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and Humboldt Coll.; 
m. Mary H. Stoddard, June 27, 1888; 
served as deputy co. treas., resigning 
1893 to enter banking bus.; several yrs. 
chmn Rep. Co. Cent. Com.; former pres. 
v-pres. and dir. state agri. soc; elected 
state rep. Humbolt Co., 1914; re-elected 





KEANE, James J., archbishop, Dubuque; 
b. Joliet, 111., Aug. 26, 1857; Cath.; 
ed. St. John's Univ., Minn, and Grand 
Sem., Montreal; ordained priest Dec. 
1882; pastorate at St. Paul 1882-85; for- 
mer prof, and pres. St. Thomas Sem., 
St. Paul; pastorate at Minneapolis, 1892- 
1902; consecrated third bishop diocese, 
Cheyenne, Wyo., Oct. 28, 1902; trans- 
ferred to arhcbishopric Dubuque, Aug - . 
11, 1911. 

KELLOGG, Leonard L., pub. utility oper- 
ator, Sioux City; b. Haverhill, O., 1856; 
Rep.; m. Lizzie Pritchard, Sept. 19, 
1883, Ironton, O. ; child. Mrs. Thomas 

H. Mosely; pres. Sioux City Gas & 
Electric Co.; mem. Chamber of Com- 
merce, (former pres.), Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, Country Club, Sioux City Boat 
Club, Elks. Former residences, Haver- 
hill, O., 1856-73; Ironton, O., 1873-83; 
Galena, 111.; Nebraska City, Neb. 

KELLY, Harry M., biologist, Mt. Vernon; 
b. Harrisburg, Pa., May 27, 1867; Rep.; 
ed. A. B. Bucknell Univ., 1888, A. M. 
1891; A. B. Harvard 1891, A. M. 1893; 
LL. B. John B. Stetson Univ., Leland, 
Fla., 1911; m. Caroline M. Vanderslice, 
Phoenixville, Pa., Dec. 27, 1894; prof, 
biology, Cornell Coll. since 1894; for- 
merly prof. math. Central Pa. Coll.; 
asst. in zoology, Harvard; instructor 
biology, N. W. Univ.; trustee Cornell 
Coll.; mem. various scientific societies 
and author of papers on zoology. 

KENDALL, N. E., lawyer, Albia; b. 
Greenville, Lucas Co., Ia., March 17, 
l!>66; Rep.j'ed. rural sen.; served as 
co. atty. Monroe Co., 1893-97; five terms 
1899-1909 state rep. Monroe Co.; last 
term speaker of tne House; elected to 
Congress from 6th Ia. dist. Nov. 3, 
190S; re-elected Nov. 8, 1910; elected 
governor Nov. 2, 1920. 

KEPHART, George W., lawyer, Sioux 
City; b. Ida Grove, Ia., June 8, 1876; 
Rep.; ed. grad. state normal sch. Madi- 
son, S. D., 1896; grad. S. D. State Coll. 
1902; studied at Univ. S. D. ; m. Mary 

I. Reedy, Aug. 1, 1906, Beresford; child. 
George C., Mary E. ; became principal 
H. S. at Vermillion, S. D. ; supt. sch. 
Beresford, S. D.; admitted to bar 1906; 
located in Sioux City, 1908; chmn. Pro- 
gressive Co. Cent. Com. 1912; city atty. 
Sioux City 1918-20; chmn. Woodbury 
Co. Rep. Co. Cent. Com.; mem. Masons, 
Shrine, I. O. O. P., K. P., Chamber of 

KING, William F. f coll. pres., Mt. Ver- 
non; b. Zanesville, O., Dec. 20, 1830; 
ed. A. B. Ohio Wesleyan 1857, A. M. 
1860; D. D. 111. Wesleyan 1870; LL. D. 
Univ. Ia. and Ohio Wesleyan 1887; m. 
Margaret McKell, Aug. 3, 1865, Chillo- 
cothe, O. ; pres. emeritus Cornell Coll.; 
pres. same 1865-1908; also prof, latin 
and Greek languages same; was acting 
pres. same 1863-65; delegate to various 
conferences M. E. church both at home 
and abroad; author of "Reminiscences." 

KIRBYE, J. Edward, clergyman, Des 
Moines; b. Eureka, Mich., Dec. 23, 1873; 
Cong.; ed. Hillsdale, Mich. Coll. and 
Theol. Sem.; A. B. Piedmont Coll.; 
grad. Univ. Va.; D. D. Rollins Coll. and 
Temple Coll.; m. l^a Clark, 1898, Rich- 

mond, Va.; formerly pres. Atlanta 
Theol. Sem. same Drury Coll., Spring- 
field, Mo.; pastorates at Medina, O. 
and Des Moines, ia.; author religious 
volumes: "The Richest Man in the 
City"; History of the 168th Inf. of Ia. 

KLINKER, Peter J., lawyer, Denison; 
b. Germany, Jan. 9, 1887; Rep.; ed. 
grad. Denison H. S. and from coll. of 
liberal arts and law Univ. of Ia.; m. 
Garnet L. Norman, June 4, 1914; was 
co. atty. Crawford Co. 10 yrs.; elected 
State rep. Crawford Co., 1914; re-elect- 
ed 1916*. 

LAFFER, Charles C., merchant and 
banker, Sigourney; b. Keokuk Co., Ia., 
Nov. 1, 1870; Rep.; m. Mollie A. Craw- 
ford, Feb. 8, 1894, Ainsworth, Ia.; sher- 
iff Keokuk Co. 1897; re-elected 1899; 
elected state sen. 12th dist. 1914; en- 
gaged in harness and saddlery bus.; 
dir. First Nat. and Union Co. Sav. 
banks of Sigourney. 

LAKE, Frank C., newspaper man, Sioux 
City; b. Golden, Colo., April 18, 1879; 
Rep.; ed. Golden H. S.; m. Marie John- 
son, 1907, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; child. Mar- 
garet L. ; founder and editor Saturday 
Mirror, Sioux City, 1912; dept. ed. and 
reporter Sioux City Journal and Tri- 
bune; joint ed. and pub. "Who's Who 
in Ia."; elected state rep. Woodbury 
Co. 1916; re-elected 1918-20; sec. Wood- 
bury Co. Rep. Cent. Com. 1912-14; mem. 
Masons, Elks, Yeoman, Chamber of 
Commerce, Boosters Ath. Assn., Sioux 
City Press Club, Iowa Hist. Soc. For- 
mer residences, Golden, Colo.; Kansas 
City, Mo.; Cedar Rapids, Ia. 

LEAVITT, Roger, banker, Cedar Falls; 
b. Waterloo, la., June 25, 1860; Cong.; 
Rep.; m. Alice S. Windsor (deceased), 
Oct. 29, 1885, Waterloo, Ia. ; 2nd Kath- 
erine S. Townsend, June 21, 1892, Ce- 
dar Falls, la.; cashier Grundy Co. Nat. 
bank, Grundy Center, la. 1885-88; v- 
prcs. Cedar Falls, Ia., Nat. bank, 1888; 
pres. Waterloo & Cedar Falls Union 
Mill Co.; v-pres. Cedar Falls Trust Co.; 
Townsend & Merrill Lumber Co.; dir. 
and treas. Cedar Falls Canning Co.; 
dir. Eeavitt & Pohnson Nat. bank; for- 
mer mem. state bd. of ed.; trustee Chi- 
cago Theol. Sem., also Grinnell Coll. 

LEE, Curtis O., auctioneer, farmer and 
stockman. Sac City; b. Sac City, Ia., 
Nov. 18, 1860; Rep.; m. Celia E. Rogers, 
March 16, 1884; owns and operates sev- 
eral farms; formerly mayor of Sac City 
and mem. sch. bd. ; elected state rep. 
Sac Co., 1914; re-elected 1916. 

LEVITT, J. L., real estate, loans, lnv. ( 
Sioux City; b. Russia, Jan. 7, 1882; 
Jewish; Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; pres. Levitt 
Inv. Co.; formerly pres. Central bank; 
one of the most active of the younger 
bus. men of Sioux City; his real estate 
additions to Sioux City have been the 
means of providing many people with 
homes; mem. Chamber of Commerce, 
Real Estate Assn. Former residences, 
Hartford, Conn.; Providence, R. I. 

LEWIS, J. H., farmer, Osceola; b. Clarke 
Co., Ia., July 11, 1868; Christian; Dem.; 
m. Leona Lamb, Dec. 15, 1888; has serv- 


Logan 92 Mllllman 

ed as twp. clerk, twp. trustee, twp. 
assessor; co. treas. 4 yrs.; elected state 
rep. Clarke Co., 11)16. 

LOGAN, GUY E., Red Oak; b. Red Oak, 
la., March 11, 1871; Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; 
formerly deputy sheriff and co. record- 
er, Montgomery Co.; resigned latter 
position to become major and asst. adj. 
gen. of la.; appointed brig. gen. and 
adj. gen. of la., 1909; served as 2nd 
lieut. Co. M, 51st la. Vol. Inf. in Span- 
ish-Am. war in Philippines; served as 
major in World war. 

LONGLEY, Harry S., bishop, Des Moines; 
b. Cohoes, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1SG8; ed. 
B. A. St. Stephens Coll., N. Y., M. A. 
same, D. D. same; also grad. Gen. 
Theol. Sem.; m. Hattie E. Minkler, 
Sept. 17, 1894, Waterford, N. Y.; for- 
merly deacon, priest, curate; rector 
Trinity church, Milford, Mass.; Christ's 
church, Binghampton, N. Y. ; St. Mark's 
parish, Evanston, 111.; consecrated suf- 
fragan bishop of la., Oct. 23, 1912; 
elected coadjutor bishop of la., May 
21, 1917; has held office and is mem. 
various church societies; mem. Masonic 
bodies and P. G. chapter N. Y. Grand 

LOWERY, Chas. G., investments and 
stock and bond broker, Sioux City; b. 
Marshalltown, la., March 5, 1873; 
Epis.; Rep.; ed. two yrs. Drake Univ.; 
child. Charles E., Alleene C. ; sec. to 
the George Fairburn class No. 26 (Sioux 
City Consistory); mem. Masonic bod- 
ies, Shrine, Kiwanis Club. Former resi- 
dence, Oklahoma City, Okla. 1895-1913. 

LYTLE, Charles F., capitalist and build- 
er, Sioux City; b. Johnson Co., Ia., 
Sept. 11, 1869; Rep.; m. Lena Klinge- 
mann, June 20, 1899, Papillion, Neb.; 
child. Francis Kemp; state sen. 37th 
G. A.; mem. Masonic bodies, I. O. O. F., 
B. P. O. E., Chamber of Commerce, 
Sioux City Real Estate Assn., Sioux 
City Boat Club, Sioux City Country 
Club. Former residences, Cedar Rap- 
ids, Storm Lake, Sulphur Springs, Ia. 

McFERREN, Rube, lawyer, Webster City; 
b. near Webster City, Dec. 31, 1868; 
Rep.; ed. state univ. ; m. Minnie Wool- 
sey (deceased) 1892; 2nd m. Minnie 
Klockman, April, 1902; elected state 
rep. Hamilton Co., 1914; re-elected 1916. 

McNEIL, H. C., building supplies, Sioux 
City; b. Homer, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1837; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; m. Marie B. Wil- 
ber, June 8, 1871, Davenport, Ia.; child. 
Mrs. J. P. Schnabele; served three yrs. 
in Civil war, attaining rank of lieut.; 
located in Sioux City 1869; mem. and 
past officer Masons; also grand lodge; 
mem. and past cornndr. for la. Loyal 
Legion; Elks, Sioux City Boat Club, 
G. A. R. Former residences, Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., Sandusky, O., Rock Island, 
111., Davenport, Ia. 

MACKIE, David E., farmer and banker, 
Mt. Auburn; b. Benton Co., Ia., June 
2, 1870; United Pres.; Rep.; ed. com. 
sch., academy, bus. coll.; m. Olive L. 
Graham, 1898; pres. Mt. Auburn Sav. 
bank; elected state rep. Benton Co. 
1914; re-elected 1916. 

MAGOUN, John A., banker, Sioux City; 
b. Somerviile, Mass., Aug. 21, 1861; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; pres. Sioux Nat. 
bank, (formerly N. W. Nat.); elected 
co. treas. Woodbury Co., 1893; served 
five terms; has served at different 
times as pres. Sioux City Clearing 
House Assn. 

MAIN, John H. T., coll. pres., Grinnell; 
b. Toledo, O., April 2, 1859; ed. A. B. 
Moores Hill Coll., Ind., 1880. A. M. 1883; 
Ph. D. Johns Hopkins, 1892; LL. D. 
rOberlin 1911; State Univ. la. 1912; m. 
Emma Myers, June 18, 1881; pres. Grin- 
nell Coll. since 1906; formerly dean of 
faculty, acting pres. and prof. Greek 
language and literature same; formerly 
proi". ancient languages Moores Hill 
Coll.; asst. Greek and latin Woman's 
Coll. of Baltimore; Fellow in Greek, 
Johns Hopkins; author of magazine 
articles on ed. subjects; mem. various 
scientific societies. 

MAN LEY, Wilbur P., banker, Sioux City; 
b. Rutland, Vt., July 25, 1858; Pres.; 
Rep.; m. Eva L. Richardson, Dec. 10, 
1884, Sioux City, Ia.; child. Leonard R., 
Margaret T., Louise E.; pres. Security 
Nat. bank, Woodbury Co. Sav. bank, 
Samaritan Hospital Assn.; chmn. Wood- 
bury Co. Red Cross; mem. Sioux City 
Chamber of Commerce, Sioux City Boat 
Club, Sioux City Country Club, Ia. 
State Bankers' Assn. Former residence, 
Rutland, Vt. 1858-1884. 

MEDBURY, Charles S., clergyman, Des 
Moines; b. Warren, O., Nov. 19, 1865; 
Disciple; ed. Eureka 111. Coll.; D. D. 
Drake Univ.; m. Anna L. Pickrell, Dec. 
30, 1890. Chicago, 111.; ordained minis- 
ter 1894; pastorates at El Paso, 111., An- 
gola, Ind., now Univ. Church Des 
Moines; Chautauqua and lyceum lectur- 
er; chaplain 157th Reg. Ind. Vols. 
Spanish- Am. war; mem. various reli- 
gious societies; author of religious 

MEREDITH, Edwin T., Sec. of Agri., 
Washington D. C, (Home Des Moines); 
b. Avoca, Ia., Dec. 23, 1876; Meth.; 
Dem. ed. Highland Park Coll.; m. Edna 
C. Elliott, Jan. 8, 1896, Des Moines, Ia.; 
pub. Farmers' Tribune, Des Moines, 
1896-02; started Successful Farming 
1902; dir. Chicago Federal Reserve 
bank; Ia. Trust & Sav. bank; Cand. for 
U. S. sen. 1914; for Gov. 1916; appoint- 
ed mem. bd. excess profit advisors, 
Nov. 1917; appointed mem. industrial 
conference Oct. 1919; appointed sec. of 
agr. in cabinet, Jan. 1920; dir. Chamb- 
er of Commerce U. S. A.; Nat. Assn. 
Adv. Clubs, Greater Des Moines Com.; 
founder of Jefferson Highway. 

MILLIMAN, James C, banker and ab- 
stractor, Logan; b. Gal way, N. Y., Jan. 
28, 1847; Rep.; ed. studied two yrs. at 
state univ.; m. Ettie R. Steam, (de- 
ceased), Nov. 20, 1870; 2nd Bella. S. 
Rice, 1886; served in civil war; lost an 
arm in siege of Petersburg; has served 
as lieut. -gov. of Ia.; mem. of the G. A.; 
co. recorder; mayor of Logan; justice 
of peace; mem. city council; mem. I. 
O. O. F., Past officer local and grand 
lodge, Elks, G. A. R.; served as chmn. 
executive com. State Soldier's Home. 





MONTGOMERY, Walter L., banker and 
stock grower, Sioux City; 1). Rook Is- 
land Co., 111., July 7, 1872; Epis.; Rep.; 
m. Leona K. King-, Jan. 4, 1899, Chica- 
go, 111.; child. John K., Martha P., An- 
drew; pres. Ia. State Sav. bank; live- 
stock and banking 1 , Burlington, la.; 
central Neb.; Chamberlain, S. D., 
where he organized a bank in 1895; 
banking interests at Platte, S. 1).; re- 
moved to Sioux City 1908 as v-pres. 
First Nat. bank; state sen. Brule Co., 
S. D., 1902-04; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, B. P. O. E., Sioux City Boat 
Club, Sioux City Country Club, Chamb- 
er of Commerce. 

MOON, Edwin G., lawyer, Ottumwa; 
b. Montrose, la., Nov. 12, 1870; Epis.; 
Dem.; ed. A. B. Univ. Ia.; LL. B. Kent 
Coll. Law Chicago; m. Lulu J. Mowatt, 
Nov. 14, 1901, Ottumwa; mem. firm of 
Gilmore & Moon, Ottumwa; U. S. atty. 
so. dist. of Ia., 1914 to date; formerly 
police judge, Ottumwa and state sen. 
13th dist. 

MORRISON, Theodore N., bishop, Daven- 
port; b. Ottawa, 111., Feb. 18, 1850; 
Epis.; ed. A. B. and D. D. 111. Coll.; 
grad. Gen. Theol. Sem.; S. T. D. West- 
ern Theol. Sem., 1905; LL. D. Chicago 
law sch.; m. Sarah Buck, Oct. 28, 1879, 
Chicago; formerly deacon, missionary 
priest and rector in Episcopal church; 
consecrated bishop of Ia., Feb. 22, 1899. 

MOWERY, Franklin P., farmer, Fairfield; 
b. Jefferson Co., Ia., 1853; Dem.; ed. 
rural sch., academy, bus. coll., law sch.; 
m. Cora Kirby, Oct. 4, 1877; sch. teach- 
er and principal; mem. sch. bd.; elected 
state rep. Jefferson Co. 1916. 

NEWCOMB, Ezra B. f clergyman, Keo- 
kuk; b. Indianapolis, Ind., Dee. 18, 1852; 
Pres.; Ind. Rep.; ed. Univ. Minn., 1871- 
73; McCormick Theol. Sem. 1883-80; D. 
D. Parsons 1897; practiced law Indian- 
apolis and Minneapolis 1879-83; or- 
dained Pres. minister 1886; pastorates 
at I't. Dodge, la., LaPorte, Ind., Keo- 
kuk, la.; comndr. Gen. Assembly 
Pres. Church U. S. A., 1895-03-09-10; 
delegate Pan.-Presb. Council N. Y., 
1909; Aberdeen Scotland, 1913; mem. 
permanent judicial com. Pres. Church 
1908-11, 1918-21; mem. advisory council 
church extension 1908-12; moderator 
Synod of la., 1908; mem. executive 
com. 1915-18; pres. bd. of la. Pres. 
Home Missions, 1907-15; inter-church 
Fed. State of la., 1912-17; dir. McCor- 
mick Theol. Sem.; trustee Parsons Coll. 
1898-1911; mem. society of Mayflower 
descendants; mem. S. A. |R.; former 
chaplain and pres. same; author var- 
ious public addresses, patriotic, relig- 
ious and historical. 

NICHOLS, Ira A., publisher, Iowa Falls; 
b. Traer, Ia., Nov. 12, 1869; Pres.; 
Rep.; ed. B. Sc. I. S. C, 1889; m Elsie 
M. Gemmel, Traer, April 15, 1895; 
elected state rep. Hardin Co., 1916; 
mem. K. P., M. W. A. 

NICHOLSON, Howel P., farmer and 
creamery mgr., Ossian; b. near Ossian, 
la., April 14, 1872; Rep.; ed. rural sch., 
Ossian IT. S.; in. Margaret Harvey, 
0<-t. 19, 1892, Ossian, la.; sec. and mgr. 
Silver Springs Creamery Co., a co-oper- 

ative organization; was pres. Winne- 
sheik Co. short course several yrs.; 
sec. sch. bd. 15 yrs.; elected state rep. 
Winnesheik Co. 1914; re-elucted 1916; 
mem. Masons. 
NORDYKE, Roy D., farmer, Richland; 
b. Keokuk Co., Ia., Sept. 15, 1878; Rep.; 
ed. grad. Richland H. S. 1897; m. Clare 
Vastine, Dec. 1901; has held several 
twp. offices; elected state Rep. Keokuk 
Co., 1914; re-elected 1916; mem. I. O. 
O. F. 

NORRIS, Harry W. f zoologist, Grinnell; 
b. Pittsfield, N. H., Sept. 11, 1862; 
Cong.; ed. A. B. Ia. (now Grinnell) 
Coll. 1886, A. M. 1889; Cornell Univ. 

1880- 90; Univ. Neb. 1890-01; Univ. of 
Freiburg, 1901-02; m. Harriet V. Ruliff- 
son, June 14, 1893, Lincoln, Neb.; prof, 
zoology Grinnell coll. since 1903; for- 
merly instructor natural history and 
prof, biology same; Fellow A. A. A. S.; 
mem. various scientific societies; also 
engaged in research work; joint author 
and contributor to scientific journals. 

NORTON, Frederick O., coll. dean, Des 
Moines; b. Brudenell, P. E. I., Can. 
Feb. 3, 1868; Church of Christ; ed. 
Prince of Wales Coll. (highest honors 
and valedictorian), Transylvania Coll. 
1893, A. M. 1895; classical grad. Coll. 
of the Bible, Lexington, Ky. 1895; m. 
Frances L. Minter, Nov. 9. 1904, LaBelle, 
Mo.; Fellow Univ. Chicago, 1903-06; 
Ph. D., 1906; dean Coll. liberal arts 
Drake Univ. 1907 to date; v-pres. and 
prof. ed. psychology Drake Univ. since 
1919; in army ed. corps as registrar 
Am. soldiers in Univ. of Paris, 1919; 
author, joint author and contributor to 
magazines on ed. topics. 

NORTON, William H., geologist, Mt. Ver- 
non; b. Willoughby, O., April 3, 1856; 
ed. A. B. Cornell la. Coll. 1875, A. M. 
1878; LL. D. Univ. Ia. 1911; m. Mary 
F. Burr, Aug. 27. 1883, Mt. Vernon; 
prof, geology Cornell Coll. since 1890; 
tutor Latin and Greek languages same, 
1875-77; adj. prof. 1877-81; prof Greek 
languages and literature and geology 

1881- 90; curator coll. museum since 
1882; mem. various geological societies; 
asst. on state and federal geol. surveys; 
pres. science sec. N. E. A. 1902; author 
of geol. and ed. papers. 

NUTTING, Charles C, zoologist, Iowa 
City; b. Jacksonville, 111., May 25, 1858; 
ed. A. B. Blackburn Univ., 111., 1880, A. 
M. 1882; m. Lizzie B. Hersman, (de- 
ceased), Aug. 10, 1886, Hersman, 111.; 
2nd m. Eliose Willis, June 16, 1897, 
Iowa City, la.; head of dept. of zoology 
State Univ. Ia. since 1890; engaged in 
explorations for Smithsonian Institute 
in Various foreign countries, also 
scientific researches! collaborator and 
author of various scientific* papers; edi- 
tor and contributor to journals, same. 

ORCUTT, Willard M ., hardware mer- 
chant, Sioux City; b. Austinburg, O., 
Sept. 9, 1868; Cong.; Rep.; ed. Grand 
River Institute, Austinburg, O.; m. 
Lvdia E. Woolever, Sept. lu, 1891, 
Austenburg, O. ; child. Willard E., Ed- 
win 1'., John 15.; sec. and treas. the 
Orcutt Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, Rotary Club, Chamber of Com- 


Orcutt 9 

merce, Country Club, Sioux City Boat 
Club. Former residence, Chamberlain, 
S. D., 1889-1891. . 
ORCUTT, Walter W., hardware mer- 
chant, Sioux City; b. Austinburgr, O., 
April 30, 1870; Cong.; Rep. ; m. Nellie 
E. Ochsner, March 25, 189G, Kimball, S. 
D. ; child. E. Pearl, Clara. M. ; pres. Or- 
cutt Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, 
Sioux City Boat Club; Sioux City 
Country Club, Chamber of Commerce. 
Former residences, Austinburgr, O., 1870- 
88; Chamberlain, S. D., 1888-90. 

PARKER, George S., capitalist, Sioux 
City; b. Watertown, Mass., Sept. 4, 
18G4; Rep.; ed. Watertown, Mass., H. 
S.; m. Alice B. Sweet, Feb. 12, 1890, 
Wellfleet, Mass.; former pres. Live 
Stock Nat. bank; interested in banks 
and commercial field; served in Mass. 
N. G. ; past master and past dist. dep. 
grand master Masonic lodge of Mass.; 
mem. all Masonic bodies, Shrine, Elks, 
Sons of Am. Revolution, Sioux City 
Boat Club, Country Club; formerly 
pres. Mass. bank Cashiers Assn.; past 
pres. Sioux City Clearing House Assn. 

PAMMEL, Louis H., botanist, Ames; b. 
LaCrosse, Wis., April 19, 18G2; ed. B. 
Agri. Univ. Wis., 1885, M. S. 1889; Ph. 
D. Washington Univ., 1898; prof, of 
botany, I. S. C, since 1899; author of 
many scientific papers; author 'Weeds 
of the Farm and Garden," "Manual of 
Poisonous Plants," "Ecology," "Weed 
Flora la."; mem. Bot. Soc. of Am.; 
Am. Soc. Bacteriologists; Biol. Soc, 
Washington; St. Louis Academy of 
Science; pres. Ia. Academy of Science, 
1893; Ia. Park and Forestry Assn. 1905- 
07; v-pres. Sec. G., A. A. A. S. 1919; 
pres. Ia. State bd. conservation, 1918. 

PARRISH, Robert L., lawyer, Des 
Moines; b. Cambridge, N. Y., July 25, 
1855; Prot; Rep.; ed. Ia. State Univ., 

A. B. and A. M. degrees; m. Hermena 
Hoffman, Dec, 1876, Leon, Ia.; child. 
Karl C, Robert H., Susan H.; 40 yrs. 
practice of law; stockholder and dir. in 
various mfg. concerns and other bus. 
enterprises in U. S. and Columbia, S. 
Am. ; has knowledge of German, French 
and Spanish — speaks last named; judge 
dist. court 3rd judicial dist. of Ia., 1899- 
1901; pres. trustees Highland Park 
Coll., 1913-18; mem. Masons and Grant 

PATRICK, G. T. W., univ. prof., Iowa 
City; b. near Boscawen, N. H., Aug. 
19,1857; ed. A. B. State Univ. of Ia. 1878; 

B. D. Yale 1875; Ph. D. John Hopkins 
1888; student of philosophy, Leipzig 
Univ. 1894; m. Maud Lyali, Nov. 28, 
1889, Minneapolis, Minn.; prof philos- 
ophy Ia. State Univ., since 1887; au- 
thor and translator various works on 
philosophy; contributor to various 
journals same; mem. and officer var- 
ious societies, same. 

PEARSON, Raymond A., agri. ed., Ames; 
b. Evansville, Ind., April 9, 1873; ed. 
grad. Cornell Univ., 1894, M. S., 1899; 
special studies in agri. science; LL. 
D., Alfred Univ., 1910; D. Agri. Univ. 
of Neb., 1917; m. Fanny A. Dunsford; 
asst. chief, dairy div. U. S. dept. agri. 
1895-1902; gen, mgr. Walker- Gordon 

4 Rawson 

Lab. Co. New York and Philadelphia 
1902-03; prof, dairy industry coll. of agr. 
N. Y. 1908-12; pros. L. S. C. since 1912; 
asst. see. of agri. during war emerg- 
ency 1917-18; received gold medal Paris 
exposition 1900 as collaborator; Fellow 
A. A. A. S.; Pres. N. Y. Agri. Soc. 1908- 
11; has written several bulletins pub. 
by dept. of agri. and Cornell Univ.; 
articles on agri. subjects in magazines 
and encyclopedia. 

PEIRCE, Howard G., live stock commis- 
sions, Sioux City; b. Ercildoun, Pa., 
Dec. 31, 1859; Epis. ; Rep.; ed. grad. 

' Friends sch., Phila., 1877; m. Mary E. 
Weare, Sept. 18, 1890; child. Susanna 
W., George A.; formerly engaged in 
mercantile, real estate and banking 
bus.; mem. Masons, Shrine; former of- 
ficer in Masonic bodies; Sioux City 
Boat Club, Country Club, Chamber of 
Commerce, Rotary Club, Elks. 

PORTER, Claude R., lawyer, Centerville; 
b. Moulton, la., July 8, 1872; Bern.; ed. 
Centerville H. S.; Parsons Coll.; student 
St. Louis law sch.; m. Maude Boutin, 
Dec. 27, 1899, Centerville, Ia.; mem. law 
firm Porter & Greenleaf, Centerville, 
la.; dir. Farmers & Merchants Sav. 
bank, Piano, Ia.; Mystic, Ia., Industrial 
Sav. bank; Exline, Ia. Sav. bank; serv- 
ed as sergt.-major 50th la. Inf. Span- 
ish-Am. war; mem. Ia. House Rep. 
1896-1900; dem. eandidate for sec. state 
1898; for gov. 1908-10-18; for U. S. sen. 
1908-09-11-20; U. S. atty. south dist. Ia. 
1914-18, (resigned); asst. atty. gen. of 
U. S. in charge of criminal bus. 1918- 
19 (resigned); now chief counsel feder- 
al trade com.; 

PRICHARD, Jacob A., lawyer, Onawa; 
b. Shelby Co., Ia., Dec. 31, 1861; Meth.; 
Rep.; ed. grad. Cornell la. Coll., B. A. 
1885, M. A. 1887; B. L. State Univ., 
1889; m. E. Grace Jones, Feb. 22, 1891, 
Smithland, Ia.; child. Vernon E., George 
W., Elbert, Leslie; practiced law Smith- 
land, Ia., loeated at Onawa. 1901; mem. 
Masons, I. O. O. F., K. P.; enlisted in 
Grigsby's Cowboy Reg. Sioux Falls, S. 
D., during Spanish-Am. war. 

PRINCE, Lloyd N. f newspaper editor, 
Sioux City; b. Prince Edward Co., Va., 
May 21, 1894; Ind.; ed. Portsmouth, 
O., H. S.; m. Martha Weixelbaum, 
June 16, 1914, Dayton, O.; child. Elsie 
J.; city editor Sioux City Journal; joint 
ed. and pub. "Who's Who in Ia."; 
mem. Chamber of Commerce, Sioux 
City Press Club, Sioux City Boat Club. 
Former residences, Portsmouth, O., 
1904-12; Lima, O., 1912-13; Rochester, 
N. Y., 1913-14. 

RAWSON, Chas. A., manufacturer, Des 
Moines; b. Des Moines, Ia., Mav 29, 
lMw; Prot.; Rep.; ed. II. S. and Grin- 
ivoll Coll.; m. Clara Hubbard, Feb. 1, 
1900, Des Moines, la.; manufacturer 
clay products; pres. ia. Pipe and Tile 
Co.; Eldora Pipe & Tile Co.; Teetor 
Mfg. Co.; v-pres. Des Moines Brick & 
Tile Co.; dir. in banks, trust co. and 
casualty co.; chmn Rep. State Cent. 
Com. 1912-20; pres. Roadside Settle- 
ment Assn.; trustee Grinnell Coll.; 
State chmn, war work council Y. M. C. 
A.; served abroad for Y. M. C. A.; mem. 


Rayburn 95 

State Historical Soc, Des Moines Club, 
Grant Club (ex-pres), Hyperion, Bank- 
ers, Golf and Country Clubs. 

RAYBURN, Edward D., banker, Monte- 
zuma; b. Montezuma, la., July 22, 1874; 
Meth.; Rep.; ed. grad Montezuma H. 
S. and State Teachers' Coll.; m. Ger- 
trude Powell, 1898; connected with 
First Nat. bank of Montezuma; former 
pres. Montezuma Commercial Club; 
eleeted state rep. Powesheik Co. 1914; 
re-elected 191G; mem. Masons, Shrine, 
I. O. O. P., K. P., Sons of Vets., Elks. 

REED, Sidney R., farmer and stockman, 
Monteith; b. Noble Co., O., April 29, 
1859; Christ.; Dem.; ed. pub. sch. and 
Springer sch., Chicago; m. Alice Mc- 
Clellan, 1880; extensive breeder of 
thoroughbred stock; elected state rep. 
Guthrie Co. 1916. 

REED, Henry T., judge U. S. dist. court, 
Cresco; b. Alburgh, Vt., Oct. 1, 184G; 
Rep.; m. Laura J. Webster, June 30, 
1868, Cresco, la.; practiced law at 
Cresco, la.; mem. la. House of Rep. 
16th G. A. 1876; U. S. dist. judge No. 
dist. la., since 1904; mem. Am. Par 
Assn.; la. State Par Assn. 

ROBB1NS, Charles B., lawyer, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Hastings, la., Nov. 6, 1877; 
Universalist; Rep.; ed. B. A. Univ. of 
Neb., 1898; studied Columbia Univ. law 
dept.; A. M. Columbia 1903; m. Helen 
Parrabee, (deceased) Sept. 9, 1903, Cler- 
mont, la.; served in Spanish- Am. war 
in Philippines as private, sergeant and 
1st lieut. ; wounded in battle March 
27, 1899; took part in 27 engagements; 
mem. N. Y. Nat. Guard, 1901-03; Capt. 
Co. D., 1st Inf. I. N. G. 1914-16; major, 
adj. gen. dept. la., Nov. 2, 1916; major, 
adj. 67th and later 69th inf. brigade U. 
S. A., Aug. 1917 to May 1919; with A. 
E. P., Sept. 1918 to April 1919; judge 
superior court Cedar Rapids, 1909-19; 
pres. Cedar Rapids Life Ins. Co.; dir. 
Cedar Rapids Nat. bank; Cedar Rapids 
Candy Co.; mem. Ia. State Par Assn.; 
Ia. State Hist. Soc; Delta Tau Delta; 
Masonic bodies, Cedar Rapids Commer- 
cial Club and Country Club. 

ROBERTS, H. Guy, farmer, Mt. Ayr; b. 
Ringgold Co., Ia., April 13, 1878; Christ; 
Rep.; ed. studied at Humeston Normal 
Coll. and Highland Park Normal Coll.; 
m. Minnie E. McDonald, Sept. 18, 1903, 
Grand Island, Neb.; has held various 
twp. offices; elected state rep., Ring- 
gold Co. 1914; re-elected 1916. 

ROCKWOOD, Elbert W., chemist, Iowa 
City; b. Franklin, Mass., July 4, 1860; 
ed. P. S. Amherst, 1884, A. M. 1901; 
student Univ. Gottingens, 1889; Univ. of 
Strassberg, 1890-01; Univ. Leipzig, 
1892-94; Univ. Chicago 1893; M. D. 
State Univ. Ia. 1895; Ph. D. Yale 1904; 
m. Laura Clarke, March 21, 1894, Iowa 
City; prof, of chemistry and toxicology 
since 1888; and head dept. chemistry la. 
State Univ. since 1904; formerly in- 
structor in chemistry Cornell Univ. and 
Wesleyan; author and contributor to 
scientific journals; mem. various 
scientific societies. 

ROWLEY, John W., editor and pub., 
Keosauqua; b. Columbiana Co., O., 
July 23, 1846; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. and 


H. S. at Davenport; m. Amanda M. 
Thompson, Oet. 27, 1868; elected co. 
supt. seh. 1875; interested in Keosauqua 
Republican; served as U. s. supervisor 
of census 1880-1910; elected stale rep. 
Van Puren Co., 1916. 

ROYAL, George, physician, Des Moines; 
b. Alford, Mass., July 15, 1853; ed. Am- 
herst Coll.; M. D. N. Y. Horn. Med. 
Coll. and Hosp. 1882; m. Ella J. Kings- 
bury, Nov. 27, 1879, Coventry, Conn.; 
prof, materia medica since 1892, dean 
cull, of Horn. Med. since 1899, State 
Univ. Ia. ; mem. and past officer var- 
ious medical societies at home and 

RUSTON, William O., educator, Dubuque; 
b. New York, Dec. 6, 1852; ed. A. P. 
Coll. City of N. Y., 1872; grad. Union 
Thcol. Sem. 1875; D. D. 1886, LL. D. 
1907, Lenox Coll.; m. Mary W. Crater, 
Oct. 5, 1876, Fairmont, N. J.; ordained 
Pres. minister, 1875; pastorates Fair- 
mont, N. J., West Union, Ia., Dubuque, 
Ia.; prof, sacred language and litera- 
ture 1903-15; prof, biblical theology 
1915 to date; also pres. 1904-08; dean 
of faculty 1908 to date; dir. 1887 to date, 
Dubuque Coll. and Sem.; trustee Lenox 
Coll.; mem. various religious and ed. 

STERN, Willis L., mgr. Stern Abstract 
Co., Logan; b. Logan, la., June 11, 1860; 
Rep.; large owner farm lands; served 
10 yrs. as chmn Rep. Co. Cent. Com.; 
mem. seh. bd. 20 yrs.; mem. Rep. State 
Cent. Com. 9 dist. 

SAMMIS, James U., lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Polo, 111., Sept. 13, 1863; Rep.; m. 
Fannie M. Randall, May 10, 1888, Dubu- 
que, Ia. ; child. Charles R., James U., 
Margaret; mem. law firm, Shull, Gill, 
Sammis & SthTwill, Sioux City, Ia. ; col- 
lector internal revenue 3rd la. dist. 
former lieut. Co. K, I. N. G.; past grand 
exalted ruler, B. P. O. E., 1909-10; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, K. P., B. 
P. O. E., Country Club, Woodbury Co. 
liar Assn. Former residences, Polo, 111.; 
Dubuque, la.; LeMars, Ia. 1886. 

SCOTT, George C, lawyer, Sioux City; 
b. Monroe Co., N. Y., Aug. 8, 1864; 
Rep.; m. Laura Trimble, June 14, 1888, 
Adel, Ia.; ed. H. S.; admitted to bar 
Dec. 7, 1887; elected rep. in cong. 11th 
dist. to fill vacancy caused by death of 
E. H. Hubbard; re-elected to 63rd 
cong.; re-elected to 65th cong. 

SEERLEY, Homer H., coll. pres., Cedar 
Falls; b. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 13, 
18 48; ed. Ph. B., State Univ. Ia., 1873; 
P. of Didactics 1875, A. M., 1876; LL. 
D. Penn Coll. 1898; State Univ. 1901; 
m. Clara 10. Twaddle, July 9, 1878, Os- 
k.iloosa. la.; former teacher and supt. 
sch.; pres. Ia. State Teachers' Coll. 
since 1886; is a mem. and has held 
various offices in state and nat. ed. 
socs. ; joint author of "History and Civ- 
il Govt, of Ia."; "The Country School," 
"Geography of Iowa." 

SHORTESS, Fremont E., jeweler, Traer; 
b. Morrow Co., O., Sept. 26, 1858; Rep.; 
ed. rural sch. and Tilford Acad.; m. 
Elizabeth W. Keith, Sept. 6, 1881; serv- 
ed as mayor and councilman of Traer; 


Shull 90 Swan 

elected state rep. Tama Co., 1914; re- 
elected 1916; mem. Masonic bodies; 
CP. W. M.), (P. H. P.), (P. E. C). 

SHULL, Deloss C, lawyer, Sioux City; 
b Pella, la., March 28, 1858; Bapt.; 
Rep.; ed. Central Univ. Pella; grad. 
Des Moines Coll., 1881; grad. Drake 
Univ. 1882; m. Prances E. Mitzell. 1889, 
Sioux City, la.; child. Deloss C, Henry 
C; practiced at Vermillion, S. D., until 
1887, when he located in Sioux City; 
dir. Farmers Loan & Trust Co.; Con- 
tinental Nat. bank; pres. Gt. West. 
Land Co.; mem. Sioux City Boat Club, 
Country Club. 

SIBLEY, Samuel E., physician and sur- 
geon, Sioux City; b. Story Co., Ia., 
Dec. 1, 1809; Cong.; Rep.; ed. LeMars, 
Ia. H. S.; grad. mod. dept. State Univ. 
1893; m. Martha B. Heathcote, March 
31, 1890, Moville, Ia.; child. Edward H.; 
practice limited largely to surgery; as- 
sociated with Dr. R. E. Conniff; mem. 
Co., State and Am. Med. Assn.; mem. 
Masons, Shrine, I. O. O. F., Chamber 
of Commerce, Country Club, Sioux City 
Boat Club. Formerly practiced at Mov- 
ille, Ia. 

SINCLAIR, George, banker, Sioux City; 
b. Ontario, Can., April 14, 1805; Rep.; 
ed. pub. sch.; m. Flora Goldie, June 11, 
1895, Sioux City; child. Jean, Ruth; 
identified with banking bus. in Sioux 
City since 1892; cashier Woodbury Co. 
Sav. bank; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Shrine, Sioux City Boat Club, Country 
Club, Chamber of Commerce. 

SMITH, A. A., sec. builders exchange, 
Sioux City; b. Paris, 111., May 2, 1858; 
Unit.; Dem.; ed. sch. of Mt. Pleasant, 
Ia., Burlington, Ia., studied at I. S. C. ; 
m. Harriet F. Karns, March 4, 1884, 
Burlington, Ia.; child. Annette, Sidney; 
engaged in newspaper work in Bur- 
lington and Sioux City; city ed. and 
managing ed. Sioux City Tribune; 
was chief deputy internal revenue 
coll. of la.; elected mayor Sioux City 
three times; formerly served as city 
clerk; mem. Masons, Shrine, Elks, Past 
Exalted Ruler latter. 

SMILEY, Charles N., coll. prof., Grinnell; 
b. Hamilton, Mo., Jan. 4, 1873; ed. A. 
B., Drury Coll., Springfield, l\1o., 1897; 
A. M. Harvard 1903; Ph. D. Univ. Wis. 
1905; studied Univ. Berlin 1909-10; m. 
Bertha K. Shutts, Aug. 23, 1910, Water- 
loo, la.; benedict prof. Latin, Grinnell 
Coll. since 1905; lecturer summer ses- 
sions Harvard and Univ. Wis. and 111.; 
formerly instructor Greek and Latin, 
Drury Acad, and teaching fellow in 
Greek Univ. of Wis.; regional dir. Y. 
M. C. A. with Italian army 1918-19; au- 
thor and contributor; mem. various 
scientific and ed. soc. 

SNYDER, W. S., banker, Sioux City; 
b. Clinton Co., Ia., June 28, 1873; ed. 
grad. Epworth Sem., Dubuque, la.; m. 
Anna Freeman, Nov. 18, 1890, Farley, 
Ia.; child. Velma C, Milo P., Kenneth 
W., Irma A.; organized Ethan, S. D. 
State bank (cashier); organized Am. i 
Trust & Sav. bank in Sioux City 1909 
and became its pres.; now pres. Com- | 

monwealth Trust & Sav. bank, Sioux 
City. Former residences, Welton, la.; 
Dewitt, la.; Ethan, S. D. 

SPENCER, E. B. T., coll. prof., Grinnell; 

1»., la., April 20, 1803; Cong.; 
ed. A. 1 5. Del'auw Univ., 1868, A. M. 
1891; post-grad, work John Hopkins 
1892-94 ; Harvard 1901-02; Columbia 
1902-03; m. Lulu B. Ward (deceased), 
Aug. 9, 1894,; 2nd Helen I. Hathaway, 
July 31, 1900, Plattsburg, N. Y. ; prof, 
classics 1911-10 and Carter-Adams prof. 
Greek, Grinnell Coll. since 1910; for- 
merly prof, languages Moores Hill Coll.; 
prof. Latin Univ. Denver and dir. Col- 
legio Metodista, Rome, Italy; mem. 
scientific soc, Masons; author. 

STANCLI FT, Henry C, coll. prof., Mt. 
Vernon; b. Spencer N. Y., Jan. 11, 18G4; 
ed. Ph. B. Cornell Univ. N. Y., 1889; 
Univs. Berlin and Leipzig 1889-92; Ph. 
D. Leipzig 1892; , in Oxford, London; 
studied political and social conditions 
abroad; prof. history and politics, 
Cornell Coll. since 1899; formerly 
acting prof. history dept. N. W. 
Univ.; mem. Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Pol. 
Science Assn. 

STEFFENS, Cornelius M., coll. pres., 

Dubuque; b. Germany, Sept. 28, 1800; 
ed. Am. Hope Coll. Mich. 1892; grad. 
Western Theol. Sem. 1895; D. D. Lenox 
and Coe Colls. 1907; ordained 1895; pas- 
torates at Rochester, N. Y., and Lit- 
tle Falls, N. J.; pres. Dubuque Coll. 
and Sem. since Feb. 1, 1900; greatly 
interested in the Americanization of the 
foreign speaking people of the country. 
STEIN ER, Edw. A., sociologist, Grinnell; 
b. Vienna, Austria, Nov. 1, 18GG; ed. 
Univ. Heidelberg 1885; B. D. Oberlin 
1891; post-grad. Univs. Gottingen and 
Berlin; m. Sara W. Levy, Oxford, O., 
Aug. 31, 1891; ordained Cong, minister 
1891; held pastorates at St. Cloud, 
Minn., St. Paul, Minn., Springfield, O., 
Sandusky, O.; special rep. of The Out- 
look in Russia 1903; prof, of applied 
Christianity Grinnell Coll. since Sept. 
1903; author, "Tolstoy the Man," "On 
the Trail of the Immigrant," "Mediat- 
or," "The Immigrant Tide," "Against 
the Current," "The Broken Wall," "The 
Parable of the Cherries," "From Alien 
to Citizen," "Introducing the American 
Spirit," "Nationalizing America," "My 
Doctor Dog," "Sanctus Spiritus and 
STOOPS, John J., prof, philosophy, Grin- 
nell; b. New Castle, Del., Jan. 20, 1873; 
Cong.; Prog. Rep.; ed. A. B. Dickin- 
son Coll., 1891; A. M. Harvard 1897; Ph. 
D., Boston Univ., 1899; .studied Union 
Theol. Sem., Columbia Univ., Clark 
Univ.; prof, philosophy. Grinnell Coll. 
since 190 1; formerly pi In. Upper Fair- 
mont, Md., Academy; prof, philosonhy, 
Mt. Union Coll.; ordained Cong, minis- 
ter 1901; pastor at Newhampton, Mass., 
1901-04; contributor to scientific jour- 
nals; m. Marv E. Milner, Cambridge, 
Mass., Dec. 25, 1901. 
SWAN, Gustaf N., vice counsul for Swed- 
I en for Tovva, Sioux City; b. Sweden, May 
10, 1850; Luth.; Rep.; ed. Augusta na 
I Coll., 1877-79; Hon. A. M., 1900; L. II. 





D. ( 1917; m. Caroline S. Samuelson, 
(deceased) June 12, 1884, Lockridge, la.; 
formerly engaged in mercantile and 
banking bus. Sioux City; appointed vice 
consul 1899; dir. Augustana Coll., and 
Theol. Sem.; mem. Am.- Scandinavian 
Soc; Swedish Hist. Soc; various other 
Swedish socs.; author various Swedish 
Hist, works; contributor to magazines; 
Knight of Royal Swedish Order of Vasa 
1st class. 

TREWIN, James H., lawyer, Cedar Rap- 
ids; i). Bloomingdale, ill., Nov. 29, 18 r .8; 
Pres.; Rep.; ed. Bradford, Acad., Ce- 
dar Valley Sem., Lenox Coll.; m. Mar- 
tha E. Rector (deceased), Earlville, la., 
April 14, 1883; 2nd m. Nellie S. Hatton, 
April 17, 1915, Cedar Rapids, la.; mem. 
firm Trewin, Simmons & Trewin, attys. 
Cedar Rapids; formerly practiced law 
in Earlville, la., and Lansing, la.; 
state rep. 1894-96; state sen. 1896-04; 
mem. la. Com. St. Louis Exp.; mem. 
state bd. ed. 1904-14; pres. same 1909- 
13; chmn. la. Code Com. 1919; state 
dir. campaign of ed. in principals of 
Am. Govt.; mem. U. S. Com. on uni- 
form legislature; mem. Masonic bodies, 
Cedar Rapids Country Club. 

VAN DYKE, Craig, banker, Sioux City; 
b. Sioux City, la., April 15, 1878; Epis.; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; m. Bess E. Switz, 
April 29, 1912, Kearney, Neb.; child. 
Virginia I., Elizabeth A.; formerly 
connected with la. State Nat. bank and 
Live Stock Nat. bank; cashier latter; 
mem. Elks, Country Club, Sioux City 
Boat Club, Chamber of Commerce. 

VAWTER, Keith, Chautauqua mgr.. Ce- 
dar Rapids; b. Indianola, la., April 
1872; Disciples; Rep.; ed. studied Drake 
Univ.; m. Cora E. Kiser, Marshalltown, 
la., Aug. 1899; established Standard 
Lecture Bureau, Des Moines, 1899; be- 
came connected with Redpath Lyceum 
Bureau, Chicago, 1902; organized Red- 
path Chautauquas, Chicago 1903; now 
sec. and mgr. Redpath-Vawter Chau- 
tauqua system; sec. Redpath Lyceum 
Bureau; dir. Cedar Rapids Sav. bank; 
pres. bd. trustees Drake Univ.; trustee 
Am. Christian Missionary Soc; mem. 
Masons, Press Club, Union League, Chi- 
cago Club. 

WADE, Martin J., judge U. S. dist. court, 
Iowa City; b. Burlington, Vt., Oct. 20, 
1861; Dem.; ed. St. Joseph's Dubuque; 
LL. B. State Univ. 1886; m. Mary G. 
McGovern, April 4, 1888, Iowa City; 
judge 8th la., judicial dist.; mem. 53th 
Cong. 2nd la. dist.; judge U. S. dist. 
court, So. la., dist. since 1915; was 
mem. dem. nat. com.; formerly lecturer 
on law and prof. med. jurisprudence 
State Univ. of la.; mem. Am. Bar 
Assn.; .Med iea - Legal Soc, N. Y. ; read 
paper before World's Cong, of Religions 

WAITT, George W., livestock dealer, 
Sioux City; b. Boston, Mass., March 1, 
1845; Cong.; Rep.; m. Ella L. Holman, 
Nov. 15, 1869, Sergeant Bluffs, la.; 
child. Gardner A., Mrs. A. Carlson, Mrs. 
Joseph D. Wells, Mrs. John L. Minn, 
Holman E., B. H., Marguerite, Ella E.; 
livestock dealer in Sioux City and Neb- 
raska, since 18C8; former president 

Sioux City Livestock Exchange; state 
rep. Dixon and Cedar Cos., Neb., two 
terms; former mayor, Wakefield, Neb.; 
mem. Masonic bodies, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Sioux City Livestock Exchange. 

WARFIELD, William S., Jr., wholesale 
grocer, Sioux City; b. Quincy, 111., Nov. 

23, 1868; Christian Science; Rep.; m. 
Ella. Mikesell, Feb. 6, 1889, Quincy, 111.; 
child. John M. ; pres. Tolerton & War- 
field Co.; mem. Masonic bodies, Shrine, 
Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club. 

WARREN, John N.. physician and sur- 
geon, Sioux City; b. DeWitt, la., Aprl* 
30, 1846; Rep.; ed. Sem. Mt. Carroll, 
111.; grad. Univ. Mich. 186!); grad. Miam;. 
Med. Coll., Cincinnati, O., 1871; post- 
grad, work New York City; took spec- 
ial course and specialised in Surgery; 
m. Mary V. M. Hubbard, June 27, 1877, 
Lyndon, 111.; child. Dr. A. M., Mis. 
George Jordan, Nelson J.; practiced at 
Dewitt, la. and Storm Lake, la.; in 
1905 took post-grad, work in Vienna 
Austria and in 1907 same in London, 
Eng.; was pres. and prof, surgerv in 
Sioux City Coll. of Med.; mem. Co., 
State, Am. Medical socs., Masons, 

WEIR, Samuel, univ. prof., Mt. Pleasant; 
b. London, Out., Can., April 15, 1860; 
ed. A. B., N. W. Univ. 1889; B. D. Gar- 
rett Bible Inst. 1887; A. M. 111. Wesle- 
yan Univ. 1891; Ph. D. Univ. Jena, 1895; 
dean and prof ed. la. Wesleyan Coll. 
1918 to date; acting pres. 1919; ordained 
Meth. minister 1886; pastorates at 
Wichita, Kan. and Cheyenne, Wyo. ; 
former instructor mathematics N. W. 
Univ.; prof, ethics and history edn. N. 
Y. Univ.; lecturer on pedagogy Univ. 
of Cineinnatti; prin. Clarion State Nor- 
mal sch.; dean sch. ed. and prof, of 
ed. and philosophy Dak. Wesleyan 
Univ.; dean coll. of liberal arts and 
prof, philosophy and psychology and 
prof ed. Simpson (la.) Coll.; author and 
magazine contributor. 

WELD, LeRoy D., prof, physics, Cedar 
Rapids; b. Cresco, la., March 6, 1880; 
Pres.; Dem.; ed. B. S. Univ. Ia. 1899, 
M. S. 1902; prof physics Coe Coll. Ce- 
dar Rapids since 1902; lecturer on phys- 
ics Columbia 4 mos. 1912; Univ. Ia. 
summer 1915; m. Lulu A. Graff, June 

24, 1903, Iowa City, la.; mem. Am. 
Physic soc, Ia. Acad. Science; author 
"The Theory on Errors and Least 
Squares" (text book). 

WHITEIS, William R., surgeon, Iowa 
City; b. Urbana, la., Aug. 10, 1869; ed. 
B. S. Univ. Ia., 1892, M. S. 1895, M. 
D. 1895; studied at Univ. Leipzig 1895, 
Univ. Vienna 1896-97; London, 1897; 
m. Alice Eernistrom, Aug. 10, 1892, Lone 
Tree, Ia. ; prof gynecology and obstet- 
rics and head dept. la. State Univ 
since 1914; prior to that date was prof' 
and asst. prof, same; was made dir 
»L V ' Hospital 1904; pres. hospital staff 
1907; acting surgeon 1913; mem co 
state and nat. med. socs.; contributor to 
magazines on surgical subjects 

W'GDAHL, Lars O., minister, Ruthven- 
b Norway Dec. 7, 1857; Luth.; Rep j 
ed. studied Hanges Ev. Luth. Sem 
Red Wing, Minn.; grad. Augsburg Ev' 


Wilson 98 

iitfth. Sem., Minneapolis, 1887; m. Anna 
Osterhus, Fayette Co.; ordained 1887; 
pastorate at Ruthven; elected state 
rep. Palo Alto Co., 1914; re-elected 1916. 

WILSON, Chas. B., univ. prof.; Iowa 
City; b. Syracuse, N. Y., May 9, 1861; 
ed. A. B. Cornell 1864; fellow 1885-86, 
A. M. 1886; studied at Leipzig and 
Paris 1884-85, Berlin 1897, Germany 
1907; prof. German language and liter- 
ature and head of dept. State Univ. 
Ia. since 1888; mem. various language 
assns.; editor and author of text boofcs; 
in U. S. service for inspection of for- 
eign language press 1918. 

WILSON, George, farmer, Cherokee; b. 
Albany, N. Y. f Nov. 1, 1853; Rep.; ed. 
dist. sch. and Tilford Acad.; m. Ellen 
L. Joyce, Nov. 13, 1878, Vinton, la.; 
taught sch. three terms in Benton Co. 
and five yrs. in Cherokee Co.; served 
as co. aud. Cherokee Co. 1906-14; elect- 
ed State Rep. Cherokee Co. 1914; re- 
elected 1916; mem. I. O. O. P.. B. A. Y. 

WILSON, Henry L., farmer, Osage; b. 
Tama, Co., Ia., July 12, 1858; Rep.; ed. 
rural sch., H. S., Acad.; m. Ethel 
Lovejoy, 1895; served as sheriff Mitch- 
ell Co., 1891-96; associate editor Mitch- 


ell Co. Press 1904-08; elected state rep. 
Mitchell Co., 1914; re-elected 1916. 

WILSON, Thos. J., farmer, Beacon; b. 
Washington Co., Ia., Oct. 23, 1851; 
Rep.; ed. pub. sch.; served as twp. trus- 
tee 12 yrs.; and as co. supervisor, Ma- 
haska Co., three yrs.; one of the or- 
ganizers of Farmers Nat. bank, Oska- 
loosa, la.; dir. same; elected state rep. 
Mahaska Co., 1914; re-elected 1916-18. 

WOODS, Frank P., Estherville; b. Wal- 
worth Co., Wis.; Rep.; ed. pub. sch. 
and No. Ind. Normal sch. Valparaiso, 
Ind.; moved to Ia. 1887; chmn Rep. 
State Cent. Com. 1906-07; elected to 
congress 10th dist. 1908; re-elected 

YOUNG, Lafnyette, editor, Des Moines; 
b. Iowa, 1848; Rep.; owner and pub. 
Des Moines Capital; state sen. three 
terms; appointed U. S. son. to succeed 
J. P. Dolliver, Nov. 12, 1910; mem. of 
the Taft party to the Philippines; war 
correspondent in Cuba; nominated 
Theo. Roosevelt for v-pres. at Phila. 
Rep. Nat. Con. 1900; delegate to two 
Rep. Nat. Cons.; has lectured on Chau- 
tauqua platform; chmn. state council 
National Defense; active in patriotic 
and war work. 

lowans nominated for "Who's Who in Iowa' 
from whom no biographies were received 

F. C. Henningsen. 
J. H. Scales. 
J. B. Breniman, Mayor. 
F. J. McGrevy, Attorney. 
W. T. S. Rath, Banker. 
N. M. Vietor, Farmer. 
Henry Bunte, Garage. 
J. M. Hunt, Farmer. 
F. J. Martin, Merchant. 
Dr. I. L. Potter. 

F. A. Snyder, Trader. 
Van V. Roosevelt. 

W. H. Saucer, Tombstones. 

George F. Althouse, Publisher "World 

Journal; Postmaster. 
J. H. Ubben, Collector and Constable. 


P. D. Wine, President Farmers National 


C. E. Arney, Farmer and County Sup- 

A. S. Beary, Farmer and Stockman. 
S. J. Burroughs, Farmer. 

D. S. Collins, Farmer and Banker. 

J. D. Fraley, Retired Hardware Dealer. 


George Dunn. 
M. B. Latham. 
Peter C. Bohlen. . 


J. B. Gripp. 

J. D. Porter, Mayor. 

A. W. Renshaw. 

G. L. Porter, Post Master. 
C. W. Briggs. 

J. J. Feeback. 

C. E. Myers. 
William Lloyd. 
Marion Shields. 


J. A. List, Mayor. 

E. J. Kooreman, Post Master. 

D. J. Gleysteen, Physician. 

J. N. Kuhl, President Alton Saving Bank. 
W. S. Slagle, with F. M. Slagle and Com- 

Judge William Hutchinson, District 

Very Rev. F. J. Brune, Catholic Clergy- 

E. S. H enrich, President of Commercial 

C. W. Pitts, Banker; Lawyer. 


M. C. Crispin. 

Dr. A. G. Hejinian. 

Louis Gardner. 

C. J. Cash. 

Clifford L. Niles. 

George W. Beaman. 

Dr. E. G. Tawson. 

Dr. F. B. Sigworth. 

J. N. Baumel. 

A. O. Sones. 

R. M. Peet. 

George L. Schoonover. 

T. E. Watters. 

Dr. A. N. Trevarthen. 

Dr. B. F. Erb. 

Dr. B. H. Erb. 

J. A. Belknap. 

D. M. Strawman. 
W. S. Barker. 

J. W. Conmey. 
George B. Frazier. 


A. L. Yeaton, Mayor. 

Henning Shoulberg, Cashier First Na- 
tional Bank. 

F. J. Swanson, President First Trust & 
Savings Bank. 

R. R. Pollock, President, Farmers Grain 

E. F. Cobb, Druggist. 

Boyson Ross, Vice President, Akron Sav- 
ings Bank. 


S. M. Leach, President Adel State Bank. 
William Roberts, President First National 

A. C. Hotchkiss, ex-Senator; Publisher. 
John B. White, Attorney at Law. 
A. J. Goodrich, Mayor. 
S. A. Douglass, Post Master. 
W. E. Scott, Physician and Surgeon. 
Lon B. Smith, Merchant. 
Frank Lindeman, Superintendent City 

L. V. Russell, Loans and Abstracts. 

D. E. King, Vice President First Na- 
tional Bank. 

Robert L. Leach, Vice President Adel 
State Bank. 

L. R. Roberts, Cashier First National 

L. M. Macy, President Light & Power 

H. R. Straight, President Adel Clay 
Products Company. 


W. W. Moore. 
C. R. Stearns. 
J. A. Marsh. 


F. L. Sharon. 
C. W. Gadd. 


H. C. Taylor. 
O. D. Wray. 
H. L. Sprowles. 
C. D. Fortine. 
3. S. Stanley. 

G. W. Phelps. 
M. S. Banar. 
A. H. Fortune. 
J. H. Taylor. 

A. B. Welch. 
W. H. Wiseman. 
Jesse Matter. 
Emmet Spilman. 

H. B. Rankin. 
Ira Baldridge. 

B. B. Burchett. 
S. A. Larenz. 




H. P. Campbell. 
S. S. Barker. 

E. D. Beauchamp. 
S. F. McConnell. 
J. J. Ethell. 

F. C. Young. 

J. M. Krewson. 
J. A. Wray. 
Ed Shaw. 
J. R. Wallace. 
S. E. Latinner. 

G. VV. Phillips. 
W. F. Shannon. 
S. E. Rowe. 

W. M. Wright, President First National 

C. H. Welch, Manager Blockton Auto 

D. B. Paxton, Retired Merchant. 

M. R. Chandler, Retired Grain Dealer. 

R. J. Carr, Grain Dealer. 

Robert Campbell, Stock Buyer. 

M. A. Griffith, Auctioneer. 

S. L. Warden, Real Estate. 

Ellis Yulph, Editor Blockton News. 

H. A. Smith, Merchant. 

D. T. Waldup, Produce Manager. 


W. G. Pierson, President Powesheik 

County Savings Bank. 
Keneth McAra, Attorney and Capitalist. 
C. E. Brooks, Post Master. 
U. M. Reed, Attorney. 
C. D. Busby, M. D. 

A. E. Anger. 
Joseph Karr. 

R. J. Breckinridge. 
Brownlie Graham. 
F. R. Talbott. 
William Montgomery. 

J. W. Bettendorf. 
F. C. Siebengartner. 
H. E. Burgess. 
J. E. Kuehl. 

B. J. Messer. 
J. E. Brownlie. 
K. B. Smallhous. 
H. F. Abramson. 

C. H. Dorman. 
T. Houlihan. 

C. E. Burkle. 
J. E. Miller. 
J. Hinirchsen. 

H. C. Jordan. 
Peter Behn, Jr. 

D. L. Fowler. 
H. M. Baxter. 
H. C. Snover. 
Ed H. Campbell. 
D. H. Hedrick. 


F. Van Erdewyk. 


A. B. Turner. 

C. F. Andrews. 
W. C. Chubb. 

D. H. Meyerhoff. 
Amos F. Shlnn. 
R. G. Welsell. 
W. S. Lyons 

J. A. Anderson. 

B. J. Gibson. 
James Roach. 
Richard Dollard. 
W. B. Ankeny. 
S. C. Scott. 

J. E. O'Donnel. 
John Roland. 

D. W. Turner. 

C. W. Gray. 
S. W. Yeadon. 
W. W. Lavely. 
J. W. Biggar. 

O. T. Hutchinson. 


C. E. Hass. 
J. H. Kurtz. 
C. E. Lowrey. 

0. L. Russell. 

A. H. Bullock. 


B. F. Whetsler. 
G. W. Scovell. 

E. T. Hauptmann. 
S. S. Young. 

S. L. Thompson. 
J. J. Bonnstetter. 

E. H. Rich. 

Jacob Meyer, Retired. 

F. A. Hennessy, M. D. 

1. F. Sobolit, D. D. S. 

O. P. Ode, Banker. 

G. A. Meyer, Live Stock. 

H. Wesselman, Meat Market. 
T. H. Goheen, Attorney. 

W. B. Miller, Manufacturing. 
Carl Meyer, Manufacturing. 
J. F. Conover, Banker and Postmaster. 


Father Joseph Kuemper. 

W. R. Lee. 

J. B. Hungerford. 

J. P. Hess. 

Father T. J. McCarty. 

J. A. Strohm. 

Dr. S. H. Johnston. 

Dr. L. G. Patty. 

Rev. A. J. Mueller. 

F. H. Arts. 

J. C. Heider. 

H. J. Heider. 

N. M. Mackey. 

Dr. G. L. Sherman. 

Barney Greteman, Farmer. 

E. A. Robb. 

George Selzer. 

M. A. Hoyt. 

E. A. Wissler. 

C. E. Reynolds. 
L. H. Salinger. 
Joseph M. Drees. 
Brown McCrary. 
W. C. Saul. 
Charles Gnam. 

A. L. Gnam. 
Frank B. Nockles. 
M. J. Kelly. 
George S. Tyndale. 
W. E. Sturgess. 
S. Walz. 

J. A. Dougherty. 

A. Becker. 

John Gruber. 

Father Joseph Cordes. 

Rev. Burton Shepard. 

Dr. William Shirley. 



Joseph Laughlin. 
John P. Conway. 
William Winneke. 
Henry Fessler. 
Lambert Baumhover. 
W. T. Ross. 
Joseph Rohner. 
H. E. Russell. 
H. C. Stevens. 
Dr. A. Kessler. 
Dr. A. J. Beyer. 
Fred Franzwa. 
Leo J. Wegman. 


John Lister. 
Charles Belz. 
W. A. Conrad. 
W. H. Draper. 
John R. Gier. 
F. W. Alexander. 
Ellet Lepley. 
E. L. Guild. 


P. T. Mitchell, 
C. E. Martzahn. 
E. C. Dean. 

H. E. Dewell. 
August Ruther. 
Len Fictor. 

E. Cosgriff. 


C. F. Graves, Merchant and President 
Farmers Saving Bank. 

F. G. Briner, Cashier Farmers Saving 

S. Gilchrist, President Linn County Sav- 
ing Bank and Lumberman. 

J. F. Stauffer, Cashier Linn County Sav- 
ing Bank. 

Dr. C. G. Yost. 

Dr. M. A. Newland. 

T. J. Gardner, Farmer. 

D. A. Haloway, Farmer. 

W. B. Fee, Farmer and Stock Dealer. 

Warren Garst. 
Ed McDonald. 
Jens Jensen. 
M. M. Cooney. 

I. M. Gretsinger. 
John W. Smith. 
M. B. Keister. 

John Rippey, Farmer. 

Charles Anderson, Farmer. 

Dr. C. E. Wolfe. 

V/. H. Pingrey. 

John Ruvane. 

W. E. Macklin. 

F. C. Jones. 

W. S. Farquhar. 
L. M. Stevenson. 
William Jacobson. 
W. J. McCullough. 
C. D. Wycoff. 
L. Wallace Farquhar. 
Floyd Henderson. 
A. O. Hansen. 

John Robinson, Merchant. 

Justin Barry, Publisher Cherokee Times. 
Dr. J. H. Burlingame. 

W. P. Goldie, Publisher, Cherokee Dem- 

E. C. Herrick, Lawyer 1 . 

E. D. Huxford, President Cherokee State 

Walter P. McCulla, Attorney. 

Roy H. King, Vice President First Na- 

ional Bank. 
Thomas McCulla, Attorney. 
William Mulvaney, Attorney. 
W. A. Sanford, President, First National 


T. H. Steele, President Steele's Bank. 
C. A. Stiles, Farms. 

C. M. Sullivan, Postmaster. 

H. H. Toman, Merchant. 

James F. Weart, Lumber and Grain. 
Dr. L. A. Wescott. 
Dr. C. H. Johnson. 
Lawrence Adsit, Merchant. 
Robert Gracey, Farms. 

D. W. McNeal, Lawyer. 

C. B. Holden, Marble. 
Charles Graves, Live Stock. 
W. I. Nelson, Merchant. 
Niel Bushlow, Farmer. 

F. W. Johansen, Schools. 
P. M. Peterson, Farmer. 


S. D. Trad. 

D. A. Gaff. 
Elmer R. Flint. 
Lee Moore. 

George W. Horgrave. 
D. A. Goff. 


D. V. Ferris. 

D. D. Dolecheck. 

E. Sobotka. 

I. A. Talley. 

G. E. Grace. 
E. T. Dufur. 

W. J. Hilmer, Merchant. 
Peter Nelson, Farmer. 
J. M. Kingsley, Mayor. 
W. A. Meader, Garage. 

Peter Persson, Vice President Delaware 
Saving Bank. 

A. W. Sackett, Cashier Delaware Sav- 
ing Bank. 


J. P. Conner. 
C. L. Voss. 
Sears McHenry. 
George McHenry. 
Jacob Sinns. 
W. E. Kahler. 
J. H. Patterson. 
J. T. Carey. 
J. E. Balle. 
Barney Brodersen. 
Eugene Gulick. 

B. J. Sibbert. 

J. W. Miller, Jr. 
W. A. McHenry. 
J. T. Pfarr. 
N. L. Hunt. 
Hugo Gebert. 
A. C. Balle. 
George Menagh. 

C. F. Kuehnle. 
Clement Welch. 

P. H. Rush, Mayor. 
Earl Patten, Postmaster. 



VV. D. Gibson. 

C. F. Seibold. 

Dr. J. J. Murphy. 

M. D. Cord. 

Dr. W. H. Richards. 

Godfrey Durst. 


C. R. McDowell, Banker. 

G. W. Bowers, Real Estate. 
W. W. Reynolds, Farmer. 
John Ross, Merchant. 


W. B. Ryan. 

E. M. Miller. 
P. J. Rogers. 

F. W. Wilwerding. 

H. A. Schleier. 


C. B. Halbert, Mayor. 

O. J. Powell, President First National 

C. F. Caldwell, Cashier First National 

W. L. DeWItt, Stockman and Farmer. 
Will Fortune, Real Estate and Insurance. 


E. C. Fuller. 

D. D. Carleton. 
Matt Reiff. 


C. S. Newcomer, President J. D. New- 
comer Company. 

P. F. Brown, Merchant; President of the 

Commercial Club. 
J. F. Hardin, President Citizens Saving 


W. R. Scholfield, Mayor and Lumber- 

D. M. Moser, President Hardin County 
National Bank. 

A. W. Crosson, Cashier First National 

D. W. Peisen, Attorney. 

H. A. Huff, Attorney; ex-State Repre- 
C. F. Stouffer, Hardware. 
Thomas Larson, Hardware. 
H. H. Nazett, Investor. 
Joseph Wallace, ex-State Senator. 

G. H. Iliff, Asst. Superintendent Iowa 
Training School for Boys. 

J. G. Bridgens, Farmer. 

F. D. Felton, Farmer. 

E. O. Koeneman, M. D. 
George E. Diehe, D. D. S. 
J. R. Winnett, M. D. 

E. H. Lundy, Attorney. 
W. E. Rathbone, Banker. 
Harry Moser, Lumberman. 
Allen Meader, ex-Sheriff. 

Burt J. Thompson. 


C. N. Barney, Mayor. 
Byron Lewis, Physician. 

G. G. Knowlton, Merchant. 
W. G. Schanke, Banker. 

F. O. Martin, Farmer. 


H. G. George. 
John Leehey. 

Dr. C. D. Bothwell. 

W. M. Higbee, Postmaster. 

James Shields. 

Dr. J. H. Murphy. 

C. B. Everett, Bunker. 

J. L. Wylie, Banker. 
George L. StansLury. 
Guy Carmer, Mayor. 
John S. Darrah, Postmaster. 

Louis Getting, Breeder. 
George Fuhr, Mayor. 
Miss Dora Parden, Postmaster. 
W. C. Collman. 
William Horsfall. 
Ernest Fie. 
Fred Marshall. 
Ben Hoeven. 


Charles E. Scholz, Lawyer and Banker. 
C. J. Adam, Banker. 
J. P. Eckart, Banker. 
Dr. F. R. Cutler. 
Dr. A. E. Beyer. 
Dr. C. W. Duffin. 
F. J. Friedlein, Lumber Dealer. 
Carl Ihm, Merchant. 
Emil Ihm, Merchant. 
W. H. Kann, Merchant. 
W. J. Beerman, Business Man. 
William Nuehring, Farmer. 
W. H. Miller, Farmer. 
William Rodenberg, Farmer. 
Ed P. Eberhard, Manufacturer. 
O. H. Lake, Manager Canning Company. 
Michael Gllbertz, Business Man. 
O. F. Scholz, Druggist. 
Robert H. Scholz, Manager Button Works. 

H. B. Haselton. 


J. E. Tierney, Editor. 

Frank Clark, Editor. 

C. J. Schneider, Merchant. 

W. J. Barz, Merchant. 

C. C. Wortman, Merchant. 

J. N. Sprole, Real Estate and Farmer. 

F. E. Blackstone, Attorney. 

W. H. Ramsay, Attorney. 

C. H. Nelson, Farmer and Grain Dealer. 

Isaac Sweigord, Banker. 

F. M. Hanson, Banker. 

J. F. W. Urba, Banker. 

M. N. Zieger, Mayor and Jeweler. 

J. C. Hastings, Attorney. 

T. J. Calllgan, Banker. 
Lyman Beers, Merchant. 
C. W. Edgington, Grain Implements and 

Real Estate. 
Thomas E. McMahon, Farmer. 


M. Hartner. 

C. V. Cave. 

A. T. Hill. 

L. Lucas. 

W. N. Buckholz. 

H. A. Leete. 

H. D. Haase. 

George E. Beal. 

Oscar Perry. 

Dr. V. C. Blrney. 

O. C. Miner. 

O. C. Perrin. 




W. J. Davis, President First National 

H. T. Broders, Cashier First National 

Albert Tagge, Postmaster. 
Charles Boyce, Mayor. 

Henry Schmoll, Farmer and President 

Farmers Saving Bank. 
Frank Patch, President Hartley State 

Dr. W. C. Hand, Physician. 

P. A. Leese, Auctioneer. 

R. J. Boles, Pure Bred Stock Breeder. 

O. E. Horst, Hardware. 

0. F. Olson, Clothier. 


F. A. Ayers. 

G. J. Bicknell. 

I. L. Crittenden. 
John Cunningham. 
J. G. Devine. 

A. H. Duncan. 
Parley Finch. 

G. S. Garfield. 
L. W. Housel. 

H. C. Hubbard. 
J. F. Jaqua. 

R. J. Johnson. 
Clarence Messer. 
A. E. Minion. 
J. M. Olson. 

D. A. Ray. 

W. W. Stearns. 
W. J. Taft. 

A. B. White. 

E. A. Wilder. 


B. C. Boysen. 
Fred Hanswirth. 
J. S. Olericht. 

S. H. Gill. 

A. G. Obrecht. 


D. W. Mott. 
T. W. Purcell. 

1. L. Stuart. 

B. H. Mallory. 
S. A. Clock. 
Gerald Leming. 

J. M. Hemingway. 
R. L. Saley. 
J. H. Darrah. 
N. A. Inglis. 

F. H. Ridgeway. 
Dr. A. F. Hobson. 
Rev. Walter Metcalf. 
Frank Kratochvil. 

E. P. Andrews. 
George D. Patterson. 
Prof. H. L. Cecil. 

H. J. Henderson. 
R. M. Harrison. 
H. E. Boehmler. 
Lee C. Robinson. 
W. L. Robinson. 

C. L. Raper. 

L. W. Hobbie. 
T. E. B. Hudson. 
J. A. Carden. 

F. H. Dirst. 


J. S. Wilson, Retired; President of the 

First National Bank. 
J. M. VanWyk, Farmer. 
P. H. VanWyk, Retired Farmer. 

Jacob Gorzeman, President Board of 

Supervisors Sioux County. 
A. Van Den Brink, Mayor. 
E. H. Reimann, President Iowa State 


G. S. DeMots, Real Estate. 
Dr. G. Maris. 

Henry Tiedemann, Farmer. 


John Carter. 
Pitt Plumer. 

C. F. Hoaglin. 
J. W. Runyon. 


R. N. Rawson, Banker. 
R. Haddock, Farmer. 

Rev. J. F. Hutchinson, Pastor M. E. 

J. C. Clary, Banker. 


William Eaton, Mayor. 

G. E. Held, Manager Mondamin Farm. 

O. C. Brown, Banker. 

J. H. Barnes, Manager Farmers Cooper- 
ative Company. 

D. Winter, Postmaster. 

Oren M. Gillett, Banker. 
Richard G. Swan, Merchant. 
Merritt W. Harmon, Lawyer. 
Milton A. Smith, Attorney. 
Richard J. O'Brien, Attorney. 
Willard A. Tidball, Merchant. 
Henry W. Oliver, ex-Merchant. 
Carlos D. Jones, Capitalist. 
Silas B. Hovey, Capitalist. 
Irving C. Plane, Merchant. 
Daniel F. Logan, Merchant. 
John Barnett, Merchant. 
Dr. Amos G. Shellito, Physician. 
Dr. Joseph H. McGready, Physician. 
Dr. Robert F. Buchanan, Physician. 
Peter F. Sheehan, Merchant. 
Dr. Fred F. Agnew, Physician. 
Dr. Fred T. Plank, Dentist. 
Walter Thompson, Retired. 
R. F. French Stockman. 
Walter G. Stevenson, Banker. 
George F. Slemmons, State Representa- 


Sam Mack, Real Estate. 
G. M. Anderson, Banker. 
N. C. Bahn^on, Breeder. 

John Stevenson. 
M. M. Head. 
R. G. Howard. 
S. J. Sayers. 
Albert Head. 
J. M. Forbes. 
Z. A. Church. 

E. G. Graham. 
Jay Wiggins. 
L. J. Grisier. 

Dr. C. D. Enfield. 
Dr. W. M. Young. 

D. L. Howard. 

E. B. Wilson. 

J. A. Henderson. 

V. H. Lovejoy. 

A. C. Wells. 

E. H. Carter. 

F. E. Gamble. 



John Gouger. 

J. B. Deal. 

R. W. Bennett. 

D. C. McCully. 
G. S. Toliver. 
R. C. Head. 
Frank Marsh. 

E. A. Milligan. 
Dr. L. F. Hoyt. 
Dr. F. M. Dean. 
Joseph Thompson. 


N. P. Swanson, President Home Saving 

C. S. Johnson, Cashier Home Saving 

G. A. Norelius, Merchant and Farmer. 
P. A. Peterson, Mechanic. 


Henry Montgomery, President Farmers 
State Bank. 

R. E. Mollestone. 
J. L. Bay. 
J. T. May. 
O. O. Greenell. 
C. K. Coontz. 
G. W. Mollestone. 
K. R. Huff. 
S. D. Leachman. 

Capt. J. D. Brown. 
Dr. B. L. Eicke. 
John Mcintosh. 
James W. Harvey. 
Fred Teale. 
Thomas Teale. 
Stephen Vargo. 
C. W. Hoffman. 
George W. Baker. 
James Springer. 
Frank Hansel. 
W. H. Shields. 
V. R. McGinnis. 
M. F. Springer. 

E. G. Monroe. 
J. R. Bowsher. 
L. E. Gassett. 
Dr. H. R. Layton. 
Dr. F. A. Bowman. 
J. A. Harris. 

J. M. Gardner. 
A. L. Ackerly. 


F. C. Gilchrist. 
M. Hakes. 

R. N. McCombs. 
U. S. Vance. 
W. J. Allen. 
W. A. McNee. 
O. F. Oleson. 
A. D. Claussen. 


J. H. Peacock, Banker. 
O. E. Holley, Banker. 

Norman F. Baker. 
Charles B. Rogers. 
William E. Allen. 
Lemon S. Clothier. 
Robert O. Mill ? r. 
John T. Skidmcre. 


P. H. Juergensen, Postmaster. 
Kossuth Pauls, Lumber Merchant and 
Vice President American Bank. 

C. E. Kroemer, Farmer. 

D. W. Conrad, Lumber and Coal. 
Charles Reinking, Cashier American 


Louis Hoeltz, Produce Buyer. 
A. Freund, Merchant. 


F. C. Jones. 

M. Funk. 

Frank Albright. 

W. F. Shindley. 

Ira Smith. 

W. J. Woodward. 


John W. Jacobs, Attorney. 

M. E. Hutchison, District Judge. 

L. F. Danforth. 

Dr. G. L. Pray, Mayor. 

Rev. F. W. Wilson. 

C. S. Hopkins. 

George E. Pearen. 

J. B. Smith. 

J. F. Baden. 

H. W. Crawford. 
Dr. F. E. Kauffman. 
Dr. D. W. McCrary. 
Fred Boldes. 

W. A. Van Eps. 
J. L. Bradley. 
R. A. Griffin. 
W. H. T. Shade. 

F. O. Cottong. 
Dr. M. J. McVay. 
M. R. McCaulley. 
C. H. Zybell. 

E. W. Townsend. 


G. B. L. Styve, Mayor. 
O. N. Styve, Merchant. 

S. H. Berg, Superintendent of Schools. 

I. N. Nelson, Manager of Canning Fac- 

W. S. Wadsworth, Merchant. 
N. L. Thoe, Merchant. 
C. W. Wescott, Postmaster. 
W. M. Weed, Jeweler. 
J. C. Odden, Merchant. 
A. T. Haugo, Real Estate. 
A. A. Sanden, Peal Estate. 
J. C. Olson, Photographer. 
M. O. Godtland, Electrician. 
C. N. Charlson, Farmer. 
Charles Platts, Farmer. 
C. T. Bergland, Farmer. 
A. O. Stalheim, Farmer. 
T. S. Tweed, Bank Cashier. 
J. M. Tapager, Bank Cashier. 
| B. L. Nerby, Druggist. 
W. J. Phelan, Capitalist. 


F. M. Terry. 
A. M. Ellis. 
A. M. Rolph. 

G. Huff. 

J. A. Perley. 
A. M. Hathaway. 
O. Walker. 
John Ross. 
C. W. Smith. 




Carroll A. Bolter, Lawyer. 
Charles W. Hunt, President Iowa Farm 

Henry Cadwell, Mayor; Retired Farmer. 
T. A. Massie, Postmaster, Retired Mer- 

William W. Latta, Farmer and Stock- 

John W. Wood, President First National 

Bank; ex-County Treasurer. 
Asa Thomas, Farmer; Member Board of 

John A. Heterick, Merchant. 
H. L. Robertson, Attorney; Member Lib- 
rary Board. 
Brereton J. Wood, Cashier First National 

Bank; Member School Board. 
George H. Harvey, Merchant, (Harvey 

Brothers); Library Board. 
Dr. M. A. Humphrey, Dentist. 
L. W. Fallon, Lawyer and Farm Lands. 
R. W. Hills, Vice President Farmers 

State Bank; Owner of Farm Lands. 
Frank D. Stearns, Manager of Farmers 

Mercantile Company. 

Oliver J. Woodard. 
J. L. Hamilton. 
A. M. Dubois. 
William Shram. 
C. N. Daniels. 
F. G. Orals. 
H. C. Fuller. 
J. B. Marsh. 
J. E. Lowrie. 
Henry Haskins. 
William Goodrich. 
Dow Marsh. 
C. E. Daniels. 


W. M. Dean. 
A. Armstrong. 
P. Smith. 
J. P. Therkelsen. 

H. H. Lamoreaux, Farmer. 


W. L. Gund, President Bank of Marcus. 
Ira Edmunds, President Exchange Bank. 

Mrs. C. H. Randall. 
Dr. F. Reyner. 
J. A. Maxwell. 
Howard L. Simpson. 
C. B. Hanna. 
James N. Maxwell. 
George Graham. 

F. H. Munson, Mayor. 
Burton Clark, Banker. 

L. Mathews, Retired Farmer; County 
Treasurer and Banker. 

E. M. Carr, Postmaster. 

A. M. Cloud, Real Estate and Attorney. 
Calvin Yoran, Attorney. 

A. O. Stanger, Secretary Iowa Mortgage 

A. C. Phillipp, Druggist; President Iowa 
Druggist Association 1020. 

F. E. Richardson, Real Estate and In- 

Grant Brayton, Farmer. 

J. C. Nieman, Farmer and Real Estate. 

Dr. C. R. Weir, Dentist. 

Dr. H. M. Bradley, M. D. 

W. N. Wolcott, Lumber Dealer. 

F. E. Dutton, Banker. 
C. J. Seeds, Banker. 
H. C. Smith, Farmer. 

G. W. Dunham, Attorney; ex-District 

H. L. Rann, Editor and Publisher Man- 
chester Press. 

Arthur M. Vette. 
Fred Haas. 
H. C. Brown. 
Thomas P. McGiverin. 
Dr. W. P. Hutchins. 
A. Brimmer. 
W. E. Hankey. 
S. R. Swain. 
Dr. James Patterson. 
William Hummer. 
William H. Langlas. 
R. T. Conn. 
F. H. Karsten. 
Prof. C. H. Carson. 
George W. Danskin. 
R. E. Hatter. 
J. M. Dower. 


F. W. Year. 

George Kraft. 
William S. Foley. 
C. M. McDougall. 
Phillip Keller. 
H. I. Ramsey. 


W. S. Shepardson. 
F. E. Gates. 
George W. Gates. 
Dr. C. J. O'Keefe. 
Mat Standt. 

M. W 
M. J. 
R. A. 
C. A. 

B. F. 
F. M. 

C. G. 
M. A. 
J. F. 

D. T. 
W. T. 
C. E. 


Nelson, Mayor. 

Young, ex-State Senator. 

Fitz, Banker and Capitalist. 
Foley, Clothier. 
Horton, Retired. 
Young, Druggist. 
Coon, Merchant. 
Kaskey, Merchant. 
Trumball, Merchant. 

Bragington, Retired. 
DaUon, Jr., Postmaster. 
Love, Dentist. 

Ries, Banker. 
Bale, Banker. 


J. W. Ellis. 

Dr. A. B. Bowen, M. D. 
Dr. D. N. Loose, M. D. 
Dr. F. J. Swift, M. D. 

G. L. Mitchell. 
J. W. Dunlap. 

H. B. Hubbell. 
M. Ma honey. 

E. R. Stoddard. 

Mrs. D. H. Anderson. 

Mrs. D. Marlow. 

A. J. House. 

Mrs. A. J. House. 

Frank Gibson. 

O. McCaffery. 

Dr. J. O. Ristine, M. D. 



Dr. J. F. Ritter, M. D. 
Rev. J. G. Morgan. 
C. W. Farr. 
F. D. Kelsey. 

Mrs. Leonora Decker Boyd Merrero. 
Mrs. M. F. Cannell. 
Milton Sagers. 


W. L. Sanborn. 
J. A. Molstad. 
S. R. France. 
Henry Wood. 
W. E. Hall. 
E. C. Haskell. 
Ralph McElrath. 
W. H. Rawson. 
W. W. McElrath. 
R. J. Anderson. 
Oscar Harrison. 
O. A. Sadler. 


Dr. Mingle. 
Dr. Joor. 

Prof. J. W. Piercy. 

C. E. dinger, Real Estate. 

Asa Lomer, Retired Farmer. 

C. J. Reitz. 

C. E. Lookingbill. 

William Young, Farmer and Real Estate. 

John W. Johnson. 
Dr. Ed Beatty. 
William Barret. 
R. A. Brownlee. 
Ab Randall, Mayor. 
J. P. Mulroney. 


W. B. Durham, Postmaster. 
M. E. Daniels, Mayor. 
J. N. Goode. 
R. A. Shiw. 
J. E. Clayton. 
A. Goode. 
Samuel Shaw. 


C. J. Cedarqulst. 
C. G. Johnson. 
W. J. Jenkins. 
A. E. Skortman. 
J. G. Lucas. 
S. L. Miles. 
Peter Cassel. 
W. H. Williams. 
C. E. Peterson. 
A. M. Sundberg. 
Oscar Oakleaf. 

James Hunter, Banker. 
Fred H. Hoefener, Banker. 
John Geiger, Mayor, Merchant. 
John Ehlers, Merchant. 
J. C. Madsen, Merchant. 


R. Bohren. 
Henry M. Carpenter. 
Major Halstead M. Carpenter. 
George Henry George. 
Elmer E. Hicks. 
Elmer E. Hoag. 
John J. Locher. 
George L. Lovell. 
Major Lafayette W. Lovell. 
Ervin E. Reed. 
Harvey H. Richardson. 

Charles H. Schipman. 

Fred P. Stuhler. 

George W. Stuhler. 

William Stuhler. 

John Henry Johnson Stutt. 

James A. Voorhees. 


F. B. Nichols. 

Dr. V. O. Muench. 
John Nicola. 
R. C. Black. 

B. F. Swickard. 

H. T. Toys, President Worth County 

State Bank. 
T. S. Houson, Vice President Worth 

County State Bank. 

0. V. Eckert, Vice President First Na- 
tional Bank. 

Ed Collin, Lawyer and ex-State Repre- 
M. H. Kepler, Attorney. 
Dr .E. H. Divelle. 

G. E. McQuatters, Real Estate. 

E. M. Salim, Lawyer and Mayor. 
T. O. Lund, President Northwood Sav- 
ing Bank. 

H. C. Finch, Life Insurance. 

R. R. Lewis, Superintendent of Schools. 
J. B. Thompson, Merchant. 
Iver Iverson, Cashier First National 


C. H. Townsend. 

W. F. Getsch, Banker. 
M. A. Kepple, Banker. 
H. M. Walleser, Banker. 
A. L. Kout, Banker. 

S. B. Bellamy, Lumber & Coal Dealer. 

G. E. Ellison, Publisher. 

M. L. Woodbrldge, Druggist. 

Dr. L. H. Goodale, Physician. 

C. H. Bauder, Mayor and Real Estate. 

E. E. Tracy, Farmer and Stock Raiser. 

H. L. Bissonnette, Farmer. 

Vern Cutler, Mayor. 

1. C. Bronson. 

F. J. Kraupa. 
J. L. Harr. 
A. T. Moore. 
W. A. Eckels. 
J. A. Wiley. 

J. B. Pribbenow, 
W. S. Mathers. 
E. C. Moody. 
J. A. Cutler. 
C. E. Sellon. 
H. F. Schnedler. 


Dr. R. G. Smith. 
H. H. Spaltl. 
L. S. White. 

E. P. Harrison. 
C. A. Sample. 
A. C. Vieth. 

P. M. Heft. 
Dr. G. C. Giles. 
J. W. Keith. 
M. H. Evans. 
Felix Setz. 

F. W. Pierce. 
F. E. Seeman. 



John T. S. Williams. 
Charles Rosen. 
S. Anderson. 

D. Nebbe. 

0. W. Clark. 
Frank Porter. 

F. M. Lorenzen. 
H. Ehlers. 

C. B. Clark, Postmaster. 
A. V. Williams, Editor. 

E. H. Jenkins. 
Daniel Sickler. 
C. E. Cook. 
W. M. Rosen. 


Jos. Mattes. 


Frank Boyd. 


E. E. Kellogg. 
J. W. Morris. 
C. O. Sones. 

S. J. Brown. 
Wade Spurgin. 
John R. Davies. 
W. A. Warford. 
Frank Thorpe. 
Irving Haughtelin. 
Fred Jackley. 
William G. Roberts. 
H. L. Moore. 


Joseph H. Little, Merchant. 
L. C. Dowden, Manufacturer. 

C. H. Riddle, Druggist. 
J. F. Harp, Physician. 
W. E. Graham, Farmer. 

G. L. McFadden, Farmer. 

D. L. Graham, Grain & Stock. 


C. W. Mathews. 

D. C. Sutton. 

1. O. Powers. 
C. G. Eby. 

J. J. Miller. 

H. C. Taylor. 


F. S. White, Pioneer Resident. 
Gerd Beneke, Farmer-Banker. 
William Weigert, Lumberman. 
Ivan Johnson, Stock Buyer. 

N. W. Fitz, Banker. 


A. J. Clark, President Quimby State 

J. W. Goodman. 
C. J. Buck. 
H. M. Weeks. 
Ollie LUtteken. 

H. F. Stouffer. ' . 

W. H. McCannon. 
Berry Free. 
J. N. Van Scay. 
Alex High. 
Oron Gilliland. 

LeRoy Anderson, Mayor. 
Dr. R. R. Gaard, M. D. 
William Hoffman, Banker. 
C. E. Myers, Editor. 
A. C. Johnson, Farmer and Stockman. 
C. G. Wiemer, Banker. 


J. B. Kent. 
C. B. Bowen. 
C. H. Tollesfsrude. 
M. P. Hancher. 

C. H. Moon. 

D. Brinkman. 
J. F. Wiegman. 
W. W. Beam. 
Robert Bruce. 
George W. Henderson. 
P. A. McCray. 

O. P. Miller, Banker. 

E. C. Roach, Attorney. 
Warren H. White, Mayor. 
N. Hampe, Banker. 

F. L. Sutter, Banker. 
M. A. Cox, Banker. 

E. O. Carpenter, ex-Mayor. 

J. W. Carey, Publisher. 

W. G. Smith, Publisher. 

Hans Lorenzen, Dry Goods. 

M. Fitzgerald, Merchant. 

W. J. Purchas, Creamery. 

C. C. Bangman, Druggist. 

W. H. Foley, Clothing. 

C. H. Puckett, Capitalist. 

William Jammer, Retired Farmer. 

John Rohlff, Retired Farmer. 

Dan McGraw, Retired Farmer. 

S. S. Davenport, ex-Banker. 

W. W. Reynolds, Farmer. 

C. C. Crawford, Banker. 
C. J. Locker, Merchant, Banker and Real 

E. M. Freerks, Banker. 
O. C. Callman, Banker. 
Evert Klelnkenborg, Banker. 


A. Christians, Banker. 
C. M. Gage, Farmer. 
John Haan, Farmer. 

F. P. Buckley, Farmer and Stockman. 
L. G. Peters, Grain. 

E. L. Partch, ex-Banker. 

Mrs. J. A. Brockway, Merchandise. 

G. G. Macust, Real Estate. 
John Rohde, Real Estate. . 
A. A. Roos, Breeder. 


C. P. Jordan, Banker. 
Charles Youde, Farmer. 

E. A. McFarland, Editor Sutherland 

Charles F. McCormack. 


Asa Piatt. 

D. E. Hallett. 
L. E. Irwin. 
L. R. Wayt. 
C. G. Butler. 

Lacey Wine, Postmaster. 

F. S. Needham. 
Earl Mahaig. 
A. W. Arnold. 
J. I. Brown. 


O. B. Harding. 

Dr. Frank S. Hough. 

W. D. Shuttleworth. 

E. M. Taylor. 



W. W. Overholser. 
George F. Sokol. 
Harold E. Scott. 
Mary E. DeBoos. 

B. F. Butler. 
L. A. Dwinell. 

E. E. Farver. 
H. E. Walton. 
Will Thomas. 

Rev. J. F. Parsons. 
Dr. Frank P. Winkler. 
H. L. Emmert. 

Samuel Habne. 
G. F. Chandler. 
S. Walker. 


F. H. Huessmann. 


C. C. Gravatt. 
L. A. Koon. 
P. M. Wade. 
M. M. Miller. 
A. W. Bascom. 


Louis Stoelk. 

Rev. Henry Grothe. 
William Brlnck. 
Gerhard Harmeyer. 

Dr. F. H. Dierker. 
Otto B. Walljasper. 
J. A. Harmeyer. 
J. F. Walljasper. 

A. R. Leith. 
W. D. Harris. 
W. A. Cooling. 

C. C. Bacon. 
Henry Wildasin. 
F. C. Wicks. 
H. E. Nicolaus. 
Fred A. Maurer. 
George Bannick. 

D. W. Smith. 
H. W. Lamp. 
Harry Gordon. 
Lowrey Ayers. 


James Robertson, President Washta State 


C. M. Herrlg. 

D. Brunton. 


R. J. Hurd. 
J. J. Carr. 
J. H. O'Neil. 
Ross Olson. 
Dennis Murphy. 



Walter Albert Jessup, Ph. D., President. 

The State University of Iowa is an integral part of the public school 
system of the state. As contemplated in its establishment, the work of the 
university is based upon the preparation afforded by the duly accredited high 
schools of the state, whose students are admitted to the undergraduate and 
professional courses upon the presentation of the proper certificates — except 
in the colleges of medicine and law, which require two years of collegiate 
work in preparation. The state, through the university, undertakes to furnish 
instruction in the various branches requisite for an education in the liberal 
arts, law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, fine arts, nursing, commerce, engin- 
eering, etc. It also aims to encourage research work in all departments. 

The university embraces the following colleges and schools: The Gradu- 
ate College; the College of Liberal Arts; the College of Law; the College of 
Medicine; the College of Homeopathic Medicine; the College of Dentistry; the 
College of Pharmacy; the College of Applied Science; the College of Educa- 
tion; the School of Commerce; the Schools for Nurses (Medical and Home- 
, opathic Medical) ; the School of Music. 

Integral parts of the institution are also: The summer session, including 
the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Okoboji, the School for Library 

The Graduate College unites the university's equipment for advanced 
study and research, its courses beginning where the courses in the other 
colleges end. It offers work leading to the degrees of M. A., M. S., and Ph. D. 

Th College of Liberal Arts is the center around which the university has 
grown. It offers upwards of three hundred liberal and vocational courses irt 
the arts and sciences, these courses leading to the degree of B. A., and B. S., 
the latter only in connection with combined courses in liberal arts and pro- 
fessional studies (see below). 

The College of Law offers a course of three years leading to the degree of 
LL. B. For admission two years of study in a liberal arts college are required. 

The College of Medicine offers a course of four years leading to the degree 
of M. D. The college is recognized by the American Medical Association in 
"Class A." Two years of liberal arts study are required for admission. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine offers a course of four years, leading 
to the degree of M. D. Its departments of surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, 
ophthalmology, etc., materia medica, and theory and practice of medicine have 
been established by statute. Its other departments (anatomy, physiology, bac- 
teriology, etc.,) are shared with the College of Medicine. 

The College of Dentistry offers a course of four years leading to the degree 
of D. D. S. The college is one of the six leading dental colleges in the country 
which meet the standards of the Dental Faculties Association of American 

The College of Pharmacy offers a two years' course leading to the degree 
of Ph. G., and a three years' course leading to the degree of Ph. C. 

The College of Applied Science offers courses in civil, sanitary, mechan- 
ical, electrical and general engineering, and in chemistry. These are each of 
four years and lead to the degree of B. E. A five-year course is also arranged. 
Advanced degrees are given in C. E., M. E., etc. 

The College of Education unites the various facilities of the university for 
the training of teachers, with special reference to administrative work and the 
higher positions. Its courses lead to the certificate of the College of Education. 

The School of Commerce, established in September, 1914, is organized 
within the College of Liberal Arts and its course leads to the degree of B. S. 
in Commerce. 




The Schools for Nurses are two in number, one conducted in the university 
hospital under the direction of the faculty of the College of Medicine, the other 
in the university of homeopathic hospital under the direction of the faculty of 
the College of Homeopathic Medicine. 

The School of Music is a part of the College of Liberal Arts. Tt offers 
courses in piano, voice, pipe organ, violin, band instruments, and in the history 
and theory of music. 

The Summer Session of two terms, one of six weeks, from June 16 to July 
26, the other four weeks, from July 28 to August 23, is a regular session of 
the university. The session also includes the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory and 
the School for Library Training. 

"Combined courses" in Liberal Arts and professional studies permit the 
attainment in a shortened period of the double degrees of B. S. or B. A. and 
M. D.; B. A. and LL. B.; B. S. and D. D. S.; B. S. and B. E.; and D. D. S. 
and M. D. 


Raymond Allen Pearson, D. of Agr., LL. D., President. 

The college is governed by the state board of education consisting of nine 
members appointed by the governor. The work of the college is conducted 
along the following five major lines: 

Agriculture, Engineering, Home Economics, Industrial Science, Veterinary 

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses. 

In each of these five major lines stated above, collegiate and graduate 
instruction is given, leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's degrees. 

Graduate instruction is adapted to the needed requirements of candidates 
for different degrees. Undergraduate or collegiate instruction is given in 
four-year, five-year and six-year courses offered in the different divisions of 
the college, and jointly between divisions. Graduate and undergraduate 
courses are fully described in the college catalog, and include courses in 
agricultural education, agricultural engineering, animal husbandry, ceramics, 
chemical engineering, dairying, electrical engineering, farm crops and soils, 
farm management, forestry, home economics, horticulture, industrial science, 
mechanical engineering, mining engineering, structure design, and veterinary 

Non-Collegiate Course. 

These courses are offered especially for young men and women who have 
not completed the requirements for admission to collegiate courses. They in- 
clude two year courses in Agriculture, vocational work in Engineering, Home 
Economics, Rural Structure Design, and one year courses in Dairying, Bee- 
keeping and Livestock Management. 

Summer Session. 

The summer session is divided into two six weeks periods in which some 
courses especially adapted to public school teachers are offered, including 
work in Agriculture, Home Economics, Manual Training, Industrial Science, 
and Vocational Education, work for rural and grade teachers. Special at- 
tention is given to collegiate and graduate courses. 

Winter Short Courses- 

These are given at different times on different subjects with one special 
week known as Short Course or Convention Week. 

Agricultural Experiment Station. 

Charles Franklin Curtiss, B. Sc., D. S., Director, Ames. 

The Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station was established in accordance 
with an act of congress, approved March 2, 1887, for the purpose of aiding 
"In acquiring and diffusing among the people of the United States useful and 



practical information on subjects connected with agriculture, and to promote 
scientific investigation and experiments respecting the principles and applica- 
tion of agricultural science." 

The work of the Agricultural Experiment Station now includes the fol- 
lowing lines of investigation: Farm crops and soils, farm management, animal 
husbandry, horticulture and forestry, agricultural engineering, botany, dairy- 
ing, entomology, chemistry, bacteriology, rural sociology, and agricultural 
economics. The results of investigations and experiments along these lines 
are published in bulletins and circulars which are distributed free to all resi- 
dents of the state who apply for them. 

The work in the Agricultural Experiment Station is of direct service to 
the agricultural interests in the state and nation. The results of experiment 
station investigations serve as the basis for agricultural instruction from the 
standpoint of both the college and extension work. It is now universally 
recognized that little progress can be made by agricultural colleges, either in 
teaching their students or in carrying information directly to farmers, until 
definite data has been secured concerning the scientific and practical prob- 
lems which constitute the basis of our present day agriculture. 

Engineering Experiment Station. 

Including Good Roads Experimentation. 

Anson Marston, C. E., Director, Ames. 

The Engineering Experiment Station was established at the Iowa Stato 
College by the legislature .of Iowa in 1904 to afford a service, through scien- 
tific investigations, evolution of new devices and methods, educational in- 
formation on technical subjects and tests and analysis of materials; for the 
manufacturing and other engineering population and industries of Iowa; for 
the agricultural industries of the state in the solution of their engineering 
problems; for the urban and rural population of the' state in the solution of the 
engineering problems of urban and rural life. 

From the first the station has carried on original investigations along 
lines of vital interest to the people of Iowa, including drainage, sewerage and 
sewerage disposal, water supply, roads and road traffic, pavements, bridges, 
clay products, concrete materials and other materials of construction, lighting, 
steam and electric power, engineering economics and others. The results 
have been published in more than fifty bulletins for free distribution. Arty 
of these bulletins not out of print will be sent free upon request addressed 
to Director Anson Marston, Engineering Experiment Station, Ames, Iowa. 

The station has given special attention to water supply, sewerage and 
lighting for farm homes. 

For many years the station has made tests and analysis of construction 
and other materials for state departments, counties, townships, cities, fac- 
tories, corporations and individual citizens of Iowa. The charges for such 
tests are at least equal to those charged by responsible commercial testing 
laboratories, as the station will not assume the role of competitor with com- 
mercial laboratories. The station stands ready to make check tests or to act 
as final authority oh questions of this nature, but would prefer that all 
routine tests be made by outside laboratories. The amount and character of 
the testing work is so restricted as not to interfere seriously with the in- 
vestigational work. 

Veterinary Investigations. 

C. H. Stange, Dean. 

This work was organized under provisions made by the thirty-fifth gen- 
eral assembly. Considerable information concerning hemorrhagic septicemia 
in cattle has been secured, a serum produced and a number of herds treated. 
Other diseases have been studied and much time has been given to hog 
cholera and complications of this disease. 



Extension Work. 

R. A. Pearson, President. 

The extension work of the Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mech- 
anic Arts is divided into two branches — agriculture extension and engineer- 
ing extension. 

Agricultural Extension. 

R. K. Bliss, Director. 

The agricultural extension work was established permanently by enact- 
ment of the thirty-first general assembly of Iowa. This act provided for giv- 
ing lectures and demonstrations on the growing of crops and fruits, on stock 
raising, dairying, land drainage and kindred subjects, including domestic 
science. Specific mention was made in this act on instruction in corn and 
stock judging at the agricultural fairs, institutes and clubs and aid in con- 
ducting short courses of instruction at suitable places throughout the state. 

Engineering Extension. 

D. C. Faber, Acting Director. 

The thirty-fifth general assembly of Iowa provided an appropriation for 
the establishment of engineering extension and trade school work. Two-year 
courses in trades and industry are conducted at the college for young men 
wishing to prepare themselves for expert positions in industrial lines. Short 
courses of instruction and technical institutes are conducted in industrial cen- 
ters. Technical information is supplied municipalities and civic organizations. 
Bulletins of information are issued from time to tme. 

Hog Cholera Serum Plant. 

C. H. Stan&e, Drector. 

This work was started under an appropriation of $35,000 made by the 
thirty-fifth general assembly for the production of biological products, espec- 
ially hog cholera serum. The plant is self-supporting. Permanent buildings 
have been erected. Up to December 31, 1918, 25,730,357 cubic centimeters 
of serum had been produced. This serum was used in treating 10,091 herds. 

State Apiarist. 

Appointed by the State Board of Education. Term at pleasure of Board. 
Appropriation $1,500 annually. 

F. Erick Millen, of Ames, Story County. 

It is the duty of the apairist to give lectures and demonstrations in the 
state of Iowa on the production of honey, the care of the apiary, the market- 
ing of honey, and upon other kindred subjects relative to the care of bees 
and the profitable production of honey. Also, upon request the apiarist shall 
examine the bees in a locality suspected of being affected with any of the 
contagious diseases common to bees. It is the duty of the apiarist to furnish 
the owner of the bees, without cost, written instructions in regard to the 
nature of the disease and the best methods of treating it. It is a misdemeanor 
of anyone to fail to properly take care of a colony of diseased bees or in other 
ways cause the spread of contagious diseases among bees. 


President — Homer H. Seerley, M. A., LL. D. 

This institution was founded in 1876 as a school tor the instruction and 
training of teachers for the public schools. It used the title of Iowa State 
Normal School from 1876 to 1909 and since that time the title Iowa State 
Teachers College, authorized by an act of the general assembly. It is a col- 
lege in its standards as to graduating with a degree from its courses, though 
it admits and instructs teachers and grants diplomas of special varieties for 
all classes of teachers, rural and elementary, needed by the public schools. 
Fo^ admission to college courses, graduation from an accredited high school 
is required. For admission to sub-collegiate courses and rural teachers work 
an elementary education is required. 



The institution is organized to give teacher education and training and 
does not undertake any other kind of educational work. Its courses are 
to give efficiency and capability to the students as workers in public schools. 
Its field of service grants preparation to high school teachers, to elementary 
and primary teachers, and to all kinds of special teachers now demanded by 
the public schools of the state. Its plan is that of a vocational school and 
everything that is done has a bearing upon the training of young men and 
women for service in the system of public education maintained in the 
state. Its degree graduates are admitted without conditions to the graduate 
schools of the universities and its alumni hold important positions in public 
service in every state where they are employed. Its diplomas are Bachelor 
of Arts in Education, Special Teacher Diplomas such as Primary, Junior 
College, Kindergarten, Art, Public School Music, Manual Arts, Home Econom- 
ics, Physical Education, Commercial, Rural Education, Rural Teacher and 
Normal Course. In addition music teachers are granted diplomas for piano, 
organ, violin and voice. 


The income for the support of this institution, and to meet the ordinary 
and current expenses, including the compensation of officials, teachers and 
other employees, the purchase of food, supplies, clothing, furniture and 
furnishings, books, maps, apparatus, and other expenses, is $24,00 a month 
for nine months of each year for each resident pupil actually supported by 
the school. Whenever the average number of pupils in any month is less 
than 275, the school is entitled to draw $6,600.00 from the state treasury. 
Therefore, the regular annual appropriation for the support of this institu- 
tion is not less than $59,400.00. 

Every resident not less than five or more than twenty-one years of age 
too deaf to be educated in the common schools, and. every such person who 
is over twenty-one and under thirty-live years of age who has the consent of 
the board of control, is entitled to receive an education in the institution 
at the expense of the state. Non-residents similarly situated may be entitled 
to an education therein upon the payment of sixty-six dollars quarterly in 

The session of the school begins the first day of October and continues 
until the last day of June of each year. Pupils should come promptly at the 
beginning and remain until the end of the session. 


Superintendent — F. E. Palmer. 

The aim and purpose of this institution is purely educational. The liter- 
ary work covers a period of twelve years and is outlined similar to the work 
done in the public school, having a fully accredited high school. The depart- 
ment of music is supplied with a number of pianos, one pipe organ, and a 
number of stringed instruments. All students who have talent in music are 
given a thorough course in this department. All students are required to 
do work in the industrial department. The girls are taught knitting, crochet- 
ing, fancy-work, hand and machine sewing, and domestic science. The boys 
are taught netting, weaving, broom making, cane seating, manual training 
and piano tuning. These advantages are free to all blind children of school 
age and those who have vision so defective as lo prevent thvm from attend- 
ing the public schools, providing they are mentally normal. The school year 
begins the first Wednesday in September and closes the last week in May. 
For further information address the superintendent. 


Stanton Olinger, Ph. D., President. 

Established 1891. Under control of the Presbyterian church and governed 
by a board of thirty-six trustees. Courses of study, college, academy, educa- 



tion, commerce, home economics, agriculture, oratory and music. The group 
system ot ! studies is offered, one hundred and twenty credits being required 
for graduation and the degree of A. B. Bible study of one recitation per week 

The total value of the plant and real estate exclusive of endowment, 


Milton J. Hoffman, A. M., D. D., President. 

In the fall of 1854 the academic department of Central University of Iowa 
opened for work, and by 1861 freshmen, sophomore and junior classes in the 
collegiate department were doing regular work. During 1861-62 one hundred 
twenty-three professors and students enlisted in the army. Since that time 
the college has had a varied and checkered career, with many ups and downs, 
but has steadily continued its work and has constantly strengthened and en- 
larged it. 

In religious affiliation the institution was for sixty-three years Baptist. 
In June, 1916, it passed under the control of the Reformed Church of Amer- 
ica. It is governed by a self-perpetuating board of trustees. Rev. B. F. Brink- 
man of Pella, is president of the board of trustees. Rev. Milton J. Hoffman, 
D. D. is president of the institution. The college maintains the regular 
work, leading to the liberal arts degree; departments emphasizing vocational 
training and meeting the state regulations concerning these departments; 
Central Academy, offering the four-year course, including work in Normal 
Training for the grade and rural schools of Iowa, and commercial work. Cen- 
tral Conservatory of Music offers work leading to the degree of Bachelor of 
Music and to a teacher's certificate for public school work. 


Central Holiness University, University Park, Iowa, established in 1906. 
Governed by a board of twenty-four trustees. Interdenominational in char- 
acter. Rev. J. L. Brasher, D. D., President. Offers standard four year col- 
legiate course leading to degrees of A. B. and B. S. Also offers three year 
courses in Theology and English Bible, besides courses in Music and Ex- 
pression. Value of property, $46,488.52. 


John A. Marquis, D. D., LL. D., President. 

Established in 1881. Governed by a board of trustees. Offers the fol- 
lowing four year courses. Classical, Scientific and Music, granting the de- 
grees of B. A., B. S., B. Mus., also courses in Household Economics, Oratory 
and a Summer School. 

Endowment $800,000. Value of buildings and grounds $522,876. 


Charles W. Flint, M. A., D. D., LL. D., President. 

Established, November 14, 1853. Founded by the Methodist Epsicopal 
church and governed by the board of thirty-seven trustees. Offers a four year 
course in Liberal Arts, granting the degree of A. B. Totnl ftinount of en- 
dowment, about $1,000.00. Value of permanent improvements, $607,000. In- 
come for the year 1917-1918, not including amount invested in permanent im- 
provements, $103,673. 


John A. Earl, D. D., President. 

Established in 1865. Under the control of the Baptist denomination of 
Iowa. The governing body is a board of trustees, self-perpetuating. Offers 
courses in the following schools and departments: The College of Liberal 



Arts, with four year courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts or 
Bachelor of Science; the School of Education with four year courses leading 
to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Education or Bachelor of Science 
in Education, and entitling the holder of such degree to a first grade teacher's 
certificate; the School of Education with two year courses; the School of 
Education preparing teachers to take the uniform county certificate; the 
School of Fine Arts (painting and drawing) ; the School of Music (Des Moines 
Musical College); the School of Oratory. Total endowment, $200,000; value of 
permanent improvements and grounds, $350,000. College year runs 48 weeks, 
including summer term of twelve weeks. 


Arthur Holmes, A. M., Ph. D., President. 

Established in 1881. Independent in control and governed by a board 
of thirty-nine trustees. Offers the following four year course in the College 
of Liberal Arts: Classical, Philosophical and Scientific, leading to the de- 
grees A. B., and S. B., respectively; also Law Course of three years, lead- 
ing to the degree of LL. B.; Music course of four years; Bible course of four 
years for undergraduates leading to degree B. S. L. and courses of three 
years graduate work leading to the degree of B. D. ; College of Education, 
four year courses leading to degree S. B.; Domestic Science course, course 
in Painting and Drawing and a course in Dramatic Art. Total amount of en-' 
dowment, $500,000. Total amount invested in permanent improvements, 


(Formerly St. Joseph's College.) 

Established in 1873. Under the control of the Most Reverend Arch- 
bishop of Dubuque and the diocesan clergy, a corporation. Governed by a 
board of directors. John C. Stuart, L. D., President. Offers preparatory, 
academic and ocllegiate courses, and grants the degrees A. B., A. M., and 
Ph. D. Value of property, $903, 478,94. 


Established in 1852; connected with the Presbyterian church; business 
corporation with twenty-four directors; corporation conducts and controls 
the Dubuque Academy, the Dubuque College and the German Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary. Rev. Cornelius M. Stell'ens, D. D., president. The 
school offers the following four year courses: Classical, Philosophical and 
Scientific, granting the degrees of A. B. and B. S. respectively. It also has a 
four year academy course. 


The beginning of the institution was an Academy in 1890; in 1899 a Junior 
College was added; in 1906 it was made a full college with additional de- 
partments of the College Preparatory School, School of Commerce, School 
of Music and School of Education. It is an independent college and non- 
sectarian. The college might be said to be interdenominational, since stu- 
dents of various church relationships are equally welcome. The spirit of 
the school is distinctly Christian without being sectarian in any sense. In 
the College of Liberal Arts there are courses tor the degrees A. B., S. B., 
and Ph. B. The College is standard and the graduates receive the state teach- 
ers' certificate without examination. The endowment of the college is in the 
from of cash and land. It has six; buildings and a campus with an estimated 
value of $160,000. 


A Junior College fully standardized and officially accredited. Grants the 
single degree of Associate in Arts (A. A.) alter two years of college work. 



Founded in 1895, governed by a board of seven trustees. Incorporated under 
the laws of the state of Iowa and supported by annual appropriation by the 
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A faculty of four- 
teen members and a student body of 150 to 200. 

In addition to the Junior College the following departments are main- 
tained: Academy of four years (officially accredited), Commercial of one 
and two years, and Studio, offering courses in Music-Vocal, Instrumental and 
Band and Orchestra and in Oratory and Public Speaking. 

George N. Briggs, A. B., B. D., President. 


Established in 1847. Under the control of a board of twenty-four trustees. 
J. H. T. Main, Ph. D., LL. D., President. The group system of studies has 
been used since 1895. A large number of groups, requiring four years' work, 
lead to the degrees of B. A., and B. Music, respectively. Total amount of 
endowment, including permanent improvements, $2,199,361.75. Value of per- 
manent improvements, $899,491.34. 


Established in 1842. Controlled and governed by a board of twenty-eight 
trustees. Samuel Weir, acting president. Offers the following four year 
courses: Classical, grant degree of A. B.; Scientific, grant degree of Sc. B.; 
Music, grant degree of Mus. B. Total amount of endowment, $725,000. Total 
amount invested in permanent improvements, $240,000. 


Established in 1856. Governed by a board of thirty-six trustees who are 
elected by the Presbyterian Synod of Iowa. Collegiate and Academic depart- 
ments with four year courses in each. Classical and Scientific courses lead- 
ing to the degrees of A. B. and B. S. respectively. Courses for which aca- 
demic or college credit is given in music, oratory, education, agriculture and 
domestic science. Total amount of endowment, $175,552.50. Value of perma- 
nent improvements, $84,000. 


Esteablished in 1861. Under the control of the Norwegian Lutheran 
Church of America. Governed by a board of trustees of eight members. Rev. 
Christian Keyser Preus, A. B., president. Confers the degree of A. B. upon 
students completing a four year classical course in the college department. 
The preparatory department also offers a four year course. Total amount 
of endowment, $278,000. Estimated value of equipment, $265,000. 


Established in 1894. Under the control of the Methodist Episcopal church. 
Governed by a board of fifty-four trustees. A standard college offering 
diversified work along Scientific, Classical and Philosophical lines, leading 
to the degree of A. B. Frank E. Mossman, D. D., president. Productive en- 
dowment, $482,812.23. 


Established in 1875. Under the control of the Presbyterian church. Gov. 
erned by a board of thirty trustees. R. Ames Montgomery, A. B., D. D., LL. 
D., president. Offers the following tour year courses: Classical, Philosoph- 
ical and Scientific; granting the degrees of A. B., Ph. B., and B. S., respec- 
tively. Also has a three and four year Musical course, leading to Bachelor 
of Music degree. Total amount of endowment, $260,000. Value of permanent 
improvements, $257,055.70. 


Established in 1873. The governing body consists of thirty-one trustees; 
fifteen are selected by the Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends; nine are elected 
by the board itself, and six are elected by the board from nominations made 



by the alumni of the college. Henry Edwin McGrew, S. M., A. M., D. D., presi- 
dent. Otters the following four year courses: Classical, Scientific, Philosoph- 
ical, granting the degree of A. B. Total amount of endowment, $313,368.48. 


Established 1882. Very Rev. W. L. Hannon, President. Governed by a 
board of trustees consisting of the Catholic Bishop of Davenport, the Vicar 
General of the Diocese of Davenport, the President of the College, five 
priests and five laymen of the diocse. Financial status guaranteed by the 
Catholic Diocese of Davenport. Regular professors, 14; other teachers, 5. 
Courses: Preparatory, Commercial, Academic and Collegiate. Confers usual 
college degrees. Value of property, $400,000. 


Established 1867. Under the control of the Des Moines Conference of the 
Methodist Episcopal church. Governed by a board of thirty-three trustees. 
James Watson Campbell, Ph. D., D. D., President. Offers standard col- 
legiate courses of four years; grants the degrees of A. B., and B. S. in Home 
Economics. Total endowment, $596,698.98; productive equipment, $266,000. 


Nelson W. Wehrham, President. 

Established as a literary institute in 1857 and as a college in 1866; found- 
ed by Congregationalists; governed by a board of ten trustees. Tabor Col- 
lege grants but one degree, Bachelor of Arts. The total number of semester 
hours required for the degree is 120, 58 of which are required and 62 elec- 
tive. Applicants for the degree must present 20 hours credit in a major sub- 
ject and 16 in a minor subject and his electives must constitute a co-related 
course of study approved by the faculty. In connection with the College, 
there is an academy offering two courses of three years each, the work of 
the academy being under direct supervision of the college instructors. There 
is also a Conservatory of Music offering courses in the theory and history 
of music, piano, organ, singing, violin band and orchestral instrumentation. 


Established in 1857. Under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal 
church. Governed by a board of thirty trustees. Chauncey P. Colegrove, A. 
M., Sc. D., president. Offers courses in the sciences and in the liberal arts 
leading to the degrees of A. B. and B. S. The department of education pro- 
vides courses for those who wish to secure state certificates. Normal dip- 
lomas granted to students who have completed the college subjects required 
for first grade certificates and have taken at least two years credit in 
college. School of art and oratory. Total amount of endowment, $425,000.00. 
Estimated value of college equipment, $330,000. 


Established in 1868. Under the control of the Evangelical Lutheran 
Synod of Iowa and other states. Governed by a board of trustees of thirteen 
members. O. L. Proehl, president. Offers a three year course in the classics. 


Charles A. Mock, B. A., M. A., B. D., Ph. D., President. 

Established in 1900. Under control of United Evangelical Church. Gov- 
erned by board of fitteen trustees. In college of Liberal Arts three courses 
are offered: Classical, Modern Language, and Scientific, granting degrees 
of B. A. and B. S. Three year courses in Music, granting degree Mus. B. 
Four year Academy courses. One and three year business courses. Total 
endowment, $100,000 Value of permanent improvements, $60,000.